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Breaking News: Heisman Trophy Winner Once Used ‘Queers’ as a Slur on Twitter

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It is being treated as a major scandal — nationwide headline news — that when Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray was 15, he used “an anti-gay slur” on Twitter. These “homophobic tweets,” to use USA Today‘s description, were not aimed at actual homosexuals, so far as we know. Instead, these were Murray’s jocular responses to his friends, the sort of juvenile stuff one expects of any 15-year-old.

“Listen to me you queer, stop calling me a crypto-Nazi or I’ll sock you in the g–d–n face and you’ll stay plastered.”
William F. Buckley Jr. to Gore Vidal, 1968

If “queer” was acceptable to Bill Buckley, why should we condemn the Heisman Trophy winner for using it? Also, if “queer” is such a terrible word, what about this usage?

The LGBTQ+ Community Lounge, located on the first floor of the Oklahoma Memorial Union, is a place where people of all identities within the LGBTQ+ community can gather and connect with one another in an accepting environment. The lounge was opened in the fall of 2015 in response to calls from student groups such as Queer Inclusion on Campus (QuIC) who expressed a need for a space specifically set aside for the LGBTQ+ community. Featuring comfortable furniture, a large flat screen television, and plenty of table space to study, the lounge is a great place to meet other LGBTQ+ students at OU.

Oklahoma University has a “Queer Inclusion on Campus” student group, so why is everyone having a conniption that the Sooners’ quarterback used the word “queer” six years ago? Isn’t it because the way Murray used the word might be taken as evidence that he disapproves of homosexuality, and that such disapproval is now considered unacceptable? In other words, this is about Thought Control, enforcing a totalitarian conformity of opinion. Gay supremacy, so to speak.

Obviously, as a ’Bama fan, I thought Tua Tagovailoa deserved the Heisman, but he was gracious about the vote.


Two Former Obama Aides Are Certain Mueller Can Prove Russian ‘Collusion’

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Max Bergmann worked in the State Department and Sam Berger worked in the White House during the Obama administration, and both of them are now on the payroll of the George Soros-funded/John Podesta-founded Center for American Progress. They lay out out a five-point argument that special counsel Robert Mueller has all the evidence he needs to prove Trump colluded with Russia. Rather than summarize their argument, I’ll just remind you that all these people are so smart that they were certain Hillary Clinton would be elected president.


Police: Former Miss Kentucky Admitted Sending Nude Photos to 15-Year-Old Boy

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Generation YOLO strikes again:

A former Miss Kentucky has been charged with sending nude pictures to a 15-year-old boy.
Married beauty queen Ramsey Bearse, 28, was arrested on Friday and charged with four felony counts of distributing or displaying obscene matter to a minor.
Bearse is now an eighth grade teacher at Andrew Jackson Middle School in Cross Lanes in West Virginia and was arrested after her nude pictures were found on a 15-year-old former student’s phone.
The lewd pictures were discovered by the student’s mother and flagged to authorities on Wednesday December 5. His parents say Bearse was the boy’s teacher while he attended the school from sixth to eighth grade. . . .
Officers arrested Bearse and say she admitted to sending the photos via Snapchat, according to WDRB.
Officials say she confessed to sending photos of her naked breasts to the teenager from August 2018 to October 2018, according to Heavy. They both live in Kanawha County. . . .
Bearse was crowned Miss Kentucky in 2014 under her maiden name Carpenter.
From there she competed for the Miss America title in 2015 where she went on to finish in the top 12. In the competition, her talent was playing the fiddle.
Bearse had always wanted to be an elementary school teacher, according to her old interviews. She once told reporters she had to put her dream teaching career on hold in order to compete for the Miss Kentucky crown.
She has since deleted all of her social media following her arrest.
She married Charles ‘Chas’ Bearse in July 2016, according to their The Knot page.
His family are involved in Massey Energy, a coal mining company in West Virginia, according to Heavy.
He too has deleted some of his social media.


