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In The Mailbox: 03.30.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.
357 Magnum: Liberal Professor Calls For Murdering People You Disagree With
EBL: War of the Sicilian Vespers, Evan Gershkovich Has A Bad Day In Russia, and TRUMP INDICTED
Twitchy: DeSantis Says Florida Won’t Help With Trump Extradition, Protesters Hold “Die-In” At State Capitol To Indicate How Many Trans Lives Could Be Lost, and @LibsOfTikTok’s Chaya Raichik Goes To Serve Occasional Cortex With Ethics Complaint And Things Get Interesting
Louder With Crowder: Man recounts the violent way he murdered the three men who molested his kid, also, LibsofTikTok serves AOC with a defamation complaint, and then it gets hilarious
Vox Popoli: The First 30 Seconds, Is AI Lawful Evil or Chaotic Good?, Devil Mouse Shenanigans, They Can’t Compete, and President Trump Indicted

Adam Piggott: Tobacco & Booze, or zigging instead of zagging
American Conservative: Joe Manchin Feels Betrayed About the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ Implementation
American Greatness: ‘Trans Day of Vengeance’ to Proceed in D.C. Despite Nashville Shooting, also, West Virginia Bans Sex Change Surgeries for Minors
American Thinker: How Much Longer Can Western Governments Spit on Their People?
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Income Tax News
Babalu Blog: Cuban dictatorship demands $10 million in ‘damages’ from baseball player who defected, The world today reminds us of the post-Vietnam era, Reports from Cuba: With elections over, trash on the streets of Cuba piles up again, and Image of the Day: High-rise luxury hotel nears completion in Havana while city crumbles around it
BattleSwarm: Austin’s Ongoing Policing Crisis
Behind The Black: Russia’s Soyuz-2 rocket launches classified military satellite, Virgin Orbit shuts down, H3 failure delays Japan’s entire space program, New startup unveils 3D printer for making rocket tanks and fairings, and Frank Rubio’s flight to ISS will exceed a year, setting a new American record
Cafe Hayek: Signs of Hope
CDR Salamander: The Weapons Gap With Red China the USA Created and Funded – It Goes Boom
Da Tech Guy: Five Fast Opening Day Thoughts Under the Fedora, also, This poll proves how devastatingly effective progressive indoctrination has been
Don Surber: Post-Trump, Biden Unleashes Hell
First Street Journal: What could possibly go wrong?, also, Who would want to be a landlord these days?
Gates Of Vienna: Don’t Bug Me
The Geller Report: END OF THE REPUBLIC – GRAND JURY INDICTS PRESIDENT TRUMP, also, Biden Cabinet Member Admits the Green Agenda Makes Us Reliant on China
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Galactic Winds, and A New (Official) Ally
Hollywood In Toto: Jennifer Aniston (Indirectly) Slams Cancel Culture, also, Snowfall’s Evan Allen-Gessesse Charts New Course
The Lid: Do You Remember When The Media First Introduced DEI Policies For Green Cluster Industries?
Legal Insurrection: More than Two Dozen Democratic House Members Join Republicans to Nix Biden’s Gas Stove Grab, “Mostly Peaceful” Leftist Mob Tries to Gain Entry into Tennessee State Capitol, Washington Post Mocks Parents for Wanting Transparency in School Curriculums, J6 ‘QAnon Shaman’ Jacob Chansley Secures Early Release from Federal Prison, and Israel Accuses Biden White House of “Inappropriately Meddling” Over Country’s Judicial Reform Plan
Nebraska Energy Observer: I’m sorry for this
Outkick: College Baseball Umpire Suspended For Viral Strike Three Call Says He Was Called ‘Uncle Tom’ By Fans, Kendrick Perkins Gets MVP Vote, Likes Tweet Suggesting He Won’t Vote For A White Player, New York Yankees Flex On Rest Of MLB With Unique Request As They Run Out Of Jersey Numbers, New York Magazine – Stop Watching The Men’s NCAA Tournament Because The Women Are More Exciting, and Kyrie Irving Calls Mavericks A ‘ClusterF**k,’ Meaning Dallas Is Screwed For A Very Long Time
Power Line: Of Mice and Walz, Sorry, Liberals, Audrey Hale Is Not the Victim, and A Rubicon Is Crossed
Shark Tank: Florida To Repeal “Resign To Run”?
Shot In The Dark: A Hell “We” Can Make Happen, What’s In A Name?, and To The Hardest Working Man In Science
This Ain’t Hell: LA releases personal info and pictures of 9,300 police to anti-cop group, World War II veteran reunites with 1st love in France 75 years after meeting, Russia’s ‘special operations’ impacts its ability to deliver military equipment, Routine Training Mission Claims 9, and Activating veteran Navy Sailors for deployment
Transterrestrial Musings: The QAnon Shaman
Victory Girls: Media Claims Protest In Tennessee Capitol Was “Peaceful”
Volokh Conspiracy: Meghan Markle Wins Dismissal of Defamation Suit Brought by Half-Sister Samantha Markle, also, How Biden’s Private Sponsorship Parole Policy Reduced Illegal Migration by Making the Legal Kind Easier
Watts Up With That: Body Blow To Activists: Whopping 82% Of Berlin’s Voters Refused To Support 2030 Climate Neutrality, UN’s climate panic is more politics than science, and Aussie Parliament Votes to Impose a Carbon Tax
Weasel Zippers: 24 Hours Later, DHS Secretary Mayorkas Still Can’t Provide A Definition Of An Assault Weapon, Netanyahu Rips Biden For Trying To “Bully” Israel, and Far-Left Rep. (D-NY) Bowman Screams “Cowards,” “Gutless” At Republicans About Gun Control
The Federalist: Ruby-Red Indiana Seeks Public Health Power Grab Despite Massive Covid Failures, The Six Christians Martyred In Nashville Are A Call To Repentance To All Who Will Hear It, Biden DOJ Throttled Arrests Of Violent Abortion Mob Surrounding Supreme Court Justices’ Homes, More Mail-In Ballots Were Rejected Than Margin Of Victory In Nevada Senate Race, and America’s Banana Republic Era Is Here
Mark Steyn: World War “C”

