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In The Mailbox: 05.26.22 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

But that would keep the Bad Red People from starving and freezing in the dark!

357 Magnum: Mask Wearing Leads To Death
EBL: Ray Liotta, RIP
Twitchy: Newly Obtained Memo Shows John F. Kerry* Was Conducting Secret Meetings With Iran During The Trump Administration
Louder With Crowder: After Elon Musk Made Her Look Silly On Twitter, Occasional Cortex Wants To Sell Her Tesla
Vox Popoli: The End Of Globalization, Feminism, Transgenderism, & The Devil, and You Can’t Stop The Smart Boy

Adam Piggott: Political Life Is Not Just The Vote
American Conservative: Do We Really Know Who’s Winning In Ukraine?
American Greatness: Uvalde Police Criticized Over Response To School Shooting
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Placeholder Totty
Babalu Blog: Over 100 Freedom Advocates Sign Open Letter Warning Colombia Against Extremist Leftist Takeover
BattleSwarm: Russo-Ukrainian War Tank Video Update
Behind The Black: Today’s Blacklisted Americans, Another Grand Galaxy Imaged By Hubble, and Astronomers Demand Satellite Companies Shut Down So They Don’t Have To Adapt
Cafe Hayek: COVID Tyranny Isn’t Rooted In True Liberalism
CDR Salamander: Navy Missiles For All My Friends
Da Tech Guy: State Farm, Like A Creepy Neighbor (also 1970 League Opening Week Updates), also, As Long As Schools Remain Undefended School Shootings Will Continue
Don Surber: Gun Owners Outnumber Democrats, Kimmel Whines About Being Censored, and Twitter Is More Evil Than We Imagined
First Street Journal: Lies, Damned Lies, & Statistics, also, Black Lives Don’t Matter, At Least Not To Credentialed Media
Gates Of Vienna: What Happened To All Those Syrian Doctors, Scientists, & Engineers?, Orban Declares A State Of Emergency In Hungary, and The End Of The Azovstal Siege
The Geller Report: Black Christian Leader Rips Ilhan Omar
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, also, Military Base Renaming
Hollywood In Toto: Is Jurassic World Dominion The Next Woke Blockbuster?
The Lid: Anniversary Of The First European Blood Libel
Legal Insurrection: Combo Of Fentanyl-Laced Pills & Social Media Proving Toxic To American Teens, CBO Says Inflation Will Continue Into 2023, and Politifact Runs Interference For Stacey Abrams After Revisiting Issue Of MLB Pulling All-Star Game
Outkick: Curt Schilling – Only The Orioles Organization Can Stop Adley Rutschman, MLB Ignores Voter Surge After Citing Voter Suppression For Moving All-Star Game, and History Shows Mike Florio Is A Fake Kaepernick Supporter
Power Line: Biden Shooting Blanks (Again)
Shark Tank: Rick Scott Calls Chuck U. Schumer “Liar And A Hack” For Blocking Gun Safety Legislation
Shot In The Dark: There Is A Lot Of Ruin In A Country
STUMP: Summer Season Warning – Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning
The Political Hat: Killing To Kill – Killing The Poor, Killing The Elderly, Killing The Nurse
This Ain’t Hell: No Need To Panic, Folks
Victory Girls: Obama Thinks George Floyd Is More Important Than Slain Uvalde Children
Volokh Conspiracy: Va. Judge Finds Probable Cause That Court Of Mist & Fury and Gender Queer Are Obscene For Minors
Watts Up With That: What Energy Price Spike? Aussie Greens Call For Coal Ban
Weasel Zippers: Democrat Ruben Gallego -“F*** Your Prayers”, also, FBI Agent Under Investigation For Withholding Exculpatory Evidence In Trump Collusion Probe
The Federalist: The Real Horror Of Doctor Strange 2, Mass Shootings Not So Interesting For Dems When They Can’t Blame A White Supremacist, and Records Show Sen. Murkowski’s Funding Comes From Lower 48 Donors Despite Her Criticism Of Outside Influence
Mark Steyn: Hillary Happened, also, Klaus Encounters Of The Third Kind

* “Who, by the way, served in Vietnam.” – R. Limbaugh

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The ‘Gun Lobby,’ ‘Assault Weapons,’ ‘Common Sense Gun Laws’ and Other Things Joe Biden Keeps Lying About

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“As a nation, we have to ask: When in God’s name
are we going to stand up to the gun lobby?
When in God’s name will we do what we all know
in our gut needs to be done? . . . [T]he gun
manufacturers have spent two decades aggressively
marketing assault weapons which make them
the most and largest profit. For God’s sake, we
have to have the courage to stand up to the industry.”

