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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Fortune Musters J’Accuse, Re-ignites Al’s Trousers

Posted on | February 13, 2010 | 12 Comments

by Smitty

This week’s FMJRA salutes Real Men of Bear Pig.

Real Men of Bear Pig…

Trading up the the authority of my old job, plus sympathy from dupes over a setback in 2000, for a couple of awards and a lucrative perpetual guilt machine that blew up in your face in the last 90 days, culminating in a Copenhagen farce, and chased by a record-braking blizzard, a winter even you can’t flee, which hit hard your old digs, back when you were merely held in semi-contempt for hanging around Bill Clinton.

Descending into cretinism, at a medium pace…

Few human beings have ever sucked quite the way you have, ManBearPig. How many have enjoyed such public stature and trust, and cast public pearls before scientific swine to get faulty data, and then in total credulity tried to feed those data through a perpetual guilt machine, to reap more public pearls? None that we can think of.

Your pearl necklace must have come at great personal price…

We could perhaps admire the way in which you subverted Kieth Olbermann to your cause (h/t Hot Air),

…except that Kieth is still taken in when people play the “pull my finger” joke on him, and you don’t even want to hear Rahm Emanuel’s take on the guy. Or you.

That Rahm dude’s got a potty mouth, and was a better civic example back in his Space Knight days…

You paid back those meanies who stole your precioussss Presidency that was rightfully yours after eight years of carrying Clinton’s spittoon.
You’ve got your Oscar and your Nobel. They can’t take those away from you without the Academy and the Norwegians admitting to being ManBearPig vanilla pudding dippees.

What’s up with Ace of Spades and the pudding gag, anyway?

You’re on top, ManBearPig, you’re laughing all the way to the bank, because you’ve bankrolled the proper companies and sunk your hooks deep. Never mind the creamy desert in odd places.

Somebody call wardrobe, STAT!

You can use all that loot to buy yourself a can of “All the cash in the world isn’t worth the most contempt ever received by anyone less than a full-on genocidal maniac.”

Why does this beer taste like vanillaaaaauggghhhh

Apologies in advance that I’m not following all of the trackback links myself to quote everyone. If I do that, I won’t have time to clear out my Rule 2 cache, and that will disenfranchise our Blogger friends. People scale like bricks hang in the air.

Sweet Tea for GOP in Alabama
The American Spectator is considered a logical extension of this blog for FMJRA purposes.

‘You’ve Got to Bring It Down Home’

On the Radio This Morning

  • Stogie:

    I missed it. Was it recorded anywhere so we can listen?

=>Right here.

Troy King and the Scandal That Dare Not Speak Its Name: Way Down (Low) in Dixie

  • Chuck Cross:

    Funny — Uneasy Rider ’88 by Charlie Daniels just came on my radio haha

  • Jeff:

    He’s the Alabama AG right ? He’s not running for or holding Federal office in 2010 right ?
    Who cares outside of Alabama ?
    The Shelby extortion nomination holds are a much more damaging story for the GOP.

  • Bob Belvedere:

    We have to care because the Leftists will take the scandal and make it national news.

  • Kevin J Jones:

    How much blackmail goes on because of vices like those alleged here? The WashTimes’ expose of the Craig Spence prostitution/blackmail ring and its links to the GHWB White House suggests this is a major factor in our political life. Everybody has allies vulnerable to this, so a crackdown would cause Mutually Assured Destruction.

  • Joe:

    You do not want to pass on a false rumor. As you well know Stacy, they are nasty work. Patterico likes to ask those questions, until it turns on him.
    But at the same time, a rumor does reach the point it is a legitimate story to pursue. If it is done with a goal of being honest, letting the facts prove or disprove it, fair enough. If the goal is to find or make up “facts” to reach some set idea, I have a problem with that.

  • Joe:

    Now this is a story.
    Don’t you guys protect your own?

  • Gordon Winslow:

    There was a similar rumor about Texas governor Rick Perry–that he was caught in the sack with a male aide or something along those lines. It was all over the place six years ago. The mainstream press ignored it, and it faded (although I still hear it once in awhile). Perry won re-election handily.
    This sounds like the exact same rumor, imported a couple of states over. So it’s probably BS.

  • confused and interested:

    What were they doing with an inflatable pig? Do they (china) actually make inflatable sex pigs?
    I sure hope Mr. King isn’t part of that Sons of the Confederacy group. Talk about embarrassing.

  • Brian:

    As an Alabama based political blogger, I thought you might like to read my thoughts on this rumor, written just after it started to spread.
    Cliff Notes version: I don’t care for Troy King, but I believe these are only politically motivated rumors.
    BTW, the impetus for the inflatable pig cartoon was over an Alabama law banning sex toys. King is a big fan of the law and a former Libertarian candidate for governor (Loretta Nall) made a point of sending him care packages consisting of sex toys.

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Don’t Pay the Ransom, I Escaped

  • Bob Belvedere:

    You got more important things to worry about, McCain….like the retribution you face when you get home after abandoning the lovely Mrs. Other McCain to deal with a blizzard on her own. Methinks you may returning to a Killing FIelds situation.

  • LIttle Miss Attila:

    Solution? Send ME money, and I’ll buy Stacy a drink at CPAC. HIT THE TIP JAR AT MY SITE, and I’ll make sure Stacy can drown his sorrows!

  • Bob Belvedere:

    My suggestion is that the Shoe Leather Fund be fully supported, so he can return home for further adventures in Competition Groveling, as the poor wife has to dig out of the Al Gore Memorial Blizzard.
    You might be more realistic and call it the Fund To Pay For Stacy’s Burial.

  • Red:

    How ’bout sending me money and I’ll be sure to serve only the finest corndogs and deli-mustard at your wake.

  • richard mcenroe:

    You lost ANOTHER cell phone? See, this is why the Right can’t have a Townhouse or JornoList message control operation. All the lefties have to do is follow RSM around, wait til he drops his cell, and get into our networks…

  • The Camp of the Saints

‘Truth on Troy’ Challenges Alabama Republican Leaders on Attorney General

  • Cakeman:

    i DO hope you are tuning in tonight. I am amazed at the mainstreaming of the Tea party movement just this weekend. The reason I write in this comment box is because I got to see Roy Moore speak at Opryland yesterday and HE is the Alabama story as well. We, the TP’s, hunger for leaders who derive their power from a Higher One.
    That said, I don’t think SP will part the waters but from what I saw on PJTV, the basic TP value system is online down in Nashville.
    Good luck with the snow upon your return. My sis in Antietam had 2.5′
    Please call, re: you know

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Politics and Mardi Gras Beads in ‘Bama: Rick Barber Campaigns in Millbrook

Fear and Loathing in Talapoosa County

  • victoria_29:

    Glad your enjoying your stay here in our fair state…lol & finding plenty of intrique to write about.

  • Dan Collins:

    Luther Strange? Is he Marvel or DC?

  • John Coley:

    Too bad you weren’t at Jim’s Bait Shop for this past Fourth of July. Patriotically, they hosted an Elvis impersonator in the parking lot by the self vacuum. See the link below, but these pics were so good I tapped the photog with a much desired “reader of the month” award for my blog:

    Jim’s has always been a favorite of mine, from the days that they sold beer on tap (self served into old milk jugs) and used cars, to the current incarnation where you can buy gas, guns, camo, and fine western wear.

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VIDEO: GOP Candidate Rick Barber Talks Tea Parties, Pool Halls and Blue Dogs

  • Dell:

    As a Green Mountain Boy – I’ll drink to that!

    Ethan Allen planned the capture of Fort Ticonderoga at the famous “Catamount Tavern” in Bennington, Vermont and that same watering hole was used by John Stark, who planned British General Burgoynes defeat, which turned out to be successful in the famous Battle of Bennington, the name it holds to this day, despite having been fought just across the State line in New York.

  • Red:

    “Blue Dog Democrat” is just another term for a conservative who couldn’t commit.

  • America Watches Obama

For Those Who Missed The Alabama Reporting

  • Obi’s Sister:

    Judging from the forecast, he’s got a 48 hour window and even then, the latest storm will chase him all the way home.

  • Joe:

    Corn Dog? That is Colts food.

    I would have figured Stacy dining on something more NOLA inspired.

  • Joe:

    Now maybe you are a Colts fan, or a Petyon Manning fan, but even Indianans prefer NOLA food to the crap they get every day in Indiana.

  • Joe:

    Murtha died. I did not care for his politics, but he was a Marine who served in combat. So RIP.

    I am pretty sure Rendell gets to appoint his temporary replacement, but let’s hope Pennsylvania elects someone good to replace him.

  • Red:

    Corndogs trump beignets but don’t mix with cafe au lait so well. Besides, this is a southern corndog. None of that Peyton Manning crap in my house. GO SAINTS! (Thanks Smitty!)

  • Red:

    Totally shameless indeed. I killed two birds by giving readers a quick run-down plus it helped me to ‘look busy’ at work on a Monday in Redstick after the Superbowl of the freaking century!

The Army of Davids: ‘All Is Proceeding As I Have Foreseen’

  • Chuck Cross:

    So Rick Barber and Les Phillip — sound like two gents we need in Congress. Both their issues pages check out for strong American values. I’ll spread the word around and see if I can gin up any help.

    Thanks for bringing these gents to my attention.

  • guest:

    “is largely a media concoction, aimed at shifting official American political life”

    Interesting statement coming from an organization which assisted in providing background for the anti-war movement largely concocted by the media which aimed to destroy not only a political party but a Commander-in Chief during wartime as America rightfully defends herself.

    The antiwar moment is where the extreme Left and extreme Right meet to provide background materials in Jane Fonda’s (played by Cindy Sheehan) ‘Death to America’ movies.

    This is the thing the anti-war RONPAULS!!! do not understand, with their Alex Jones tyrants they provided background material for the World Socialist organization aka ANSWER, United for Peace and Justice etc and so forth.

  • Dan Collins:

    Yeah, the MSM were really hot to cover Tea Parties in a favorable light, last summer.

  • datechguy:

    Given the choice of an on time column or an instalance Wlady, take the instalance!

    and the cannoli.

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Live Roadtrip Update From Field Weatherman Stacy McCain

  • Fishersville Mike
  • Chuck Cross:

    School is cancelled here in NYC tomorrow, with 0” of snow so far. The city is magnificent at molding the citizenry into a bunch of slack-jawed —… wimps (no offense for ruining your quote Governor Ventura if you read this blog), who can’t prepare themselves ahead of time to cope with 5-6” of snow by tomorrow morning.

  • Patrick:

    Ever see the video to that song?!?!?

    Talk about a spastic woman… wow…

  • Mike:

    Stacy’s gone past Fishersville on I-81, passing New Market with a truck for his guide. Traffic cameras along I-81 look pretty good for the completion of his rounds.

Alabama Attorney General Troy King Continues to Defend Casino Gambling

  • Riehl World View
  • FilmLadd:

    The entire situation is completely silly. King is not performing his duties.

    As a libertarian I think government shouldn’t be regulating or banning gambling. But since it does, it should enforce the law evenly.

  • Bob Thornwig:

    This is silly – Bob Riley has gone nuts, joining with Mark Montiel. You are quoting the wrong people fella. Troy King might have become the most sane official in Alabama.

  • Cakeman:

    I think maybe you talked about him, but Judge Roy Moore is running for Gov of Alabama and needs help. I saw him speak at TPN and he was awesome. Always will be remembered for the Ten Commandments Statue but he talks like the Founding Fathers write.

  • BhamforCam:

    Roy Moore is a nutjob whacko who won’t win anything but the support of a few birthers and other rejects in Alabama.

    Conservatives not locked up in the loony bin are pulling for Tim James.

  • Grimcargo:

    I agree that Roy Moore is a nut job.A self absorbed man who wants to control all he sees.
    And he won’t be elected. Why shouldn’t Alabama have casinos for GAWD sakes. Same thing happened with the alcohol issue in the past. All the states surrounding Alabama have lotterys which are good for the economy. People are fed up with that backward mentality.

Captain, Road Prison 36:…you gonna get your mind right.
Super Bowl: Colts Will Stomp Saints

    Stacy’s mood would probably be enhanced it this was elided, but he’s not writing the post, is he?

  • Dandapani:

    My son and I are pulling for the Saints. We’re Bears fans and the Colts clobbered the Bears at the Superbowl few years back. F’m.

  • Stogie:

    I’d like to see the Saints win. They’re from the South and they’ve never won before.

  • serr8d:

    I hope not.

    Miss Manning will have to employ extra pads on her backside, because Saints Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams is channeling Buddy Ryan! When Gregg was DC for the Titans (in the late ’90’s, up to 2000 I think) his favorite line to his charges was “their backup quarterback can’t beat us”.

    I plan on taking an extry shot or so of hard likker every time Miss Manning is planted in the turf. Hopefully for my sobriety, he’ll be out by halftime.

    (The backup QB for Indy is Curtis Painter, btw… )

  • Chris W:

    It’s going to come down to who has the ball last.

    Saints 41-38

  • Finrod:

    I don’t have a dog in this fight, so instead I’m hoping that this Super Bowl forces the NFL to change its overtime rules once and for all.

    What I want to see: a back-and-forth dramatic game that goes to overtime, then the receiving team on the kickoff for OT runs it back all the way for a touchdown.

    With any luck, several hundred thousand fans won’t even be back from the bathroom yet by the time the game is over.

    Then maybe the NFL will finally do something about its overtime rules. Granted, the NFL OT rules are still better than the college OT rules, but that’s like saying a kick in the shins is better than a knife in the ribcage.

  • Red:

    You are WRONG.

  • Red:

    Who dat saying they gonna lose dat game? Manning and co. GO SAINTS!

  • Bob Belvedere:

    I guess you can figure out who I’m rooting for.

  • Dave C:

    Interesting true fact about New Orleans: They are known as the Detroit of the South.

  • Nelson Muntz:


  • Andrew:

    You said what???

  • Stephen Gordon:

    Eat. Crow. Stacy.

  • Red:

    IN.YOUR.GROWN.FACE!!!!! WHO DAT BABY!!!WHO DAT!! Porter interception was pigskin ballet my friend! 😉

  • young4eyes:

    Don’t you look stupid Stacy!
    Eat It!!!

  • Stogie:

    Saints 31, Colts 17.

    Hee hee hee!

    Who stomped whom, Stacy? 🙂

  • S. Wolf:

    Da POTUS picked da Colts too. Next time bet on who he doesn’t or who Stogie does. 😉

  • mariner:

    Hee, Hee, Hee …

For the Record, Barbara Espinosa Was Right and I Was Wrong . . .

  • MrMaryk:

    It seems Stacy can eat crow in direct proportion to serving it.

  • Dave C:

    I called the game for the Colts by 14 points. I doomed them to lose by 14.

    It’s not all Stacy’s fault.

  • Red:

    “It seems Stacy can eat crow in direct proportion to serving it.” What’s good for the goose…

  • Mark L Harvey (aka Snooper):

    Obama was routing for the Colts. ‘Nuf said.

‘It was certainly the Superbowl equivalent of a Cheap Trick.’

  • Joe:

    I loved that audi commerical. Sure it was promoting a supposedly green diesel. Seriously, who cares. Like audi gets America. I would never buy an audi.

    What I liked was its open mocking of our green overlords. I found it funny (even though it was promoting the taking away of liberty). Consider it a humorous warning.

  • Joe:

    Darleen at PW is all over this.

    Including David Roberts of HuffPuff saying that the Super Bowl was catering to teabaggers. David Roberts just loves saying teabaggers, but probably not as much as Mr. Roberts loves teabagging. Anderson Cooper likes it too.

  • Ed Rasimus:

    What amazed me is that Audi first ridicules the enviro-kooks and then tries to sell an enviro-whimper car. If it is outrageous to be oppressively green, I should avoid their chitty-chitty-stink-bang diesel in protest!

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The Usual Madness:
Human Again

  • Obi’s Sister:

    I learned the first and only time on Indian Food – Run Away! Run Away! Run Away!

  • Bob Belvedere:

    This is why you must drink prodigious amounts of beer when you eat Indian food.

  • Troglopundit

Condell on Wilders: Dutch Justice

  • datechguy:

    When you can get a Jew, a Protestant and a Catholic to embed the video of a world famous Atheist on their blogs, you must be doing something right.

