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In The Mailbox: 06.18.24 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

Azur Lane’s Atago in her wedding dress. Pretty cute for a heavy cruiser, no?

357 Magnum: Self-Defense Might Be Legal In California After All
EBL: Washington Post Newsroom Mutiny, Battle of Waterloo, and European Sports Hooliganism
Twitchy: Second Whistleblower Exposes Texas Childrens’ Hospital – Guess Who Came A-Knocking? Cringeworthy Kamala Harris “Pride” Post Gets The Treatment It Deserves, and Maddow & Behar Worry About The View Being Canceled If Trump Wins
Louder With Crowder: Squad member Cori Bush claims God totally gave her powers to cure cancer, treat tumors by performing miracles, also, Special K spreads a STUNNING amount of misinformation in defense of Joe Biden being a senile old coot
Vox Popoli: Believing Their Own Word-Magic, Biden #5, Green Flag Confirmed, Another Reason to Subscribe, and Why Putin Waits
Stoic Observations: Fight The Youth
Postcards From Barsoom: If You Want To Afford A Home, They Have To Go Home

Adam Piggott: Don’t tell jokes to women
American Conservative: The Democrats Cannot Afford to Lose in November
American Greatness: Peace Through Strength: The Stark Contrast Between Trump and Biden, The Brutally Unjust Woodrow Wilson, and How Left-wing Conspiracies Work
American Thinker: Summer Surprise: The Looming Biden Replacement
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday, also, Animal’s Daily Walkable Communities News
Babalu Blog: Young Cubans fleeing the Communist Party in droves, Yum! Cuban cook finds frog in her ground meat, ‘The Revolution is over and the government knows it’, and As Cuba’s Oropouche and Dengue epidemic worsens, funeral home in Santiago is overwhelmed with corpses
BattleSwarm: Wimpy Woke WaPo Workers Walloped With Weality, Israel Gets Medieval On Hezbollah’s Ass, Another Democratic Candidate Arrested For Faking Hate Crimes Against Himself, and California Jewelry Store Looted In Broad Daylight
Behind The Black: German rocket startup looking for alternatives to Saxaford spaceport, The insane mountain slopes of Mars’ deep canyons, Massive Martian landslides, Starliner return delayed again to June 26th, Once again, the first known binary of two supermassive black holes flares as predicted, and Just remember: These obnoxious disturbers of the peace are all Democrats
Cafe Hayek: More Wisdom from Daniel Hannan on Trade, On Importing ‘Optimally’, Competition, Not Coddling, Makes One Competitive, On the Challenges Facing Free Traders, and Free Trade Is A Moral Imperative
CDR Salamander: What’s Wrong With History?
Chicago Boyz: Family Ties, also, On Rustication
Da Tech Guy: Ukraine: Not My Call, Not Yours Either, Chicago’s Summer of Misery, The Celtics Remind us Why Brady is as good as Russell or Berra, Five Celtics Championship Thoughts Under the Fedora, and Who’s bankrolling anti-Israel demos?
Dana Loesch: Veepstakes – Here’s Who Trump Shouldn’t Pick And Why
Don Surber: Bump stock case more than the 2A
First Street Journal: Nooo, not anti-Semitism at all! Now it’s The New York Times’ turn to attack the publisher of The Washington Post, Once again, the hoitiest and the toitiest rally in favor of #Hamas, There’s only one way to win: Israel must stop worrying about the hostages #Hamas hold, and If the public schools were performing well, there’d be no push for helping people to use private schools
Gates Of Vienna: Debunking the Prebunkers, Knives Join the Garden Party in Wolmirstedt, Graduating From Knives to Axes, “Rape is Resistance”, Five Years On, and A Devout Muslim is an Extremist
The Geller Report: Jihad Joe Biden Regime Shells Out $400,000,000 More to Jihad Terrorists in Israel, also, Hamas Terror group launches pro-‘Palestinian resistance’ youth camp that glorifies Hamas terrorism and Jew-hatred at McGill University
Hollywood In Toto: We Need Sublime Now More Than Ever, How The Chosen and Truman Show Oddly Overlap, Why That DailyWire+, Angel Studios Partnership Matters, Doctor Who’s Alex Kingston Calls Cancel Culture ‘Fascistic’, and Michael Mann’s Collateral Still Hits Hard 20 Years Later
