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FMJRA 2.0: I Scent The Morning Air

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.400 ball this week; lost 2 of 3 to the Dodgers and split a pair with the Angels. Bah humbug.
On the upside, the third volume of Klaus Schulze’s La vie electronique is just as good as the first two.
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley esse delendam.

.400 ball. It could have been worse.

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Football: Learn the Rules!

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Blocked field goals are a rare enough occurrence in college football that fans can be forgiven for not knowing that, after a kick is blocked, it’s still a live ball. But why didn’t LSU players know this?

You are a college student, on a scholarship to play football. You are assigned to special teams duty. In such a situation, isn’t it your duty to study the rules concerning such things? Apparently not:

Top-ranked Georgia jumped out to a 7-0 lead vs. No. 14 LSU in the SEC championship game on one of the rarest scoring play in college football: a blocked field goal attempt returned for a touchdown.
The touchdown was impressive on two fronts — not only Nazir Stackhouse getting his hands to block Damian Ramos’ 32-yard kick, but also Christopher Smith having the wherewithal to pick up a live ball.
Smith caught LSU’s special teams unawares, and that resulted in an unimpeded 95-yard scoring return:
It seems as if LSU’s field goal team was unaware the ball was still live and that Georgia could return it. The NCAA rulebook allows for “receiving teams” to recover such kicks in specific circumstances.
NCAA Rule 6, Article 5 allows for any team that receives a kick or recovers a blocked kick to keep it in play:

If a player of the receiving team catches or recovers a scrimmage kick, the ball continues in play (Exceptions: Rules 4-1-3-g, 6-3-9, 6-5-1 and 2) (A.R. 8-4-2-V).

CBS rules analyst Gene Steratore also noted on the broadcast that officials can call blocked kicks dead in the event that they come to a complete stop and there are no players in the vicinity to recover it. Video of the play clearly shows the ball did not come to a complete stop while Smith waited for LSU players to clear out.
With that, Georgia jumped out to a quick lead not only for understanding the rules, but also by capitalizing on the fact LSU didn’t.

“Keep playing until you hear the whistle” — that’s how it was explained to us when we were just kids in youth-league football. Maybe they don’t explain it that clearly in Louisiana, I don’t know.

At any rate, Georgia remains undefeated after beating LSU 50-30. They’re locked in as No. 1 in the four-team National Championship playoffs, with Michigan as No.2. As for the other two teams, well, it’s a muddle, mainly because previously undefeated Texas Christian University lost the Big 12 championship game to Kansas State:

The Horned Frogs, ranked third, lost the Big 12 title game in overtime to Kansas State, 31-28, the first blemish on a résumé filled with harrowing comebacks and scant marquee victories. Their defeat follows one by No. 4 Southern California, which was shellacked by Utah in the Pac-12 title game on Friday night.
This leaves the College Football Playoff selection committee with an unappetizing conundrum in filling out the four-team playoff behind Georgia and Michigan: Who is the least undeserving?
Consider the choices: Ohio State (11-1), which was blown out at home by Michigan in its final game; and Alabama (10-2), which lost to Tennessee and Louisiana State, and whose best win was a squeaker against Texas — which was also beaten by Kansas State. It is almost a certainty that half the playoff field will be populated by teams that did not win their conferences.

My hunch — and it’s just a hunch — is that Ohio State and TCU will make it anyway, and Alabama will be left out because everybody’s tired of there always being two SEC teams in the playoffs.


#TWITTERGATE: Elon Musk Exposes Twitter’s 2020 Election Interference

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One of the things Elon Musk bought for $44 billion was proprietary rights to Twitter’s internal communications and — whoo, doggies!what a treasure trove it proves to be:

Elon Musk’s Twitter released internal discussions about censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story Friday night via journalist Matt Taibbi.
The documents reveal widespread internal and external concern at the suppression of the story, a decision made without CEO Jack Dorsey’s knowledge and spearheaded by Vijaya Gadde, then the head of Trust & Safety — Twitter’s top censor. . . .
The documents, mostly internal communications from Twitter and emails with external parties, showed widespread unease with the decision and concerns about how it could be explained to lawmakers and the public. . . .