  • Jamie:

    It is a shame Condell recognizes the dangers of cultural relativity, but will not take it a step further and recognize moral relativity is even more at the heart of the problem.
    But I fear i am one of the last natural law theorists around anyway.

You Know, If Al Gore Can Land An Oscar, Why Not BHO?

  • mike:

    Regardless of what you think about “the public”, it’s very clear that Obama himself is completely stuck in “the debates” of the 60s and 70s.

  • archer52:

    He could market his State of the Union address and promise of fiscal conservatism and call it a dark comedy with a tragic end.
    A sure winner. Last scene has Harry and Nancy, recently unseated, standing on the side of the road with a handmade sign saying will screw you over for food.

  • theblogprof:

    Thanks for the props Smitty!

  • Chuck Cross:


Still Working the ‘Blame Bush’ Angle

  • nobody:

    Technically, they are blaming Bush for the storm by attributing it to AGW, since everybody knows that Global Warming, dating back decades or even centuries, is entirely Bush’s fault!

  • The Lonely Conservative

Live Blogging Gov. Palin at Tea Party Convention

    Everyone remember that Young4Eyes is our zampolit. Every blog should have a house troll. There are many like this one, broken records all, but this one is ours. Plus whoever else he with whom he freely shares himself, of course; this is more an affection than ownership thing.

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  • Ubervu Thread
  • Dave in W-S:

    I thought it was a strong speech, with a little roughness here and there in the delivery. It struck me at first that she was using a lot of Tea Party cliches, but then it occurred to me why:
    This speech was covered on live all the cable news outfits. This was the first time that many, many viewers will have been exposed to Tea Party slogans and rhetoric. THAT is who this speech was aimed at. Not just the fans. THOSE folks just got a Cuda sledge between the eyes.
    Tomorrow’s news will be interesting.

  • Cakeman:

    As a tea partier since March, I felt validated by tonight. I watched the PJTV coverage and wished I was there. What you didn’t see on Fox (CNN as well as MSNBC) was the sit-down Q&A with Judson Philips after the ovations died down. I am heartened that she said what we all say, think, wish was said. I never felt that she was positioning as a “leader” of either the TP or the GOP during the speech. Eleven standing ovations, the heartiest, I thought, for the belief in the Constitution. Her folksy stuff will curl the hair on the wingnuts but the girl’s got game and I wish I could have played there. July 15-17 is the next one. Don’t overlook it.

  • BlueCollarGal:

    I have a problem with this convention and also the way it’s been covered. A Fox News reportr said (in reference to the convention) the Tea Party movement is a movement within the GOP. Nothing could be further from the truth.
    The blogs and the old school media are treating this convention as an organizing force .. it is not.
    Sure, those of us on the grassroots level can learn from whatever comes from this convention, but that does not mean that this convention “speaks” for us. It does not.
    As an example, I point out that Palin never once pointed to the excesses under the Bush administration. Had I been a left winger watching her speech, I’d have come away with the belief that the Tea Party movement is all about “dis Obama”. It is not.
    I’m happy the convention went well, and I’m happy it got press, but it is not all about this admin … it is so much more than that.

  • jann:

    It’s amazing how everyone is just waiting for her to drop the ball. After all the crap they have thrown at her and she is still smiling, they just can’t believe it. When you are rooted in the truth you will survive. I am sure we will hear all the backlash of her praise for God in her life but for me that was and is comforting. If she does run for president she will have my vote and support. I think it’s odd that we always have to fight so hard for the truth and for freedom. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

  • young4eyes:

    Oh Jann, perhaps you are comforted by the thought of relying on “divine intervention” to keep us safe, but the rest of us still living on planet earth see the sloganisms she deploys in her speeches as nothing more than empty words from an empty mind.
    The speech was hilarious. She has proven herself to be an effective pundit at best, but certainly not POTUS material. Even Boortz agrees with that.
    The Q&A was a telling in that she could not hit the softballs thrown her way, resorting to the nonsensical BS that she is so good at.She has no consistency in her line of thinking and proudly hides her ignorance behind catch phrases that please the Palin faithful.
    We need a Commanderin-Chief, not a Fox News guest commentator…

  • ol_dirty_/b+tard:

    young4eyes is a POS Trig-Troofer douchenozzle who got banned from C4P long ago. I would keep on eye on him Stacy.

  • unseen:

    Either you did not watch the speech or you are so clouded by hate you could not hear the speech.
    Palin scored a triple on this speech. i would vote for her in a heartbeat.
    she has very clear and logical thinking. She understands unlike most of the politicans today that the founders got it right. We do not need government we need personal and professional responsibility in this country.

  • Grimcargo:

    We need a Commanderin-Chief, not a Fox News guest commentator
    We need a commander in Chief, not a liar who lies about his lies.An empty suit who doesn’t know the first thing about American values and where America came from. Does not know one single thing about military…cannot relate to the most simple of American ideals. We need a commander in chief, not a lecturer in chief.
    A man who hides his ignorance behind a teleprompt who don’t know how to find his way back home without one. Yeah…that’s what we need. And we could use a commander in chief who is not laughed at behind the hands of sixth century enemies and wondered at the reliablity of the United States of its’allies.
    In other words…hurry up 2010. Pour it on got them screaming.

  • guest:

    Perhaps Boortz is hopey-he-changey into an Alex Jones dressed in Andrew Sullivan drag.
    I think the boys-pretending-to-men are intimidated by their unfortunate circumstance.

  • young4eyes:

    Dream on suckers. Not only did I watch the speech but was paying precise attention to the nothingness of the speech which Palin worshippers mistake for wisdom.
    For Old Dirty Bastard to warn Stacy that I should be looked out for is a prize indeed, especially coming from a C4P fool. If anything is telling of the delusion on the Right it is the funny folks at C4P. When Palin speaks of “politics of personality” she seems to be oblivious to the fact that she would be nothing without the very thing she frowns upon. She brings nothing to the table( as Smitty also suggests) except antiquated platitudes that appeal to the common sensibilities of the fearful.
    To those who are not paying attention, Palin’s speech was devoid of any substance, unless you count “common sense solutions” as the kind of detailed policy that will help this country.You see, it’s quite easy to criticize without offering any solutions yourself, as Palin does. Anyone can be a backseat driver traversing perilous roads. But we have not heard anything from Palin besides her talk-radio derived zingers. If you are gonna run a pundit you might as well run Rush. It is very telling indeed that some among us consider her “more useful than BHO”, which speaks of the fact that Palin isn’t considered a true leader so much as she is seen as a puppet to be manipulated. You guys tried that with the last Bush. How’d that work out for ya?
    Listen, Palin speeches make for great fun and debate. Should she be selected to run against BO in 2012, you will see that her presence alone will motivate the Left to come out in droves, which is exactly what we need on our side. You know it and I know it.
    Run Sarah run!!!!

  • young4eyes:

    This is great.
    Just read the transcript of Palin with Chris Wallace.
    What a bloody mess.
    OMG, seriously, you should all check it out if you’re not watching already…
    What a hot mess this Palin is…
    The proof is in the pudding. Even within the friendly confines of Faux News this lady is defensive, insecure, and easily rattled.She gets thrown off of her canned talking points…
    Absolutely hilarious…
    Hey, a live interview anytime, my man!
    Run Sarah run!!!!

  • guest:

    Faux News?
    I have to imagine young4eyes has seen Avatar no less than twelve times since the opening of Rupert Murdock’s grand blue illusion.
    Sweetie, if you are so righteously uptight about the existence of Sarah Palin why do you incessantly follow her every action and word?

  • young4eyes:

    Oh Guest, I could care less for the tripe that I am sure AVATAR is. But nice try in trying to pigeonhole me into one of those simpletons willing to drop whatever amount of money is demanded at ticket booths these days.
    “Righteously uptight about the existence of Sarah Palin”?
    In case you haven’t noticed, I’d love nothing more than having Miss Alaska on the GOP ticket come 2012. What you mistake as indignation is actually giddiness at the prospect of the American electorate having to choose between BO and the empty skirt whose approach to “saving America” is nothing more than a repeat of 20th century Karl Rove politics and “divine intervention”. I follow her every action and word because it is easy pickins’, like listening to a Glenn Beck hang himself with his twisted logic,inconsistency, and Frank Luntz crafted talking points.
    I wold love to see her debate BO and watch her whine about the questions while suggesting sexism when people challenge her non- answers.
    No, it is the wishful thinking of Palinistas that would love to believe that the attention Palin garners from the Left is fear.
    Nothing could be further from the truth.
    You don’t fear what doesn’t instill fear.
    You laugh at that which is a joke.
    Tell me if you can’t help but snicker when you see Sarah with Wallace.
    Pure comedy…
    Run Sarah run!!!

  • Dinah:

    Just like a progressive, can’t handle the issues so you just attack through personal diversion. History has proven that progressive’s’ ideas are bankrupt so instead of fighting a losing battle on the factual reality, you focus on images and personal smears. You should realize that history has proven that your perspective on society is a well meaning self delusion. In words that you can understand, STOP DRINKING THE KOOL-AID.

  • Bob Belvedere:

    Why do waste time on this Troll?

  • young4eyes:

    “History has proven that progressive’s ideas are bankrupt”
    Haha! Ideas like…civil rights, women’s rights…
    But hasn’t history shown that conservatism is a discredited religion? With 10 years of owning congress and 8 years of the presidency, what has Conservatism achieved?
    Oh Smitty, are you one of those now trying to move on from Birtherism to School transcript kooks?You see, it’s crock like this that shows the desperation on the Right is dire. Oh my, another teleprompter joke? Perhaps you are one of the delusional enough to think that the recent GOP/ BO debate where BO handed the GOP their asses on a plate was a win for the Republitards…Yeah, Palin is really gonna give it to BO in that setting…
    Please, Run Sarah Run!!!!

Accusations of Coyness from Dan Riehl

  • Moe Lane
  • The Classic Liberal
  • Katherine Lambert:

    Dear Stacy:
    I have misjudged you. Put off by your Rule #5 blasphemy, your playing into Ace’s dipping porn, nevertheless I have stopped at your website often to get your shoe leather reports. Your tech guy let you down BIG on streaming of the Scott Brown victory speech.
    That speech above is fantastic. If you were running for dogcatcher or King of the World I would vote for you based on it alone. It is right up there with Reagan’s Time For Choosing (we were in a gentler age then – no dipping and crap). I am printing it out and pasting it on my refrigerator to be heartened and warmed when I go to check what the enemy is up I don’t bother with the tentacles of HuffPo or The DailyKos I go straight to the head -the progressive website The Real News which at this moment has Sarah with Dick Cheney on the cover. I will feel that we have a new Stonewall Jackson in our midst here on the Rascal side of the revolution. From now on you sir are Stonewall Stacy who famously said
    Once you get them running, you stay right on top of them, and that way a small force can defeat a large one every time… “Only thus can a weaker country cope with a stronger; it must make up in activity what it lacks in strength. Who could not conquer with such troops as these?
    My troops may fail to take a position, but are never driven from one!”
    Ride on Stacy! Ride On!

  • alwaysfiredup:

    Personally, I saw bunnies. Or was it a butterfly? Those inkblots are so coy.

  • datechguy:

    Sarah Palin at the Boston Tea Party WAHOOOOO!

  • Scott:

    Dan is in the throes of walkback from Sarah Palin. First, he was a big supporter, but as she identified less with the Republicans and more with the Tea Party, his support for her began to dwindle. You can graph the increasing severity of his attacks by her increasing involvement with the Tea Party.

    We are seeing the same thing with Redstate, but Erickson is being more cautious, I think, in case Sarah becomes bigger than he thought. His post on the Tea Party in Nashville complains about the amateur factor of Nashville, and the $550 attendance fee keeping out the common folk, though he is justifiably proud of his role in the upcoming CPAC meeting, $750 attendance fee, which seems like it would inconvenience the common folk by $200 more.

    So Sarah ain’t gonna attend CPAC. The “profit motive” that Erickson and Dan complain about at Nashville is perfectly okay when hitting up FedEx for a couple of million. CPAC leadership can blast and damn Palin with the same stupid attacks as MSNBC, but she needs to snap into shape and toe the party line.

    Everyone, including Dan and Erickson, can talk about the dangers of the creeping RINO virus, and the party apparatchik moving the Republican Party toward Demo Lite, but Sarah is a threat that must be met and defeated. Recognizing that there have been years of stupid leadership by McCain, McConnell, Boehner and even Bush on economics is less important than the possible replacement of the Republican Party.

    So what has the Republican Party given us lately? Scozzafava, Crist, Fiorina and her demon sheep. It’s time for the Republican Party to get some discipline.

    Flashback to the 2008 election. How many Republicans were livid with those who thought that a time in the wilderness would help the party? A lot. A whole lot. The defeats were disastrous. Yet in less than a year, the Republican Party realized that their leadership was full of crap, and change has started. It still has a long way to go, but the rank-and-file Republicans are at least looking for the road back. I’m betting that a lot more Tea Party discipline will help the Republican recovery, or give us a more conservative party. Either way, it works for me.

    “I voted for the Chick.”

    These folks are invested in the R

  • Scott:

    Sorry about lousy editing for that last line. Early in the morning, coffee hasn’t kicked in, a little too excited and disgusted by people that I think I respect, all that kind of thing. It won’t happen again until next time.

  • Joe:

    I wish Fred ran a better campaign, because he was the best candidate in the bunch, by far.
    And off topic, but Hithchen bashing Gore Vidol is always fun.

  • Scott:

    Ok, now I’m pissed as hell. Dan is talking about Palin possibly being 0 for 2 if Paul Rand loses. So I guess the 0 for 1 is NY-23. If I remember correctly, until Sarah got involved, Hoffman was a distant third in the race. After her endorsement, he almost won the race, and taking into account the recent voting irregularities, may have actually won. Dan is being a prick.

  • ern:

    I think your characterization of the speech as a kind of Rorschach test is pretty accurate. The pundits most focused on politics as electoral outcomes can only see her speech as a preparation for 2012, etc. I tend to take political speeches at their word. If someone promises something, I expect them to deliver. When they are contradictory, I learn that the one giving the speech is mendacious. Palin has been remarkably straightforward on these questions. I don’t see any reason to think her lying outright, which is what Riehl seems to imply. She’s far more effective in a non-elected position, and so far I think she knows this. If she changes her mind about running, so be it. But for now there’s no reason to distort everything she’s saying through that particular lens.

  • Brian:

    Lewis Lapham call your office.

    The thing is that A.C. Clownheider, who Instapundit gobbles down nutfulls of his milkshake on a daily basis, has been calling Tea Party people racists, teabaggers, nativists, bigots, etc. for over a year and half now.

    That he doesn’t like and has never liked Sarah Palin is no news flash considering that he’s a Trig Truther who’s spent so much time up Sully’s ass that you’d think he was the one who responded to the RawMuscleGlutes ad. He’s a hardcore Democrat who has played this faux-Paleoconservative stance that won him over the Nashville Liberal Media (i.e., the only Nashville media) because he only criticizes people on the right.

    He’s a “conservative” who bashed Bob Corker (of all people) as a racists and voted for arch-conservative Harold Ford, Jr. who he still pimps to this day.

    So there’s grain of salt for anything coming out of Klanheider’s mouth about Tea Partiers or conservatives in general.

  • guest:

    Refresh my memory, how many times in her Tea Party speech did Gov Palin say the Tea Party movement is about The People and that there is no Tea Party leader?

    Fascinating; Scott Brown(I’m joyful he won the seat) stated that the Tea Party movement had little influence upon his winning the race.

    Shortly thereafter Mitt Romney sent out a fundraiser letter stating how he helped Scott Brown win.

    Perception of proprietary politics is rather misleading.

  • Jack Okie:

    Smitty, I almost swooned reading your speech that Sarah could not give. There seems to be a growing perception that the 10th Amendment needs to be respected. I look for some serious push-back from Oklahoma, Texas and other like-minded legislatures. The 10th Amendment figures to be a factor in our upcoming races for governor and attorney general here in OK.

  • Brian:

    Fine. Don’t approve it. It doesn’t make it any less true.