The Lid: They Criticized the Entebbe Rescue, Too, Republicans Slam Democrats for Defense Bill Requiring Women to Register for the Draft, Nearly Half of Voters Say Joe Biden Mentally Unfit for Office, and Stores Pulling Back on ‘Pride” Exhibitions This Year
Legal Insurrection: Federal Court Says USDA Disaster Relief Program Can’t Discriminate Against White Farmers, FREEZE! Mainstream Media Insists You Not Believe Your Eyes, Arrest Made In Multiple “Intifada” Anti-Israel Arson at UC-Berkeley, Biden Signs Another Useless Border Executive Order as Illegal Alien Arrested for Rape of NYC Teen Girl, and Netanyahu Reveals Biden Admin Has Been Holding Back Weapons Shipments, Says Blinken Promised To Free Up Flow
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for you, Sunday Post, Thoughts on the Situation, and All that
Outkick: Loss Of A Legend: Baseball Great Willie Mays Dies At 93-Years-Old, Joe Mazzulla Shows Off ‘But First Let Me Thank God’ Shirt Moments After Coaching Celtics To Title, Nike Can’t Stop Ruining MLB Uniforms, Colorado Players Laugh Off Report Of Deion Sanders Forcing Them To Attend Lil Wayne Concert Featuring Shedeur, Buffalo Bills Announce Sponsorship For Gay Flag Football Chapter, and NBA Not Concerned With Terrible Ratings?
Power Line: Guest Column: No Horse Sense at the Pentagon, Joe Biden Options: Senile Dolt, Evil Genius, or Double-Agent, The Daily Chart: The ‘Far Right’ in France, and We Can’t Have an Election, We’re Democrats!
Shark Tank: Scott & Rubio Demand Hearings On Terrorists At The Border
Shot In The Dark: Supreme, Campaign Ad? Love The Art – Ignore The Artist, Minoritarian, and ERMAHGEEERD!
STUMP: Why Would The Republicans Be Tempted To Bail Out Public Pensions?
The Political Hat: Alfred the Gay
This Ain’t Hell: Kamala Harris proposes $25,000 down and $400 monthly towards mortgage, New Gaza Support Group, House Bill calls for automatic registration of men 18-26, for the draft, Robert E. Wilson Jr – Official Military Records, Vice Admiral Chebi, “I Bet Your Life.”, and David Seelye – LCpl vs. Sgt and No Combat Action Ribbon from Beirut
Transterrestrial Musings: The “Far Right”, The Death Of Star Wars, Congratulations To All The Dads, A Saturday Musical Interlude, and Learning To Slow Down Time
Victory Girls: Trooping the Color – Catherine, Princess of Wales Radiant, Biden And The Black Vote, and “Disturbing” Lack Of Arrests After Violent White House Protests
Volokh Conspiracy: A Frightening View of Free Speech and Academic Freedom at Harvard, also, Wealth Taxes are Direct Taxes that are Subject to the Rule of Apportionment
Watts Up With That: Fossil Fuels Remain The Future – VW To Invest 60 Billion Euros In Combustion Engines, Blue State Dems Throw Wrench in Plan to Extend Life of Zero Emission Power Plant , Nigel Farage on Net Zero: “The Whole Thing is about Charging Us More Money”, Climate Alarmism is the existential threat to humanity, and Floating Wind Madness in Maine
The Federalist: Indiana Republicans Snub The Establishment In Lieutenant Governor Race, Biden’s Egregious Title IX Rewrite Blocked By Six More States, VA Bonus Scandal Presents A Rare Case Of Government Fixing A Problem It Created, Here’s How The Media Are Lying Right Now: CNN’s ‘Tools’ For A ‘Civilized’ Debate, American Bar Association Requiring All Law Schools To Push DEI, Displacing Constitutional Law, Biden’s Intelligence Agencies Lead Fingernail-Painting Sessions For ‘Pride Month’, and Comedian Larry Wilmore Tells Bill Maher That Biden’s Morehouse Speech Was ‘Condescending’
Mark Steyn: A Bad Place for Bad Men: Jimmy Stewart in The Naked Spur, Trial and Tribulation, Kings and Vagabonds (and Boutonnieres), The Party’s Over/Just In Time, and “Regulating” the Will of the People

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In The Mailbox: 06.18.24 (Afternoon Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Yesterday was eaten by baseball and snakes.
The Summer Based Book Sale starts tomorrow.
Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

I like our Atago better than the old one.