Joe Biden, May 24, 2022

There are millions — literally millions — of AR-15-type rifles legally owned by law-abiding American citizens who have never shot another human being. The fact that Salvador Ramos owned two of them cannot be interpreted as signifying that everybody who owns an AR-15 is a menace to society, because if you want to engage in irresponsible generalization like that, I could think of some other generalizations relevant to violent crime that no sensible politician would dare invoke.

Biden’s rhetoric is dishonest, not only in its details, but in the larger sense of the false implication that it is a “lobby” or an “industry” that he desires to crush with regulations — no, it’s gun owners he’s after.

Those of us old enough to remember the dishonesty by which Democrats rammed the 1994 “assault weapons ban” through Congress know all of this. There was no actual crisis that demanded such onerous regulations which, in point of fact, did not “ban” any weapons (i.e., those guns that were already owned remained legal, but importation and domestic retail sales were prohibited), and made purely aesthetic distinctions between “banned” weapons and others that were functionally identical. By the way, these were semi-automatic rifles, not “assault weapons,” which are fully automatic, commonly referred to as “machine guns.”

Speaking of functionally identical weapons, the most common weapon used in homicides (including what are called “mass shootings”) are semi-automatic pistols, of which at least 5 million are sold annually. Last year alone, Americans bought more than 18 million guns of all types, and about 30% of those were first-time buyers alarmed by the startling rise in violent crime (a problem that Joe Biden and the Democrats aren’t doing anything to solve). Did you know, by the way, that more than half of firearms-related deaths are suicides? No, you didn’t know that, because the media isn’t going to tell you. How many homicides are committed with rifles? About 3%, according to the Department of Justice. So banning AR-15s wouldn’t make a meaningful dent in the overall violent crime problem, a fact that Joe Biden and the media won’t mention in the wake of an atrocity like Uvalde (or the Buffalo shooting) because this is all about ginning up fear among the so-called “soccer moms.”

A semi-automatic weapon is a semi-automatic weapon. I got my first one, a Winchester .22 rifle, for Christmas when I was 12 years old. Never killed anything other than maybe a couple of squirrels or birds. Fear-mongering nonsense about “assault weapons” from liberal politicians doesn’t do anything except confuse ignorant people (i.e., Democratic voters) who can’t be bothered to educate themselves about the actual facts of crime. If you get carjacked, chances are the perp is going to be wielding a semiautomatic 9-mm or .40-caliber pistol which is (a) a good bit cheaper than an AR-15 and (b) easier to conceal and use at short range. Rifles aren’t much use in a common robbery, because you can’t just hide a rifle in your pocket. Cops might notice somebody walking down the street with a rifle, even in the worst parts of Philadelphia, and as stupid as the criminals in Philly are, they aren’t that stupid.

What are the so-called “common sense gun laws” that Biden and other Democrats keep talking about? Jim Geraghty at National Review has gone through some of this stuff, pointing out for example why the demand for “tougher background checks” has nothing to do with what happened at Uvalde:

As far as we know, as of this writing, the Uvalde shooter had no criminal record. No one in law enforcement, his family, or his school ever filed a petition seeking to remove firearms from his possession because he posed a potential threat to himself or others. As far as we know, no one ever filed a restraining order against him. The shooter purchased his firearms legally.
In the coming days and weeks, you will hear a lot more calls for “tougher background checks,” but because there was no paper trail indicating that the Uvalde shooter was a threat, it is hard to see what kind of “background check” would have prevented this legal adult from purchasing a firearm. Federally licensed firearms dealers are not going to comb through the Instagram and social-media accounts of potential buyers.