How the mighty have fallen! What was she thinking? And who was this boy on whom Mrs. Bearse was apparently fixated? Compare her case to the Air Force lieutenant colonel who got caught in a sex “sting” trying to meet a 14-year-old girl:

Newson allegedly tried to meet the teenager he met on a dating app, previously reported. However, the teen was an undercover officer for the FBI Metro Atlanta Child Exploitation Task Force.
He was arrested at the Radisson at 1775 Parkway Place in Marietta on Tuesday night. An arrest warrant obtained by Channel 2 Action News said the undercover officer “gave Newson the opportunity to stop communicating several times.”

The Internet has made it easier for people to ruin their lives.


FMJRA 2.0: Jungle Love

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Can there be any doubt that Noa Wollstein didn’t get enough exposure to Morris Day and Prince in her teenage years? Play that funky music!

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Princeton Feminist Noa Wollstein Hates Men and ‘Heteronormative’ Kissing

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Princeton University sophomore Noa Wollstein.

Male students at Princeton University must be warned to avoid sophomore Noa Wollstein, a feminist who hates all men.

Last month, Ms. Wollstein wrote a column in the student newspaper denouncing Princeton’s a cappella singing group the Tigertones for performing the song “Kiss the Girl” from Disney’s The Little Mermaid — an ode to heteronormative toxic masculinity:

Even when gently crooned by an animated crab, the song “Kiss The Girl,” from the Disney hit “The Little Mermaid,” is more misogynistic and dismissive of consent than cute. By performing the song multiple times each semester, the Tigertones elevate it to an offensive and violating ritual. . . .
Lyrics such as, “It’s possible she wants you too/There’s one way to ask her/It don’t take a word, not a single word/Go on and kiss the girl, kiss the girl,” and “she won’t say a word/Until you kiss that girl,” unambiguously encourage men to make physical advances on women without obtaining their clear consent.
The song launches a heteronormative attack on women’s right to oppose the romantic and sexual liberties taken by men, further inundating the listener with themes of toxic masculinity. In trying to motivate Eric to kiss Ariel, the crab, Sebastian, makes use of lines such as, “Looks like the boy’s too shy,” “Don’t be scared,” and “It’s such a shame, too bad/You’re gonna miss the girl.”
Such expressions imply that not using aggressive physical action to secure Ariel’s sexual submission makes Eric weak — an irrefutable scaredy-cat. Applied outside of the realm of the movie, these statements suggest that masculinity is contingent on domination of women. This attitude can catalyze violent tendencies toward, and assault against, women.

It should be obvious that Ms. Wollstein would never want to be kissed by a man — this is “aggressive physical action” inspired by “toxic masculinity” — and she succeeded in getting the Tigertones to remove the song from their repertoire. Ms. Wollstein’s anti-heterosexual rage blinded her to the context of the scene in The Little Mermaid, “that Ariel puckered up and consistently gave clear body language signals,” as Fausta Wertz writes, lamenting “the sad barren emotional lives of the young SJW generation.” But this is the raison d’être of feminism, to destroy every source of happiness in human society. It should go without saying that any male who so much as speaks to Noa Wollstein risks an accusation of “harassment,” and that any man who attempted to kiss her would be accused of sexual assault. This is why Ms. Wollstein’s parents are paying $62,750 a year (including room and board) to send her to Princeton, so that she can vent her anti-heterosexual hostility and prevent the performance of Disney songs on campus.

(Hat-tip: Instapundit.)

UPDATE: Welcome, Instapundit readers!


