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Transgender ‘Social Contagion’

Posted on | February 8, 2017 | 2 Comments


Rivka Edelman at The Federalist:

In response to the uptick of trans mania, a group of four mothers and one father met at a suburban Starbucks to compare notes on ways to help their children challenge the gender ideology pushed in the media and in the schools.
One mother said these meetings are taking place across the country. Parents are upset. “And it not’s what people think. Day in and day out, that stuff causes people to question their own judgement,” another mother said.
We agreed that most people know how propaganda works in the abstract. Recently many are realizing it is no small thing to force people to accept, repeat out loud, and refer to false facts and absurdities daily.
“It has a psychological effect. It erodes their (children’s) confidence and makes them question themselves,” said one of the parents.
That’s the point. It’s not recommended for raising healthy children. The trendiness leads to some social contagion, which troubles most parents. . . .

Read the whole thing. If you’ve raised children, you know how difficult it is to protect them from media influences and peer pressure.

OK, so what happens when activists seize control of the education establishment and begin exploiting children’s psychological vulnerability? And what if the pro-LGBT indoctrination program (which the schools disguise as “anti-bullying” curriculum) is reinforced my television programming, including shows on PBS, Nickelodeon, Disney, MTV, etc., aimed at audiences of children from toddlers to teenagers?

What if dozens of academic researchers, including Ph.D.’s in psychology and sociology, are part of a government-funded push to encourage homosexuality and “gender non-conforming” behavior among kids? Well, if this were the case, what results could we expect to see?

Answer: Exactly the results that Rivka Edelman is describing.

It is not a paranoid conspiracy theory to suggest that the actual outcomes of institutional processes are intentional. Yet the public education system has developed a clever method of avoiding responsibility: Schools generally claim credit for the success of their students, but blame parents for undesirable outcomes. The valedictorian who goes to Harvard? “Thank a teacher,” as the bumper sticker says, but the drug-addicted dropout? No, blame Mom and Dad for that result. If the taxpayer-funded education system is to be held accountable, citizens cannot permit school bureaucrats get away with this trick. Therefore, if a substantial number of school children begin engaging in bizarre behavior — and transgenderism is certainly bizarre — we must ask, “How is this behavior being promoted and encouraged by the schools?”

The answer may be as simple as this: Schools promote feminist concepts of “gender equality,” an androgynous ideology that is controlling the curriculum, teaching methods and school policies. Teachers discourage girls from acting girlish and punish boys for being boyish.

“Gender is a hierarchical system which maintains the subordination of females as a class to males through force. Gender is a material system of power which uses violence and psychological coercion to exploit female labor, sex, reproduction, emotional support, etc., for the benefit of males. Gender is not natural or voluntary, since a person is not naturally subordinate and no one chooses to be subordinated.”
Rachel Ivey, 2013

“Feminism involves the implicit claim that the prevailing conditions under which women live are unjust and must be changed.”
Carol R. McCann and Seung-Kyung Kim, Feminist Theory Reader: Local and Global Perspectives (2003)

“The patriarchal construction of the difference between masculinity and femininity is the political difference between freedom and subjection.”
Carole Pateman, The Sexual Contract (1988)

“The patriarchal system is preserved, via marriage and the family, through the sexual division of labor and society.”
Zillah Eisenstein, Capitalist Patriarchy and the Case for Socialist Feminism (1979)

Our education system has been hijacked by radical ideology. The success of the feminist project requires the destruction of marriage, religion, capitalism and any other “prevailing conditions” which may involve “the difference between masculinity and femininity.”

Feminists deny that there are naturally any meaningful differences between men and women. It is only the “patriarchal system” of male oppression, by which women are exploited through “violence and psychological coercion,” that makes men and women different, according to feminist theory. Over the past four decades, this radical ideology has become entrenched in academia through departments of Women’s Studies at more than 700  colleges and universities in the United States.


Feminist gender theory — the social construction of the gender binary within the heterosexual matrix — has trickled down from elite university campuses into public school classrooms. In an article last year, I described the consequences of this feminist “success”:

Only if you view the world through the warped lenses of a crypto-Marxist ideology is it possible to see male-female differences as a “system of power” characterized by “violence and psychological coercion.” Yet this bizarre worldview is what inspires the feminist T-shirt slogan “Raise Boys and Girls the Same Way,” which presumes that a gender-free androgynous childhood will eliminate inequality (“the subordination of women as a class”) by eliminating differences between men and women.
Actually, what gender-free childhood will produce is failure.

The “social contagion” of transgenderism described by Rivka Edelman is being encouraged by public school teachers and administrators. Why do you think liberals hate Betsy DeVos so much? Do you think Trump’s new Secretary of Education might put a stop to this? Let’s hope so.




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