Over and over again, in the wake of such incidents, Democrats will reach into their Gigantic Bag of Dishonest Bullshit (which they keep handy for such occasions) and start advocating measures which would not have prevented the incident that gave rise to the demand for “action.”

We must “do something,” Democrats demand, ignoring the fundamental problem that (a) criminals don’t obey laws, (b) Democrats are against putting criminals in jail anyway, (c) Americans own millions of guns and (d) many crimes are committed with stolen guns. So even if you passed some kind of “ban” on sales of AR-15s, this wouldn’t do anything about the millions of AR-15s already owned by Americans, besides which criminals prefer to use pistols, and even if they did want to use a rifle, all they’d have to do is steal one. And because they’re criminals, stealing is what they do anyway. One of the rhetorical tricks Democrats like to use is to say “we need to keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people,” but for some reason, they keep letting “the wrong people” out of jail.

The mass shooting in Chicago last week was allegedly committed by a felon who got turned loose on a weapons charge and had been wanted on an outstanding warrant for six months. Let me give you a hint about the suspect’s identity: Probably not a Trump voter, IYKWIMAITYD.

There were about 20,000 homicides in the U.S. last year. Guess how many died of drug overdoses? More than 100,000, mostly from opioids like fentanyl. What is the Biden administration doing about the fentanyl problem? Are they locking up drug dealers? Closing down the U.S.-Mexico border? No, they’re turning a blind eye to the drug problem because the drug dealers — well, they’re probably not Trump voters, IYKWIMAITYD — and Democrats are totally in favor of chaos on the border, because they count every illegal immigrant as a future Democratic voter. What’s the point of having laws, if you’re not going to enforce the laws? Democrats are the anti-law enforcement party, and yet they demand that we pass new laws, even while they’re turning loose criminals who break the laws we’ve already got.

What kind of fool would believe a word Joe Biden says about guns? Probably the same kind of fools who voted for him — 81 million votes!


In The Mailbox: 05.26.22 (Morning Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Ninety Miles From Tyranny: The 90 Miles Mystery Box Episode #1728
EBL: The Anatomy Of A School Shooter, also, Ted F***ing Williams
Twitchy: Woman Begs For Help On NYC Subway As Onlookers Do Nothing
Louder With Crowder: Courageous Border Patrol Agent Rushes Into Uvalde School Alone, Kills Shooter
Vox Popoli: National Review Is Literally Gay, SFWA Devours Itself, and Soros Knows He Failed
Stoic Observations: Death Comes To Texas