Soros Bankrolled Anti-Israel Democrat Candidate With $225,000 Fellowship

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The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Congresswoman-elect Rashida Tlaib (D., Mich.) did not disclose the name of the source of funds for a fellowship that was paid by liberal billionaire George Soros — as required by the House ethics committee — and also disclosed a lesser amount than she received, according to a review of tax and financial disclosure forms.
The Washington Free Beacon obtained the most recent copies of tax forms for a number of Soros’s organizations, including the Open Society Institute, the legal name for the Open Society Foundations, the entity in which Soros pushes millions in funding to a number of liberal causes and organizations.
An expenditure of $85,307 to Rashida Tlaib in Detroit, Mich., from 2017 is shown on page 97 of the 321-page report to “to increase involvement of disenfranchised urban communities of color with their local governance process by creating a community benefits strategy for equitable development and creating a leadership training for impacted residents focused on negotiation skills and identifying leverage at the local level.”
Tlaib did not report any income in the amount of $85,307 on financial disclosure forms submitted as she was running for office, which identified the names of the sources that provided her income in three of four cases. Tlaib received compensation from the Maurice & Jane Sugar Law Center, Wayne State University, and Metro Solutions, the forms show.
However, the fourth reported source of earned income is marked as a “Leadership in Government Fellowship,” but does not identify who provided the payment.
A press release from 2016 shows that Tlaib was chosen for a “leadership in government” fellowship by Soros’s Open Society Foundations along with seven other individuals. . . .
Tlaib was paid $139,873 by Soros’s group in 2016, tax forms show. Between 2016 and 2017, Tlaib received a total of $225,180.

Tlaib is “a Palestinian-American who calls for a one-state solution that would spell the end of Israel as a Jewish state, and for gutting US military aid to Israel.” That this pro-Hamas politician was bankrolled by Soros raises a question: “It’s weird that George Soros funds antisemitism and then cries ‘Antisemitism!’ when he’s criticized.”


‘White Supremacy’: The Liberal Media’s Racial Narrative vs. Common Sense

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One of the dishonest rhetorical tricks that liberals have recently played is to substitute “white supremacy” for “racism” as an accusation with which to smear conservatives. You might imagine we were living through a neo-Nazi revival, the way liberals keep finding “white supremacy” lurking everywhere. The use of this scary term, which conjures up images of goose-stepping Nazis and cross-burning Klansmen, became necessary after groups like the SPLC discovered that merely calling someone a “racist” had become ineffective. Liberals have so overused “racist” as to deprive it of any meaning other than “a white person I don’t like.” If you spend much time analyzing political rhetoric, you realize why liberals developed this habit of name-calling. Because they advocate policies that won’t work or which taxpayers can’t afford (the U.S. government is already $20 trillion in debt), liberals must engage in deception to gain support. Identity politics is once such deception: Claim that a policy will benefit a particular group that is disadvantaged or oppressed, and then accuse opponents of the policy of “hate” against the group.

Consider the way law enforcement was demonized by the “Black Lives Matter” movement. The disproportionate prevalence of crime in the black community means that, if police are doing their job, they will arrest a disproportionate number of black criminals. An analysis of crime statistics reveals that black males, who are less than 7% of the U.S. population, commit about half the violent crime in the country.

Most of this is black-on-black crime, so if you want to protect the safety of law-abiding black people, especially women and children, this will involve arresting and prosecuting a lot of black male criminals. Quod erat demonstrandum. Accusing the police of “racism” simply for doing their job is easy. Just wait for an “incident” to happen:

By depicting criminals like Michael Brown as innocent victims of racist police, activists sought to exploit widespread public ignorance about the reality of crime and law enforcement in America. Heather Mac Donald exposed this reality in her book The War on Cops, pointing out that a police officer is 18.5 times more likely to be killed by black man than the other way around (see “Putting Homicide in Perspective vs. the Media’s ‘Atrocity Narrative’ Propaganda,” Oct. 3, 2017). 

