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Further Correspondence Regarding Deranged Ex-Professor Deborah Frisch

Posted on | August 11, 2018 | 1 Comment

Deborah Ellen Frisch, Ph.D., after her Jan. 5 arrest in Bend, Oregon.

Effective written communication requires attention to details of spelling, punctuation, capitalization and grammar. These orthographic details may seem insignificant, and are something we often take for granted until we encounter writing full of obvious errors. People who write badly create a negative impression of themselves, and so we must choose our words carefully when conducting important correspondence:

Date: Thursday, 11 Aug 2018 8:24 am
From: Robert McCain
To: [15 Addresses Redacted]
CC: Jeff Goldstein

To whom it may concern:
Deborah Ellen Frisch, I am informed, is free on bond pending an October sentencing hearing in Weld County, Colorado, after previously pleading guilty to felony charges. She has sent me no fewer than 18 emails during the past 48 hours. She falsely accuses me of crimes against her, as a result of my reporting about her continued online harassment of myself and others (see “Email to a Lawyer Regarding Deranged Ex-Professor Deborah Frisch, Ph.D.,” Aug. 8, 2018). You are receiving this email because you were among more than a dozen people she has CC’d on these messages, by which she has endeavored to defame and further harass me.
Among those CC’d in Dr. Frisch’s torrent of obscenity-filled emails was Ryan Chun, a prosecutor in Weld County whom she has previously made the target of racial slurs. Similarly, she has called me an “IRISH CATHOLIC FAGGOT” (all caps in original) although I am neither Catholic nor homosexual. In another email, she described me as the “lover” of Jeff Goldstein (CC’d), the blogger she has been harassing since 2006. It should go without saying that this is also merely another of Dr. Frisch’s deranged insults.
It is my understanding that Dr. Frisch’s defense attorney has requested that he be removed from her case, and that she has been scheduled for a hearing later this month (Aug. 31) to change conditions of her bond. While I have no direct knowledge of the purpose for this hearing, it seems reasonable to suspect the court will order Dr. Frisch to discontinue her pattern of online harassment aimed at Weld County officials and others.
Anyone reading Dr. Frisch’s lunatic email diatribes, full of obscene insults and orthographic errors, must be disturbed to think that a former university professor who holds a Ph.D. in psychology could have deteriorated to such a level of crudity and incoherence. Some of those she has CC’d on these messages may become concerned that Dr. Frisch’s condition has reached the point that she is now a danger to herself and others. It has been suggested to me, by acquaintances who have professional experience dealing with the criminally insane, that Dr. Frisch exhibits symptoms of a chronic degenerative neurological condition, from which she is unlikely to recover. While I am merely a journalist, unqualified to provide a professional assessment of her mental health, I think anyone concerned for Dr. Frisch’s well-being should consider her recent irrational behavior symptomatic, perhaps necessitating a period of supervision and psychiatric evaluation in an institutional setting.
Robert Stacy McCain

Gonna file this one under Neutral Objective Journalism.




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