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Notes From A Dream In Which I Was An Idiot

Posted on | February 10, 2010 | Comments Off on Notes From A Dream In Which I Was An Idiot

by Smitty

Halifax, Nova Scotia could need to rebuild the whole waterfront, if a new study floating the possibility of a 2 1/3 foot rise in ocean levels pans out. The really dreamy part was how the ocean picked up all the swelling in Eastern Canada only, while the rest of Mother Earth wobbled about her axis as usual.

Fabius Maximus was equally dreamy, trotting out the Weimar Republic as a possible alternative future for the country. I responded coherently, somehow. Hopefully when FM is a little more awake himself he can help the enumeration on the post:

Then, and old girlfriend wandered into the dream. She used to be such a great thinker, until her politics veered Leftward. The dream alluded to some previous encounter between us that I didn’t recall. She had to get an abortion, she told me, before the fetus became alive and turned into a baby.

It’s not alive? I wondered.

No, she said, It’s a fetus.

Then it’s dead, and you can’t be said to be pregnant, I concluded, suddenly relieved that I would not explain this to my wife.

She told me that I’m impossible, and slapped me into consciousness before I could ask her whether she thought Fabius Maximus was onto something, or on something.


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