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Welcome to Soviet America, comrades:

The Manhattan grand jury hearing evidence in the Stormy Daniels “hush money” investigation on Thursday voted to indict the former president, two sources with knowledge of the case told The Post.
The vote sets the stage for the first ever criminal prosecution of a former US president.
The grand jury that returned the unprecedented indictment had since January been hearing evidence and witness testimony related to a hush-money payment made on Trump’s behalf to porn star Stormy Daniels during his 2016 presidential campaign.
It comes as Trump, 76, is attempting to regain the White House for a third time, running for the 2024 Republican nomination.
He has blasted the investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office as a “political Witch-Hunt trying to take down the leading candidate, by far, in the Republican Party” and insisted “I did absolutely nothing wrong.”
Trump, who announced he expected to be arrested March 21 and called on his supporters to protest, also accused District Attorney Alvin Bragg, a Democrat, of “prosecutorial misconduct,” and claimed any charges brought against him would be barred by statute of limitations.
In the lead up to the 2016 election, Trump’s former personal attorney and fixer, Michael Cohen, paid Daniels $130,000 in exchange for her silence about an alleged affair she had with the New York real estate mogul in 2006.
Trump denies the affair.
Cohen pleaded guilty in Manhattan federal court in 2018 and was sentenced to three years in prison for crimes related to the Daniels payment and another to model Karen McDougal he helped arrange prior to the election.
Trump, who was president at the time of Cohen’s guilty plea, did not face charges by federal prosecutors over the payments.
The Manhattan DA’s office then launched its probe into the Republican, with the case gaining momentum in recent months.
Bragg had reportedly been building a case based on the Daniels payment being made with the intent to conceal or commit another crime. . . .

You can read the whole thing. Basically, Democrats want to outlaw opposition. Trump’s real crime — why he’s actually being prosecuted — is that he beat Hillary Clinton in 2016. So now they’ve gotten one of their reliable party henchmen, Soros-funded DA Bragg, to convene a grand jury in Manhattan (where Hillary got 87% of the vote in 2016) to indict Trump on the basis of a far-fetched theory that the payment to Stormy Daniels was somehow felonious. Question: How many other men has Alvin Bragg prosecuted in Manhattan for paying money to whores?

