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Activists Claim Berkeley ‘Anti-Fascist’ Attacker Is College Instructor Eric Clanton

Posted on | April 20, 2017 | 6 Comments

Activists accuse Eric Clanton of attacking Trump supporters in Berkeley.

During the Saturday confrontation between Trump supporters and so-called “anti-fascist” protesters in Berkeley, California, a young man was assaulted by a masked protester who slammed him in the head with a bicycle padlock, drawing blood. Analysis of photos and videos taken during the violent protests at Berkeley led 4chan activists to identify the attacker as Eric Michael Clanton, 28, who teaches introductory philosophy classes at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, California.


After he was identified, Clanton apparently deleted his Twitter account. However, activists found Clanton’s online profile from the dating site OKCupid where he declared: “I’m interested in helping to precipitate the end of civil society.” Furthermore, on his website, Clanton described himself as “interested in feminist theory as well as critical and philosophical approaches to prisons and police enforcement.” At a 2013 conference, Clanton gave a presentation entitled “A Feminist Critique of Human Nature Essentialism.” It is reported that the victim of the Berkeley attack, Sean Stiles, intends to press charges, and the administration at Diablo Valley College has been informed of the allegations against Clanton. Based on the video, this could be at least an aggravated assault case, and arguably assault with a deadly weapon — very serious felony charges. Clanton might soon have a chance to discover how his “critical and philosophical approaches to prisons and police enforcement” work in practice. Not too well, I’d expect.

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