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The Party of Hate

Posted on | April 28, 2017 | 1 Comment

The Democrat Party is the world’s most successful hate group.
It attracts poor people who hate rich people, black people
who hate white people, gay people who hate straight people,
feminists who hate men, environmentalists who hate
the internal combustion engine, and a lot of
bratty college kids who hate their parents.
However, the real secret of the party’s success
is that it attracts the support of
journalists who hate Republicans,
and who therefore work tirelessly to convince
the rest of us that we should vote for Democrats. . . .
No matter who the Republicans nominate for president,
the Organized Forces of Liberal Journalism will paint him
as a greedy, cold-hearted, woman-hating racist.
If the GOP nominated a Buddhist monk or a Latina lesbian,
still the New York Times and NBC News would find
a way to convince themselves that the Republican candidate
represented everything liberals hate about America —
the military, the police, Christianity, capitalism,
the internal combustion engine and
heterosexual white men who work for a living.


That’s a quote from a post I wrote in February 2016 after watching a debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. A guy emailed me to ask permission to quote it in his book, and when I read the quote, I laughed: “Damn, I forgot how funny that was.” A quick Google search revealed that it’s been quoted all over the place and why?

Because it’s true.

Today I was sitting here in my office with the TV on CNN and was just marveling how utterly one-sided their coverage was. The people on CNN are completely disconnected from the kind of people who turned Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin red last November — people who love America and Jesus and the internal combustion engine.

When did Democrats become the anti-America party? And why don’t the idiots on CNN realize what’s wrong with the Democrat Party? They’re all like a bunch of kooks trapped inside a suicide cult. Today the CNN kook cult was going on and on about General Flynn, a guy who resigned from the Trump administration weeks ago, and why? Because they think the Flynn “scandal” could turn into a Trump scandal — a delusion, a liberal fantasy. Is anyone going to be talking about General Flynn in November? Of course not. Outside of the Beltway media, nobody’s talking about General Flynn now. CNN’s stuck in third place in the cable-news ratings because if people want anti-Trump hate 24/7, MSNBC’s producing a more entertaining hate festival. CNN has become tedious and predictable.

The symbiotic relationship between the Democrat Party and the liberal media is bad for both the media and the Democrats, because they’re tuning out reality in order to enjoy their shared fantasy. What’s truly frightening, however, is to think how close Hillary came to winning the election. Can you imagine the media celebrating the glorious “first 100 days” of her administration? We must do more to fight The Party of Hate.



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