American Conservative: Putin Needed A Scowcroft
American Greatness: The Speech Of An Indecent Man
American Power: School Mask Mandates Coming Back?
American Thinker: Forget The Marxists, Here’s The Real Enemy Of America
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Placeholder Totty
Babalu Blog: Russia Proposes Sending Its Wounded Soldiers To Recover At Cuban Apartheid Beach Resorts
BattleSwarm: Texas Runoff Results
Behind The Black: Pushback – Navy Loses In Attempt To Fire Officer Who Refused The Jab, Starliner Successfully Lands In New Mexico, and Expert Calls For Red China To Find A Way To Destroy Starlink Constellation
Cafe Hayek: Beware Some Economic Commentary
CDR Salamander: How Do You Work With The Russians At The Negotiating Table & Post-Conflict?
Da Tech Guy: Van Morrison Continues His Attack On Lockdowns & Government Overreach, Reassessing Presidential Legacies, and Opening Day For The 1970 Draft League
Don Surber: Democrats Are Breaking America, Reaganauts For Ron? and Ten Other Companies Join State Farm In Dumping Groomers
First Street Journal: WuFlu & The Administration’s Theater, also, Sanctions Against Russia Go Up In Gas
Gates Of Vienna: Nothing To See Here, Just Another Lunatic, Singing, Cursing, Screaming, Smoking – But Not Teaching, and Honor Killing In Nacka
The Geller Report: Biden’s Anti-Policing Policy To Be Unveiled On Anniversary Of George Floyd’s Death
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, Deranged Gringx Politician Beclowns Himself, and Opening Our Eyes Even Wider
Hollywood In Toto: GLAAD Calls Out Ricky Gervais But Ignored Jimmy Kimmel’s Homophobic Jokes, also, Bob’s Burgers Movie Brings Belcher Clan Back From Creative Abyss
The Lid: Biden Administration Revoked Mike Rowe’s Filming  Permit Over Politics
Legal Insurrection: Marjorie Taylor Greene Cruises To Victory In GA-14, Democrats Desperately Seeking An Alternative To Biden For 2024, and Baylor U. Establishes First LGBTWTFBBQ Student Group
Michelle Malkin: Sabotaging America’s Military From Within
Nebraska Energy Observer: Fatherhood, Biden, & Elections, also, Forewarned Is Forearmed
Outkick: Steve Kerr Is An Emotional Hypocrite, Will The Raiders Sign Kaepernick? and NFL Appeals Court’s Decision To Proceed With Gruden Lawsuit
Power Line: Bedtime For Beta, What To Do About School Shootings? and Greatest. Correction. Ever.
Shark Tank: Eskamani Fires Back At Fine Over Gun Comments
Shot In The Dark: All About Meeeee, I Rarely Spike The Football, and The Battle/s For The GOP
The Political Hat: Meanwhile In Philadelphia, Sexual Kinks For Kids
This Ain’t Hell: Researchers Think They’ve Found The Cause Of Gulf War Illness, Panel Unveils Nine Army Base Renaming Recommendations, and Another Russian General Dies In Ukraine
Victory Girls: Mental Health Issues Are Not “Bulls**t”, also, Mortgage Crisis Here We Come, Doo Dah, Doo Dah
Volokh Conspiracy: In Defense Of The LSAT
Watts Up With That: Major Aussie Energy Retailer Collapses, also, Biden – High Gasoline Prices Are “An Incredible Transition”
Weasel Zippers: Biden Advisor Doesn’t Rule Out Electricity Blackouts Across America This Summer, also, Gallup Poll – 83% Of Americans Think Country’s Headed In Wrong Direction
The Federalist: Administration Insists Schools Must Put Boys In Girls’ Restrooms To Get Federal Money, RNC Takes Legal Action To Stop Pennsylvania From Permanently Loosening Mail-In Ballot Rules, and Sandy Hook Proved The Need To Improve School Security, But Congress Armed Ukraine Instead
Mark Steyn: Release The Monkeypox! also, A Sacrificial Lamb

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In The Mailbox: 05.25.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Spent a lot of the day catching up on sleep and not getting a whole lot accomplished. Maybe I’ll get caught up tomorrow. Maybe I won’t. In case you missed it, yesterday was the 10th anniversary of; thanks to Doug Ross for bringing that to my attention!
Silicon Valley delenda est.

EBL: Ricky Gervais On Trans Women
Twitchy: Politifact Lies About Stacey Abrams Again, also, Energy Secretary Granholm Trips All Over Biden While Denying This Admin Wants Higher Gas Prices
Louder With Crowder: Elon Musk Offers One Word Response To Report Bill Gates Is Secretly Funding Opposition To Twitter Purchase
Vox Popoli: The Fed Can’t Do What It Must, Big Evangelical Must Die, and Checkmate Putin
The Truth About Guns: Nye County Commissioners Evict Anti-Gun Judges From County Building
Gab News: Go And Build – Digital & Physical Sovereignty