357 Magnum: Lies, Damn Lies, & FBI Crime Statistics
EBL: Rachel Morin, RIP: Murdered by Illegal Alien From El Salvador, Sweden Ultra Violent Gang Land, and Ashley Biden Wishes Joe Biden A Happy Father’s Day
Twitchy: The Gaslight Is Strong With This One, Trans Activist Who Flashed Fake Boobs At White House Charged With Sexual Assault, and Axios Looks At How Biden’s Historic Presidency Has Doubled As A Family Tragedy
Louder With Crowder: Chuck Schumer’s “BBQ” tweet was such a pandering disaster, his staff had to delete it, also, WH attacks conservatives, claims new video of senile-looking Biden being led off stage by Obama isn’t what it looks like
Vox Popoli: She’s Not Dead After All, Time is on Xi’s Side, The Anonymity of the Innovator, We Got the Look, and Gearing Up for War
Postcards From Barsoom: Draft Our Sons, Draft Our Daughters, Draft Our Migrants
Upstream Reviews: Rock & Roll Ninja
Defending The Wood Perilous: China Posts
Gab: Why Are Republicans Destroying The 1st Amendment, And Why Is No-one Talking About It?

CDR Salamander: While We Quibble & Fool, The PRC Builds
Dana Loesch: Last Week In Legal – Cargill Victory Edition, also, Special K Calls Videos Of Struggling Biden “Deep Fakes”
Don Surber: TDS becomes unprofitable
Glenn Reynolds: Some Father’s Day Thoughts
STUMP: Happy Father’s Day! Some Classic Posts Over The Years, Bad Metrics Lead To Bad Results

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Two Innocent Bystanders Killed in Mass Shooting at Texas ‘Juneteenth’ Celebration

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Lyndsey Vicknair (left) and Ara Duke (right)

An early celebration of the newest federal holiday:

The Round Rock Police Department has identified the two people killed in a shooting at the city’s Juneteenth celebration on Saturday night as 33-year-old Lyndsey Vicknair from Manor and 54-year-old Ara Duke from Pflugerville.
Neither victim was involved in the altercation that led to the shooting, police said.
The incident occurred around 10:50 p.m. at Old Settlers Park after a fight broke out between two groups during the annual festival. In addition to the two fatalities, 14 people were injured in the shooting. . . .
Round Rock detectives are currently interviewing witnesses, analyzing evidence, and pursuing leads in the ongoing investigation. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the suspect or suspects involved.

Everybody knows Texas is controlled by Republicans. Probably some of those “far right” extremists committed this atrocity, right? The shooter was a racist Trump voter wearing a MAGA hat, right?

Police in an Austin, Texas suburb have released a suspect’s description following a mass shooting at a Juneteenth celebration over the weekend.
Two people were killed, and 14 others were wounded at about 10:50 p.m. Saturday in Round Rock, police said. A search is on for a man described as a Black male with a thin build, approximately 5 feet, 7 inches tall with short dreadlocks. He was wearing a white hoodie at the time of the incident.
The suspect is 19 to 20 years old and should be considered armed and dangerous . . .

Jussie Smollett could not be reached for comment.


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Rule 5 Sunday: Just What It Says On Her Label

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

H/T to Rule5Texan on X.
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley et Hamas delendam sunt.
ANIMAL MAGNETISM: Rule Five Unimaginable Inevitable Friday, and the Saturday Gingermageddon. 

