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Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ Protests Led by Convicted Sex Offender Micah Rhodes

Posted on | January 31, 2017 | 4 Comments


Social Justice Warrior:

One of the leaders of disorderly anti-Trump protests in Portland, Oregon is facing sexual abuse charges after a police investigation into his relationship with a teenage boy, local news outlets are reporting.
Micah Rhodes, who was expected in court Monday, is a leader of the protest group Portland’s Resistance. The 23-year-old Rhodes is already a registered sex offender, according to KOIN, and was previously arrested for disorderly conduct in connection with anti-Trump protests after the election.
Rhodes was first taken into custody at an anti-Trump protest on Jan. 25.
Rhodes allegedly met the teenage boy on gay dating app Grindr. The teen told police that Rhodes knew he was a minor before they had sex, but that the two did so on multiple occasions anyway. The charges are for statutory, non-forced rape, local news outlets are reporting.
Portland has been the site of ongoing violent protests against Donald Trump.

Portland’s KOIN-TV reports:

On Monday, the Oregon State Police Sex Offender Registration Unit confirmed Rhodes is a registered sex offender. . . .
Rhodes became a registered sex offender following convictions of first-degree sexual abuse and first-degree sodomy, according to court records. Details of his conviction remain unknown because under state law juvenile records are not publicly available. . . .
Court documents also show a police report was filed with PPB in 2015 after an employee with the Oregon Youth Authority, the agency supervising Rhodes’ parole, learned of the suspected abuse.
Portland Police Sgt. Pete Simpson said detectives are now looking into the possibility of additional victims.
“We going to continue to investigate, and anybody that does have information or knowledge of other victims, we’d like them to come forward,” Simpson said.
Rhodes is a well-known community activist. He has led several recent protests, including one with dozens of high school students. . . .
His bail for the new sex crimes has been set at $20,000; however, he is being held on a facility hold with the Oregon Youth Authority for allegedly violating his parole.

So, it appears, Rhodes was convicted of sexual abuse when he was still a juvenile himself, and then became a “community activist” in Portland, concealing his status as a registered sex offender and using a gay dating app to hook up with at least one underage boy, allegedly.


Micah Rhodes was part of an anti-police protest group:

Mayor Charlie Hales met with members of a Portland activist group [Sept. 27], addressing concerns about protest policing and purported police brutality, among other topics.
Protesters from activist group Don’t Shoot Portland also queried him about police discipline and training, racial profiling and what he’s doing to help black people during an informal Q&A outside City Hall.
The meeting took place more than 3 hours after schedule, as Hales said he moved the forum to a Northeast Portland church because he didn’t want to see protesters occupy City Hall.
But activists stayed put outside City Hall — which they adorned with a large banner proclaiming “#BLACKLIVESMATTER” — until he arrived. . . .
Micah Rhodes, one of Don’t Shoot Portland’s leaders, said officers pepper-sprayed him after he tried to stop one of them from riding a bicycle into a protester.
Rhodes ran up to the officer and told him to stop. Then, an officer cursed at him and pepper-sprayed him, he said.

The protest mob had a sit-in at the mayor’s house in October:

Activists from the group Don’t Shoot Portland set up camp outside Mayor Charlie Hales’ house [Oct. 14] with tents, food and other supplies, demanding recourse for their treatment in a City Hall face-off earlier this week with police.
About 100 people started marching to Hales’ home in Eastmoreland, carrying signs and chanting. At first, they pitched about five tents across the street, but the collection was growing as darkness fell and included tents next to the mayor’s house.
Organizer Micah Rhodes said the group could stay camped out for a couple of days if necessary. “We won’t leave if a storm comes,” he said.

Congratulations, Micah Rhodes! Your effort to get the Portland police to pay attention to you has succeeded. Enjoy your time in prison.



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