American Greatness: The Economic Doom Loop Has Begun
American Thinker: America Is Regressing Into A Tribal Society, also, Salena Zito’s Big Miss About The Pennsylvania Midterms
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Placeholder Totty
Babalu Blog: A Message From Historic Cuban Exiles To The Next Generation
BattleSwarm: Texas Runoff Post
Behind The Black: Pushback – Total Victory For The Federalist Against The NLRB, Finding Ways To Clean ISS & Future Interplanetary Spaceships, and Martian Ridge Sticking Up From A Lava Flood Plain
CDR Salamander: The Coming Burkopalypse, also, Yes, Taiwan Is An Island Worth Dying On
Chicago Boyz: Septoplasty Part 1
Da Tech Guy: Someone Explain This To Me, An Act Of Love In San Francisco, and Note For The Left – Water Doesn’t Come From Taps & Electricity Doesn’t Come From Plugs
Don Surber: To Drain The Swamp, Remove The Water, Media Dumps Hillary Under The Bus, and George Conway – Wife Abuser
First Street Journal: Killadelphia, also, The Field Negro & #BlackLivesMatter
Gates Of Vienna: We Are All Ukrainian Refugees Now!, One People One Reich One Currency, and Purging The Bible Of Homophobia
The Geller Report: Biden Takes WTC Bombing Mastermind’s Group Off Terror List, also, FBI Lied To Its Own Agents About Trump “Collusion”
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, The Needle’s Eye, and Bush Dynasty RIP?
Hollywood In Toto: Gervais Laps Chappelle With Trans Jokes In SuperNature, also, Here’s What (Almost) Saves Jaws – The Revenge
The Lid: School Board Group Wanted Soldiers To Enforce Karl Marx Vision Of Parenting
Legal Insurrection: Students Disrupt TPUSA Meeting At Missouri High School, Gas Hits $6 In California, May Go Higher In Washington State, and Georgia Primary Results – It’s Walker vs. Warnock & Kemp vs. Abrams
Nebraska Energy Observer: The State Of The West, also, In Case
Outkick: Take That, Jimbo!, Have We Seen The End Of The Pro Bowl? and Shakeup Coming For SEC Football Scheduling?
Power Line: Top FBI Brass Were “Fired Up” About Destroying Trump, Brad Smith On Early Voting, and Whoopi Comes For The Archbishop
Shark Tank: Sen. Rubio Claims Google Is Censoring His Emails
Shot In The Dark: Game Day, Cloak Conceals Dagger, and Social Media Etiquette Part 6
The Political Hat: When Your Gender Is A Cake, also, Commonality Training
This Ain’t Hell: PINO Joe’s Incredible Confession
Transterrestrial Musings: Light Posting, also, Lori’s Book
Victory Girls: Lukashenko Gets Nukes – There Goes The Neighborhood, also, Xinjiang Police Hack Reveals Horror Of Uyghur Camps
Volokh Conspiracy: Mothers’ Lawsuits Claiming U. Pittsburgh Medical Center Interfered With Parental Rights Can Go Forward
Watts Up With That: BS In The Sustainability & Transitions Literature – A Provocation
Weasel Zippers: Forensic Investigation Determines Hunter Biden Laptop 100% Authentic, also, Stacey Abrams – “Increased Turnout Has Nothing To Do With Suppression”
The Federalist: Elon Musk Is Right, Biden Celebrates Record High Gas Prices As “Incredible Transition”, and Bill Maher Is Not Your New Conservative BFF
Mark Steyn: Poker-Faced Poet, Easy To Love, and Jabber Jabber Jabber

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Deranged Lunatic Who Loudly Disrupted Public Meeting in Texas Turns Out to Be Fringe Candidate for Governor

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Maybe you’ve heard of this guy, who has a habit of losing elections:

Texas gubernatorial hopeful Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke (D) took the opportunity to inject himself during Governor Greg Abbott’s Wednesday press conference covering the Robb Elementary mass shooting in Uvalde.
Beto appears to wait until the governor’s remarks are complete before he stands in front of the stage to interrupt Lt. Governor Dan Patrick’s presentation. Patrick attempts to shut down the Democratic Party candidate for Governor, saying, “Excuse me, you’re out of line and an embarrassment.”
O’Rourke continued to talk over the Lt. Governor to address Governor Abbott. “You’re doing nothing,” the failed presidential and senatorial candidate said.
Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin was most vocal in trying to shout down the interruption. Texas Senator Ted Cruz can also be heard trying to hush Beto.
“He needs to get his ass out of here,” the Uvalde mayor said regarding the disruptive candidate. “Sir, you’re out of line! Sir, you’re out of line! Please leave this auditorium.”
“I can’t believe… you’re a sick son of a bitch,” the mayor continued, “that would come to an event like this to make political issues.”
Law enforcement officers surrounded O’Rourke and attempted to move him out of the arena. O’Rourke stopped again and attempted to address the governor.
“It’s on you,” O’Rourke said pointing at Abbott. McLaughlin responded, “It’s on assholes like you. Why don’t you get out of here?”
Police finally escorted O’Rourke from the room where he carried out an impromptu press conference.
The twice-failed candidate received the Democratic Party of Texas’ nomination to face off against Governor Abbott in the 2022 General Election in November. He has a long history of contradicting his positions on the 2nd Amendment and gun control.
During a Democratic Party presidential candidate debate in September 2019, O’Rourke responded to a question about his support of gun confiscation. “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47,” the candidate stated. A few days later, he backtracked and told CNN he would not confiscate hunting rifles. When then-CNN show host Chris Cuomo asked O’Rourke, “Are you, in fact, in favor of gun confiscations?” The candidate replied, “Yes” and then added, “But when it comes to firearms used for hunting or self-defense the answer is ‘no.’ And I don’t want you or anyone else to get into the fear mongering, that some have fallen prey to, saying that the government is going to come and take all your guns.”