  • Beto:

    If she’s so Gung Ho Tea Party…..
    Why is she promoting Rick Perry?

  • Ad rem:


    Nothing like waking up to the smell of fresh coffee and good common sense. Bravo!

  • rod stanton:

    IO think Dan is mad about something she did or did not do. His comment seems to be the disingenuous remark of a jilted lover/ I watched he on PJTV last night and again on CBS this morning. The speech was the best speech I have seen in 23 years( or at least as good as the convention speech 8/08) and was well received by the people there; including Glenn and Helen.
    Today the lefties – both in the GOP and the MSM – attacked it with unbridled ferocity – which shows that they also think she did very well and are afraid she will run and *WIN* in 12!

    i read Dan this morning as I visit his blog almost every day. I thought he had his nose out of joint then and still think he has a problem he is nor telling us about.
    Rod Stanton
    Cerritos, Cal

  • Clifton B:

    Great Scott! Dude, you read my mind perfectly! This whole issue about paying to go to the convention was the biggest load of sh*t I ever heard! The convention was no different than a weekend college seminar on how to organize. If it were a college seminar we would all be expected to pay. This whole idea that because it is grassroots it should be free reeks of hippy BS!

    I am also quite glad you called out the duplicity of those pushing the whole money issue. From the get go, I always thought those who initially made an issue of it, were more concerned about their own agenda than the Tea Party or Sarah Palin. They have tied their fortunes to CPAC and the traditional Republican pathways to the nomination, as such they are fearful of losing their prominence and influence should a new avenue to the nomination develop and you know what, that is their problem no ours.

  • Roxeanne de Luca:

    If Sarah had an iota of common sense, sh would stay far, far away from Boston in April.

    In fact, she and the Tea Party Express ought to let us do the same thing we did last year: put on a great event, with local celebrity-types (talk show hosts, professors, think tank leaders, etc.). What we particularly NEED to do, this time around, is to focus on state-wide issues; we don’t have another Senate seat open until 2012, but we do have 2010 elections for almost every seat in the state.

    That’s not going to happen, though. These people made it clear to the Boston Tea Party that they were going to walk right in the day before we had planned our own event (having had a permit for Boston Common since, oh, October), put on their own speakers, and block us out. Their one small concession to the fact that there is a vibrant, engaged Tea Party in our state is to say that we (i.e. some of the leaders) could have a grand ten minutes to speak.

    A few days ago, I brought this up with a gentleman who has spoken at two of the previous Tea Party events. He first suggested that we put our local party on the 13th, but, when I mentioned that Sarah was coming through to speak, his face fell.

    No one seriously thinks that the Greater Boston Tea Party can manage to put on its own event this April, but I suspect that they’ll still want us to put together a network of activists who can effect change on the local level. It’s sort of like regulating businesses to death, then expecting them to produce jobs….

    Sarah will be there on the 14th, but she’s not going to be in Massachusetts to convince people to join our local meetings, to work with Michael Graham’s candidate development schools, to go out knocking on doors or phone-banking for our provincial Massachusetts elections, or to focus like a laser beam on the problems that are specific to our state – problems that will be there long after she and her rock concert entourage leave town.

    If they want to come through and do their own thing, fine, but usurping our local group in the name of grass-roots activity is complete bullshit.

  • guest:

    Massachusetts is one of the reasons why the Kennedy clan has the power to run America into the ground-too many Blue Union Sanctifiers preaching from their Cathedrals have sold their soul for few measly pieces government silver.

    Perhaps if Ivy-Inbred idiots manufactured in Massachusetts ended their social justice tyranny then there would be no need for a Tea Party movement.

Everybody Loves a Pretty Girl

Cue Your TiVo Now: Allen West Will Be On ‘Fox & Friends’ Monday

    Tried to watch, missed the man.

  • USRanger:

    It was great meeting you in Montgomery. I take good pictures 😉

  • Ubervu thread
  • Mr. Tweet

Double Caption Contest

  • Paco Enterprises
  • Chuck Cross:

    “Where is my Burt’s Bees”

    “Mmmf…that roast quail is still working its way through me”

  • Ad rem:

    That Althouse can be one catty bitch.

  • jim:

    “When this is over, I’m going to utilize my only real skill and become a TV preacher.”

  • William Teach:

    “In the background, Honest Abe Lincoln looks on in shame at what this poseur and pretender is doing to the country Abe loved and refused to see split.”

  • Paco:

    The degeneration of the Illinois legal profession, illustrated.

  • Ui2:

    “Look! I can blow my head out of my ass.”

  • JeffS:

    “Reflections Of An Empty Suit.”

  • Nicole:

    “I wish Rahm or Ax would tell me what to do next. I’m totally lost here.”

  • Dave C:

    “As soon as that camera is off of me, I can finally pick my nose.”

  • Dave C:

    After he snuck his finger into his nose but before he put the same finger into his mouth.

  • Dave E.:

    Axelrod! Give him a nudge, he’s caught in his own reflection again.

  • AC Chickadee:

    The “formidable Ann Althouse” is one smart chick since she voted for me.

  • Ronsonic:

    At least he doesn’t have his damn feet on the desk.

  • wombat-socho:

    Sad Lincoln head is sad.

  • genes:

    Bicycle Playing Cards introduces their new Joker.

The Constitutional Delusions of Sirota’s Mind

  • Chuck Cross:

    If there is one part of the budget I can live with some of my tax money going to waste, it’s the defense budget, one of the few things I want the Fed Gov to do. Though I wish they’d work on securing our own borders as well as we secure South Korea’s borders.

  • Bob Belvedere:

    …this PuffingtonHost post represents the kind of non-analysis that seems to permeate Leftist thought.

    ‘Permeates’! It is central to Leftist thinking that no real analysis occur because they know too well that it can’t hold up.

    Good one, Smitty.

  • Roxeanne de Luca:

    Where to start.

    The entire purpose of a federal government is to make sure that the states play nicely with each other, ensure that we are one nation, and to protect us from foreign enemies. Before a dime goes to entitlements, education, farm subsidies, or whatever else the federal government spends our money on, it goes to military defence. It’s sort of the point of a federal government.

    Now, as a practical matter, military technology is a much better use of federal funds than are any of the ridiculous things given out in the stimulus bill. Technology not only improves our military, but makes our economy stronger with respect to other countries. The things we develop in labs are routinely used in other applications, so as to make better electronics, better products, and better technology. That is a stimulus. That makes us more competitive globally.

    Furthermore, it’s easy to rip on the defence budget, but 9/11 should have taught us that we have no idea when we can be attacked and we ought to be prepared for it. If we’re attacked in 2030, we cannot suddenly develop technology that has been languishing for the past two decades; we would be stuck fighting a 2030 battle with 2010 technology. As far as brilliant plans go, it’s lacking.

    Done ranting, I think.

  • The Camp of the Saints

Fallout From Sarah Palin’s Kentucky Senate Endorsement of Rand Paul

  • John:

    Dear Lisa Graas,

    It’s the economy, stupid.

    I don’t mean to be insulting, I think she has some valid opinions. But, the “Reagan conservative” model is quickly fading in favor of a truly grassroots model.

    That, and surely Rand Paul has more qualities than simply being ‘outside the box’ though he manages to (successfully) forward that as his finest.

  • Lisa Graas:

    You need to make a correction in your Palin quote.

  • Dale Elliott:

    I supported Sarah because she supported Veterans. She was there for her son and his unit of Army National Guard Soldiers who where being deployed and that meant alot.

    When she endorsed John McCain recently I was disappointed but I stood behind her. I felt she was supporting him because he had put her in the national spot light. Because of this she felt a duty to return to support his re-elction.

    When I learned that she supported Rand Paul in this election, I knew it was time for me to no longer support Sarah Palin. She chose a person based on his name and father and not a man that shared her conservtaive views. She and Rand share SOME of the same views however Bill Johnson shared alot more of those same views then Rand Paul does.

    I thought she stood behind Veterans and supported people who supported Veterans. How could she support a man who calls the war I was in and her son was in an “Illegal War”? How could she support a man who wants to close GITMO and send the prisoners to their “Country of Origin”? How can she support a man that has a following that is so Anti- War and Anti- CIA?

    Obviously she did not do any checking on who this person is or what he stands for. She obviously trusted the wrong person on this. I never thought she would be so wreckless in making a decision like this. If she is this wreckless – How could we support her or trust her in other important decisions?

    Since she sold out her support for Rand Paul she lost this Veteran’s support for her. She could have supported a Veteran by supporting Bill Johnson but she did not even give him a chance. Money was what based her decision to support Rand. Money and DC long time politician Ron Paul. Since she turned her back on Veterans… I ask other Veteran’s to also re-examine their support for Sarah Palin.

    I believed in Sarah Palin, I thought she was above politics as usual. I was wrong.

    Sgt Dale Elliott
    Louisville, KY

  • Chuck Cross:

    That poll is completely bunk, by the way. Persistence Consulting LLC also has R.J. Harris beating Tom Cole in his primary.

    I don’t know why Big Government Conservatives hate states-right conservatives so much, especially constitutional ones, but if we’re just headed back to Conservative, Inc. of the year 2005, the $$$ is going to once again dry up.

    There is a reason the McConnell machine hates Rand Paul, and it’s because Senate seats are precious, and he’ll vote using a Constitutional test, not a “will-I-get-money-for-my-PAC” test.

  • Scott:

    Who’s applying a litmus test, now?

    This looks like a middle school clique: we don’t like her because she likes him.

  • Kentuckyblessin:

    Here in Kentucky there are more Reagan Republicans than Libertarian ones,prior to Ronald Reagan running for president there were only a hand full of Republicans. To be honest I never gave Sarah any support I figured when she left her governorship in Alaska she had an agenda that was self serving and I see I was right. By endorsing Rand Paul she has shown me she isn’t a conservative. The little respect I did have for her is gone. Kentucky is not going to put a Libertarian running as a conservative in the Senate Seat no matter how much the Rand Paul folks try to package his Libertarian views as conservative and a grassroots movement; that is simply not the truth. Kentuckians can see through all the smoke and mirrors. His whole campaign is backed by outsiders,and he daddy’s clout if you follow the money trail it all goes back to his Dear ole’ Dad. Most of his endorsements are meaningless and I find it doubtful anyone will even remember who endorsed him on election day. Bill Johnson don’t need worthless endorsements he is running on his own merit and that is all he needs to win.

  • Chuck Cross:

    By the way, here is a real poll, by one of the most reliable pollsters, Public Policy Polling (“PPP”).

    Paul is up 44-25 on Grayson. 39% of likely primary voters have a favorable opinion of
    him to 13% unfavorable while 22% view Grayson positively to 15% unfavorable.
    Paul is winning the votes of conservatives by a 47-20 margin, while Grayson holds a 36-
    34 lead with moderates. Paul is having a particularly good amount of success with folks
    who think that the Republican Party in Washington has become too liberal- his lead with
    them is 54-18. Paul’s support is universal across demographic lines, as he is up with
    men, women, voters in every region of the state, and every group of the GOP electorate
    broken down by age.

    Not to mention there was a Rasmussen report out last week with Rand wiping out either Dem candidate in the general.

  • Kygal:

    This controversy goes way beyond “we don’t like her because she likes him”, Scott.

    Palin used pitifully poor judgment when she “endorsed” Paul in this race. She spoke from the ‘throne’ upon which so many conservatives had placed their straight arrow conservative queen…and she departed from what she had been saying to offer her high profile thumb’s up to someone with whom she says she has some areas of disagreement! It was duplicitous at the very least.

    In her speech at the “Tea Party Convention” (make that ‘a segment’ of the tea party convention) she spoke of holding our representatives accountable for straying off position. Well that’s exactly what she did and many, many of us in Kentucky are viewing her actions as betrayal of a strong stand on both fiscal and social conservatism. And lts’s not forget the thoughtless afront to our service men and women, who would be negatively impacted by Paul’s foriegn policy.

  • Chuck Cross:

    Wow kygal, you’re right. “And lts’s [sic] not forget the thoughtless afront [sic] to our service men and women, who would be negatively impacted by Paul’s foriegn [sic] policy.”

    I went to his issues pages, and it is startling!

    The defense of our country is the most important duty of our federal government. The men and women of our armed services deserve to be treated like the heroes that they are. Those willing to put their lives on the line in defense of freedom deserve a government that lives up to their promise to take care of them when they get home.

    In order to keep our promises, Rand proposes balancing the budget and making national defense a bigger percentage of a fiscally sane budget. Dr. Paul will demand that the care of our veterans be a top priority by:

    • Ensuring the VA provide affordable care and treatment
    • Providing employers a tax credit to hire veterans;
    • Restoring health coverage to retired vets;
    • Providing all necessary medical treatments to veterans; and,
    • Ending the outrageous requirement that veterans must sacrifice their retirement pay in order to receive VA disability benefits.

    These objectives can only be achieved if the federal budget is brought under control and weighted to reflect the actual and critical powers and responsibilities of the Federal Government. Our chief responsibility, to provide for the common defense, can only be fulfilled by cutting out the waste in our budget to make room for our heroes. No other group of federal employees is subject to such unfair treatment as our service men and women; and no other deserves the best.

  • Huey:

    When will these people get it?

    The primaries are for these fights. Fights for the candidates, not against each other. Fight it out. Support your candidate. Get out the vote. Then, when all is said and done, the one with the most votes goes on to the general election.

    No candidate is completely acceptable to the more than 1/2 of the voting public. None.

    None. None. None.

    So, you pick the one, from the choices available, who MOST reflects your MOST important values at THIS juncture in history. Then vote for that one.

    Rinse and repeat in the general election.

    Smile, shake hands, and move on.

  • Kygal:

    Wow Chuck,

    “I know that third party candidates can’t win in KY. Although I’m a libertarian at heart, I’ve decided to run as a Republican. Once I win I’ll be able to promote my father’s principles and work towards reforming the Republican party” ~ Rand Paul

    (sic) RON is essentially an isolationist, who says the war is illegal, and is for pulling the troops out, and balancing the budget by cutting spending to the military. (sic) This would impact the troops on multiple levels in spite of what Rand has had typed on his website. It also compromises national security by weakening our military.

  • Lisa Graas:

    I am still in a state of shock that Palin would diss veterans this way.

  • Doc:

    Because one dislikes the results of a poll then one dismisses it as completely bunk. I suppose a Grayson poll confirming the Johnson poll results is bunk, too. Bunk, bunk, bunk! “Wah, wah, wah! I’m telling you, we had a push poll two months ago that says Rand is wonderful!”
    Forget the other two independant and internal polls in January which showed Grayson and Paul narrowing into a tie. Now he’s THIRD! That’s called a TREND, Chucky, downward.
    Why, go ask the Pulaski County GOP. They barred him from their LDD event Saturday. We’re all quite tired of his arrogance and entitlement attitude. No wonder he’s slipping fast like the Titanic in the Atlantic.
    Johnson is earning the respect of KY. He’s outclassed Grayson and Paul all along. He has the demeaner for the office, unlike pouty little Randi and the expectant Grayson.
    As for the VA? It’s a popular target every political cycle but ignored by you, Chucky, and those who want to highlight it for political gain in the off season. Yes, Chucky, tell me you just went to Paul’s issues pages! I’m startled alright. It’s a ridiculous claim.
    I’m 100% DAV and the VA serves me, as well as 4.5 million veterans world-wide, just fine for the most part. Every system has its faults.
    It’s popular to criticize, too, by those who’ve never set foot in a VA facility.
    None of Randi’s “proposals” are new, none. He is disengenuous because EVERY SINGLE proposal of his is either under condideration, in effect, or pending implimentation.
    Randi told Cavuto he wants to cut ALL government spending by 5%. VA, too, I presume? How’s that “Top Prority” for veterans?
    The readers need to know one thing. Chucky and his wraskly Paul supporters are paid bloggers from outside KY with Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty who lie in wait in order to post their misinformation for unsuspecting new readers.
    Don’t be fooled.

  • ECM:

    I’m not going to keelhaul her over this one endorsement but, man, she has to pick her horses a bit more carefully in the future.

  • Jack Okie:

    Lisa Graas et al:

    We had eight years of Ronald Reagan. How did we end up 20 years later with Obama and a super-sized deficit and out of control federal spending? We conservatives have been singing from the small government hymnal for 30-40 years. How close are we?