EBL: Saturday Night Girls With Guns, Paige Spiranac Flag Day, MAGA – Biden v. 2nd Amendment, Lily Muni He, “You’re A Grand Old Flag”, Fake Woman “Lia” Thomas Banned From Olympics, Francoise Hardy RIP, Sonny & Cher On American Bandstand, Louise Bourgoin, The Fall of Troy, Moviepass Moviecrash, Roberta Flack, Russia v. Ukraine, and Gauguin In Tahiti

A VIEW FROM THE BEACH: Zienna SonneHappy Flag Day!Fish Pic Friday – The Coffey GirlsThursday TanlinesThe Long Dusty RoadSome Wednesday WetnessJudgement (& Punishment)The Monday Morning StimulusRandom Celebrity News and Palm Sunday 

FLAPPR: T.I.T.S. for June 14

Thanks to everyone for all the luscious links!

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FMJRA 2.0: No Surrender

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Another good week for my Senators – we split a two-game series with the Red Sox and then took two out of three from the O’s. This puts us at 37-42, 13.5 behind Pete’s Braves and three games behind the third-place Twins. I have no idea where this puts us in the race for the wild-card slot, and I’m not even worrying about it. Just want to get up to .500 for the year.
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley et Hamas delendam sunt.

Fly the Curly W flag!

‘Underlying Psychological Co-Morbidities’
First Street Journal
MEK Enterprises Blog
American Free News Network
357 Magnum

Israel Rescues Hostages From Terrorists; Guess How Media Are Spinning It?
The Daley Gator
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Are There Any Innocent Palestinians?
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FMJRA 2.0: Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad
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Rule 5 Sunday: Pyjamarama
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Top linkers for the week ending June 14:

  1.  EBL (12)
  2.  357 Magnum (11)
  3.  A View From The Beach (10)

Thanks to everyone for all the links!

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Typical Wisconsin Democrat Gets Arrested Twice, Charged With Five Felonies

Posted on | June 16, 2024 | No Comments

Clayton William ‘Sofie’ Solberg

What do I mean by “typical Wisconsin Democrat”? Well, how about a transgender-identified dude who posts lots of violent #Antifa memes on his social media and also enjoys posting pictures of his genitalia to “small penis humiliation” forums on Reddit? Is that “typical” enough for you? And do I need to explain what I mean by “felonies”?

“Antifascist” Trans-Identified Male Arrested For Possession Of Child Pornography Two Times In Four Months
A trans-identified male in Wisconsin is facing five counts of felony child pornography possession after local authorities were tipped off by the nation’s top child safeguarding organization. Clayton William Solberg, also known as Sofie Solberg, was first arrested in December of 2023, but was found with even more child sexual abuse material while out on bond.
Solberg, 22 and of Galesville, was first apprehended by Trempealeau County deputies on December 27, 2023, after the Sheriff’s office received a cyber-tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). He was charged with two counts of possession of child pornography, and was booked in the Trempealeau County jail. On January 3, he was released on a $2,500 cash bond.
Among the conditions of his bond was that Solberg was not to have contact with minors or vulnerable adults, which the court noted included “those where defendant was previously residing.” Solberg was also prohibited from accessing the internet and having any devices which could connect to the internet.
But not long after being released from jail pending trial, the NCMEC became aware of a Dropbox baring Solberg’s “feminine” name which was transferring child sexual abuse material. The account was registered to an address in the City of Galesville.
A search warrant was executed on Solberg’s Google Photos account which found several more videos and images of child sexual abuse.
On May 7, Trempealeau County deputies raided Solberg’s home and found three devices capable of connecting the internet, which were prohibited under the conditions of Solberg’s January bond. The man was once again arrested, and this time his bond was set by the court at $20,000.
Solberg posted bond this past Wednesday, June 12. He is prohibited from possessing any device that can connect to the internet, prohibited from accessing the internet, and is to have no contact with minors. . . .

