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Global Philosophical Warming: This Kant Be Happenin’

Posted on | February 9, 2010 | 2 Comments

by Smitty (via PuffHo)

Bernard-Henri Lévy had some data problems, reports the Telegraph, out flogging another tome, On War in Philosophy, which can’t be linked at Amazon, yet.  His thought seems mildly interesting, as, according to Wikipedia, he has founded an Institute of Levinassian Studies. As with all philosophers, I’m tempted to put him in a room and force him to incorporate his ideas into something practical, to filter excessive navel-gazing.

The story is that a writer created a fake philosophical persona, “Jean-Baptiste Botul, whom [Lévy] describes as a post-War authority on Kant”. You would think that Lévy himself would have met a Kantian authority. But Botul, and the school of philosophical thought called ‘Botulism’, are as rare as sunspot activity of late.

Maybe the current blowback will be theraputic:

Mr Lévy took the humiliation on the chin last night in appearances in a series of evening TV shows. “I found the book astonishing,” he said, adding that Mr Pagès was a “very good philosopher”.
“Hats off to the this invented but truer than real life Kant whose portrait, whether signed by Botul or Pagès still seems in line with my idea of (the philosopher),” he told the Libération.

Al Gore, hunched over his snow-blower, refused to comment.


2 Responses to “Global Philosophical Warming: This Kant Be Happenin’”

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