    The fundamental, bottom line, take-it-to-the-bank reality is that nothing gets fixed if we don’t restore the Constitutional balance between the feds and states. Sarah gets that and is supporting candidates who have explicitly committed to the 10th Amendment. So y’all keep up the inside (Kentucky) baseball BS rather than helping fix the real problem, and then see how much we’ve accomplished in another 20 years: Zero, bupkis, nada! Wake up!

  • Chuck Cross:

    Well Doc, we’ll just have to see who’s polling is more accurate come May, won’t we?

    Have a link to Persistence Consulting LLC’s poll results?

    I see their contact information is a gmail address.

    Persistence Consulting
    P.O Box 164
    Edwardsville, Illinois 62025
    Phone: 618-406-1078
    Email: [email protected]

    And Doc, I would not have called Johnson’s poll bunk, other than I had previously seen (as I cited) very suspicious polling from them in the past. You want to trust it as the holy grail? Go for it. In fact, you should write Bill Johnson a check right now as a true-believer.

  • Jack Okie:

    We’ve all noticed how folks get to Washington DC and somehow transform into the big spenders they campaigned against. Well, folks, there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and it’s right there in DC. While states and local governments starve for cash, huge sums are hoovered up by the feds so $300 million bribes can be offered to corrupt senators. The pile of cash is too much temptation for all but the most principled.

    The Founders intended the Senate to represent the interests not just of the States, but the State legislatures. The 17th Amendment, passed as part of the Progressive agenda, threw a major monkey wrench into our system of checks and balances and removed the only real brake on federal expansion. How long do you suppose a senator would remain in DC if, elected by the legislature, he/she voted to suck their money up to Washington?

    That’s the problem, and all the so-called solutions like term-limits are just so much wankery.

  • Cindy Lou:

    I’m tired of all this crap. Everytime there’s a discussion about candidates positions it turns into a damn pissing contest. You all challenge one another to go read the other candidate’s website to see what they say on every subject under the sun. Obama had a pretty website too, that was totally bogus. I have many interests in this election none more important to me as abortion. One is either for or against the killing of the innocent unborn. To say it’s the problem of the State’s or the Federal Gov’t is pure cowardice. We need leaders that will stand up and and get a “Right to Life” amendment. 50 million abortions in the past 16 years is horrendous. At this rate the Muslims will wipe us out by attrition in 40 to 50 years. Welcome to reality. You people want to disparage anyone that takes a stand against this murder. You all make me sick!

  • robbie:

    We conservatives haven’t been as vigilant as we should have been, but those times are a’changin’. None of the issues are worth squat if this country is not defended; I’m not slamming anyone who has not served in any branch of the military, but Bill Johnson is a veteran, and has that first-hand insight into defense. Mr. Johnson also understands how the illegal immigration problem is linked to our national security – not just people sneaking over our borders without permission, but is fully aware of the danger of identity theft and LOCAL law enforcement; Johnson has been aware of this problem for years, unlike Mr. Paul who was only told there was an illegal immigration problem within the past 6 months. He wasn’t aware of the federally mandated (for federal jobs) E-Verify employment program until just a few weeks ago. National security isn’t just about guns, fighter planes and tanks.

  • Doc:

    Try to maintain an even keel, Chucky. You seem a bit testy.
    You didn’t cite a Johnson poll, to start with. Secondly, you continue to put up that silly non-contributory poll from December. It’s now February…2010.
    I got a “poll call” three weeks ago, Rand’s?. It was ONLY for registered male Reublican voters and only included Grayson and Paul. Wonder why? What’s so intimidating about Johnson not to include him? You are quoting polls with a clear sampling bias. They are therefore unreliable for representing reality.
    Same thing goes with your Rasmussen poll except that you apparantly did not read it. It is a poll addressing the Nov. 2 general election, not the Republican primary on May 18. It left off Johnson, again. How contrived. The poll results have as much interpretive value as a Cold War probability strategy session in the 1980’s.
    Get an education, Chucky. Come to terms with the fact that money doesn’t buy an election. Paul is outspending Johnson 20:1 yet his return on his investment is dropping. 20:1!! Johnson’s is gaining as he deftly out-campaigns both Paul and Grayson.
    Yet Paul wants you, me, and others to believe he is fiscally responsible? Not to mention all that crap he’s littering up KY’s landscape with with.
    Polls don’t vote. Voters vote and it’s only Feb. 8.
    Endorsements cut both ways. Already Palin’s little love fest with Randi has cost his campaign dearly. Go read the blogs and don’t fixate on me.
    Johnson is who voters are looking at for May, not the money, polls, or endorsements, Chucky.
    But, next time Prince Randi wants a poll, why don’t you encourage him to include Johnson?
    Feel free to check his FEC records for my contributions. As a super-spy sleuth I bet you can guess my name. I’m high profile with Bill. Oh! You don’t live here, do you Mr. Liberty Tree Fruit?

  • robbie:

    @Jack – Mr. Johnson has made a personal pledge that, if sent to Washington, he would step down after two terms.

  • Ronsonic:

    People, Sarah Palin has always been libertarian and traditionalist. Now that’s enough like a conservative for most practical purposes but is not the same thing.

    She has also been astute and decent enough to welcome people to agree with her even when they disagree on some issues. Her current support of John McCain is a matter of personal loyalty, that’s a sign of decency. Support of Rand Paul a matter of domestic policy.

    What she doesn’t do is support people on the basis of party affiliation. Palin is not going for the “party” guy. She has her own personal and somewhat idiosyncratic standards and stands by them. It is far more honest than what she would do if she were “positioning” herself either as a candidate or “king maker.”

    We should welcome that independent, tea-party attitude. Well, I do. I recommend we get accustomed to this new spirit of noisy, chaotic and hopefully respectful primary campaigns and save the “hang together” for the general election. This is how we’re going to get good principled candidates whom we can support enthusiastically even when they don’t match up on every item.

    This is the new wave. The old wave is the one pulling Carly into demon-sheep hell and Crist into irrelevance.

  • William R:

    This is a battle for the heart and soul of the Republican party. The NeoCons have dominated since the election of Bush Cheney and the results are pretty obvious. The Democrats control Washington DC. Bush was a disaster. Kristol and his ilk see Rand Paul as a threat thus usual smear tactics begin.

    The GOP Should Dump the NeoCons

  • Jack Okie:


    Back in the ’90s Dr. Tom Coburn was prevailed upon to run for the Oklahoma 2nd Congressional District. He pledged to retire after three terms, which he did (to no-one’s surprise who knew him). While honorable, the net effect was to deprive us of one of the best Congressmen we had ever had. He was later prevailed upon to run for the Senate; to my knowledge he made no similar pledge this time (thank goodness, because we will need all like him we can get for the coming battle).

    Michael Barone and Glenn Reynolds are talking about the country’s emerging Third Awakening. I believe it is the broader grass-roots groundswell behind the current tea parties. If we want “smaller government” and local control, how do we get it? Is it even possible given that the deck is currently stacked towards DC? If Johnson is deeply committed to the 10th Amendment and restoring the states’ rightful Constitutional powers, then we need him in the Senate for as long as it takes (certainly more than 12 years). What does leaving after two terms accomplish? If his primary focus is not on state sovereignty, then I don’t want him in the Senate at all. NOTHING we do will mean anything in the long run if we don’t reverse the Progressive agenda and restore the Constitutional allocation of rights and powers.

  • William R:

    I keep hearing that Bill Johnson is the Reagan conservative in this race. I don’t think so. Take foreign policy for example.

    Reagan’s Wisdom on the Middle East

  • Lisa Graas:

    Here’s the real story behind the polls the Paul supporters keep pushing in an attempt to make us all believe their fantasies.

    Background on Polling in Kentucky’s Senate GOP Primary

  • Lisa Graas:

    And as you read this story (link below), take note, it’s not just about Pulaski County. It’s about Hal Rogers’ DISTRICT

    Paul can’t win. Even if he won the primary (he won’t) too many Republicans in the state would not support him in the general. That’s just a fact. Meanwhile, the “new guy”, Bill Johnson, who is a stellar candidate, is exciting people. The previous commenter who noted a “downward trend” for Paul is absolutely right.

  • Doc:

    “Neo-conservatism” is a term almost exclusively used by the enemies of America’s liberation of Iraq. There is no “neo-conservative” movement in the United States. When there was one, it was made up of former Democrats who embraced the welfare state but supported Ronald Reagan’s Cold War policies against the Soviet bloc. Today “neo-conservatism” identifies those who believe in an aggressive policy against radical Islam and the global terrorists. (David Horowitz)
    William: The GOP should dump the Neocons? Really? Then you would argue that Paulers do not believe in an aggressive policy against radical Islam and the global terrorist.
    That, dear readers, sums up nicely the prevailing thought processes of the Libertarian Rand Paulers. It’s not isolated to their supporters. They are routinely encouraged to condemn modern day “Neocons” and label National Security defenders like Bill Johnson, without even knowing the definition of Neocon today, by Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty.
    Grayson pays lip service to this in his commercials but has not put forth a cogent and realistic plan.
    Paul will cut defense spending by 5%, push to cut & run in Afghanistan and Pakistan(despite the nuclear threat), close all bases abroad, dismantle the CIA, and put an “Invisible Fence” on the southern border, despite the tactical challenge of getting illegal aliens to wear those bulky Invisible Fence collars. He says he’ll end visas for countries known to have Islamic terrorists, over 60 of them.
    Terrorists don’t apply for visas, Randi.
    William: It’s 2010, not 1983. Reagan misjudged the Mid East’s potential to escalate Islamic terrorism. That’s called a mistake. I’m certain he wouldn’t make that mistake again now. Peace Through Strength.
    Get with the program, William.
    The GOP needs to dump the Libertarian element which threatens its very core conservative existence.

  • William R:

    NeoCons support a Wilsonian FDR, Truman foreign policy. Big government liberal internationalism. The United States getting involved in the Arab Israel conflict. As for Reagan, he wrote his memoirs years after the 1983 incident so he has plenty of time to think about it. He recognized the folly of getting involved in conflicts in that part of the world. A traditional conservative view!

  • Steve Poling:

    You said: “Palin has a libertarian streak that some of her supporters hadn’t reckoned with”

    A failure to account for this “libertarian streak” (or a tendency to be willfully blind to its existence) is one of the key sources of consternation amongst Republicans Who Know Better Than Us. It doesn’t help that Mrs. Palin’s statements are characterized as “populist” when in truth they are libertarian.

    The only real cure to this disability is to actually pay attention to what she says and has written, and file what others put in her mouth alongside Tina Fey quotes.

  • Doc:

    Reagan also said, William, “Some of you may remember that in my early days, I was sort of a bleeding heart liberal. Then I became a man and put away childish ways.”
    I remind you, again, This is 2010. Conditions on the ground have changed but you simply want to abandon Israel to a second Holocaust. That’s your solution to global terrorism?
    You cannot address the specific challenges of Post #29 so you attempt a diversion? Your candidate, Prince Randi,is an empty suit, thus you refuse to be responsive.
    At least tell me how he’s going to get those invisible illegal aliens to wear their Invisible Fence collars! While you’re at it, explain how he intends to use his “helicopter gunships” concept? Whom does he intend to shoot? Visible illegals?
    Prince Randi also claims to be able to close the border in three months! Wow! That’s quite a promise. He can’t even keep illegals out of Bowling Green, his hometown and the second fastest growing community of illegals in KY, much less close the border in three months! The fact is he aids and abets human trafficking of illegals into Bowling Green by his own admission!
    Come ahead, William. Show me your stuff. Focus. I know it’s hard too squeeze your thoughts through that little mouse in your right hand but try.
    Tell me how Prince Randi is going to do all these things. Stay en pointe. Don’t wander into ADD, Answer Deficit Disorder.
    I really want a dialogue but find it awkward since you folks never answer a single point! Your Campaign for Liberty tea parties apparantly include more than smoking tea, based on the paucity of substance in your posts and your obvious looseness of associations.

  • William R:

    To hell with Israel. They can take care of themselves. We can no longer afford the empire we have constructed. It it time to cut defense, and that means stop defending nations that are fully capable of defending themselves. It’s time to throw the Neocons under the bus. They drove the Republican over the cliff. And Reagan correctly judged the problems in the Middle East. As our own CIA warned us there is going to be blow back from our actions in the region. The idea that the United States can go around the world and bomb nations without expecting anything in return is absurd.

  • Doc:

    Your response is sine qua non representative of why the Pauls cannot be allowed any influence in or election to Washington.

  • William R:

    Doc, it’s obvious you put the interest of a foreign country ahead of your own. You are just anti-American. As for closing the border, bring our troops home from the Middle East and we could close our border in a week. Ron Paul doesn’t hold any elected office in Bowling Green so he has nothing to do with the illegal problem. Whether it’s 1983 or 2010 nothing has changed. We have troops occupying Muslim countries. Reagan learned from his mistake. It is in the national interest of the United States to be neutral in the Middle East just as Reagan proposed in his memoirs.

  • Doc:

    So, William, are these the tactics you endorse in politics? What’s next, kneecapping Herr William?

    Get a load of Big Daddy Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty threats against Bill Johnson’s Special Forces Bloggers, a groub of (mostly) disabled, retired, older men and women who support their candidate and engage the opposition.

    Manners, Rand. That’s all it takes.

  • Doc:

    You’re awfully quiet, William. Who said, “I agree with my father on all but the most minor of issues.”?
    William, these are not minor issues:

  • Doc:

    McCracken County GOP Senate Debate Internet live stream broadcast at 12:30 PM CST Saturday, Feb. 13…

    Johnson v.Grayson & Paul

  • The Classic Liberal
  • Ubervu thread

To Be Fair to Rachel Maddow . . .

  • Roxeanne de Luca:

    Why do they think that modern literacy tests would stop blacks from voting? Since when is literacy a racial trait?

  • KingShamus:

    To be fair, Rachel Maddow is more of a man than Chris Matthews and Keef Overbite combined.

  • Americaneocon:

    I scooped you on this one, friend! See, ‘Rachel Maddow: Calling for ‘Civics Literacy’ Makes You a ‘White Hooded’ Racist’.

  • Roxeanne de Luca:

    By the way, what’s with the pudding? Is it one of those things that I’m happy to have missed in Boston?

  • Chuck Cross:

    Mark Steyn wrote a great column about Declinistan, and I think the literacy of the average voter dovetails with our slide.

    I get the feeling that voters who are tax-eaters are more likely to vote themselves a bigger piece of pie, rather than if a candidate only wants to protect their freedom to go bake their own pie.

  • Patrick:

    I hate to be the one to say this Mr. McCain. But I agree with Maddow. Tom Tancredo is a flat out racist bigot.

    and I’ll explain why, Mr. McCain. My Father is 63 years old. He hails from Middlesburo, Kentucky. He is, as you know, white. My Father has an 8’th Grade education. My mom says he is, but never diagnosed, dyslexic. My Father can barely read. He does not write that well either. If something like this was passed, MY DADDY would not be able to vote either.

    So, yeah, the dude is a racist; he is also a god damned Anti-Semitic jack wad too. Neo-Con = JEW… remember that.

    I’ll tell ya…. if that is what the Republican Party is headed toward. I want zero to do with it. I believe illegal immigration is wrong as hell. But racism towards ANY minority is wrong too. Can’t find evil with evil. and Tom Tancredo is damned Evil.

    Here’s my Blog posting on it.

  • Patrick:

    “Can’t find evil with evil”


    Make that Cannot FIGHT Evil with Evil..


  • Red:

    Ronnie Manilow is the stupidest guy on television next to Matthews and Olbermann. They are msnbc’s answer to the ‘Three Stooges’.

  • Stogie:

    So Patrick, you’re telling us that dyslexic is a race? “Racism towards any minority is wrong too.” Who said otherwise?

    Let me ask you a question. Are you a liberal “concern troll,” posing as a conservative in order to get your dumbass positions through without any rebuttal?

  • Lazarus Long:

    “…when Tom Tancredo talks about literacy tests, that’s what they used in the south to keep black people from voting”

    The “they” she’s talking about is the Democrat party.

    BTW, the KKK was the terrorist arm of the Democrat party.

