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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Best Headline Ever?

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Sure, it’s The Babylon Bee, but is it really satire? Because ever since Donald Trump beat stole the election from Hillary Clinton in 2016, it does seem as if Democrats want to criminalize opposition. Yet they appear to be oblivious to the irony of protecting “Our Democracy” by outlawing dissent. Protesting against Democrats is an “insurrection,” and they will have the FBI shut down your social media account to prevent you from criticizing their agenda. With Merrick Garland as Attorney General, the FBI is using undercover agents to infiltrate the defense team of accused “insurrection” defendants. So not only will you get arrested if you protest against Democrats, but agents of the Department of Justice will violate your right to a fair trial, to make sure that Joe Biden’s enemies go to federal prison. That’s what Our Democracy means, right?

While prosecuting dissenters and systematically depriving them of due process, the Democrats in charge of the Department of Justice apparently can’t be bothered to do anything about President Biden’s family members collecting illegal bribes from agents of the Chinese Communist Party.

Reality has become so weird, it’s impossible to parody.



Violence Against Women Update: Some Cases Are Just So … Unpredictable

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Say hello to 40-year-old Robert Castillo, a Minnesota resident who we might guess, based on the prominent tattoo on his neck, is a member of the notorious Latin Kings gang. You might be surprised (but probably not) to learn that in 2001, “Castillo was charged with first-degree assault for stabbing a 22-year-old man in his back, head and neck in Vadnais Heights. Castillo accused the man of telling his girlfriend he’d brought another woman to their apartment complex, according to a criminal complaint.” Gosh, whoever could have guessed that such a fine-looking fellow as Robert Castillo might have a criminal record?

As you recover from your sense of astonishment, brace yourself for the revelation that Castillo’s sister told police that he “had a thing about carrying a knife all the time to protect himself.” You may ask, protect himself from whom? Well, it turns out the police were looking for Castillo — I’m sure this is shocking news to you — because “he had an active Department of Corrections warrant for alleged violations of conditions of his release.” This had nothing to do with the 2001 stabbing incident, however, but rather because he had “received a 10-year sentence” for a 2014 incident in which he assaulted a woman with a hammer.

So let’s add up the clues here:

  1. 2001 stabbing a man;
  2. 2014 attacking a woman with a hammer;
  3. Warrant for his arrest on probation violation;
  4. Carried a knife all the time “to protect himself”
  5. Latin Kings tattoo on his neck.

Keep your heart medication handy, folks, because you might go into cardiac arrest when I tell you that Robert Castillo had been arrested again, and is this time charged with murder after he stabbed his girlfriend 20 times during a Bible study at his sister’s home:

Castillo’s sister, who lives at the residence, told police they host Bible study at the home every Tuesday night and Woodhull and Castillo came over for it. They “were acting normally” and Castillo held Woodhull’s hand and kissed her, the complaint said.
They’d been at the home for about 90 minutes before the stabbing and Castillo’s brother also said he hadn’t seen “signs of hostility.” When he returned from the bathroom, he saw Castillo standing over Woodhull with a knife in his hand.
Castillo’s sister said she saw Castillo stab Woodhull with a hunting knife with a 6-inch blade. . . .
While police were taking Castillo to jail Tuesday, he asked an officer, “Is she going to be OK?,” according to the complaint. . . .
When police told Castillo that Woodhull died, he said, “No, she didn’t,” and shook his head in disbelief.

We’re all shaking our heads in disbelief. Who could have predicted that this guy was capable of stabbing a woman to death?

Feminists, who love to lecture us about “violence against women,” have said nothing about this case, for some reason.



In The Mailbox: 03.22.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Earned myself a week in Twitmo for calling Governor Hairgel a demented cretin. I need to be spending less time in that sewer anyway.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

Not even your waifus are safe from this perv.