• Trust & Safety chief Vijaya Gadde, long believed to be the driving force of censorship at the company, spearheaded the decision.
• Numerous top Twitter employees, especially from the communications and policy teams — whose job is to maintain relations with lawmakers and the press — expressed concern at the decision.
• Immediate warnings from Twitter’s Washington D.C. contacts followed, including an email from Democrat representative Ro Khanna (D-CA) who warned the decision had generated “huge backlash” on capitol hill, and expressed concerns about Twitter undermining the freedom to publish.

Aside from Rep. Khanna’s communications, which imagined a future in which newspapers would be unable to publish hacked evidence of war crimes, other Democrats reportedly complained that Twitter had not gone far enough in its censorship of the press.

Ace of Spades was critical of the narrative about what is being call Twittergate, and I’ll get to his criticism momentarily, but first I want to make a couple of points of my own. In the long Twitter thread where Matt Taibbi told this story, two messages struck me as “smoking guns”:

On the first point, you see the “PRIVILEGED AND CONFIDENTIAL” message that “our teams continue to investigate the origins of the materials included in the reporting” — raising the question: “Why?”

The article by the New York Post — the one that Twitter was suppressing — explained exactly how they had obtained the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which had been abandoned at a Delaware computer repair shop. This clearly was not “hacking,” so why the need to “investigate”? What would have led anyone at Twitter to suspect hacking at all? It’s a nonsensical excuse, but is partially explained by the second point: The casual mention that The “existing policy framework” (i.e., the Hacked Materials Policy) originated as a response to “the 2016 election” (i.e., Team Hillary whining that they were victims of “Russian collusion” hackers). So you see that the claim that the Hunter Biden laptop story was the result of “hacking” was directly connected to Hillary Clinton’s claims about her emails being “hacked” in 2016. And, of course, you had Deep State “sources” telling the media that Hunter Biden’s laptop was part of a “Russian disinformation” operation. So this paranoid conspiracy theory — “Russia! Russia! Russia!” — became the basis of censorship.

Which brings us to Point Three:

OH EM EFFING GEE! James Baker, an ex-FBI lawyer who was disgraced for his role in the “Russian collusion” hoax, was directly involved in the decision to censor the New York Post story! And notice, also, that Baker seems to be the guy whose messages routinely contain the “PRIVILEGED AND CONFIDENTIAL” header, indicating that he was also the source of the message about “our team” investigating the Hunter Biden laptop story under the Hacked Materials Policy.

So here is the meat of Ace’s rant:

“Mistakes were made.” “Protocols let us down.”
The FBI, which already had the laptop and knew it was real and likely to leak, already told Twitter to expect Russian hack and “dumps,” to prepare them to take just this action. They didn’t have to specifically tell them to suppress the laptop — they’d already prepared the battlespace.
This is bullshit. I’m disgusted and done.

>>>Ace: your take is the blame is being placed on Twitter and not the police state apparatus?

Yes, the FBI is being excused, and it’s being claimed that there was just a breakdown at Twitter, rather than deliberate suppression.
James Baker, General Counsel at twitter, is a former FBI lawyer who himself was disgraced for his role in Russiagate!
He lied about the FISA warrant and helped cover up the fraud perpetrated on the court.
And here he is at Twitter advising them to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story!
Nothing to see here, folks!

Yes, this is what’s revealed, but how is “the FBI being excused” by this revelation? I think Matt Taibbi (and Elon Musk) trust readers to add 2+2 and arrive at the sum of four, which is in fact what both Ace and I have done with these messages. What Musk wanted to show — the purpose of this historic act of transparency — was the inner workings of the decision-making process at Twitter in 2020, and the role of James Baker is very telling. But the fact that Taibbi didn’t editorialize about this aspect of the story in his Twitter thread does not mean that Taibbi (and Musk) are engaged in a “mistakes were made” whitewash. There will be a lot of follow-up and fallout from #Twittergate, I’m sure, and eventually the new GOP House majority will have committee hearings on this sordid mess.