November is probably going to be one of the worst beatings the Democrats have ever experienced, and O’Rourke — who couldn’t win a statewide race in Texas even in the high-tide year of 2018 — is going to get smashed flatter than an armadillo trying to cross I-10 in rush hour.


Chicago Massacre Suspect Had Felony Record, Told Cops He ‘Had to Do It’

Posted on | May 24, 2022 | 2 Comments

Say hello to Jaylun Sanders, 21, and his alleged accomplice, Kameron Abram, 20. Sanders is charged in the murder of two people in last week’s shooting near a McDonald’s on Chicago’s northside that also left seven other people injured. WFLD-TV reports:

Cook County prosecutors released new information Sunday about charges against Jaylun Sanders, accused of a mass shooting on Chicago’s Near North Side that left two dead and seven wounded, including the claim that Sanders admitted the crime and said he “had to do it.”
Prosecutors said that about a half hour before the shooting on State near Chicago on Thursday, a fight occurred between a group of people including Sanders and another group. This fight was caught on surveillance video and witnessed by a Chicago police sergeant who arrived on scene and heard a gunshot.
The police sergeant said the groups took off, though a witness told the officer that someone had hidden a gun under a mailbox on Peterson Avenue, about a block away. That gun was recovered.
Prosecutors said that surveillance video from about 10:17 p.m. shows someone in a pink hat giving a gun to Sanders, who allegedly puts it in his waistband.
Later surveillance video allegedly shows Sanders and his group walking towards the CTA Red Line, while the group of victims are walking behind. When Sanders got to the CTA stairs, he allegedly turned around and fired 21 shots. Anthony Allen, 31, and Antonio Wade, 30, were killed.
Prosecutors said that Sanders and his friends took off down the escalator into the Red Line station, where Sanders allegedly handed the gun to codefendant Kameron Abram. Abram also gave Sanders his sweatshirt, prosecutors said.
They jumped onto the train tracks to get to the other side, and that’s when Sanders girlfriend was injured as she fell on to the electrified third rail.
Police chased them and captured Sanders and Abram. The gun was found in the CTA tunnel.
Prosecutors said that Sanders gave a statement (recorded on video) in which he first denied being the shooter, but later admitted that he got the Glock from a cousin via Indiana, and that the auto switch can be bought for about $20 on the street.
Sanders allegedly told police that the other group shot first, but then said that he thought they were going to shoot and that he “had to do it.”

More information from CWB Chicago:

A 21-year-old South Shore man who allegedly shot 9 people outside the Chicago Red Line station on Thursday night had a felony gun case pending at the time of the mass shooting, according to court records.
Jaylun Sanders, 21, is the 20th person charged with killing or shooting — or trying to shoot or kill — someone in Chicago this year while awaiting trial for a felony. The alleged crimes involve at least 49 victims, 11 of whom died. . . .
[C]ourt records show Sanders has a pending felony unlawful use of a weapon case that began when police arrested him during a traffic stop on the 1000 block of West 95th Street on November 15, 2020.
Police said they found a loaded 9-millimeter in Sanders’ hoodie pocket during the stop. He told officers he found the gun three days earlier and it was the first day he had carried it in public, prosecutors said at the time.
Judge John Lyke allowed Sanders to go home upon posting of a $200 deposit toward his $2,000 bail, records show.
Sanders stopped showing up for his court dates last October and Judge Adrienne Davis issued a warrant for his arrest on November 29. That warrant was still active at the time of the mass shooting, according to court records.
Prosecutors said during Sanders’ November 2020 bail hearing that he had no “publishable” history. CPD and court records show he was charged with misdemeanor aggravated assault of a teacher or school employee on May 22, 2019. Four days earlier, he was arrested and charged with misdemeanor possession of 30 to 100 grams of cannabis.
Officials dropped both cases the next month.