Because I’m pretty sure this payment to the whore Stormy Daniels is only being treated as a felony by Bragg because a Republican is accused of it.



In The Mailbox: 03.29.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: Compliance Does NOT Guarantee Safety
EBL: Dog Eating Dead Russian Soldiers in Ukraine Finds His Forever Home
Twitchy: Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) Comes Unhinged After Rep. Thos. Massie’s (R-KY) Suggestion To Stop School Shootings, Interior Sec. Haaland’s Inability To Answer Basic Questions Is This Entire Administration Summed Up, and DHS Sec. Mayorkas Wants To Ban “Assault Weapons” But Can’t Define Them
Louder With Crowder: Man attempts armed robbery of this grandmother’s food truck, but she has a gun of her own and he’s dead now, “I’d do it again”, and Democrat spox calls for “transphobes” to be murdered hours after trans shooter murdered Christian schoolchildren
Vox Popoli: Stonetoss Hits it Hard, The End of the Cult of Free, A Government of Literal Morons, and Substack Submerging
Gab News: Being Winsome And Nice Won’t Cut It Any More, Christian

American Conservative: The Wall Street Journal Takes the Pulse of a Dying America, also, Close the Border to Change Mexico’s Policies
American Greatness: George Soros Donates $1 Million to Wisconsin Democrats Ahead of State Supreme Court Election, also, Merrick Garland Refuses to Investigate Nashville Shooting as Hate Crime
American Thinker: Ukraine and the FBI – Profiles in Corruption
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: Star pitcher for Cuba at the WBC defects, seeks to play in the MLB, Puerto Rico’s governor blasts Cuba’s sock puppet president for remarks on Puerto Rican independence, More apartheid, please! Cuba’s prime minister says tourists deserve more luxury goods and services, and NPR now stands for Not Popular Radio
BattleSwarm: Have 155mm Gun, Will Travel
Behind The Black: Hakuto-R1 snaps first picture of Moon from lunar orbit, Israel launches spy satellite, SpaceX launches another 56 Starlink satellites, Boeing & NASA Announce 1st Starliner manned mission to now launch on July 21, In U.S. sales of dumb phones are up, and Midnight repost – Genocide is coming to America
Cafe Hayek: I’m Sick of Having My Intelligence Insulted
CDR Salamander: Seriously…Who’s Been Running Our Wargames Then?
Da Tech Guy: Voices of the 2023 Catholic Men’s Conference Jeff Joaquin
Don Surber: LGB Without The TQ
First Street Journal: The laughable contortions taken by the professional media when a school shooter is #transgender
Gates Of Vienna: Culture-Enriching Knife Rampage in Lisbon, Fretting Over the Pronouns of a Mass Murderer, and Intoxicated Culture-Enriching Ecdysiast Terrifies a Church in Monza
The Geller Report: They’re Just Getting Started…Hyper-Violent Transgender Militants Call for Widespread Violence Against Christians
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, also, Zooming in on a Gravitational Lens
Hollywood In Toto: Russell Peters – Why Are We Celebrating Cancel Culture Bullies?, also, Guy Pearce Just Made Cancel Culture Worse
The Lid: REVEALED – Multiple Feds Embedded in J6 Capitol Crowd
Legal Insurrection: A ‘resistance’ coup just defeated Israeli democracy, California’s Descent Accelerates as Newsom’s New Bill Dings Oil Companies for “Excessive Profits”, Have Law Schools Abandoned Free Speech?, DOJ Memo Told U.S. Marshals Not to Arrest Protestors Outside of SCOTUS Justices’ Homes, and AZ Gov. Katie Hobbs’ Press Secretary Resigns After Threatening Violence Against ‘Transphobes’ After Nashville Shooting
Nebraska Energy Observer: The Public Order Bill
Outkick: CNN Draws Lowest-Rated Primetime Quarter On Record, Memphis’ Jamirah Shutes Pleads Not Guilty Over Handshake Line Punch Because, Hey, It’s Worth A Shot, Major League Baseball’s Pitch Clock Is Speeding Up Games, But There’s A Major Issue Lurking, Lamar Jackson Pushes Back On Claims Of Him Being Injury Prone, and Joe Rogan Is Right About The Absurdity Of Lia Thomas, Trans Threatening Female Sports
Power Line: A Walter Hudson footnote, Nebraska Fats or Minnesota Thins?, and As Matt Taibbi Testified About Weaponization of the Government, the IRS Made a Housecall
Protein Wisdom Reborn: Yet Another Hump Day Shrapnel Post
Shark Tank: Fried Files Ethics Complaint Against DeSantis
Shot In The Dark: Not For Turning, The H Word, and By The Book
The Political Hat: “Organoid Intelligence” Of Lab Grown Brains Mean One Thing – Hyperintelligent Bioroid Catgirls
This Ain’t Hell: Three More Accounted For, The last of U.S. combat troops out of Vietnam, 50 years ago today, Murder trial begins for Daniel Perry, who shot Garrett Foster in self-defense, and Marine Reaper Woes
Transterrestrial Musings: The Evolution Of Choo Choos, The Latest Economic Insanity From California, The IPCC Reports, and Starburst Ventures
Victory Girls: Twitter Says No Pointing Out The Vengeance Talk!
Volokh Conspiracy: Apache Stronghold v. U.S.: Religious Freedom and Government Property
Watts Up With That: Breakthrough! A Big Utility Says Net Zero May Not Be Reliable, also, Berliners Fail to Endorse Climate Neutral by 2030 Ballot
Weasel Zippers: Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) Pushes False Claim About Israeli Soldiers Attacking Palestinians, Sen. Kennedy (R-LA) Says Mayorkas Unqualified “To Manage Chuck E. Cheese”, Biden Claims His Economic “Plan” Is “Working”, and Biden’s DHS Budget Mentions The Word “Cartel” Zero Times
The Federalist: Twitter Bans Federalist CEO Sean Davis For Reporting On ‘Trans Day Of Vengeance’ Following Nashville Shooting, Rep. Tom Tiffany Requests Federal Funds Pulled From Indian Tribe Guilty Of Illegally Holding Wisconsites Hostage , How To Win The New Cold War With China: Restore Faith, Community, And Industry, Voter Suppression Is Real And It’s Not What You Were Told, and Twitter Cannot Be Saved. It’s Time For Free Speech Proponents To Let It Die
Mark Steyn: Misgendering a Murderer