    The Democrat Party has always been the party of the four S’s: slavery, secession, segregation and socialism.

  • Political Byline

Rule 5k ft.

Stacy And I Are Not Objects Of VodkaPundit’s Affection

  • Red:

    It won’t last.

Agitprop for A**holes

  • Red:

    Sounds like a professional d#ck.

  • Red:

    Actually I meant ‘career’ d#ck since there’s nothing ‘professional’ about the guy.

  • Obi’s Sister

Representative Murtha: May The Almighty Have Mercy

  • Natedawg:

    Rumor has it the Dems have asked Bin Laden to be a Pall Bearer.
    Take heart, Dems. Even Benedict Arnold has a statue that is proudly displayed in Britain.

  • Chuck Cross:

    I never met Congressman Murtha, nor knew anything about his personal life. May he be judged fairly.

    Beyond that, two words — TERM LIMITS.

  • jefferson101:

    The man had a Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts from his service with the Corps in VietNam. I will honor him, (and anyone so decorated) for that.

    The less said about his Political career, the better, though.

    Be that as it may, he is no longer involved in the affairs of the Republic. He is history, for good or for ill.

    All sinners are capable of Salvation, if they truly Believe, and I’m praying that he did. And that’s all I can say about him in good conscience.

  • Natedawg:

    No, he coldly turned his back on the very Marine Corps that gave him sustenance in his early days.

    I have a suggestion that can save the taxpayers a boatload of cash: stitch together about 20 of those Hope and Change t-shirts you find in the Wal-mart bargain bin and give him a burial at sea.

  • Chuck Cross:

    @ smitty
    Sorry — trying to follow what you mean. Do you mean by re-jiggering the political context, reforming the role of the legislator with respect to Congress? In other words, returning Congress’ primary role to protecting the people, and protecting freedom rather than the current primary role of who-can-bring-home-the-most-bacon?

    You’re right in that term limits can be effectuated every time re-election comes up, by an informed electorate. Of course, it depends who is informing the electorate, and further, how much they wish to be informed. Of course that tangent could evolve into how much people read these days, and what they believe the role of government ought to be. A tangent best discussed over scotch with cigars, rather than blog-comment essays.

  • Red:

    I think that was the best pulling of punches Ace could do. Matter of fact. I liked it.

  • richard mcenroe:

    I can think of eight families I feel more sorry for than Jack Murtha right now. Marine families.

  • thatsright:

    I second Richard’s sentiment.

    Smitty, you know I love ya, but while he may have been born here, he’s not my “fellow American”. My family has served since they got here too. Not one of them came home and slandered their fellow soldiers to score cheap political points. In my opinion, for that he deserves no respite, even in death.

  • Joe:

    I hated his politics. What he did to fellow Marines was wrong, but he did serve honorably in combat. I will leave it to God to sort out.

  • Doom:

    May he lift one with Teddy and bros. May it not be a scotch. I hope the muslims enjoy their new virgin. And may they have no lube, pleasure, or release. Hubba Hubba Cheers.

  • Chuck Cross:

    @ smitty – Thanks for the clarification!

  • Reaganite Republican:

    Good stuff… linked at Reaganite Republican.

  • That’s Right
  • Bits Blog
  • Ubervu thread

Stimulus Pussy Thankful For Job Creation

    This blog’s mascot, Sissypuss, makes a stunning debut.
    NB: when young4eyes calls things a ‘Major Fail’, read: ‘Cosmic Win’. This was my first Insta-lanche in a while, so somebody liked it.

  • VodkaPundit featured us on The Week in Blogs.
  • Political Byline
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  • Quick Daily Hits.
  • Paco Enterprises
  • Ubervu thread
  • Red:


  • Joe:

    Good you have the video. Because the words “stimulus pussy” alone do not invoke the same image.

  • young4eyes:

    Uh yeah…
    How are you guys doing with that small-business jobs bill?
    Ever get around to wanting to do something about that?
    I know, I know…you all want this economy to tank so desperately, it’s killing you that it hasn’t happened fast enough.
    Hey, maybe a little “lifting of the American spirit” will do the job! Who would’ve thought that the answers to America’s problems would fit into the palm of one’s hands…
    Oh and for the record, to those who are really trying to dismiss the hand-gate embarrassment by trying to pretend that they were crib notes for her speech: the things written on her hand were answers she used during the Q&A.How did she know she was gonna get that question? Hmmm…..
    Major Fail!!!
    Then again so is everything Cons try their “hands” at…

  • proof:

    Smitty: I’m thinking your video needs a soundtrack. I suggest “Cat scratch fever”.

  • Patrick:





  • FormerHostage:

    Cat Scratch Fever is OK. But since we’re talking about the Stimulus Package, the go-to tune should be Wacky Sax (Bennie Hill fans would recognize it).

    Send me the video and I’ll see what I can do.

  • steveegg:

    Excellent job Smitty.

  • Quillin:

    Hey young4eyes,put your glasses back on. Those were topics not answers.

  • Jazz:

    This could be an alternative theme…

Ah, The Blame Game

  • keyboard jockey:

    President Obama, to host a televised bipartisan health care meeting February 25th.

    Rep Thaddeus McCotter On Cavuto 9 February 2010. Sitting in for Neil Cavuto, Charles Payne, asks Rep McCotter.

    “Is the GOP up for this, are you going to take the bait.”

    Thaddeus McCotter responds “I certainly don’t think we should take the bait.

    GOP not goin there.

  • a

Heading North

  • Dr. K:

    Uh, in the name of accuracy, the gov of NJ is a Republican. I think you mean Patterson of NY.

  • Rich Fader:

    Oh, no, he din’t.

    [pulls up Andrew’s post]

    Oh, yeah, he did.

    Silly queen. I want to see that quote on a campaign poster.

Ron Reagan Jr. Acts Like A Colossal Goon

  • Da Tech Guy
  • The Daley Gator
  • Ubervu Thread
  • Red:

    This guy again? Wow. Desperate times…

  • ClericalGal:

    Pam is absolutely right. Ronald Reagan was called “an amiable dunce” by Clark Clifford. Garry Trudeau had a series in Doonesbury called “In Search of Reagan’s Brain” For his son to deny or ignore this in order to make political points against Pam and Sarah Palin is despicable.

  • Rich Fader:

    It gave me a little bit more pleasure than it probably should have that Clifford ended his legal career in the blast zone of the BCCI mess.

  • dicentra:

    You couldn’t pay me enough to appear on the Joy Behar show. I love how it’s always a 3-to-1 progg vs. conservative ratio (as on The View).

    If Behar had any courage at all, she’d invite Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, and Mark Steyn on at the same time and see what happens.

    I would pay to see that. I would pay a lot.

  • Rich Fader:

    By the way, is Skipper acting like a colossal goon, strictly speaking, news?

  • kas:

    Geller may never have met him Ron, but you sure as hell never bothered to know him.

    Oh, Dicentra- Ann Coulter has been on a few times and it was AWESOME. You know how she could get Alan Colmes sooo angry by basically laughing in his face the entire time back when it was H&C-like that.

  • pivey:

    Sat analogy:


  • rod stanton:

    His is not Jr. They have different middle names. They also have always been 180 degrees different in politics. When the LAT ran articles on why Ronnie was a bad Gov. (38 – 45 years ago) one constant reason was he was a bad father. This McCain/Crist/Graham Republican was always quoted in the articles describing ho his dad was an awful father.
    Mike had a different view (being a Gold water Republican like the guy who gave us “THE SPEECH” 10/64) but the LAT ignored him.
    The 2 Ronnies always were very different and the younger hated his dad for at least 50 years;.
    One is R.W (old) other is R.P. (the collectivist McCain like child – now chronologically an adult)

    Please – do not call him Jr. They share first and last names and blood and are Californians but that is all. Everything (and that covers a whol lot of things) else is/was different

  • kansas:

    I’d really like to comment on this but that would require watching Ron Reagan Jr and Joy Behar. I won’t take that one for the team, but thanks to all of you who did. Good to know his career peaked, because I didn’t think he actually had one, the insufferable prick.

  • nohype:

    Junior Reagan insisted that because Geller had not known his father, she had no basis to say that President Reagan would like Palin, whereas the fact that he was the son of Ronald Sr meant that he could pronounce with authority on whom his father would or world not like. Although children and spouses may have special insight into their fathers and husbands as people, that does not imply that they know what they would do as professionals. Think about your own situations–does personal knowledge translate into understanding the professional world of people you know very well?

    Junior Reagan would be totally ignored by the Left if he had not rejected the political philosophy of his father. And he should be totally ignored by the right because he has rejected the political philosophy of his father.

  • Thomas L. Knapp:

    It’s nice to know that Pamela Geller is out there helping nail down the Shithouse Rat Crazy voting bloc for the GOP.

NTP Server Possibly Damaged In Snowstorm

  • richard mcenroe:

    IF critizing this administration actually strengthened Al Qaeda, this administration would encourage it.

President Obama Makes A Good Point

  • Rich Fader:

    If the guy on the last watch did it, and you didn’t do anything to oppose it when he did it, and you didn’t do anything to change it when you got in, guess what, Binky? You don’t get to pass it off. Because it’s just as much yours as his.

  • Scott:

    Want to bet someone fed him the followup answers?

    He should have written them on his hand before the interview: “Socialist
    George Bush
    Not on my watch.”

  • Randy Rager:

    So his policies aren’t socialist and as proof he calls previous socialist policies (which is exactly what his two examples are) “free market principles”?!?

    Either he’s dumber than dirt or he’s ignorant of the meaning of the words he’s abusing.

    Or both.

  • young4eyes:

    Randy,Scott, Rich…Nice try.
    “If the guy on the last watch did it, and you did’t do anything to oppose it when he did it…”
    Well that would pretty much sum up Conservatives culpability, wouldn’t it? And that’s the point to it all. How could you be complaining about it now when you weren’t complaining about it then? Oh I forgot, this time the bus driver has a “D” next to his name.
    Scott, I want you to thank Palin for us all. She is the gift that keeps on giving.
    Randy,I know it’s hard for you to get this straight, you being used to dumbed-down explanations.
    His policies aren’t socialist, you just want to call them socialist. Point being that when they were implemented during Bush, those policies were called “free market principles”. Get it? Probably not, since you just proved that it is you ,sir, that is dumber than dirt or ignorant of the words you misinterpret.
    Or both…

  • young4eyes:

    Smitty, not a bad post.
    In particular I can really get down with the idea of reworking the game.
    Probably as fair as you are going to get in a post about BO.
    Nonetheless, a well reasoned argument.
    Don’t hate the player, people. Wake up and change the game.

  • Mark @ Israel:

    Well, it seems like Obama doesn’t want to be called a socialist. Of course, that’s an ugly word for him.

Is The Legal System Just Another Industry?

  • Brian:

    A little devil’s advocate here on something you touched on.

    Anything thrown at a moving vehicle risks a card accident that could cause the serious injury or death to an occupant or a bystander.

    Even a slow moving vehicle in the snow could have an accident if the driver is surprised by a snowball and accidently hits the gas or brakes when they shouldn’t have.

    A felony could be over-kill, but what would you recommend doing to adults that are repeatedly throwing snowballs at moving vehicles? Wait until there is an accident and then try to find and charge them will vehicular manslaughter?

  • Andrew:

    In Provo, UT, they have a city ordinance where it is a $50 dollar fine for throwing snowballs. I was there about 12 years ago and the place I was staying at had to remind us not to throw them or we would be fined by the police. Apparently the city ordinance is 9.14.100. Here’s an index if you’re interested, bored, or just oddly interested

  • Cassandra:

    Did you read the whole thing, Smitty?

    Maybe it’s just me, but if I were driving a snowplow during a storm I don’t think it would be helpful to have SHOVELS of snow thrown on my windshield while the plow was moving.

    The felony bit seems a bit harsh but on the other hand characterizing shovels of snow as “throwing snowballs” seems odd to me.

  • Arnold Williams:

    Under common law, a felony was committed with “evil intent” — something that requires you to reasonably infer someone’s state of mind from their actions. I note that in the list you supply, that is no longer part of the definition. Too bad. It ought to be. Otherwise anything that the government disapproves of for any reason can be a “felony”.

  • proof:

    In response to the headline: Yes. Every ambulance chased is a job “created or saved”!

  • tysm:

    Sorry but having had that happen to me and causing an accident.

    Burn the bastards. Adults behaving worst then children.

Thomas Sowell Drops The ‘F’ Bomb

  • Chuck Cross:

    Anytime I hear a politician use the term “fair,” I know it is a program/idea working against me.

    As noted in the post, life is not fair. It’s far from fair, so deal with it.

  • Ric Locke:

    “Fair” has some actual meanings, you know.

    It’s a technical term in baseball — a “fair” ball goes between first and third bases; all others are “foul”.

    As a verb, it is most often used as a participle; the meaning is “smooth over an irregularity”, esp. as regards fluid flow. The sheet metal smoothing the joint between wing and fuselage of an airplane is a “fairing”.

    As a characterization in a performance review, it is the step between “good” and “poor”; the literal meaning is “we don’t have an excuse to fire you yet, but the year is young.”


Iowahawk Rocks. Again.

  • H. G. Fielding:

    The headwaters of the Mississippi being located in scandi infested Lower Canuckistan, Von Drehle’s dying words would probably be something like “the lutefisk… the lutefisk… “

Technology Isn’t Always The Answer

  • Adrienne:

    So that means my very last “event” on earth is getting screwed? Sounds ok to me…

  • Beto Ochoa:

    It’s for typical politicians
    So crooked they have to be screwed into the grave.

  • Dr. Frankenstein:

    Where were these when I was trying to make my creature?

    Grave robbing would be a snap.

  • Adrienne:

    Smitty – I saw the caption, but you know it’s all about me and my needs…

  • Adrienne:

    …even in death 🙂

  • proof:

    Do Australians have to have the screw turn counter-clockwise? Heh.

  • Adrienne:

    Proof – now that’s funny!

  • Patrick:

    10-4 on the screwing yourself into the ground.


  • Rose:

    They can now make you into a diamond when they cremate you – I like that idea.

  • Rich Fader:

    Of course, Bill Clinton will probably screw himself into the ground, even without the coffin.

Colmes: Yes!

The Off-Beat Observations Of Jeff G.

  • serr8d:

    Let’s see Liberal Arts academicians do a thing to, say, improve any human’s lifespan or get us closer to Mars. Best they can do is slow us down, as Obama’s done by slashing NASA, with demands for socialistic equivalences.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with Liberal Arts studies, mind you. The argument was over who should be worth more on the open market: hard science academes (producers of the ‘good stuff’) or fluttery (softer) liberal arts ‘thinkers’ (consumers, mostly). Lefty Professor Surber wants more cash for his profession, and has butthurt that he’s perceived as less useful.

    News Flash! You are useless, Surber. And worth much less to me than is my dentist, AFAIC.

    Be sure to visit Jeff’s first linky to David Thompson, for more perspective.

  • Blake:

    A liberal Arts major such as Surber will never understand that without capitalism, he’d actually have to work for a living.

    I suggest Surber head to Africa, find a tribe of hunter/gatherers and see just how well he can live with them by just waving around his degree.

    Such a person cannot imagine how quickly he would become useless if society were to collapse.

    Only a rich society can afford a luxury item like Jere Surber.

On Bush Nostalgia

  • The Lonely Conservative
  • Quick Daily Hits
  • Moe Lane
  • Ran / Si Vis Pacem:

    I am almost with you on the foreign policy view – but two staggering administration errors keep me from agreeing.

    First was our failure to stomp on Saddam and then get the Hell out of there with a solemn promise to return if they were to revert to previous archetype. We had no genuine interest in maintaining a “surgical” strategy when a surge was required – and eventually effective. Rummy and Bush wasted a lot of lives and treasure. Leave a few bases, sure, but that daily cop routine sucked.

    Secondly: Iran, NK and Condi. I dug Doctor Rice, but she was not who we needed. We needed her at the UN and Bolton kicking foreign ass – someone Iran’s Mahdists would genuinely feel uncomfortable around. We dithered eight frickin’ years as Iran set-out to built nukes. Ditto NK.