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The COVID-19 Fetish Community

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John Hoge blogged about the person pictured above with the headline “I’m Not Making This Up, You Know,” and yet at first, I didn’t believe it. Surely, I thought, this must be some kind of satire — a 4chan troll, a parody of extreme COVID-19 paranoia. But then I checked her Twitter timeline and discovered that (a) not only is she real, but (b) she’s part of an online hive of thousands of viral panic-mongers. These people are hoarders of bad news, obsessed with the phenomenon of “long COVID,” and convinced that the pandemic isn’t over yet. Three years since we began “15 days to slow the spread,” followed by “30 days to flatten the curve,” some people still can’t let it go. They’re addicted to fear.

Well, the good news is: I’m not dead yet. And since you’re reading this, obviously, you’re not dead, either. Back in September 2021, I got the Moderna vaccine, because I didn’t want to give the “Lockdown Forever” crowd any excuse to cite me as a statistic of “vaccine resistance.” The virus didn’t kill me, and the vaccine didn’t kill me, either, but when they started promoting COVID-19 booster shots, I was like, “Hold up there.”

All these new variants kept being reported — Delta, Omicron, etc. — and we were told that we needed more shots to fight the new variants. Meanwhile, there were reports of so-called “breakthrough” cases, where people got COVID-19 despite their prior vaccinations, even as there was talk of making the vaccine mandatory, and it was just about this time that I began to suspect it was all a racket. The push for 100% vaccination and even mandatory boosters was really about profits for Big Pharma.

Far be it from me to spread “misinformation” or “conspiracy theories,” but when an industry lobbies government to make their products mandatory? Wake up and smell the corruption.

Probably a lot of other people reached a similar conclusion, but regardless of whether they see the mandatory vaccine campaign as a Big Pharma scam, nearly everybody agrees: It’s over.

No more lockdowns. No more masks. No more panic-inspired testing of people every time they come down with a case of the sniffles.

We’re done with that, and we’re not going back, ever.

Raise your hand if you never once got tested for COVID-19.

See, that’s the dividing line. Over the past three years, I had one or two mild colds, but a couple of days of a runny nose and a cough never inspired me to rush out and get tested for COVID-19. For all I know, any one of those might have been a COVID-19 case, but if so, it wasn’t too much for my immune system. And since we’re talking about “The Science,” is there any reason to believe that the Wuhan lab was able to mutate the virus to such an extent to render normal human immune responses completely ineffective? Is mere exposure to the virus an automatic death sentence? Or is it the case, as I suspect, that most reasonably healthy people who were exposed to the Wuhan bug never experienced severe symptoms, never got tested, never sought medical care, and recovered without ever being counted as a COVID-19 case?

Excuse me for exercising what used to be called “common sense,” a trait that seems to have become much less common. At the core of the COVID-19 panic was a bunch of hypochondriacs, people vulnerable to suggestion, who became obsessed with the virus in the same way that some people develop sexual fetishes about high-heeled shoes, leather, or whatever.

The Internet allows these COVID-19 fetishes to find each other online, to form social-media cliques that turn into echo chambers where it’s 24/7 gloom-and-doom — all fear, all the time. Inside these online echo-chambers, the hypochondriacs feed each other news items — the latest research findings, etc. — that feed their irrational paranoia about the Deadly Super-Virus From Hell. It’s a sort of religious cult, where the voices of common sense are condemned as heresy. In a way, it’s a mirror-image of the cult of extreme anti-vaxxers, a place where True Believers seize upon anecdotal evidence that “proves” their point of view. Yes, there is such a thing as “long COVID,” and yes, some people die from bad vaccine reactions, but as a matter of statistical probability, you’re very unlikely to be affected by either of these phenomena.

It’s like “police brutality.” No matter how many times we’re confronted with claims that racist police have murdered an innocent black man, we know that (a) such cases are statistically rare, (b) cops are more likely to be killed by black criminals than the other way around, and (c) the “activists” who seek to turn every such case into an excuse to riot are motivated by hatred, greed and a lust for political power. Knowing the facts is the only way to protect yourself from being manipulated by these dishonest “activists” and their unscrupulous media henchmen.

What is to be done about the COVID-19 fetishists, like this lunatic woman with her science-fiction-movie protective gear? Mockery, yes, but other than that, we need to keep a watchful eye on these people for the simple reason that they’re crazy and, as you know, Crazy People Are Dangerous.