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The Unlimited Wretchedness of MSNBC

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This morning I switched my office TV to MSNBC — I watch, so you don’t have to — and it quite frankly ruined my whole day. After having watched coverage of the Nashville shooting on Fox News, the thought occurred to me, “Hey, I wonder what they’re saying about this over on Morning Joe?” Because when a transgender maniac slaughters six people (including three 9-year-old children) at a Christian school, you might think such an atrocity would give pause to liberals who’ve spend years claiming that “right-wing extremists” are the greatest threat to the nation.

But being a liberal in the media means never having to question your values, because you are surrounded by like-minded people, and are never challenged by anyone whose opinion makes any difference to your well-being. In fact, liberalism endows its advocates with carte blanche, a practically unlimited license to misbehave, so that Jeffrey Toobin can masturbate during a Zoom meeting with his CNN colleagues without damaging his career prospects. And if you work for MSNBC, you can say anything — anything at all — as long as you never forget that your main job is to blame Republicans for all evil in the world:

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said Wednesday that Republicans have “made up” freedom in the Second Amendment and blamed them for Monday’s shooting at a Christian elementary school.
The Nashville Police Department received a call at 10:13 a.m. Monday morning about shots fired at a private Christian elementary school and arrived on scene. Upon arrival, 28-year-old transgender Audrey Hale opened fire on the officers from the second floor before five officers entered the building and fatally shot Hale.
Scarborough argued the Second Amendment doesn’t protect “the right to carry around weapons of war.”
“They talk about a freedom — they talk a freedom that they have made up in their own twisted heads because they have been whipped into a paranoid frenzy by the NRA for twenty-five years. From jack-booted thugs when Bush 41 quit, all the way through where now they’re claiming the Second Amendment protects things it just doesn’t protect. They should read Scalia’s own words in Heller. It doesn’t protect the right to carry around weapons of war,” Scarborough said.

