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Destroy #HeartProgress

Posted on | April 5, 2017 | 1 Comment

“Together we can fight for a better tomorrow. One where pedosexuals, homosexuals, and many other genders can live in a society where they can be themselves and are protected from bigotry, racism, and xenophobia.”
“Heart Progress,” on, Jan. 1, 2017

Tuesday, while I was working on a column for the American Spectator, I checked Twitter and encountered the outrage involving a hashtag, #HeartProgress, that is being used to promote pedophilia. As conservatives have long predicted, the crusade for the normalization of homosexuality (the LGBT “rights” movement) has encouraged pedophiles to make similar arguments for their own sexual “rights,” seeking to add “P” for pedophile to the acronym: LGBTP.

The people promoting #HeartProgress — including Ernst Steiner, Clive Martin and Eric Lewin — are making arguments so offensive that I almost suspect them of being trolls attempting to provoke an angry response. Yet we know that there are indeed such people in the world and I reported on the pro-pedophile activism movement before, so what arguments would we expect these freaks to make, other than the ones that Steiner, et al., are now making on Twitter? That is to say, they are claiming that hostility to pedophiles is a form of prejudice, like “racism” and “homophobia,” which must be eradicated for the sake of equality and progress.

Here’s the correct response to that argument: “Racism” and “homophobia” are not illegal. You have a right to your own opinion. No one has the authority to tell you what you are allowed to think. For many years now, I have watched conservatives foolishly attempt to defend themselves against accusations of “racism” and “homophobia” by issuing denials. However, the correct way to defeat this tactic is to answer the accusation with a question: “What do you mean by that word?”

What is “racism,” after all? What is intended by slinging this word around haphazardly, as the Left now does, so that it seems everybody and everything can be condemned as “racist”? You voted for Trump? You’re a racist — RAAAAACIST! (There Are 5 A’s in “RAAAAACIST”).

Assuming that you have not been engaging in violence or illegal discrimination against people on the basis of race, nor advocating such lawless infringement of people’s right to life and liberty, what is the justification for some stranger to accuse you of “racism”? And while we’re asking questions, let’s ask this: What is the authority of your accuser?

Who has appointed this person to go around monitoring you for evidence that you may be guilty of politically incorrect Thought Crimes?

This is really what is at issue in most accusations of “racism” — or “sexism” or “homophobia” — in the 21st century. Assuming that you haven’t joined the KKK or painted swastikas on a synagogue or committed some other overtly hateful act, why are you being targeted by this accusation, and who is the person playing Thought Crimes prosecutor?

Andrew Breitbart often responded to his critics by saying, “So?”

Some left-wing fanatic would get up in his face trying to engage in character assassination — because liberals assume that all conservatives must be Bad People — and Andrew would say: “So? What’s your point?”

This is what conservatives need to learn about rhetorical combat. The leftists love to play the role of Thought Crimes prosecutor, to scour around for some evidence that their targeted opponent is a bigot, a “hater,” so that they can discredit them through character assassination. That’s what they tried to do to Clarence Thomas, and it’s a game they keep playing because they know it puts conservatives on the defensive. And the way to fight back against this tactic is . . . don’t be defensive.

If your conscience is clean, and you know you are not a “hater” (or at least you are no more prejudiced than the person pointing the finger of accusation at you), then stop acting as if you are guilty. Turn the accusation around and question the motives of your accuser.

Cui bono? Who benefits? What advantage is your accuser seeking to gain by this unjust and slanderous accusation against you?

This is why I don’t worry about being accused of “homophobia,” because the people who make such accusations have no authority. That is to say, no one who actually knows me would think I am the kind of person who goes around insulting or attacking homosexuals, and any claim that I am afflicted with an irrational fear (which is what “phobia” means) is manifestly absurd. If by such an accusation, someone means to say that I am generally in favor of heterosexuality, well, why wouldn’t I be? And shouldn’t everybody? Whatever your own personal preferences or private behavior might be, doesn’t society have an interest in the encouragement of heterosexuality? Yet I am not here to engage in such an argument — I think no argument is necessary, as the truth of the matter seems quite self-evident — but rather to say that a common prejudice in favor of heterosexuality ought not be regarded as evidence of “homophobia.”

For many years, I have watched as gay activists have hijacked the rhetoric of the civil rights movement in a way that was clearly dangerous — and, I would add, entirely unnecessary. The claim that gay people were suffering unjust oppression prior to Lawrence v. Texas (2003) was absurd, and as a matter of public policy and constitutional law, I think everything Justice Scalia said in his dissent in that case was correct.

Here we are then, in 2017, and we find #HeartProgress flying the rainbow flag in favor of pedophile “rights.” Do you see now that conservatives were not wrong in warning against the slippery slope? We were not paranoid, or promoting slanderous stereotypes, when we warned that the arguments for the normalization of homosexuality would, as night follows day, be used to justify or excuse child molestation.

Like I keep saying: People need to wake the hell up.



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