What’s the point of even arresting criminals, if everything is just a misdemeanor, or charges are dropped, and where a suspect with an arrest warrant has no problem staying out on the streets for six months?


In The Mailbox: 05.23.22

Posted on | May 24, 2022 | No Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Due to my flight schedule, there will probably be no link dump tomorrow, so I’ll probably double up on Wednesday.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: What Happens When Government Mandates Organic Agriculture?
EBL: Biden Solves The Baby Formula Problem! also, Schools Closed In Wisconsin Over Wrong Pronoun Bomb Threat
Twitchy: Whoopi Instructs Archbishop Of San Francisco On His Pastoral Duties, also, Nikole Hannah-Jones Thread “Indistinguishable From Confederate Talking Points”
Louder With Crowder: Monkeypox Was Spread By People Doing What At European Raves?
Vox Popoli: Apex Predators Unleashed, A Failure Of Deterrence, and Truth Social – A Review
Gab News: Your Duty To Wake Up Those Around You


American Conservative: Biden’s Hare-Brained Diplomacy, also, Lost In Dr. Ozland
American Greatness: America Should Bring Back Public Executions, also, Joe Biden & Racial Demagoguery
American Power: The Market Is Melting Down & People Are Feeling It, also, “Stop The Steal” Republicans Now Dominating State Legislatures
American Thinker:  CNN’s Eye Is On The Sparrow, also, A New Kind Of Child Abuse
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Placeholder Totty
Babalu Blog: Miami’s Archbishop Applauds Biden’s Betrayal Of The Cuban People, and Dissident Rapper “El Osorbo” Marks One Year In Prison
BattleSwarm: Red China’s Last Year? also, Houston Exceeds Its Credit Limit
Behind The Black: Pushback – Prof Fired For Having Opinions Wins Legal Victory, also, Boeing Uninterested In Finding Starliner Customers Besides NASA? 
Cafe Hayek: Unprofitable Analysis
CDR Salamander: Larter, Returning – You Never Get The Sea Out Of Your Blood
Chicago Boyz: Just A Question, also, An Interesting Startup
Da Tech Guy: Walmart v. The Navy, also, Two Happy Endings In One Day
Don Surber: The War Putin Is Winning, also, SJW Proves To Be Cannibalistic Again
First Street Journal: Mitt’s Madness, also, San Francisco Examiner’s Editorial Board Appalled That Archbishop Of San Francisco Is Actually Catholic
Gates Of Vienna: Viktor Orban’s Speech At CPAC Budapest, also, Rigged
The Geller Report: Court Orders FBI To Disclose Agents Who Ordered Anti-Trump Spy Op, also, Former Hillary Donor Elon Musk Is “Pissed” His Donations Used For “Lying” 
Hogewash: Messier 57, Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, and Mmmm, Barbecue
Hollywood In Toto: Woke Reporters Struggling To Keep Cancel Culture Alive, also, Is Mission: Impossible The Last Movie Franchise?
The Lid: We Know For Sure That The Media, Democrats & Joe Biden All Lied About Hunter
Legal Insurrection: Princeton University Fires Professor Joshua Katz, also, UW-Madison Sees No Improvement In Campus Climate After Spending Millions On Diversity Programs
Nebraska Energy Observer: Random Observations, also, Geopolitics, or, What Hath Putin Wrought?
Outkick: Bud Grant Says The NFL Needs To Toughen Up, Sage Steele Grateful For Support After Getting Hit By Ball At PGA Championship, and ESPN Lost 8 Million Subscribers Last Year – 10% Of Its Base
Power Line: Can Adults No Longer Consent, Bill Maher Crosses The Line? and Climate Risk & Wall Street Meet Cancel Culture
Shark Tank: Team Rubio – Demings Causing “Pain At The Pump”
Shot In The Dark: Fingerprints, Ravenous, and Sick & Broken
The Political Hat: School Smut Hypocrisy, Las Vegas Edition
This Ain’t Hell: Future Destroyer To Be Named For Telesforo Trinidad, Merrill’s Marauder Receives Congressional Gold Medal, Dies That Night, and Three More Accounted For
Transterrestrial Musings: The Babylon Bee, The Woke CEOs, and Commercial Crew
Victory Girls: State Farm – Creepy Grooming Neighbor Is There, also, Occasional Cortex Really Hates Christians
Volokh Conspiracy: Federal Court Sanctions Mike Lindell For “Frivolous” Legal Claims
Watts Up With That: HSBC Senior Banker Spanked After Dissing The Climate Crisis, also, Australia Has Finally Caught The Net Zero Bus
Weasel Zippers: Biden’s Energy Secretary Snaps When Asked About High Gas Prices, also, Woke Mob Wants To Cancel The Word “Obesity” Because It’s “Racist”
The Federalist: It’s Long Past Time For Congress To Break Up The FBI, also, CNN’s Dana Bash Has a Solution To Child Poverty – Kill The Babies
Mark Steyn: Facebook & Revolution, An Inspector Calls, and Toreador Down