Got that? The reason the transgender psychotic went on a murder rampage at a Christian school is because . . . the NRA and a “paranoid frenzy” that afflicts Republicans:

“Because of Republicans, because of the NRA, because of the gun manufacturers who make millions and millions and billions of dollars, we now live in a society where the cops are afraid of the convicts, where former presidents … they make martyrs out of convicts who stormed the United States Capitol. These Republicans are the enemy of the rule of law,” Scarborough said.


You knew he’d find a way to throw J6 in there, right? While jabbering his madcap world-salad, you may have noticed where Joe threw in that bit about “jack-booted thugs when Bush 41 quit,” which is a reference to a controversy over a fundraising letter sent out by the NRA in 1995:

The National Rifle Association’s top official yesterday defended the language his organization has used in describing federal agents, saying references to “jack-booted government thugs” were accurate. “Those words are not far — in fact, they are a pretty close description of what’s happening in the real world,” NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”
The NRA’s criticism of federal agents in a fund-raising letter has been cited as an example of the kind of rhetoric that creates a climate for violent acts such as the Oklahoma City terrorist attack. LaPierre insisted that’s not the case.
“That’s like saying the weather report in Florida on the hurricane caused the damage, rather than the hurricane,” he said. . . .
The six-page NRA letter signed by LaPierre and sent out last month singles out lawmakers who are pressing for gun control legislation and says: “It doesn’t matter to them that the semi-auto ban gives jack-booted government thugs more power to take away our constitutional rights, break in our doors, seize our guns, destroy our property, and even injure or kill us.”
It goes on: “Not too long ago, it was unthinkable for federal agents wearing Nazi bucket helmets and black storm trooper uniforms to attack law-abiding citizens.”
The NRA is demanding congressional hearings into what LaPierre said was “a major trend toward abuses” by federal agents of constitutional guarantees against unreasonable searches and seizures.
Sen. Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah) said the Senate Judiciary Committee he heads has no plans to open hearings on the 1993 siege of the Branch Davidian religious cult near Waco, Tex., an event that galvanized antagonism in some groups against federal law enforcement officers.

Context is everything. In 1994, the Democrat-controlled Congress rammed through a “comprehensive” crime bill that, among other things, outlawed various types of semi-automatic weapons. This came in the wake of the Waco “siege” — a federal raid that turned into a deadly atrocity — and a lot of people were angry about it. Not as angry as Timothy McVeigh, perhaps, but very angry. This widespread anger was a major factor in the “Republican revolution” election of 1994 that gave Republicans majorities in both houses of Congress for the first time in 40 years. The accusation that it was the NRA’s “rhetoric” which created “a climate for violent acts” — where’s the evidence for that? My memory of the 1990s is pretty good, and I don’t recall any NRA members deciding to go on a rampage because of a letter from Wayne LaPierre. But you see that this controversy from nearly 30 years ago gets recycled on MSNBC as proof that, somehow, Republicans and “the gun lobby” are to blame for this deranged tranny’s murder spree in Nashville.

Most of my readers probably own guns, so let’s ask, did your gun kill anybody this week? No, of course not. But Joe Scarborough insists that you and your guns are somehow to blame for what happened in Nashville. It’s an obvious non sequitur, once the syllogism of Scarborough’s assertion is extracted from the emotional barrage of verbiage with which it is delivered. We all want to keep guns out of the hands of crazy people, right? Well, then, your choices are (a) lock the crazy people up in lunatic asylums, or (b) ban guns. Joe Scarborough seems to be insisting that deranged trannies have a right to roam around wreaking havoc — we can’t lock them up — and so, by process of elimination, the only solution is to shut down all the gun stores.

As bad as Scarborough’s logic was, the truly insulting part of today’s Morning Joe was when they had a panel discussion with Al Sharpton. Because whenever it’s time to discuss public safety, we must consult the Jew-baiting monster who incited the Freddy’s Fashion Mart massacre.

