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Transgender Professor in South Carolina Attacks Feminists as ‘Cockroaches’

Posted on | May 24, 2017 | 3 Comments


Until a few years ago, Professor Rachel McKinnon was a Canadian, and was also a male. Rhys McKinnon attended the University of Victoria in British Columbia, where he got a bachelor’s degree in philosophy in 2005. Sometime thereafter, Rhys McKinnon decided he was a “she,” so that by the time he/“she” received his/“her” Ph.D. at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, the name on the diploma was “Rachel Veronica McKinnon.”

Well, when in Canada, do as the Canadians do, I suppose, but somehow Professor McKinnon got hired to teach . . . in South Carolina???

The College of Charleston is a taxpayer-supported public institution whose president is Glenn McConnell, a former Republican state senator.

Do taxpayers in South Carolina know what’s being done with their money? Do they know that this professor at the College of Charleston used Mother’s Day as an occasion to label parents as “abusive” if they aren’t “supportive” of sex-changes for their children?


“A word to the kids — the trans kids whose parents maybe don’t support them as much as we would hope. Unfortunately, this is too common. I want to give you some hope, though. I want you to know that it’s OK to walk away from unsupportive or disrespectful or even abusive parents, and I want to give you hope that you can find what we call your ‘glitter family,’ your ‘queer family.’ We are out there, and the relationships that we make in our glitter families are just as real, just as meaningful as our blood families. Also, you can reach out to me. You can email me. You can call me. We can Skype. I’m happy to talk, if you need someone to talk to.”

Permit me to say, as a parent of six children, that if a demented freak like Rachel McKinnon ever tried to talk to any of my kids — “You can call me. We can Skype.” — I would not hesitate to call the police. Yet here is this weirdo on YouTube inviting “trans kids” to contact him/“her” for “support” as a member of the “glitter queer family,” and doing this as a professor on the payroll of a state college in South Carolina.


As might be expected, Professor McKinnon’s “glitter queer family” recruitment video sparked controversy. However, it wasn’t South Carolina Republicans who complained, but rather feminists.

MtoF tells trans kids to dump moms
on Mother’s Day and join the “glitter-queer”
family of adult trans activists

That was the headline at Gender Trender, a feminist website that is opposed to transgender activism. These “gender critical” feminists consider transgender ideology to be anti-woman, and also dangerous to children. In the Gender Critical Reddit forum, one contributor commented on Professor McKinnon’s video:

So…this is just grooming. It’s not necessarily sexual (although Jesus, it couldn’t seem creepier if he tried) but grooming is grooming.
And sexual abuse of young trans people is rampant. . . .
So even if this specific man isn’t a child predator he is encouraging children to make themselves even more vulnerable to abuse by isolating them from friends and family, telling them to hide their online activity, and explaining that their parents just don’t understand how smart and mature and ready they are to make decisions about their bodies.
There is nothing new about this. We know that adults trying to lure children from their families are bad actors. This is disgusting and creepy and wrong.

The long-running dispute between feminists and transgender activists has made headlines (see “What Is a Woman?” in the New Yorker, Aug. 4, 2014), and transgender activists invented the label “TERF” — trans-exclusive radical feminist — to stigmatize their opponents. Predictably, when Professor McKinnon’s Mother’s Day video elicited online criticism, he/“she” responded by demonizing his/“her” critics: “TERFs are like cockroaches: they’re brave and active until you turn the lights on. They run pretty quickly when you shine the light on them.”

However, it is not feminists who have refused to engage in discussion on this issue. Instead, transgender activists have sought to silence their critics, prohibiting disagreement as “hate speech,” and preventing opponents of transgender ideology from speaking on campus. Feminists have refused to back down. At a Heritage Foundation panel discussion earlier this year, Mary Lou Singleton, a member of the radical Women’s Liberation Front, said opposition to transgenderism “has become ‘forbidden discourse’ on the left”:

She said her nurse practitioner practice was hit with a boycott because she refused to use the preferred pronouns of an alleged serial rapist who abused children. . . .
“The medical transitioning of children is gay conversion therapy on steroids — literally.”

All of this would be merely an argument between private individuals, were it not for the fact that Professor McKinnon is on the payroll of a state college in South Carolina, where it seems unlikely that taxpayers know what kind of weird ideas are being promoted at their expense.

If you are a citizen of South Carolina, you have a right to speak out about the kind of “education” being provided at your expense, and I sincerely doubt that officials in South Carolina will be eager to defend Professor McKinnon’s “glitter queer family” recruitment video. My suggestion to readers is that that they share this article as widely as possible with their family and friends. Send it by email, or share it on Facebook or Twitter. Surely there must be sane people in South Carolina who appreciate how insulting it is to parents that state officials have hired this Canadian freak to teach their young people that “the relationships that we make in our glitter families are just as real, just as meaningful as our blood families.”

Professor McKinnon claims his/“her” critics are “propagandists” whom he/“she” does not need to debate, but “merely expose their claims to the sunlight.” Can Professor McKinnon’s “glitter queer family” recruitment withstand exposure to sunlight? We shall see.

UPDATE: Someone has done a YouTube clip highlighting Professor McKinnon’s use of child imagery in his/“her” recruitment video:


Remember: South Carolina taxpayers provide Professor McKinnon’s salary. This is therefore an official, state-endorsed ideology.