My good friend John Hoge had some thoughts as Taibbi unspooled his tweetstream last night, and I’m sure we’ll discuss this at length tonight at 7 p.m. ET on The Other Podcast.


In The Mailbox: 12.02.22

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Usual weekend deadlines for the usual weekend posts.
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley esse delendam.
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It’s Only Confederate Flags, They Said

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Statue of John Witherspoon at Princeton University

The destructive mobs of organized ignorance (which is to say, the Left) began their crusade by playing upon the anti-Southern prejudices of Yankees. Nearly 30 years ago, one scholar who had followed this “controversy” from the outset explained its origin to me very simply: By the early 1990s, the NAACP was nearly bankrupt, not merely due to mismanagement, but because of the general public opinion that the organization had outlived its purpose. The money had ceased to roll in, and the NAACP was in need of something to help with its fundraising. The public display of the Confederate flag was seized upon as a focus because, the scholar explained, it had a magical effect upon rich Jewish women in certain posh neighborhoods of Manhattan. They wouldn’t lift a finger to help any local blacks — at the time, the Jew-hating clown Al Sharpton had made himself the primary public spokesman for New York’s black population — but the idea of black people being oppressed in the South, oh, they couldn’t write those donation checks fast enough!

Such is the true story of why the crusade to tear down Confederate symbols got started in the early 1990s, more than a quarter-century after the triumph of the civil rights movement, at a time when black people in the South were certainly less oppressed than they’d ever been before. All the allegedly well-meaning people who supported that crusade were fools at best, and perhaps not really as well-meaning as they claimed. But the argument that Southerners should accept this insulting revisionism without protest was always couched with assurances that the demand to take down the Confederate flag was the only concession required to placate the “activists.” In quite the same manner, Chamberlain argued it wouldn’t hurt to let Hitler have the Sudetenland: “Peace for our time!”

We have long since passed the point where any intelligent person expects this radical iconoclasm to end at some logical stopping point. The summer of “mostly peaceful” riots in 2020 saw assaults upon monuments to people who never had anything to do with the Confederacy, except perhaps to oppose it. The very fact that there was a public statue honoring a dead white man seemed to signify in the minds of the leftist mobs that the person so honored must be a RAAAAACIST and therefore the statue was vandalized. And now, in seeking targets for their outrage, the mob has come for an 18th-century Presbyterian:

A Princeton University committee is slated to consider the removal of a prominent statue of Founding Father John Witherspoon in the center of their campus as a result of a petition demanding its removal.
Witherspoon was a member of the second Continental Congress, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and was Princeton’s sixth president.
But he owned two slaves on his farm in New Jersey and voted against a plan for abolition in the state, according to historical records.
A petition, started by three graduate students in the Philosophy Department, states that the “prominent place on campus of the John Witherspoon statue is inappropriate” and calls on the university to “remove it from its pedestal in Firestone Plaza.”
The petition asks that officials replace the statue with an informational plaque that reflects both the “positive and negative aspects of Witherspoon’s legacy.”
The petition adds that the statue, as it stands, pays honor to Witherspoon in a way that ignores his participation in and support for American slavery.
“In such a hub of University life, where people eat, study, socialize, and commute on a daily basis, should students, staff, and faculty not be free from the elevated gaze of someone who held beliefs, and engaged in and defended practices, which we all find so repulsive,” the petition asked.
“Particularly for community members descended from enslaved peoples, the homage the statue does to Witherspoon can be a jarring experience.”

The puerile shallowness of this attack on Witherspoon’s reputation is breathtaking. Born in Scotland in 1723, Witherspoon received his master’s degree from University of Edinburgh at age 16. A staunch Protestant, he was briefly imprisoned during the Catholic-led Jacobite rebellion of 1745. Subsequently gaining prominence as a minister and theologian in Scotland’s Presbyterian church, in 1768 Witherspoon was recruited by American admirers to become president of a certain struggling Presbyterian college in New Jersey. His tenure at what would eventually become known as Princeton University was so successful that perhaps no major institution of learning in the world owes so much to the work of one man. If you’re going to dishonor Witherspoon, you might as well blow up Princeton while you’re at it. (And considering the wretched quality of the “argument” put forth in the student petition, blasting Princeton to smithereens probably wouldn’t be much of a loss.)