You can read the rest of that from Anna Slatz at Reduxx, but what made me put “typical Wisconsin Democrat” in the headline was memories of the Kyle Rittenhouse case: Kid shows up in Kenosha with his AR-15 to help prevent more looting after two nights of riots. Things go bad when Rittenhouse is attacked by Joseph “JoJo” Rosenbaum, a convicted child rapist who spent more than a decade in Arizona prisons and had just been released from a psychiatric ward that very day. After shooting Rosenbaum in self-defense, Rittenhouse tries to flee the angry mob of #Antifa rioters, but is forced to defend himself again when he is attacked by two other rioters, Anthony Huber and Gaige Grosskreutz:

It was, of course, Andy Ngo who first reported Rosenbaum’s sex offender status, and Ngo further reported that both of the other two rioters shot by Kyle Rittenhouse also had criminal records. Anthony Huber, 26, who attacked Rittenhouse with a skateboard and was fatally shot, “has a criminal history that includes charges of battery & repeat domestic abuse,” Ngo reported. Gaige Grosskreutz, 26, who was seen on video pointing a pistol at Rittenhouse before being wounded in the arm, is “a member of the People’s Revolution Movement,” Ngo reported, and “has a criminal record that includes being intoxicated & armed w/a gun.”
Now, let’s ask what should be an obvious question: What are the odds that a guy opens fire at a mass gathering and all three of the people he shoots turn out to have criminal records? Doesn’t this tell you something about who is engaging in these “mostly peaceful” protests?

Do you see now what led me to describe Clayton William “Sofie” Solberg as a “typical Wisconsin Democrat”? Then there’s this:

Clayton/“Sofie” posted that meme to his/“her” Instagram account with the hashtag #punchwhitewomen, a perfect summary of the typical Wisconsin Democrat mentality: Whoever you are and whatever your problems may be, you can feel better about yourself by demonstrating how much you hate Donald Trump, because hating Donald Trump is the only “virtue” that matters, if you’re a Wisconsin Democrat.

Just a little bit more info on Clayton/“Sofie”:

Solberg had a lengthy and prolific social media presence which went dark just days before his arrest in December.
On Reddit, he went by the name Sofie Fordo, which was the same handle associated with the Dropbox where child sexual abuse material was found. That name has since been registered into the court system as one of his aliases.
Calling himself “Slutty Step Sister,” Solberg primarily posted memes to various Reddit communities, including ones dedicated to LGBT issues, transgender gamers, and self-identified lesbians. One of his most frequented boards required all users to align with the ideology of anti-fascism, “All Cops Are Bastards,” and Black Lives Matter.
Solberg also posted multiple lewd photos of his micropenis and male breast tissue to various pornographic communities, including r/dykesgonewild, r/FtMsex, r/FtMsPunished, r/SmallPenisHumiliation, and r/19_sex.

Joe Biden won Wisconsin by a margin of about 20,000 votes. Perhaps not all of those Biden voters were posting to “small penis humiliation” forums, but we know at least one of them was, don’t we?


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Maryland Sheriff Blasts Biden: ‘We Are 1,800 Miles Away from the Southern Border Here in Harford County and the American Citizens Are Not Safe Because of Failed Immigration Policies’

Posted on | June 15, 2024 | No Comments

Rachel Morin, a 37-year-old mother of five, was found murdered in August 2023 on a hiking on a trail near Bel Air, Maryland. That’s north of Baltimore, up near the Pennsylvania border, in Harford County, a Republican bastion that hasn’t voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since 1964. On Saturday, the county’s Republican sheriff, Jeffrey Gahler, held a press conference at which he announced that the suspect in the case — linked by DNA evidence — had finally been arrested. And buddy let me tell you, Sheriff Gahler unloaded:

