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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Ah, the Glamorous Life of a ‘Writer’!

Roger Simon on “self-quarantining” as a novelist: I know — it’s hard to look at the bright side of a pandemic. But take it from someone who has self-quarantined for the better part of fifty years, it’s not always so bad. That’s what professional writers do, sit alone in a room and work (or try […]

Brett Kimberlin Attempts a Hail Mary, But ‘None of His Passes Finds a Target’

Late last month, while I was covering CPAC, convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin lost a case in federal court in Indiana, in which he was trying to get some of his earlier convictions vacated. My podcast partner John Hoge has covered this latest failure of Acme Law: March 3: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day March […]

Are You Listening?

In case you haven’t been listening to The Other Podcast, you really should. My podcasting partner John Hoge has applied his decades of audio engineering expertise to the program and, when the BlogTalkRadio software doesn’t go glitchy on us (as sometimes happens), it’s a lot of fun. Saturday night, we had a call-in from a […]

Memo From the National Affairs Desk: Gilmore v. Jones, et al., Hearing

    CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia Defendants in a major First Amendment case today urged a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit by former State Department official Brennan Gilmore, who claims he was defamed by Alex Jones and others who criticized his activities at the August 2017 riot where a woman was killed. Attorneys for Jones and […]

Speedway Bomber: 40th Anniversary of Brett Kimberlin’s Notorious Crimes

‘Speedway Bomber’ Brett Kimberlin was sentenced to 50 years in 1981 My podcast colleague John Hoge reminds me that this weekend marks the 40th anniversary of the Indiana crime spree that made Brett Kimberlin notorious. Two videos from WRTV:       The summary of Kimberlin’s crimes: A six-day bombing spree rocked the town of […]

Just Some Headlines

ANTIFA VOWS ‘BULLETS’ FOR POLITICAL ENEMIES… Threaten to Kill President: ‘Murder Him — Do Like Gaddafi’… POLL: Nearly two-thirds say racial tensions worse… FBI fires Strzok over anti-Trump texts… DNC DRAMA: Abuse allegation made against Keith Ellison, who denies it… ‘Manipulation, name calling, cheating, physical abuse’… Those are just a few of today’s headlines from […]

Further Correspondence Regarding Deranged Ex-Professor Deborah Frisch

Deborah Ellen Frisch, Ph.D., after her Jan. 5 arrest in Bend, Oregon. Effective written communication requires attention to details of spelling, punctuation, capitalization and grammar. These orthographic details may seem insignificant, and are something we often take for granted until we encounter writing full of obvious errors. People who write badly create a negative impression […]

Please Help My Brother Kirby: Strange and Savage Tales of ‘Backroads’ McCain

Kirby as a senior at Douglas County (Ga.) High School, 1975. My older brother Kirby is a legend to those who know him. Did I ever mention, for example, that he once dated Miss Teen Georgia? Kirby was working at Six Flags Over Georgia, operating one of the trams that conveyed guests from the parking […]

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