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‘Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!’

Posted on | May 23, 2022 | 2 Comments

John Durham has already won. Regardless of how the Michael Sussman trial ends, the Special Counsel has proven through evidence and testimony that the person responsible for the “Russian collusion” smear against Donald Trump was none other than Hillary Clinton.

The federal jury hearing the case against Sussmann, a lawyer who represented Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, may eventually acquit him. He is charged with lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation by saying he was not acting on behalf of Clinton when he tried to get the Bureau interested in bogus claims that Trump had a secret connection to Russia’s Alfa Bank. This is a very narrow and specific accusation, and the jury could find Sussmann’s defense against that charge credible.

Whatever the trial’s outcome in regard to Sussmann’s guilt or innocence, however, Durham’s prosecution has already shown in court that the claims about Alfa Bank were part of an effort to establish a “narrative” (a word Sussmann himself used) of secret connections between Trump and Russia, and that Hillary herself approved the campaign’s plan to leak this to the media. Of course, the role of the media in promoting the Trump-Russia “narrative” has been exhaustively demonstrated, but now that the damning truth about the whole sordid affair is a matter of sworn testimony in court, suddenly the media have lost interest. Tim Graham of the Media Research Center notes that the Washington Post (which breathlessly hyped the “collusion” fraud) buried its coverage of the Sussmann trial on Page A8, and didn’t mention the most important part — former campaign chairman Robby Mook’s confirmation of Hillary’s direct involvement — until the 25th paragraph of the story. And, as the MRC’s Curtis Houck observes, the evening news programs at ABC, NBC and CBS have completely ignored the Sussmann trial.

Sic semper hoc — when Democrats are involved in scandals, the media seeks to convey the message that it’s not really a scandal at all. If they can’t completely ignore a Democratic scandal, instead they spin the story about how “far right” Republican enemies have “seized” and “pounced” on accusations of Democratic wrongdoing. So here you have a scandal perhaps unique in American history — Democrats manufacturing a phony scandal in an attempt to discredit their opponent, then employing the Justice Department to pursue an “investigation” of this bogus scandal, in order to give it a semblance of reality — and yet the media keep trying pretend that this is not genuinely newsworthy.

When details of this were revealed in a court motion that Durham filed in February, Trump said: “This is a scandal far greater in scope and magnitude than Watergate and those who were involved in and knew about this spying operation should be subject to criminal prosecution.”

Indeed. Michael Sussmann’s role in this scandal was arguably minor. He was one of many foot soldiers in the army of Democratic Party operatives pushing this concocted narrative about secret Russia-Trump connections. Whether or not Sussmann is convicted, there is no longer any doubt about who was really responsible. Her name is Hillary Clinton.

She’s guilty — GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY!

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