“Just before midnight [Friday] our time, police in Tulsa, Oklahoma, assisted by our federal partners, located and arrested Rachel’s murderer, Victor Antonio Martinez Hernandez. So far we have learned that the suspect . . . is a 23-year-old citizen of El Salvador who illegally crossed the border into the United States in February of 2023. We all suspect that perhaps Rachel was not his first victim, and it’s my understanding that this suspect, this monster, fled to the United States illegally after committing the brutal murder of a young woman in El Salvador a month earlier, in January of 2023. Once in our country, and likely emboldened by his anonymity, he brutally attacked a 9-year-old girl and her mother during a home invasion in March of 2023 in Los Angeles. . . .
“It has been a fear of mine that, once we identified this suspect, the result would be exactly this, and I want to now direct these comments to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and to every member in both chambers of Congress: We are 1,800 miles away — here in Harford County — we are 1,800 miles away from the southern border here in Harford County and the American citizens are not safe because of failed immigration policies.
“This is the second time in just two years that an innocent Harford County woman has lost her life to a criminal in our country illegally. Let me repeat that: Eighteen hundred miles from the southern border and this is the second woman in our county to be killed by an illegal alien. In both cases, they are suspects from El Salvador with ties to criminal gangs. Should not be happening.
“Victor Hernandez did not come here to make a better life for himself or for his family. He came here to escape a crime he committed in El Salvador. He came here and murdered Rachel and, God willing, no one else. But that should have never been allowed to happen.”


That’s going to leave a mark.


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Aspiring Rapper Update

Posted on | June 15, 2024 | No Comments

Tyquian Terrel Bowman, a/k/a “Quando Rondo”

Has it really been five months since we last did one of these? Please excuse my negligence and, since it’s been a while, permit me to remind you of the categorical definition:

Aspiring Rapper
North American euphemism for a member of the urban criminal class. This unusual occupation is usually mentioned in conjunction with the subject either being slain or being taken into custody for a violent or property-related crime. A relative of the subject usually points out that the subject’s demise or incarceration comes at an extremely inopportune moment, occurring just as the subject was “turning they(sic) life around.”

It was in November 2020 that the name “Quando Rondo” appeared here, in connection with the arrest of Timothy “Lil Tim” Leeks, who was charged in the murder of rapper Dayvon Bennett, a/k/a “King Von,” outside a club in Atlanta. Leeks is from Savannah, which is also the hometown of Tyquian “Quando Rondo” Bowman, and police said they were known associates. In September 2021, while the murder charges in the Atlanta case were still pending, and Leeks was out on $100,000 bond, he got arrested in Savannah:

Timothy Leeks, the suspect charged with the murder of Chicago rapper King Von in early Nov. 2020 in Atlanta, was arrested in Savannah on Sept. 21 for 13 separate traffic violations, including reckless driving and fleeing police.
According to an open records request, those charges also include obstructing or hindering law enforcement officers, two charges of speeding in excess of maximum limits, failure to maintain lane, improper turn/lane change, driving on the wrong side of roadway, failure to obey traffic control devices, failure to yield while turning left, failure to stop at a stop sign, following too closely, and passing in a no-passing zone.
Officer Damascus Chambers of the Georgia State Patrol arrested Leeks at the intersection of Derenne Avenue, Abercorn Street and Waters Avenue, according to the same open records request.

Last August, prosecutors in Fulton County — you know, the same prosecutors who want to send Donald Trump to prison for racketeering? — dropped the murder charges against Leeks. Although there was no official explanation for dropping the charges, it has been widely speculated that it was because they could not disprove Leeks’ claim that he acted in self-defense. When rival rap crews get into an altercation outside a nightclub, it’s fair to assume that everybody is packing heat, which makes it difficult to prove a murder charge, because anyone you charge can claim self-defense. So “King Von” is still dead, and nobody’s going to prison for it. Meanwhile, in Savannah . . .

A Savannah rapper was taken into custody Friday night [December 8, 2023] by the FBI.
Quando Rondo, whose real name is Tyquian Terrel Bowman, was arrested after being served a warrant, the Savannah Police Department confirmed to News 3.
Arrest records list the charge as a federal custody hold.
SPD said Bowman was a passenger in a car that was pulled over around midnight on Friday.
The arrest comes nearly six months after Bowman was indicted on four felony charges, including violating the Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act.
Bowman also has a previous non-violent felony conviction on his record from 2017.