    Yeah, I’m not so warm ‘n fuzzy on Bush’s foreign policy. Let me add the Ramos and Compean SNAFU to foreign policy failure as well…

  • young4eyes:

    All you need to know about this meme is that you folks would still take Bush over Obama any day, which pretty much reduces all of your differences with BO to something like pro-wrestling fanaticism: no substantive gripes, just personal preferences.
    “Bush was submarined in a big way by the media”
    This is my favorite misinterpretation.
    Whoever had “won” the presidency in 2000 under the circumstances of the Florida debacle would have faced fierce opposition from day one. Florida was a disastrous turn of events.
    Nevertheless!–after 9-11 Bush had the nation in the palm of his hands. Revisit your history for a moment and you will remember that he had a whole nation behind him.
    And then the idiot had to go and invade Iraq, and that’s when the curtains fell. And his response to Katrina didn’t help. The idea that the Left was out to get him is sheer fantasy. It wasn’t the media, it was that the trickery no longer worked and people eventually got it.The idea that the opposition to the Bush presidency was media based is shortsighted and tinged with just a tad of that wishful thinking you guys resort to way too often.

    “systematic, deliberate unfairness that was tantamount to a propaganda war”…A little projection here perhaps? unfair to question what many( besides the fools who thought we were attacked by Saddam) thought to be a terrible decision? And in the end, the “traitors” turned out to be correct.
    “A heaping helping of schadenfreude for the Left…”
    Ah, finally an admission that the Tea Party/Conservative antipathy towards BO is nothing more than the pettiness you usually reserve for high school girls. Thanks dudes! Don’t you feel better now?
    “can’t seem to figure out why debasing the occupant of the office has residual affects on the next occupant.”
    So where do we go from here? A perpetual debasement of whoever is in office?
    When do you guys grow up?
    If you can’t be adult enough to recognize what is true dissatisfaction and petty partisanship, then I am afraid you will never get the country you think you are fighting for.
    So sad…
    ( oh, and really? quoting Palin in the context of her statement regarding principles vs. personalities? This lady needs to write her principles on her hand to remember what they are!!!)

  • wombat-socho:

    Y4E: If you can’t tell the difference between an experienced two-term large state governor who actually reached out to and worked with his political opponents and the empty suit we have now, I feel sorry for you. It speaks to deficiencies that no amount of blog commenting will ever cure.

  • Reaganite Republican:

    Great post Smitty- sums it right up for me.

    I loved the defense posture of the Bush administration- the spending, not so much… but things can always get worse… A LOT worse.

    And George W Bush is also a good guy… and a truly moral man by Judeo-Christian norms. Sure easier to like and support a leader like that through a couple mistakes than to fall in-line behind a habitually-dishonest Bolshevik hustler like we’ve got now.

  • guest:

    The amount of manufactured lies told in order to get Obama elected is directly proportional to the amount manufactured lies told in order to destroy a Commander-in-Chief Bush during a time of war.

    What I find fascinating is that 18-29 year old voter bloc who, for the first time in their life, decided to show up and vote yet with that first vote managed to be the first generation to vote themselves into slavery.

    Silly Serfdom is for kids.

  • young4eyes:

    ” an experienced two-term large state governor who actually reached out to and worked with his political opponents ”
    Hilarious! Bush showed us all that your so-called “executive experience” amounts to a hill of beans when it comes to making sound decisions. But the best is the idea that Bush reached out to political opponents–you seem to forget that we were then still living in a era where Congressional obstructionism just wasn’t something you would not do( not to mention the Repugs Congressional majority). The idea that Bush was bipartisan is missing the point that bipartisanship goes both ways, and you had plenty of Dems, right or wrong, who were willing to work with the Pres. Go back and do your research.
    “I loved the defense posture of the Bush administration”
    Exactly, it was all posturing! Hey,if you are going to start a war, make sure that you know what you are doing. Chest thumping and bravado just isn’t enough these days.
    And as far as the billboard saying ” Me miss yet?”
    Why don’t you ask the millions that voted for BO and rejected McCain/Palin.
    Sarah asks how “hopey/changey is working out for us? Just great. The nation wakes up everyday thanking some divinity that we don’t have to deal with another 4 years of Bush policy.
    Nice try,fellers….

  • guest:

    Take pity on poor young4eyes, the enslaved Blue Smurf is in shock upon learning the Greek Column who can save and create the oceans has turned out to be paper-mached Hollywood fakery.

You Probably Don’t Want to Watch a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Video

  • guest:

    The chicken-foot symbol ruins the entire outfit

  • Chuck Cross:

    Good start to the morning

Jim Treacher, Goldbricking Again

  • Brandon Kiser:

    The love… can you feel it?

    Nope, me neither.

  • proof:

    Again?? I heard “still”!

  • Jersey Jim:

    Broken labia? Man up, Jim.

    Oh, wait, never mind. Carry on Jim…

  • Jim Treacher:


  • CayleyGraph:

    Well, Novak always has access to plenty of Novakain to help him deal with the pain…

Idiot Liberal Woman Eve Ensler Thinks Global Warming Causes Earthquakes

  • Dr. K:

    While it is largely true that most liberals are idiots, idiots can come in a variety of flavors.

    Face it, there are some idiot “conservatives”.

    Does the name “Mark Sanford” ring a bell?

  • Bob Belvedere:

    Good one, Dr. K.

  • guest:

    I have often said that Gloria Steinem may have burned our bras however she left a legacy of sagging DDD-sized siliconed boobs hanging on anorexic, skeletal bodies with botox-stiffened faces screaming about the plight Eve Ensler’s va-jay-jay.

    We’ve come a long way baby-we are NOW Queenies of the plastic-fantastic freak show.

  • LibertarianAdvocate:

    Smitty’s right its a pleonasm. In any event Joy Behar is a BORING idiot

  • snaggletoothie:

    One hundred years from now will lefties be threatening their kids by telling them that the Palin will eat them if they don’t finish their vegetables?

  • PMC:

    Ensler is a fraud. I was shocked and disappointed when I saw her famous play. Despite the title, there is no ventriloquism whatsoever in it.

  • Ran / Si Vis Pacem:

    Er, what’s a neoplasm? A bellicose amoeba?

    Behar has a point… As Earph warms up, the crust expands and the compression-forces along tectonic fractures react. It’s TRUE! As Gaia is my witness, it’s TRUE!

    Oh! Oh! It’s not just heating that causes the tsunamis. Human activity shakes the surface, and that too sets-off earthquakes. Stop laughing, you stoopid deniers. So rewd.

  • Michael Adams:

    In the late sixties/early seventies, when the pervasive myth of class solidarity was widely believed, people like Ensler, Steinem, et al. told us that men stick together, to oppress women and all that bad stuff. I failed to notice any examples of that. What I saw, instead, was that men were terribly sarcastic toward one another, and one of our favorite jibes was “thinking with his little head, instead of the larger one.” Is the female counterpart to that, “Ensler’s brain is in her vaginal opening”?

  • Lazarus Long:

    “Is ‘idiot liberal’ redundant?”

    I much prefer “helmet wearing short bus window licking moron”.

    Or maybe “Ignoranus”, a person who’s both stupid and an asshole.

  • RickS:

    I think the term is ACD (Anthropogenic Continental Drift). It’s a fact. And if you don’t believe me then you’re a denier…or something.

  • Ubervu thread

End The Godforsaken Fed

  • theCL:

    Big government requires the ability to counterfeit at will. This truth is as old as history itself. End the Fed … and you end the progressive state. For without it … Reid, Pelosi, McCain, Graham and the rest of the progressives, would be rendered virtually harmless.

  • AngelaTC:

    Thank you for writing this.

  • Chuck Cross:

    Excellent post, Smitty.

    As someone who has earned a living off a policy of inflation, easy credit and being one of the first in line for credit, it’s not easy to attack the Federal Reserve.

    I don’t think Bernanke and those guys mean harm either, but their policies of trying to soften the peaks/valleys of capitalism by smoothing out rough-patches is just passing the buck down the road for what will one day be a Reckoning of the system. Those heavily invested in the system will scoff at the idea that the market should set the cost of credit/risk (the interest rate), as opposed to the Federal Reserve. I believe they are wrong, and have a vested interested in cheap credit as they are first in line.

    If you ever want to read amazing critiques of the Federal Reserve beyond Congressman Paul, I suggest newsletter publisher James Grant who publishes Grant’s Interest Rate Observer. He’s made a lot of people on wall street a lot of $$$ with his ideas.

  • Chuck Cross:

    I agree not intrinsically evil, but just like how we refuse to look more than 5-10 years in the past when looking to “history,” our officials legislate/decide for the NOW and can barely see past the next election when making decisions. And as you rightly point out, we have no say with respect to the FRS, an organization with the power to wittingly or more likely unwittingly, debase the savings/wealth of a great deal of our citizens.

  • theCL:

    Ending the Fed has been on the front-burner of mine, ever since I learned how it worked back in my college economics classes … 20 years ago.

    The free market, or capitalism, does not create peaks and valleys. The Fed does. Hayek won the Noble Prize in ’74 by proving this fact! Economists have written about this for centuries, but it took the Austrian school, specifically Hayek, to finally bring it recognition.

    It is therefore difficult for me to believe smart guys like Bernanke, really have the best interests of the people at heart. That’s a matter of faith I cannot grasp. And considering that the “management” of the monetary system is Statist by definition, I cannot accept that it’s not “intrinsically evil” either.

  • The Classic Liberal

After All That Spin And Whitewash, Uncle Jimbo, Can You Tell Us How You Really Feel About the UN?

  • Dandapani:

    UN is a waste or American time and American money. It’s nothing but a cesspool of 3rd world dictators enriching themselves even more off the guilt from 1st world countries. If the UN was such as great idea, why doesn’t some other country sponsor it? France, perhaps. Get US out of the UN and get the UN out of US!

  • Dandapani:


  • jefferson101:

    Back in my wasted youth, I went down to the local John Birch Society bookstore and bought stuff occasionally.

    Other that their books, which were mostly a waste, I did get two things that I would like more of.

    They had stickers. One of them said “This is a Republic, not a Democracy. Let’s keep it that way.”

    The other one said “Get the U.S. out of the U.N. and the U.N. out of the U.S.”

    I’ve gone mainstream in a whole lot of ways since then, and gave up on being a Bircher and then on being a (Large “L”) Libertarian by the time I was 30.

    But I’ve still not found any reason to disavow the sentiments expressed by either of those stickers. I ought to get some more of both made up!

  • wombat-socho:

    Smitty, do you mean that comparison in the same way that bad sex is better than no sex, or in some other way that my Percocet-soaked brain doesn’t comprehend at the moment?

  • jefferson101:

    Smitty, my Boudreaux:

    If you can tell me how perpetuating a gang of thieves and sex criminals enables me to perpetuate my genes, I’m open to hear it.

    But my family is more likely to be using Blue Helmets as targets at the shooting range than anything else, and beyond that we have little use for bureaucrats, sex criminals, and extortionists. And that’s what the U.N. is, in it’s current form.

    Show me that it’s done much of anything to save anyone, and I may change my mind, but they facilitate the killers, not the victims. And we need that for what reason?

    And we pay for it for what reason?

    I’m in Bob Dylan Mode. “I’m going back to New York City. I do believe I’ve had enough.”

A Call To Help Moderate
The Moderate Voice

  • physics geek:

    Jim Geraghty made the observation that one of the TMV writers said that he’d prefer one political party to become dominant and the other to almost entirely fade away. The party he favored? The Democrats, because -and I’m paraphrasing here- they had more good and conservative ideas than Republicans. Really.

  • JSF:

    This blog-wah is one more front against The Left and the media for 2010 and 2012; if Lefties can hide under the nom de plume of “Moderate,” then it should be called on.

    And trust me, I fisked Kathy Kattenberg and as Smitty knows, rather then looking for honest Blogging, Gandlesmen defended her unoriginal posts (and lack of engagement with people whose political views she insults daily).

    I don’t mind an honest Kos or HuffPo attack, they stand by the Liberalism. At the TMV, they lie.

  • Ran / Si Vis Pacem:

    Liberty is under existential threat from genuine tyrants attempting control of the world’s largest economy…

    …and there’s someone out there trying to sell “moderate”? I’d quote myself, but that would get me investigated. Let’s just say that there are appropriate, rational reasons to hold the moral hard-line on Liberty. Sometimes “moderation” svcks. Svcks bad.

  • wombat-socho:

    People still read TMV? Why?

  • Bob Belvedere:

    What Ran said.

  • Bob Belvedere:

    Oops! Forgot my Barry Goldwater:
    I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!

Little Miss Attila: Blogging Guidelines

  • LIttle Miss Attila:

    Well, then, I shall underreact, and assume that you are NOT referring to DD’s attacks on my family, and implying that I was wrong to get worked up over them.

  • Dan Collins:

    I’m good at underreacting. Hell, I’m like a NUCLEAR underreactor.

  • Chuck Cross:

    Blessed are the peacemakers..

  • Patrick:


    Was it really that big? 😉

  • LIttle Miss Attila:

    The F-Bomb, or the Peacemaker? I’ve never seen either one of those come in at at under six inches . . .

    You know how it is: God created men and women; Sam Colt made ’em equal. 😉

    Blessings upon you!–and, all best. See you in a week or whatever.

  • John Doe:

    I’d add one more caveat: Don’t drink and blog. “What was I thinking,” he mumbled to himself.

Blogging Is Re-Blogging

  • Outside the Beltway
  • Trainwife1962
  • Little Miss Attila
  • Ubervu thread
  • Bob Belvedere:


  • DarthRove:

    So Andi is a vicious demented Jew-hating poofter?

  • Red:

    What Bob said.

  • FatBaldnSassy:

    Glen is a demented poofter, too.

  • LIttle Miss Attila:

    Depends on what you mean by rewriting: when I’m rewriting a long-form story, I may take out entire paragraphs, which I wouldn’t do to a blog post.

    But just editing?–spelling, grammar, word choice? That’s fine.

    What one does want to do is acknowledge factual errors.

    And of course there are times when one follows tequila rules. Natch. (You know what those are, don’t you?–“When you drink tequila, there are no rules.”)

  • Little Miss Attila:

    I’m only posting to fix that capital “i” problem in my I.D. for this account.

    CORRECTION: The name of my blog is actually “Little Miss Attila,” rather than “LIttle Miss Attila.”

  • Georg Felis:

    Much of this is due to the “writing with your finger on a pail of water” nature of the blogosphere. Newspapers chisel their words on tablets of stone (well, shredded trees) and are immortalized forever in microfilm the the basements of libraries over the world, while that same informative blog post that you looked at yesterday has strangely transformed into a recepie for rhubarb pie today.

    So be polite. Mark your corrections. Even if they are embarassing. After all, even the New York Times does it. Sometimes.

OK, I Found The Moderate Part

  • Roxeanne de Luca:

    The Moderate Voice is only looking at one political party. If it were to examine the voting records of both Republicans and Democrats over the past year, it would find one bloc made up almost exclusively of Democrats and one bloc made up of Republicans and many moderate Democrats.

    Obviously, the former bloc is the extreme one and the latter, the moderate one. One wonders what is so hard about this.

  • Adobe Walls:

    “Voting uniformly against every Obama initiative from the stimulus to health care.” Some, specifically myself, call that fighting against “communist subversion”. What is remarkable is that it’s taken so long for any “moderate” democrats to help arrest our country’s slide into the abyss of bolshevism. I take some small solace that a couple democratic senators voted against Craig Becker’s confirmation. It’s a start. What is remarkable is conservatives have allowed moderates to infiltrate republican ranks and thereby dilute the “brand”. The failure of moderate republicans, is only recognizing the danger the left poses after they’ve gained control of the government. The moderates of both parties must be voted out of office and this civility non-sense must stop. The “solid bloc of no” is the proof of the important philosophical and ideological differences between conservatives and the nefarious Bolshevik plotting of the majority of democrats in national office. The democrats are so far left, they think socialism is the centrist position. It is moderates whether republican, independent or democrat who are actually destroying this country. I used to believe that a moderate was someone awaiting one or two crucial pieces of information needed to choose between conservative or “progressive”. I’m leaning more and more towards the conclusion that believing one can avoid choosing one side or the other is some sort of delusional state if not civic/political cowardice.