Well, despite the fact that I’ve ruined my whole day — it’s 7:30 p.m. now, and Joy Reid is on MSNBC — I’m not angry enough to firebomb a retail store, and I’m too lazy to build a truck bomb, so I guess I’m not the kind of kook “whipped into a paranoid frenzy” that Joe Scarborough conjures up to scare his viewers. I’m sure there are such kooks out there, but James Hodgkinson could not be reached for comment.



In The Mailbox: 03.28.23 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

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Nashville Shooting: Expert on Violence Agrees That Crazy People Are Dangerous

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OK, so forensic psychologist Dr. Helen Smith did not say those exact words during her appearance today on Fox News, but we can read between the lines as she discusses Audrey Hale’s murder spree:

“When I did studies in the late ’90s on girls who kill or girls who are violent, I found that girls who feel very lonely, girls who dislike school, and girls who hold in a lot of anger … tend to lash out at other people.”


(Hat-tip: Instapundit.) Police still aren’t discussing much about the killer’s motive, but we are learning more details:

The 28-year-old former student who killed three children and three adults at a Christian grade school in Nashville on Monday was under a doctor’s care for an “emotional disorder” and had purchased seven guns ahead of the shooting, the city’s police chief said on Tuesday.

(What is the point of federally mandated background checks, when a transgender freak being treated for “an emotional disorder” can acquire an arsenal like this? That is to say, you can pass all the laws in the world, but without rigorous enforcement, the laws will never prevent such incidents. What we need to do is go back to locking these kooks up in lunatic asylums. But I digress . . .)

New details about Audrey Elizabeth Hale emerged hours after police released harrowing video showing officers storming the Covenant School and conducting a room-to-room search before confronting and fatally shooting the assailant.
Hale employed two assault weapons and a handgun during the assault on the elementary school, the latest in a long string of U.S. mass shootings that have turned guns into a hot-button political issue.

(Liberals want to make guns a “hot-button” issue, rather than making psycho trannies the issue, probably because psycho trannies vote Democrat.)

Those three guns were among seven Hale bought legally from five area stores, Metropolitan Nashville Police Chief John Drake told reporters on Tuesday.
Hale’s parents did not know that Hale was in possession of seven guns, the chief said, adding that they were under the impression that the suspect had owned only one gun but had sold it. . . .
Hale left behind a detailed map of the school showing entry points as well as what Drake described as a “manifesto” indicating that Hale may have planned to carry out shootings at other locations.
Drake previously said Hale self-identified as transgender. He referred to Hale using female pronouns on Tuesday, though Hale used male pronouns on a LinkedIn page that listed recent jobs in graphic design and grocery delivery.

(Oh, she killed six people including three kids, but the IMPORTANT thing is to make sure we use the “correct” pronouns. Gotcha.)

The chief said investigators still have not established a motive.
The newly released six minutes of footage, edited together from the body-worn cameras of two responding officers, starts with an officer retrieving a rifle from his trunk as a staff member tells him that the school is locked down but that two children are unaccounted for.
“Let’s go! I need three!” the officer yells as he enters the building, where alarms can be heard ringing.
The video shows officers passing by bulletin boards and cubbies as they clear one room after another before heading upstairs, where one says, “We’ve got one down.”
Amid the sound of gunfire, the officers race down the hallway — past what appears to be a victim lying on the ground — and into a lounge area, where the suspect is seen dropping to the floor after being shot.
Officer Rex Engelbert and Officer Michael Collazo — whose body cameras provided the footage — both fire several rounds at the suspect. The video shows the assailant still moving on the ground as another officer repeatedly yells, “Get your hands away from the gun!”