All that was necessary to discredit “Black Lives Matter” was to cite these facts, but CNN and other liberal media outlets were devoted to stoking anti-white rage in the black community, since such sentiments tend to benefit the Democrat Party. And if you point this out — the partisan aspect of racial politics in American — guess what they’ll call you? Yep, you’re a “white supremacist”! Because Democrats claim to care deeply about black people, any criticism of Democrats is condemned as “white supremacy,” and every time Republicans win an election, “racism” is always blamed. Because intelligent people cannot be forever deceived by political propaganda, however, liberal bias actually contributes to white resentment, as they perceive the racial favoritism involved every time the media mourns a slain criminal suspect as an “honor student”:

SWISSVALE, Pa. — Hundreds gathered in a school auditorium [June 25] to pay respects to Antwon Rose, the unarmed 17-year-old high school student who was killed by a police officer last week.
Rose, a rising senior and honor student, was shot three times after fleeing a vehicle during a traffic stop and running away from officers. . . .
Mary Brookins, a substitute teacher at the school, said she is hurt and confused by Rose’s death and said the teen was always respectful to her.
“I have sons and it could have been my son,” Brookins told NBC News. “I can always remember that smile he had.”
“No one has a harsh thing to say about him because there is nothing harsh to say,” added Lillian McClain, who grew up with Rose’s family.


CNN actually broadcast Antwon Rose’s funeral live, which is remarkable. In a nation where there are more than 15,000 murders annually, how many murders does CNN cover, as crimes of national significance? So far this year, 474 people have been shot to death in Chicago. How many of those funerals did CNN cover? But never mind that. What about the “honor student” Antwon Rose? Why was he “fleeing a vehicle during a traffic stop”?

A teenage boy has been charged in last week’s drive-by shooting in North Braddock — an incident that happened minutes before Antwon Rose was fatally shot by police.
Zaijuan Hester, 17, of Swissvale, was arrested in the Hill District around 11:30 p.m. Monday for cutting off his ankle bracelet in a prior case, authorities said.
Charges against Hester for the June 19 drive-by were filed Wednesday morning. A criminal complaint shows that he is charged with felony counts of aggravated assault, attempted homicide, receiving stolen property and a firearms violation. . . .
Minutes after the drive-by shooting, a car matching the vehicle’s description was stopped by East Pittsburgh police.
Rose, 17, was shot by Officer Michael Rosfeld as he and a second passenger, later identified as Hester, ran from the car.
Rosfeld was charged with criminal homicide Wednesday.

The drive-by was caught on surveillance video:

The video showed the rear passenger window rolled down before a handgun emerged and fired .40 caliber bullets. Casings from those bullets at the scene of the shooting were later positively identified as having come from a .40 caliber Glock found under the back portion of the Chevy’s passenger’s seat.
Detectives said that the person in the front passenger seat, where Rose had been sitting, did not fire any of the shots, the complaint said. . . .
[Allegheny County Police Superintendent Coleman] McDonough said Rose was unarmed but that two semi-automatic handguns were found on the floor of the vehicle.

So the “honor student” was riding along with his buddy Zaijuan Hester, gunning for somebody in a drive-by and, while Antwon Rose didn’t fire any shots, there were two guns in the car. The officer who shot Antwon Rose has been charged with murder, and clearly violated proper procedures, but where is the “racism” here? If you participate in a drive-by shooting, get caught by police and take off running, what do you expect to happen? But common sense is now “racist,” I suppose, and those who watched CNN’s coverage of the Antwon Rose case were not informed that the “honor student” was an accomplice in a drive-by shooting, because that doesn’t fit the narrative.

What is the effect of the media’s racial credibility gap? If intelligent people see that CNN is deliberately distorting the news, and that these distortions involve a racial bias, isn’t it likely that this will foster resentment toward the beneficiaries of the liberal media’s bias? That is to say, rather than blaming the media, some white people will blame black people, so that media bias has the perverse effect of inciting attitudes that might be called “white supremacy.” Having thus fostered racial division because of their biased coverage, the media will then cover the phenomenon of “white supremacy” as if this was something that developed spontaneously, and in which they were not complicit.

If you don’t want armed teenage hoodlums creating havoc in your community, you’re a white supremacist, according to CNN. And what’s worse, you might even vote Republican.


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