The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

She Took the ‘Cool Mom’ Thing Too Far

  So cool, she’s going to prison: A Tulare woman who plead guilty to multiple sex-related charges involving two teenage boys was ready to accept her sentence Monday, but a Tulare County judge put a stop to it. Now, instead of serving a possible year in county jail, Coral Lytle, 41, could be sent to […]

Are You an ‘Anti-Fat Troll’?

  Elizabeth Di Filippo (@mselizabethr on Twitter) is a Canadian feminist who is a “lifestyle editor” for Yahoo News, and she is offended that some people consider it unhealthy to be fat: Earlier this week, Gillette Venus’s social media accounts shared a photo of Anna O’Brien . . . frolicking in the ocean with the […]

#GetWokeGoBroke Update: Gillette Now Pandering to Fat Feminist Market?

Anna O’Brien (@glitterandlazers on Instagram) is a 330-pound lesbian who, among other things, made headlines last year by posing in a bikini in Times Square and then complaining that men “sexualized” her. (Because she hates all men, being “sexualized” by them is a bad thing.) — Gold-Senpai (@JakeSenpaiLives) April 4, 2019 — Nicolás […]

‘Creepy Uncle Joe’ Gets Busted by #MeToo (Hint: She’s a Bernie Supporter)

  After years of inappropriate public contact with women and girls, Joe Biden has finally been called out by a fellow Democrat: Lucy Flores, a former Nevada Assemblywoman and 2014 Democratic nominee for Lt. Governor has accused former Vice President Joe Biden of inappropriately touching her in 2014. In a riveting piece published today at The […]

Lindy West’s Big Fat Plagiarism Scandal

  File this one under “Annals of Leftist Autophagy.” Lindy West is a feminist who became notorious for promoting the 2015 #ShoutYourAbortion social media campaign, and she’s also a 300-pound “fat activist” who, in her 2016 memoir Shrill, asserted that America is afflicted with a “monomanical fixation on female thinness.” Because Hollywood is desperate to […]

Generation Incel: 15% of U.S. Males Ages 22-29 Had Zero Sex Partners Last Year

  A rising percentage of young American men report they are unable to find sexual partners, according to data from the General Social Survey (GSS) at the University of Chicago. The percentage of U.S. men 22-29 “reporting no sex in the past year” has increased more than 50% since 2009, from less than 10% to […]

Feminism, Darwinism, and the Extinction of Women Like Sophie Vershbow

  “Adaptive behavior refers to behavior that enables a person . . . to get along in his or her environment with greatest success and least conflict with others. . . . “In contrast, maladaptive behavior is a type of behavior that is often used to reduce one’s anxiety, but the result is dysfunctional and […]

Bad Sex Advice for $250 an Hour

  Becoming a licensed marriage and family therapist in California is so easy that even people who are against marriage can do it, as is the case of “sex-positive” therapist Moushumi Ghose. She has a “private practice specializing in sexuality, alternative relationships and lifestyles including kink, polyamory, gender non-binary, lgbt and more.” Not sure what […]

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