The enemies of Witherspoon are anti-American — opponents of our constitutional system of limited government, which directly reflects his influence. Among his students was a certain young Virginian who took away from Witherspoon’s lectures a strong impression of the need for checks and balances in government to restrain tyrannical ambition. But if James Madison was foremost among Witherspoon’s students, certainly he was not alone in achieving prominence:

From among his students came 37 judges (three of whom became justices of the U.S. Supreme Court); 10 Cabinet officers; 12 members of the Continental Congress, 28 U.S. Senators, and 49 U.S. Congressmen.

Did I mention that Witherspoon signed the Declaration of Independence as a delegate from New Jersey? Kind of important, I think.

All of this is to be cast aside, of course, because Witherspoon is a dead white man, and all dead white men are RAAAAACISTS!

It’s almost as if all this is not really about anything else except hating white people. But you can’t point that out, because pointing it will be cited as proof that you are guilty of RAAAAACISM!

Nobody would listen to us Southerners when we tried to warn y’all where this trend was heading, way back in the 1990s. Being vindicated ought to feel good, but it’s a bitter sort of satisfaction, in such circumstances.


In The Mailbox: 12.01.22

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#TNF: Do or Die for @Patriots Tonight

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Tonight at 7:15 ET on Amazon Prime, the New England Patriots host the Buffalo Bills in an AFC East matchup that will in all probability decide whether the Patriots are a playoff team this year. Less than two weeks ago, after New England beat the New York Jets 10-3 on a last-second punt return by Marcus Jones, the Patriots were 6-4 and looked like a solid bet to make the playoffs. But on Thanksgiving, facing the Minneapolis Vikings — one of the strongest teams in the NFC — New England’s vaunted defense just couldn’t get the job done. Although QB Mac Jones had the best game of his NFL career (28-for-39 passing for 382 yards and two TDs), it wasn’t enough, and the Patriots lost 33-26, dropping their record to 6-5, last place in the AFC East.

This is one of the toughest divisions in the entire league. The Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills are both 8-3, with the Dolphins in first place by virtue of their better division record. The Jets, whom the Patriots have beaten twice, are in third place at 7-4. Even if New England wins tonight, they’ll still be in last place in the division, but they’ll be back in the thick of the competition for a wild card playoff spot, whereas if they lose . . . Well, God forbid they should lose. It’s an absolute must-win for the Patriots, and the pressure will be on Mac Jones to deliver another career-high game, while the New England defense will be tested against Bills QB Josh Allen, who is one of the top three quarterbacks in the NFL, along with Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs and Jalen Hurts of the Eagles.

Gonna be a tough game in primetime tonight, but you know what? I’m happy. Even if the Patriots lose, it’s been a good day. Because CNN fired Chris Cillizza. Now, let’s go beat Buffalo . . .


In The Mailbox: 11.30.22

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The only Equal Opportunity program endorsed by this blog.