Why Wait For Green Police: Fashion Police Already Here

  • Ran / Si Vis Pacem:

    Speaking of fashion police…

    … any guesses as to what Michelle will be wearing for St. Valentine’s Day? :-)

  • mpw280:

    The bitty brained blogger could have google image searched Mrs. Palin and found the band was of a gold hue and not the black band he thought it was. For a grad student he is not really research orientated, really just looking to score points. It kind of looks like he is wasting his money going to grad school if he can’t do proper research. mpw

  • kas:

    yeah, but Smitty- silence wouldn’t be getting him all those high fives at Yale, now would it?

  • Roxeanne de Luca:

    Wait… you expected extreme lefties to know anything substantive about honouring soldiers who serve overseas?


  • Zayphar:

    Witnesses who have seen the band in person claim that it is not black, but a darkish bronze/gold color.

  • The Pirate’s Cove

Thoughts On Tancredo’s Speech

  • Howard Towt:

    Thanks for the link, Smitty.

    The issue is not that we need some sort of substantive overhaul of the Voting Rights Act. We just need to realize that emotional name-calling about people voting is not good. Veiled allegations of racism don’t win any political points either.

If You Don’t Like Avatar and Anderson Cooper, You’re a Kook

  • JSF:

    Looks like some ivy league newsweek reporter forgot to read about Queen Antoinette and King George III.

    We yokels have started the revolution without the Upper Crust of the Uopper West Side (and the Westside of Los Angeles) and they don’t like it.

    It’s hard out the for the Left — how can they runwith populism when you’ve been running it since 2007?

    Instead, to quote Mel Brooks, they run with Mucus. (History of the World Part I)

    Reap the whirlwind.

  • Live Free Or Die:

    Joe Biden likes ‘Avatar’, even if he can’t name it, and never watched it; even if Andrea Mitchell spots him the A-v-a-t-a-r.

  • Chuck Cross:

    My first tea party was the 12/16/07 moneybomb (234th Anniversary of the original tea party), and if the tea parties have taught me anything, is that people with a wide, WIDE spectrum of viewpoints usually fall into two buckets philosophically and politically — authoritarian and anti-authoritarian. Of course, there are varying degrees of both, and there are no bright-lines.

    I still smile when I read about S. 604, the Senate’s version of H.R. 1207, sponsored by Jim DeMint (whose stock has been very bullish with me lately) and Bernie Sanders, a democratic socialist.

    Meeting these tea partiers in person always provides a better sense of the population-set, as the internet brings on the most vitriolic and partisan of comments. Those experiences of meeting people that made me raised my eyebrows and go “wow” inside my head when I turned away leads me to not bother when online volleys turn confrontational — they just go nowhere.

  • Andrew Sullivan:

    Even I do not like Anderson Cooper and we…well we have a lot in common.

  • daveinboca:

    Oh yeah, Anderson Cooper who was among the first to dub the Tea Party Activists “teabaggers” in honor of an obscene gay ritual he commits with his pals probably on a daily basis, Andy Sullivan included.

    And the creepy Newsweak scribbler expects the Tea Party activists to enjoy being labeled obscene by an obscene TV talking head whose viewers and ratings deserted him over the last six months so that Joy Behar outdraws the number of eyeballs AC attracts on CNN. Even the drooling geezer Larry King gets better numbers, in fact Cooper now brings up the rear on CNN, despite his prestige spot on 60 Minutes.

  • Hollywood audience:

    We’ll consume any amount of Hollywood’s eye-candy crap dumped from the bowels of Kweel Kidz; tasty delusions of grandeur man are like groovy dudes.

    More crap please, we want slap-happy stupid forever.

  • a

Lefty Visualization And The Bookstore: Brown Must Bomb

  • Ui2:

    Palin, Beck, O’Reilly and Levin continue to rule the NYT Best Seller lists, and it shows no sign of letting up. Malkin, Coulter and Savage too. There was even talk of separating conservative books from the nonfiction list in an attempt to marginalize (read: ghettoize) these authors and let someone else win for a change.

    [ Beck even topped the NYT Fiction list during the winter of ’09 with The Christmas Sweater — the first time an author reached #1 in both fiction and nonfiction lists during the same year. ]

    Yet the book industry wants to continue to believe the fantasy that conservatives don’t read, and therefore couldn’t possibly understand anything, let alone why a caged bird might sing.

    Analyze the last five years of book sales and you confront an inconvenient truth: It’s difficult to make the case that liberals read — at all. Unless your last name is Clinton or Obama, your liberal book won’t sell (your Air America will go bankrupt, your MSNBC will lose 5:1 in the ratings, etc.).

    Those who claim that Brown’s book won’t sell are living in a fantasy world. In their reality, Sarah Palin didn’t actually write a book because it didn’t have a table of contents. Eleven weeks later and it finally drops below #10 on the list. Most hardcover books don’t last two months, yet O’Reilly’s Bold Fresh is still on the list, selling in hardcover since early in the Nixon administration.

    So before Salon writers start predicting that a conservative book will get “remaindered” early (recycled as cheap bargain books), maybe they ought to try combining all the sales of all of the books every written by every author on their staff, and see if they can collectively beat the sales of even one Beck, Palin, Levin or O’Reilly title. Good luck with that.

Word of Gov. Palin’s Tea Party Speech Reaches The Bunker

  • Republican Redefined
  • The Underground Conservative
  • The Sundries Shack
  • Obi’s Sister
  • Ubervu thread
  • Dell:

    If the man couldn’t succeed with total control of the House and Senate, he deserves to be a lame duck NOW!

    Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi were given total responsibility for all things legislative…and they’ve blown it right out the window. Now the filibuster-proof Senate is – for the most part – gone and there are enough blue dog Democrats in the House so that it’s difficult to tell just who’s in control over there, too.

    What an irony is developing. Scott Brown takes the “Kennedy” slot and becomes #41 for the Republicans. But it’s over in the House where Pelosi may NOT have enough votes to ram through the reconciliation slight of hand stunt that’s in the works.

    Is this a great country or what??

  • T Christopher:

    Appreciate the link Smitty… Love the site btw. A daily/nightly read.

  • richard mcenroe:

    Swiped and linked.

Review of The Current Edition of ‘The Delivery’

  • Chance:

    great post, though you should be careful in turning Col. Jessup into a socialist, he would not be amused. Fortunately for you, he’s probably still serving his sentence.

  • Bill A:

    I can handle the truth…do we still need to be hearing Nicholson/Cruise at all? Especially this? C’mon man, do something new. I will send some more money to the tip jar, get a couple new DVDs or something.

Next: Levi Johnston ‘Downfall’ Video?

  • Andrew Sullivan:

    You leave Levi alone! Leave him alone. Hasn’t he suffered enough! Leave Levi alone.

    Now excuse me, I have to “groom the beagle.”

  • JeffS:

    Any bets on when Levi moves to San Fransisco?

  • Robert:

    Milking that 15 minutes of fame for everything its worth. Its the American way right?

  • Roxeanne de Luca:

    Eeeewwww, eeww eeww ewwww!

    Scott Brown’s Cosmo spread that is not.

    In fact, the only thing Levi’s photo is good for is for abstinence-only sex ed. Normal, healthy American girls – the type to normally get excited about spending their evenings in a wrestling mach with their boyfriends – will look at that and take up quilting and drinking tea.

    Eeeewww!! [Stamps feet]

  • richard mcenroe:

    I am, according to elements in the local GOP, a pervert and voyeur (note to self: gotta tell yas how that turned out) and I can’t even remember the last time I saw Playgirl on a newsstand. What’s their cirulation these days anyway?

Primus Reaches Unprecedented Effort Level In Healthcare Promotion

  • wombat-socho:

    One of the weirdest bands ever.

  • Thomas L. Knapp:

    Now that’s something you don’t see every day.

    Or maybe you do.

  • Robohobo:

    What was that supposed to be? Music? It wasn’t.

Heady Complements Indeed

  • Charles Johnson:

    You would take pride in that you wingnut. Oh, and racist. I am not forgetting that you and your friends gave me half “eaten” pudding at the Scott Brown victory rally they would not let me into. Except the pudding had something put in it.

  • Charles Johnson:

    Allahpundit does not link you because I own Allah. He is my blogbitch. He fears me. But that Ed, crypto racist all the way.

  • MrMaryk:

    Yes, one more step toward rule of the whole freakin’ blogosphere.

    (cue maniacal laughter)

  • Bob Belvedere:

    I remain The Other McCain’s humble squire.

  • Da Tech Guy
  • The Camp of the Saints

‘Al Gore is a liar / His pants are on fire’

  • Liber Ex Machina
  • The Classic Liberal
  • 4Simpsons
  • Fish Fear Me
  • VodkaPundit
  • Red:

    This so totally reposted at Corndog.

  • Joe:

    They should go play at CPAC.

    Given the weather in DC they will feel right at home.

  • Mark L Harvey (aka Snooper):


  • jean munoz:

    He’s not only a liar whos pants are on fire but a whore and a hypocrite to the big green companies that line his pockets and pay for his carbon credits he needs to live in his gigantic whorehouse in Tennessee. Right on to this video and great music. Jean

  • keyboard jockey:

    Bill O’Reilly “Are You A Socialist”

    Under the Pink. Green Is The New Pink. Who is behind “Climate Change Agenda

Tea Party Leadership Training Webcast Scheduled for Feb. 27

  • keyboard jockey:

    Honorary Brigade Mom of the Arctic Wolves, serving from Fort Wainwright Alaska, who served in Iraq, including Track Palin.

    Happy Birthday Sarah Palin, “Happiness Is A Warm Gun Momma

It’s Who You Know

  • Ed Rasimus:

    I love that line, “I had to figure out how to make instant money…” Symptomatic, to say the least.

  • young4eyes:

    Ed, symptomatic of what? Society in general? Capitalism?
    I suppose when Stacy asks readers to hit the tip jar the idea is to not make instant money?
    Slowly I am beginning to understand the Conservative neurosis:
    Americans playing the stock market to-gasp!- make instant money=good.
    Americans that live in the North-East or West Coast trying to make instant money with whatever means at their disposal=bad.
    In some circles of Conservatism a post like this is known as “class warfare”. Which proves that Conservatism is devoid of principles, as when the author of this blog seeks to tap into his readers’ inferiority complex by tweaking them with anti “elitist” sentiment( elitist by virtue of the fact that someone lives in the Upper East Side).
    But hey, Conservatism is consistent in it’s inconsistency, which is a whole new kind of consistency that only applies to the bizarro universe Cons inhabit.
    Which makes for much laughter and good times for folks like me. For reference, see the hurdles that Newt Gingrich is currently tripping over trying to explain away his inconsistency regarding National security.
    Good times!

  • Ed Rasimus:

    I learned long ago that “instant money” is a euphemism for something given to you or unearned. The sort of privileged existance that assumes an unrealistic rate of return ala Madoff or an entitlement to more than a subsistance life-style without hard work is the symptom I referenced.

    When 43% of Americans pay zero federal income tax and the increasing expectation is that all things can be given to you by a benevolent government confiscting “obscene profits” from those who achieve success we have the symptoms demonstrated in epidemic proportion.

    Class warfare references to “elitism”, ad hominems like “consistent in it’s inconsistency”, cutesy names like “bizarro universe”, non sequiturs like “Conservative neurosis” are not contributions to discussion but increasingly a manifestation of the superficiality of political dialog in our declining republic.

  • Chuck Cross:

    Upper East Side? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Sometimes you need liquidity to renew a yacht-slip lease in St. Tropez!

  • Roxeanne de Luca:

    as when the author of this blog seeks to tap into his readers’ inferiority complex

    What always cracks me up about liberals is the way that they think that voting for Democrats is the equivalent of an honourary PhD and that our conservative tendencies negate anything we’ve accomplished or who we are as people. Apparently, you’re actually stupid enough to believe that since we don’t run around telling people how smart and urbane we are, that we’re a bunch of uneducated rubes.

Anne Hathaway Quits Catholic Church After Pope Condemns Sideboob Display

  • Jazz:

    Looking to Hollywood for intelligent thought on religion is like looking to the IIPC for intelligent thought on AGW – they seem to skip all the hard stuff and go straight to the conclusion.

    As an aside, my favorite – albeit false – Anne Hathaway story appeared at Ace’s place a while back. Boy, did that cause a ruckus. Good times…..

  • Roxeanne de Luca:

    Oh, dear.

    That could have been such a pretty dress, but it just doesn’t fit her quite right.

    As for the Catholicism: if you have the time and energy to read the Catechism, Humanae Vitae, TOB, etc., you would have a good understanding of why the religion does a lot of things that seem to be irrational or heartless. If you don’t have that time and if no one ever sat you down and explained everything, it seems irrational.

  • Chuck Cross:


  • Rich Fader:

    Oh, dear. When the Episcopal Church is too uptight for you…

    I volunteer to lick some sense into the girl. Spank. I meant spank.

    On second thought, I should probably be careful. Anne’s ex got locked up for writing bad checks. I’m not sayin’ she actually made him do it…I’m just sayin’.

  • Parabellum:

    Huh? I’m sorry, were you saying something?

  • ECM:

    “I didn’t leave Anne Hathaway, Anne Hathaway left me.”

    –The Roman Catholic Church

  • Alec Leamas:

    I have four brothers.

    I like them all, however I doubt I’d imperil my eternal soul by leaving Holy Mother Church so that one of them could feel no regrets about his pastime of being buggered.

    For what it’s worth, this woman looks hot in about half of the pictures taken of her – the other half are a bit strange and toothy for my tastes.

  • dad29:

    If she were one of my daughters, she would not be one after that pic appeared.

    Just like Cyrus pere, there’s a brainless Daddy somewhere in the mix.

  • Javems:

    You know, the way I figure it 50% of the population has tits and she

  • Michael:

    At least that kind of makes up for the Levi Johnston photo below though the whole blog still pushes the NSFW limit.

  • Javems:

    Sorry, fat fingered the comment, the last part was: is way too proud of hers.

  • Methos:

    In fairness to ace, he did issue a retraction when it was clear the article was bogus, and that whole snafu was during the depths of “Obama’s gonna win and we can’t stop him.” Many of his commenters didn’t get the appeal. And many of us didn’t go all in on the pudding thing, either.

  • Mark J. Goluskin:

    Really, the Episcopal Church did not do it for her soul?! As a hanger-on to the Episcopal Church, leaning to the Anglican Church of North America, it is no surprise. Once you take God out of the church, then what is left? Just being an open, celbutard Democrat.

  • Guest:

    Since Richard Gere is a well-known believer of the religion which also states that the pricker only enter the proper hole the Dali-Lama must be comforted in the knowledge that Hollywood would never be extort, excoriate nor protest either himself, his religion or the believers.

    The Dalai-Lama can can find relief that the Pope and Catholic Church are the focus of the wrath of Hollywood’s Kongs thus avoiding any unseemly protests in front of the temples.

    This protection applies to Mohammed and Islam as well.

    I’m not Catholic however I do admire the Pope who is out there taking all of Hollywood Kongs wrath so that neither the Dalai-Lama or Mohammed have to.

    Another example of the exclusive, discriminatory and intolerant nature of Gaydom.

  • Jazz:

    Don’t get me wrong – I don’t condone the whole AoS Lifestyle thing (or go in for booty love, for that matter), but I do so love a good ruckus. I always appreciate a restrained, visible moral stance, too – you’re a good role model in that regard, Mr. McCain.

  • BlogDog:

    What we have here … is a failure to excommunicate.

  • LibertarianAdvocate:

    I’ll take the heretic label; happily too. Ms. Hathaway ports at least one extremely fine example of the female human mammary gland.

  • Ubervu thread

Democrats Accuse My Alma Mater of Conservative Political Bias

  • jefferson101:

    My Alma Mater has a similar problem.

    They are totally Politically Incorrect about their team names.

    Even though I migrated South, I can relate on a very personal level to this one. Ask the NCAA about the University of North Dakota Sioux!


Poll Question: Gays in the Military

  • Bob Belvedere:

    The gay-rights crowd won’t be satisfied until homosexuality is compulsory, with penalties for non-participants.

    That will make Troy ‘Ramrod Room’ King happy.