Let’s quote the federal prosecutor’s announcement:

Multiple defendants have been charged in a partially unsealed 14-count federal indictment alleging their involvement in a drug trafficking conspiracy in the Savannah area. The indictment follows a prior related indictment in which two individuals also are charged in a violent carjacking.
The indictment in USA v. Grant et al. alleges that the defendants conspired starting at least as early as January 2021 to possess and distribute illegal drugs including methamphetamine, cocaine, fentanyl, and marijuana, said Jill E. Steinberg, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Georgia. A conviction on the conspiracy charge carries a statutory sentence of up to 20 years in prison, along with substantial fines and penalties, followed by a period of supervised release upon completion of any prison term. There is no parole in the federal system.
“As our law enforcement partners continue to identify, infiltrate and disrupt drug trafficking operations threatening the safety of our community, we remain dedicated to complementing their efforts by holding accountable those involved in these criminal enterprises,” said U.S. Attorney Steinberg.
The indictment charges all of the defendants with Conspiracy to Possess with Intent to Distribute and to Distribute Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Fentanyl, and Marijuana. Three defendants still are being sought.
Those named in the partially unsealed indictment include:

• Tremaine Grant, a/k/a “Trench,” 24, of Savannah;
• Laron Thompson, a/k/a “Hollywood,” 38, of Savannah;
Tyquian Bowman, a/k/a “Quando Rondo,” 24, of Savannah;
• Donald Davis, a/k/a “Lil’ D,” 29, of Savannah;
• Ty’Sean Davis, a/k/a “Stro,” 21, of Savannah;
• Jarrell Palmer, a/k/a “Rel,” 36, of Pooler, Ga.

Thompson and Grant also face drug distribution charges. Grant and Palmer are charged with Conspiracy to Interfere with Commerce by Robbery, and Grant and Thompson face firearms charges.
The indictment provides notice of forfeiture of seven seized handguns and dozens of rounds of ammunition.
Two additional defendants — Robert Moss, a/k/a “Fat Boy,” 32, and Brandon McCall Williams, a/k/a “Lil’ B,” a/k/a “Dough Boy,” 32, both of Savannah — were already arraigned in connection with a partially unsealed indictment charging them in a related drug-trafficking conspiracy and alleging their involvement in a Sept. 2021 Savannah carjacking in which the victim was shot and wounded. An additional defendant is still being sought.

Seems kind of serious. Not to change the subject, but did you hear about the mass shooting last month in Savannah?

An argument between two women led to a gunfight that left 11 people hurt in a busy tourist area of Savannah, Georgia, late Saturday [May 18], one of five weekend shootings in the city, two of which were fatal, authorities said.
Two people were injured in separate shootings Friday. Two more shootings Saturday resulted in two deaths. Then came the gunfire just before midnight Saturday near Savannah’s Ellis Square.
The shooting broke out as two women argued in an area business, according to Police Chief Lenny Gunther, who didn’t name the establishment.
“One shot rang out. That triggered other individuals to shoot,” he said. “We had multiple individuals discharge their weapons to shoot at each other, which resulted in multiple people getting shot.”
Ten of the 11 injured were hit by gunfire. Authorities did not say what caused the 11th injury.

With all the media obsession with “gun violence,” you would think this incident might have gotten coverage nationwide, but it appears to have been treated as strictly local news, for some reason.

Seven suspects have been charged in connection to the Ellis Square mass shooting, and I dare say none of them are Trump voters. And just in case you’re wondering why I’m mentioning this now:

Court filing sheds light on Quando Rondo gang affiliation
Tyquian Bowman, otherwise known as Savannah-based rapper Quando Rondo, is facing charges of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and distribution of controlled substances.
The latest court filing in the case reveals U.S. attorneys are calling witnesses to testify on Bowman’s alleged gang affiliations in Savannah.
Some of the local groups mentioned in the court filing are Only the Mob, Jumpout Gang and Family Over Everything.
Federal prosecutors say Bowman had ties to two of those groups and several others.
From this time last year until now, the city of Savannah has seen about a 16 percent increase in drug-related crimes.
“Most of our gang activity has been related to drugs, not necessarily violence,” said Savannah Mayor Van Johnson.
However, there have also been 12 more homicides than this time in 2023. . . .
Johnson did acknowledge several suspects arrested in connection to the Ellis Square mass shooting last month are convicted felons, raising questions about whether any of them have gang affiliations.

“King Von” could not be reached for comment.



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