Those officers are heroes, and we can be thankful for their efficiency in killing the psycho tranny, thus sparing taxpayers the expense of a trial. Meanwhile, we have DM messages between the killer and one of her acquaintances, a former middle-school basketball teammate:

The transgender school shooter who killed six people including three innocent children yesterday before being gunned down by police sent a message to a friend moments before the rampage, telling her: ‘I’m planning to die today… you’ll probably hear about me on the news.’
Audrey Hale, 28, shot and killed three students and three teachers at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, shortly before 10.30am yesterday.
Audrey – who was transgender and also went by ‘Aiden’ – was then shot and killed by police.
Before traveling to the school, the killer sent a haunting final message to Averianna Patton on Instagram.
They had played middle school basketball together and remained friends. . . .
During an appearance on CNN on Tuesday morning, she said Hale had been suicidal in the past.
‘Audrey has shared with others that she had been suicidal in the past and I knew to take this serious.’
She also revealed that she was on hold for seven minutes before someone answered her call to the non-emergency police line.
‘I called Nashville’s non-emergency line at 10:14am and was on hold for nearly seven minutes before speaking with someone who said that they would send an officer to my home.
‘An officer did not come to my home until 3:29 pm,’ she said.
The first 911 call of a shooting came in at 10.13am.
By 10.27am, police were at the school and had killed Hale on the second floor of the building.

So, it’s the blaze-of-glory fantasy: “My life is worthless and I want to kill myself, but I’ll do a mass shooting and get the cops to kill me instead.” This is a theme we’ve seen more or less routinely in such incidents going back to the Columbine High School massacre. Sometimes there is a quasi-political motive, and sometimes it’s just incomprehensible rage. So while Joe Biden turns it into yet another opportunity to mumble about banning “assault weapons,” the rest of us can find no meaning to the atrocity other than the most obvious: Crazy People Are Dangerous.



In The Mailbox: 03.28.23 (Morning Edition)

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Duke Nukem is confused by the wily Asiatics.

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Silicon Valley delenda est.

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Nashville Shooter Left ‘Manifesto,’ Was ‘High-Functioning’ Autistic

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In an afternoon press conference, police confirmed that Audrey Hale — the transgender shooter who killed three 9-year-old kids and three adult staffers at a Christian school in Nashville before being shot by cops — left behind a “manifesto” that we may expect will explain her motives. Meanwhile, the Daily Beast interviewed several people who were neighbors or acquaintances of Audrey Hale and her family:

A source close to the Hale family told The Daily Beast on Monday night that Hale was autistic, but high-functioning.
“And relatively recently announced she was transgender, identifying as he/him,” the source said, asking to remain unnamed so as to avoid additional family strife.
Nashville Police Chief John Drake said at a press conference Monday afternoon that Hale was transgender.
A search of Hale’s home turned up “maps drawn of the school, in detail, so, surveillance, entry points, et cetera,” Drake said, as well as a “manifesto” and “some writings that pertain to this date, the actual incident… of how this was all going to take place.” Inside a Honda Fit that Hale drove and parked at the school campus Friday morning, cops found “additional material written by Hale,” police said in a tweet.
Drake said investigators have a working theory on a possible motive, but that it’s not confirmed. Covenant was “the only school that was targeted,” according to Drake, who added, “[t]here was another location that was mentioned.”
“But because of a threat assessment by the suspect, too much security, they decided not to,” Drake said. . . .
A LinkedIn profile says Hale started a freelance illustration and graphic design business last year after attending, and working for, Nossi College of Art in Madison, Tennessee. At Nossi, Hale won an award for “most improved” in 2015, according to the school’s site.
Hours after the shooting, police searched a home just three miles away from the school. A neighbor, Sandy Durham, who is also a family friend of the Hales, said the ATF told her they were there “to see what was going on next door [at the Hale house].”
“I do know Audrey, I’ve known her since she was a baby. I had just gotten out of the shower when all of this started happening. I didn’t really know anything more than that. Something was going on next door. It’s just tragic for everybody. The sweet children that were hurt, killed, the adults. All of it,” she told The Daily Beast.
Asked if there were any warning signs about Hale, Durham responded, “Never. She was very sweet. I don’t know what happened. It’s very scary.”

Until police release the manifesto (or at least, describe its contents), we don’t have a lot to go on, in terms of piecing together a motive, and I think conservative commentators should be cautious about using connect-the-dots guesswork. We know that Tennessee recently passed a state law outlawing transgender treatment of minors, and that there has been a lot of angry rhetoric from transgender activists around this issue, so it seems logical that this atrocity was somehow connected to or motivated by that public controversy. Yet a logical deduction is still merely speculation, absent some clear evidence — social media posts or whatever — showing that Hale was acting on such a motive.



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