The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Tumblr Is ‘Basically Worthless’

Every SJW feminist’s favorite social-media/blog platform is losing hundreds of millions of dollars a year: Yahoo is again marking down the value of Tumblr, the social network it purchased for $1.1 billion. In its second quarter earnings, Yahoo wrote down $394 million as a “goodwill impairment charge” and another $87 million as an intangible impairment […]

Queer Feminist @Girly_Juice Explains Why You Should Avoid Queer Feminists

  Kate Sloan (@Girly_Juice) is an example of what I mean when I say every feminist’s ideal boyfriend is a Hitachi Magic Wand. She describes herself as a “Cis queer kinky poly femme feminist.” Also, she’s Canadian, which is another good reason to avoid Canada, as if you needed any more. Feminism is an anti-male […]

National Conference on Campus Rape and Due Process, August 1 in Charlotte, N.C.

Along with Ashe Schow, Wendy McElroy, attorney Eric Rosenberg and others, I have been invited to speak at this upcoming event: The National Coalition For Men Carolinas, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, non-partisan human rights advocacy organization, is pleased to announce the “Forum on Campus Sexual Assault, Consent and Due Process” to be held August 1, 2016 […]

How to Meet Atheist Social Justice Queers (Because Online Dating Is for Losers)

OKCupid confirms every stereotype: OkCupid used data from nearly 200,000 profiles for its Words and Politics analysis, which also found that liberals looking for love are vegetarians and conservatives like steak. . . . “Like the outdoors or going to the shooting range? So do a majority of conservatives interested in love,” OkCupid said. “Liberals […]

Words Mean Things: @kate_manne and the Elastic Definition of ‘Misogyny’

“I worry that the word ‘reason,’ being as heavily masculine-coded as it is, functions as a kind of buzzword.” — Kate Manne, Ph.D., January 2016 Misogyny is “the system which operates within a patriarchal social order to police and enforce women‘s subordination, and to uphold male dominance,” according to Cornell University Professor Kate Manne. Thus, […]

Man-Hater @AlannaBennett Promotes #Ghostbusters as Feminist Revenge

  Alanna Bennett is the kind of selfish feminist who attends elite Oberlin College (annual tuition $50,586) and then spends the rest of her life angry because nobody gives her as much pity as she feels she deserves. “As a professional writer, my life now is stuffed with privileges I’ve longed for since I found out they […]

FLOP! New Feminist ‘Ghostbusters’ Toys Already on Clearance Before Movie Opens

    The question about the feminist remake of Ghostbusters now seems to be not whether the movie will fail, but how bad its failure will be: Toys for the new movie are already on clearance shelves in stores across the country. While Sony and many media outlets would have you believe that the early […]

Will the New SJW ‘Ghostbusters’ Be a ‘Disaster of Biblical Proportions’?

“While the new ‘Ghostbusters’ successfully empowers female movie stars, that’s not the movie’s selling point. However, it’s the only justification for its existence. . . . “At the end of the day, no amount of culturally enlightened intentions can rescue another undercooked studio product.” — Eric Kohn, IndieWire The early reviews of the new SJW […]

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