In The Mailbox: 03.21.23 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

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Hiding In Plain Sight: Jeanette Jennings and Transgender Munchausen by Proxy

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Jeanette Jennings and her failed experiment, ‘Jazz’

Megan Fox of PJM has a rather too-detailed-for-comfort story about the tragic reality TV star “Jazz” (née Jared) Jennings. Let’s just say that the poster girl for transgenderism, who first appeared on the cable show I Am Jazz at age 14, is not happy with the results of his/“her” transition.

Really, there was no precedent for what was done to this child, except perhaps the experiments of Doctor Mengele. The use of so-called “puberty blockers” (synthetic hormones) at an early age to prevent the normal process of maturation — well, who had ever heard of such thing? Undergoing “gender reassignment” surgery at age 17 — gosh, what could possibly go wrong? Trust me, you don’t want to know the answer.

“Jazz Jennings” is the victim of Munchausen syndrome by proxy, and the perpetrator of this atrocity is his/“her” mother, Jeanette. (By the way, the surname “Jennings” is a pseudonym.) Some day, maybe, if the world regains its sanity, psychologists will study this case as a textbook example of how manipulative neurotic mothers ruin their children’s lives. That this was done publicly — as an entertainment spectacle to enrich TV executives — makes it even worse. Megan Fox summarizes the saga:

Jazz didn’t make any of these decisions. Nothing that was done to him — from living his entire life on a reality show for the entertainment of the mob to being rushed into irreversible surgery — was done in private. Every fight with siblings, every argument with parents, and every embarrassing moment have been broadcast for the world to gape at. He can’t even go out with friends at age 21 without his mother tracking him down to check on him. Jazz missed his first semester at college because he was so mentally unwell.
If I could talk to Jazz, I would first hug him and tell him how sorry I am that the adults in his family, his medical team, and this country didn’t stand up for the child we all watched go through this heinous reality. What kind of monsters are we? Were the executives at TLC so blinded by money that none of them asked themselves, “what happens if this backfires and we destroy this kid?”
Jazz has been used in an unforgivable way as the face of a movement that he didn’t even understand and still might not fully grasp. He’s a show pony, a cause, a public experiment done for the entertainment of some and the political goals of others.

There must be a shortage of millstones in Broward County.



In The Mailbox: 03.21.23 (Morning Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

It was just one of those days yesterday – sleep schedule was AFU and I just didn’t feel well all day. Today’s a little better.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

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Mark Steyn: Tal Bachman: God Writes Back, also, There Be Monsters: The Bug-Out Fantasy of Tremors

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The Answer Is ‘Yes’

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Chris Rock’s question was rhetorical:

In light of the recent news that Donald Trump might face indictment for an alleged campaign finance violation, several experts have come forward to criticize the case against him. Some have argued that the charges are weak, while others have pointed out the hypocrisy of Trump’s potential arrest, given that Hillary Clinton faced a similar accusation but only paid a fine. . . .
Chris Rock made his statement at the Mark Twain Prize ceremony at the Kennedy Center, which was honoring Adam Sandler. In an apparent dig at the politicians in attendance at the ceremony, he asked the crowd if they were “stupid” for contemplating such a move.
He exclaimed, “Are you guys really going to arrest Trump? Do you know this is only going to make him more popular? It’s like arresting Tupac. He’s just gonna sell more records. Are you stupid?” The comedian’s remarks were met with roaring laughter from the crowd that included the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Biden administration officials.

Here’s the thing: If Democrats could “elect” Joe Biden as president — because 81 million votes, am I right? — and install the brain-damaged John Fetterman in the Senate, they don’t fear any political consequences, no matter how extreme their behavior. Success in rigging elections, combined with the news media’s willingness to act as Democratic operatives as bylines, means that Democrats never expect to face consequences, for anything, ever. We shall see if trying to prosecute Trump on the basis of a case that helped send Michael Avenatti to prison will prove to be an exception to this rule. Stay tuned . . .



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