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Colmes: Yes!

Posted on | February 9, 2010 | 1 Comment

by Smitty

Read the writing on Gibbs’s hand, Alan Colmes: the word ‘jobs bill’ does not appear. Says Alan: “So far, there’s only sniping from the right.” You don’t really get it, Alan. If anyone at all thought sniper fire would help…but everyone realizes it’s worse than that. No unspeakable ‘silver bullet’ acts are going to help anything at all. The ship of state has a ludicrous port list. While rushing everyone to the port rail might have worked for Captain Keynes, the rest of us know that overcoming the righting moment really doesn’t work well above the kayak level:
Update: this link jumps 1:24 in, to make my point. The embed below dumps the time offset argument, to my chagrin.

No, the ship of state really needs something along more traditional, Hayekian lines.

As Tigerhawk puts it, “it will be a “jobs bill” only insofar as it destroys them.”

Instapundit has just linked a Mr. Scott Stein, whose “Put down the political pom-poms” goes directly to you and the RINOs, Mr. Colmes. Stein quotes a Mr. Nock, who is admirably topical:

Likewise, age after age, mankind have made the attempt to construct a stable and satisfactory nationalist civil system, unable to learn that nothing like that can, in the nature of things, be done.

You realize that the Tower of Babel was a liberal fascist stimulus project, Mr. Colmes? OK, that’s hyperbole: we’re not far enough along the Cloward-Piven strategy for the really hard authoritarianism and subsequent disasters. And, if you put down your pom-poms, we might avert such.

Update: Honorable Bob Belvedere provides a jolly graphic for the ToB quip above.  Thanks, Bob!


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