The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

‘Male Feminist’ Professor Michael Kimmel Accused of Sexual Harassment

  Nothing is more predictable than a “male feminist” being a creep. Notice how the Chronicle of Higher Education buries the lead here: A sociologist at Stony Brook University who was slated to receive a national award this month for his career?long contributions to gender equality will delay accepting the award for six months, in […]

McCain’s Law of Feminism and the Memoir of Phyllis Chesler

One thing I’ve said is that are three kinds of feminism: Feminism that is wrong; Feminism that is crazy; and Feminism that is both wrong and crazy. This is McCain’s Law of Feminism. Unlike some other conservatives, e.g., Christina Hoff Sommers, I cede nothing to feminism in terms of its claims to have made “progress” […]

Fringe Extremist Hate-Monger @SarahJeong Hired by New York Times

  Sarah Jeong is a Harvard Law School graduate who hates men, heterosexuality and white people, not necessarily in that order: The New York Times’ newest editorial hire has a history of racist tweets against white people. NYT announced on Wednesday that they hired Sarah Jeong to join their editorial board. Jeong previously wrote for […]

No, America, @JessicaValenti Doesn’t Want to Help Your Sons, She Hates Them

  It is difficult to exaggerate the evil of Jessica Valenti. Her “feminism” is, on the one hand, mostly partisan cheerleading for Democrats and, on the other hand, an excuse for her own destructive anti-social tendencies. Her recent memoir, Sex Object, is a “vengeful diatribe against heterosexual men,” including her own husband, Andrew Golis. “Every […]

Bad Luck or Bad Judgment?

  That tweet by Hannah Williams “went viral” and generated criticism that, predictably, Ms. Williams cited as proof of how bad men are: What is it about women sharing their actual life experiences that leads men to think they can ‘disagree’? I didn’t pluck those categories out my own ass. They are based on years […]

You Need Some ‘Fat Positive Activism’?

Some readers may remember Ali Thompson, the bisexual queer fat activist who declared, “Just being around men is exhausting.” Ms. Thompson runs a Tumblr blog called “OK2BeFat” where she offers her readers “fat positive activism,” i.e., sloganeering like this:   “Diet culture is capitalist violence”? What does this even mean? It is a rhetorical appeal […]

Offending the Easily Offended

  Do I want to defend Trevor Noah? No, he’s not funny and I hate his politics. On the other hand, who is offended by this 2013 joke? South African comedian Trevor Noah is facing heavy criticism after a video of a stand-up routine from 2013 where he made a joke about Australia’s Aboriginal women […]

‘Equality’ and the Loss of Decency

  Maria Hernandez at Victory Girls notices that feminists are now complaining that men are being ostentatiously rude, i.e., failing to yield their seats to pregnant women on public transportation. In the years when I routinely rode the Metro to work in D.C., I was rather astonished by the lack of courtesy. The way I […]

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