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Babalu Blog: Cuban American Yankees pitcher Nestor Cortes to play for Team USA in World Baseball Classic, The only regime in Latin American history that murders those who try to escape it, and We remember Hall of Famer Orestes Miñoso
BattleSwarm: Hiroshi Miyamura, RIP
Behind The Black: Red China launches milsats using Long March 2D, Red China completes construction of world’s largest solar radio telescope array, NASA awards construction company $57 million development contract for lunar construction, and Musk’s success vs Trump’s failure
Cafe Hayek: There Is On Earth No ‘Natural Carrying Capacity’ for Humans, also, To Have A Comparative Advantage At Supplying X Is Necessarily to Have A Comparative Disadvantage At Supplying Y
CDR Salamander: Keeping an Eye on the Long Game: Part XCV
Chicago Boyz: The Fear of Elon Musk
Da Tech Guy:  God, Mammon, & Apple
Don Surber:  McCarthy couldn’t lead flies to a pile of manure, also, CNN: Merry Christmas. You’re laid off!
First Street Journal:  Let ’em loose Larry Krasner doesn’t like it when police officers aren’t in jail, also, For Jennifer Rubin, black lives really don’t matter
Gates Of Vienna: “Completely Ignoring Science and Medicine”, also, “You Will See That Russia Can’t Lose”
The Geller Report: Elon Musk Releases Twitter Transparency Reports Detailing Account Bans and Speech Suppression, CDC Withheld Data on Fatal Reaction to COVID Vaccine From Post-Vax Surveys for Nearly Two Years, and EU Threatens Musk With Twitter Ban
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, RCW 36, and Learn to Weld
Hollywood In Toto:  Chrissie Mayr Mulls YouTube Lawsuit Over Content Strike, Violent Night Delivers on Its Blood-Splattered Premise, and Adam Yenser Sees Signs of Cancel Culture’s Retreat
The Lid: How Biden Froze The Abraham Accords
Legal Insurrection: Black Community Activists Support Legal Insurrection’s Challenge To Providence School’s Anti-White Hiring Incentives, House Republicans Target Pentagon Funding Over Its ‘Woke’ Policies, Political Priorities, House Democrats Choose Election Denier Hakeem Jeffries to be Minority Leader, and Biden Slammed by Railroad Union Members for Asking Congress to Prevent Strike
Nebraska Energy Observer: Thanksgiving Weekend
Outkick: Ciara Throws Russell Wilson A Birthday Party, Only Half Of The Broncos Reportedly Show Up, Powerful Video Shows Antonee Robinson Cry Tears Of Joy Inside USMNT Locker Room After Win Over Iran, An FBS College Football Team Is Reportedly Hiring Trent Dilfer, USWNT Receives Historic Payday Thanks To USMNT Win Over Iran, and Donna D’Errico Gift Wrapped In Holiday Lingerie
Power Line: Europe’s Downward Energy Spiral, Sam Brinton: What “they” said, and The Daily Chart: The Musk Effect
Shark Tank: GOP Senators Demand Vote On Ending Military Jab Mandate
Shot In The Dark: A Tale Of Two Stories From The MSP Baggage Claim, Bogarted, Let Them Eat Lima Beans, and If At First You Don’t Gut The Fifth Amendment, Try, Try Again
The Political Hat: Modern Education Part III: Wokeness That Needs To Be Deprogrammed
This Ain’t Hell: DOE Nuke Waste Disposal chief in trouble, The Russian Army is preparing defensive positions on their side of Kherson Oblast, Marine veteran chugs beer straight from her prosthetic leg, Jeremy Dewitte arrested for probation violation, and Hiroshi Miyamura, MoH recipient, dies at 97
Transterrestrial Musings: Felony Murders, The Question That Fools Don’t Ask, The Sound Of Only Eleven Raptors, The Decline Of Higher Education, and Christine McVie
Victory Girls: Portland: Not All Shoplifters Booked Into Jail
Volokh Conspiracy: Russian Dissenters Fleeing Putin Often Face Abusive Immigration Detention Upon Arrival in the US, also, Israel’s Dangerous Government
Watts Up With That: Don’t Be So Sure That The Climate Extremists Have “Won”
Weasel Zippers: Don Lemon Claims CNN Was Never Liberal, Elon Musk: If Free Speech Is Lost, “Tyranny Is All That Lies Ahead”, GOP Sen. John Kennedy: Biden’s Energy Policy Looks Like Roadkill The Dog Dragged In, and Biden: “It’s Wrong” For States To Ban Castration & Mutilation Of Kids
The Federalist: Google Gives Millions To Boost Leftist Disinformation Peddlers Of Legacy Media, How The FDA’s Abortion Pill Mill Enables Domestic Abusers, GOP Senators To McConnell: Don’t Pass Democrats’ Spending Spree Before New Congress Has A Chance To Say No, The Balenciagas Of An Anti-Christian World ‘Condemn’ Child Abuse While Castrating, Traumatizing, And Exploiting Kids, and 13 GOP Senators Demand The Senate Bar Military Brass From Firing Service Members Over Covid Jab
Mark Steyn: So What?

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