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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Star and Co-Writer of Slave Revolt Movie Were Accused of Raping Girl in College

Nate Parker (left) and Jean Celestin (right) were Penn State wrestling teammates. A much-praised new movie about an 1831 slave revolt, which had been considered a possible Oscar contender, is in trouble because of revelations that the film’s star and director was accused of raping an 18-year-old college student in 1999. Birth of a Nation […]

Behavior Matters: Why ‘Rape Culture’ Rhetoric Is Dangerous Hate Propaganda

  Feminist “rape culture” discourse “brands half the human race — males, and especially white males — as rapists or rape facilitators,” Wendy McElroy says in her new book, Rape Culture Hysteria: Fixing the Damage Done to Men and Women. By falsely claiming that there is a “campus rape epidemic” at U.S. colleges and universities, feminists […]

Human Nature and Rock-and-Roll

“You can find more wisdom about love in old R&B records than you can find in all the gender theory textbooks in the Brown University library.” Maybe the problem with “rape culture” is that college kids aren’t listening to the right music. That thought crossed my mind while I was pondering an article on […]

How Much Does @JessicaValenti Enjoy Her Husband @AGolis’s ‘Male Tears’?

  Just about the time Jessica Valenti’s latest book hit the New York Times bestsellers list, her husband’s business venture went belly-up: This, the awkwardly named share-one-link-per-day platform, is shutting down at the end of the month, founder Andrew Golis announced over email to users and in a Medium post. The site, launched in 2014, […]

Feminist Professor @MarcieBianco Says Academia Discriminates Against Women

  Two traits are necessary to become a successful feminist: Hate; and Dishonesty. So long as a woman (a) despises men and (b) is willing to tell shameless lies in support of feminism’s anti-male agenda, there are no limits to how far she may go, particularly in the field of journalism: Academia is quietly and […]

Comedian @KurtMetzger Tells the Truth: Feminists Are Worse Than Lynch Mobs

Earlier this month, a stand-up comic named Aaron Glaser was reportedly banned from a group-theater project called Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) after a female comic claimed Glaser had sexually assaulted her. There are no criminal charges against Glaser; instead, UCB conducted its own “investigation” of the accusation and banned Glaser. Nobody outside UCB knew anything […]

Dear @jensthebosse . . .

  Mrs. Bosse, the first thing that occurred to me, after reading your Huffington Post column “Dear Men,” is that I would never be allowed to answer you on the same platform. Sites devoted to anti-male propaganda never permit dissenting or critical points of view. It’s all man-hating all the time at Huffington Post, although I […]

More @MGTOW Issues

  My survey question aimed at “Men Going Their Own Way” (MGTOW) has produced more than 150 comments so far, and I thank everyone who has contributed to the discussion. What inspires my curiosity about this, beyond my research interest in radical feminism, is trying to understand what the dating scene looks like from the […]

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