  • paul mitchell:

    I am going to use the method of the military and asking every, single one of my potential employees if they are gay or straight and assigning tasks accordingly.

    You know, when it is okay to do that.

  • paul mitchell:

    Please read the above comment and insert the word “START” before “asking.”

    Mmmkay, thanks.

  • Bob Belvedere:

    Its ‘mmmkay’ with me PM….by the way: love your hair products.

  • Synova:

    Firstly… when DADT is repealed the military will START asking every single one of its potential employees if they are gay or straight and assigning tasks and posts accordingly.

    After all… they do that now for women.

    I don’t think that those pushing for the repeal of DADT have really thought this through and I don’t think that gays are going to like the changes.

  • Amy P.:

    The gay-rights crowd won’t be satisfied until homosexuality is compulsory, with penalties for non-participants.

    Don’t joke. I can easily foresee a future where engaging in homosexual activity is the only way to *prove* you’re not a bigot.

  • Matt:

    If a soldier is deployed to a combat zone and wants to go home, all he has to do is say, “I’m gay!”

    Actually I’m told by my military friends that true or not, such a declaration is most likely to be met by “That’s nice, now get back to work.” from the sergeant.

  • Bob Belvedere:

    The gay-rights crowd won’t be satisfied until homosexuality is compulsory, with penalties for non-participants.

    That will make Ron ‘Bumpkis’ Reagan, Jr. happy.

  • PMain:

    CBS/NYT, the branches of military already have regulations regarding when & how they wear the uniform off-bases & in civilian areas, especially while marching in a political rallies.

    My response would have been that that particular soldier, sailor or Marine should be punished for disrespecting the uniform

  • young4eyes:

    Man, nothing gives Conservatives a boner like denying others equal treatment, even the men and women of the armed forces. You know, those freaks that defend our country…
    What I love most about this issue is that it is the dinosaur wing of Conservatives that want to fight DADT tooth and nail.Luckily, a new generation of open-minded Conservatives will make the troglodytes obsolete.

    “The gay-rights crowd won’t be satisfied until homosexuality is compulsory, with penalties for non-participants.”
    Yeah Stacy. That’s like saying that the civil-rights crowd in the 60’s wouldn’t be satisfied until being African -American was compulsory. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if that idea was floated around by the John Birch society during that time. Reminds me of the excuse Reagan gave for not making MLK day a national holiday–something to the effect that if he did that “it would not stop there”.
    Oh Conservatism, such a rich heritage of bigotry hidden behind a thin veil of faux concern for America’s social fabric…

  • Guitanguran:


    Perhaps you could help me here.

    Is the military’s job merely to kill our enemies or provide a feel good self- actualization environment for everybody?

    Before you start tearing down one policy, might you make sure the policy you envision won’t impact the military’s readyness, effectiveness, and morale?

    Being as we have openly male and openly female soldiers segregated in situations where their co-ed nakedness may impact military readyness, effectiveness, and morale, what of the openly gay male, or female, or bisexual, or transgendered?

    What to do?

  • chad:

    I was in the service at that time and as I recall Colin Powell was against ending the ban and was a late supporter of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. My recollection is that the compromise was forced after Clinton issued an order that essentially implemented the policy and then congress enacted it into law.

    Beyond that you know who supported ending the ban on gays in the military? Barry Goldwater.

  • chad:

    One other thing – I ran three STD clinics while I was in the Navy. I happen to know that in 1987 one of the Commanding Officers of a destroyer was gay or at the least bisexual. I recieved his STD contact report from the state of California and had to treat a Marine at MCAS El Toro. Over the years I know I treated at least 100 gay service members for STDs (as well as many thousands more that were straight). Their sexual orientation had no impact on their ability to do their jobs. The problem all comes from the other side. People who feel threatened by gays.

  • Huey:

    There’s no objection to women being forced to shower behind mirrors, knowing that, at any time, some heterosexual male could be sitting behind one of those mirrors drinking her in, right?

    That’s why it’s non-objectionable to force men and women to be in intimate circumstances with other men and women who view them as objects of sexual desire.

    Who could possibly have any objection to that?

    (And, of course, this completely ignores the work-place problems created by romances, failed romances, attempted romances which are an inevitable result of close proximity. There’s a REASON why males and females are kept separate in sleeping quarters at sea (and elsewhere). Our common experience tells us that it’s just a “good idea.”)

  • Thomas L. Knapp:

    The primary mission of the armed forces of the US is “to deter and,if necessary, to fight and win conflicts in which our vital interests are threatened,” not “to coddle conservative social preferences at the expense of national security.”

  • Huey:

    The primary mission of the armed forces of the US is “to deter and,if necessary, to fight and win conflicts in which our vital interests are threatened,” not “to coddle liberal social preferences at the expense of national security.”

    There. All fixed now.

  • young4eyes:

    “Is the military’s job merely to kill our enemies or provide a feel good self- actualization environment for everybody?”

    If you can reduce equal rights to mere “feel good self- actualization” then Conservatives are more disturbed than I thought. Obviously, your prejudices trump reason. Seeing as it is the military’s job to kill our enemies then why treat some of the servicemen whose job it is to do that killing as second-class citizens subject to Conservatives antiquated attitudes?
    Here’s a secret: there are currently gay men and women serving in our military. Are you proposing that allowing our servicemen and women to be who they are without fear of recrimination will hurt morale?
    Conservatism never misses a chance to suppress someone else when it makes them feel good. Huey goes so far to suggest that repealing DADT threatens our national security. Desperate a bit?
    Our country is better than that…

  • chad:

    That’s a BS argument. Every other NATO military has integrated gays with minimal issues. Israel has always had gays in their military with no problems. There is absolutely no reason that gays can’t be integrated into the American military. What it sounds like to me is that you are afraid that if you were propositioned you wouldn’t be able to say no.

  • Tom:


    Grow up. The overwhelming majority of Americans believe gays have the right to serve in the military. It’s not surprising you don’t, Stacy.

    You never served. But like most conservatives who never served, you still arrogantly believe you’ve done more good for this country than gays who wore the uniform.

  • Synova:

    Other NATO militaries don’t really have integrated situations, do they? Not any more integrated than men and women.

    All of you on either side of this can fuss at each other, but what will HAPPEN without DADT is that any gay or lesbian entering the military will be required to declare orientation and will then be restricted to assignments where accommodation can be made. Think stateside or big overseas bases with the facilities to ensure privacy issues. The girls will be humping M-16’s at a FOB in Afghanistan and the gays will be at Ramstein or Okinawa.

    Life will go on.

    And Ivy League schools will find a new reason to ban ROTC.

  • nobody:

    We all know that there are Liberals in the military right now, although we are not allowed to ask them if they are Liberal, so long as they don’t reveal it, they are able to serve right alongside the rest of us. Even if there weren’t a rule, many if not most would hide their Liberal orientation out of shame, or fear of ostracism and ridicule by those who find them disgusting or just outright weird, but I for one feel that if they are allowed to serve openly and proudly, military readiness would be impaired because many of their fellow soldiers, knowing their true nature, would never really trust them. What’s that you say? DADT is about GAYS in the military, not LIBS? My bad. That’s silly, I don’t get it, why wouldn’t Gays be allowed to serve? I mean, as long as they’re not Liberals, of course.

  • Joshua:

    Since when did anal sex become equated with equal rights? Why not polygamy? Perversion and being lost about one’s sexual identity has nothing to do with equal rights and everything to do with a need for pscyhological evaluation.

    Being sick and twisted due to whatever child trauma or dysfunctional beliefs is no excuse to force your mental illness on others.

    Any homosexual that propositions a heterosexual especially in the military should be thrown out.

    Kevin Jennings is an example of why the dysfunctional lifestyle of homosexuals should not be normalized in our society. He openly praised and pulled for a Pedophile, openly taught and recommended pedophilia books for children. Homosexuals are a very small minority that intermingle and jump over into bisexuality and back to heterosexuality. They’re largely confused individuals.

    Can any of you defend Keving Jennings as a Safe School Czar appointed by Obama?

  • Joshua:

    We can become like Rome and die like Rome. Equating immorality with equal rights is rubbish and only fools whine and shout hatred againt others that stand for normalcy in society. Allowing immorality to seep into every area of our lives, forcing others to accept immoral behavior as “normal” when it clearly is not physically, emotionally, or evolutionally scientific is stupid and disastorous for a nation.

    To go down this road is to damn our nation in the future. Europe is already far gone. The blindness that seeps into an immoral society allows it to be usurped and people become slaves either from within or by forces without.

    History has proven this time and again. Homosexuals can spew their hatred all they like and faux rhetoric of homophobia. The truth is that history repeats itself and if this nation, like others allows the desires of lost men to overtake their culture, then it will eventually fall. And for what? Anal Sex?

    For higher AIDS rates? For higher death rates? For higher STDs, alcohol and drug abuse? Higher suicide rates? For shorter aged lives?

    The nation that rejects G_d, eventually is rejected. None of us should take this lightly. Its not a matter of “equal rights.” That is a lie. If it is not a lie, then accept polygamy and every other physical desire known to man to be included.

  • Guest:

    “The gay-rights crowd won’t be satisfied until homosexuality is compulsory, with penalties for non-participants.”

    Charles Beaumont “The Crooked Man”

    The story YoungBlueSmurfEyes won’t read.

  • Guest:

    I Cry Discrimination!

    I was Profiled, my friend was Discriminated Against in the mid ’90s.

    My GAY male friend, my Not-Gay male friend and I, a Not-Gay female went clubbing one night in NYC. Upon arrive to the club, the Gay female doorperson immediately denied entrance to my Not-Gay male friend but allowed my Gay male friend and I, a Not-Gay female entrance.

    I’m Not-Gay and was allowed inside however my Not-Gay friend was denied entrance.

    Out of all the political identified groupings, Gaydom is the most exclusive, intolerant, discriminatory, and profiling group out there.

    The Gayists are worse than the Racists, the Sexists, the Class-Warfarist, the Environmentalists, and the Islamists combined.

  • Guest:

    ” People who feel threatened by gays.”

    Not threatened, just sick and tired of the antiquated, highly-sexist and misogynistic Female-Facing Minstrel Shows.

  • blaster:

    DADT is not about gays in the military. This is the elephant in the room.

    The gays in the Army crowd insist that there are tens of thousands of homosexuals already in the service. So it isn’t like if you are gay you cannot serve your country with honor.

    The point of overturning DADT is to refashion marriage in a non-democratic way. DADT is based on the finding that homosexuality is incompatible with military service. Once that is gone, then the lawsuits will begin to treat same-sex partners in the same way as married partners. Either there is a “domestic partnership” which will then cause problems/lawsuits about unmarried different sex partners, or there will be a Federally recognized marriage so that all the other rules don’t have to be changed.

    Personally I don’t care about homosexuals being in the military (and I DO have a dog in hte fight, I am a West Pont graduate) and I think that gays should marry – why should they be exempt from suffering? – but I believe strongly that those changes should ONLY come about through democratic processes.

    Repealing DADT may just be a “shout out” from President Obama to one of his constituencies, but it wouldn’t be the first time that he hasn’t fully thought through the extent of his policies. Of course, there is always the option that the upending of the social construct through non-democratic means was his intent to begin with.

  • Guitanguran:

    Y4e sez:

    “Conservatives are more disturbed than I thought.”

    “…your prejudices trump reason.”

    “…Conservatives antiquated attitudes?”

    And then y4e actually asks a question:

    “Are you proposing that allowing our servicemen and women to be who they are without fear of recrimination will hurt morale?”

    What they signed up for (as volunteers) was to BE servicemen and women,and nothing else. If a candidate for service feels like “being who they are” is more important than their duty, they have no business joining.

  • Huey:

    Recognizing the predictable outcome of allowing gays to openly serve in the military isn’t “homophobic.” It’s a recognition of reality.

    Looking at the lesser military forces around the world and determining that any rush to “be like them” is a rush in the wrong direction isn’t a blow to national security. It’s an effort to maintain our current level of unparalleled dominance in that area.

    Leftists, in this as in all other areas of thought, consider all opposing opinions to be invalid and all who hold opposing opinions to be evil.

    Thankfully, the time for this kind of blackmail is rapidly disappearing.

  • Thomas L. Knapp:

    “If a candidate for service feels like ‘being who they are’ is more important than their duty, they have no business joining.”


    And if a candidate for service feels like “being sure that everyone else is just like me” is more important than their duty, ditto.

    A “candidate for service’s” sexual orientation is irrelevant. Either he/she is qualified to contribute to mission accomplishment, or he/she isn’t. Either he/she chooses and commits to the duty, or he/she doesn’t.

    The idea that a “candidate for service” is somehow entitled to serve only with those of an age, sex, sexual orientation, religion, race, hair color, music preference, etc., that the candidate is “comfortable” with is psychobabble social engineering horseshit.

    Supporters of “don’t ask, don’t tell” or any other policy designed to bar individuals from the military on ANY basis other than their ability to get the job done are demanding that their personal prejudices trump the national defense. They are, in two words, anti-American and un-patriotic.

  • Huey:

    Knapp: Sigh. There are many factors which make a service member suitable for service which are beyond the narrow confines you set forth (i.e., “ability to get the job done”). Many people have the “ability to get the job done” but have other characteristics which render them incompatible with mission parameters, whether in the military or private life.

    The effect a person has on others plays an important part in how well the GROUP does its job, regardless whether the INDIVIDUAL is imminently qualified to “get the job done.” Refusal to take this into account is myopic beyond reason.

    Further, the simple dynamics of potential romances while deployed (or attempted romances or failed romances) cannot be ignored. Common human experience informs us that keeping the genders separated to the degree possible, especially in intimate circumstance, prevents even GREATER outbreak of these inevitable conflicts than routinely occur between heterosexuals. ADDING the same issues between homosexuals and homosexual/heterosexual rejection — especially when it is NOT accompanied by physical segregation — is simply foolish. The fact that other countries have followed a foolish path is no warrant for us to do so.

    Will it cause a breakdown of our military to abandon this policy? No. Neither would a complete rejection of gays in the military. Would it cause our military to be unable to fulfill its mission objectives? No. Our service members are professionals. But, neither would getting excluding gays from military service cause our military to be unable to fulfill its mission objectives.

    So, attempting to frame the debate in terms of how it will affect our national security is simply absurd. Every argument which is advanced can be answered with: “Yes. But, the same is true if you exclude gays from the military altogether — WITHOUT the problems allowing them to serve causes.”

  • Davod:

    “Every other NATO military has integrated gays with minimal issues.”

    How do you know there are minimal issues. Maybe this is another situation where complaining is a career kiler.

  • Thomas L. Knapp:


    You write: “Yes. But, the same is true if you exclude gays from the military altogether — WITHOUT the problems allowing them to serve causes.”

    If there was any evidence at all that “allowing them to serve” causes any problems, you might have a point.

    Feel free to present any such evidence. I’ve been looking for, or at least open to, such evidence for more than 20 years now (I started looking for that evidence as a junior Marine infantry NCO when I received a “rumor mill” communication to the effect that one of my best troops might be gay) and haven’t found it yet.

  • Huey:

    Whether it “will” cause problems, is moot. We won’t know until and unless the change is implemented.

    This is the reason for a rejection of social experimentation in the military.

    I listed many reasons for not allowing gays to openly serve. You may disagree with my conclusions, but you can’t say that they aren’t rational objections.

    When alternative life-styles are mainstreamed, you have predictable results:

    If you don’t think that having openly gay people serve with heterosexuals, especially in intimate circumstance, won’t cause problems, then I can’t convince you otherwise.

    When being “gay” was socially unacceptable, it was even less acceptable for there to be same sex sexual harassment. Now that being “gay” is socially acceptable, the predictable result is that there will be a rise in same sex sexual harassment. Being “gay” doesn’t prevent one from being willing to use positions of power for sexual favors.

    If you think that it’s a good idea to ADD problems to the military, beyond those it already has, then, that’s your decision. I choose otherwise.

  • Thomas L. Knapp:

    “Whether it ‘will’ cause problems, is moot. We won’t know until and unless the change is implemented.”

    “We won’t know?” Au contraire. We already do know.

    The US won the Revolution, the Mexican War, the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, World War I and World War II without a policy barring homosexuals from military service.

    Since implementing that policy, the US hasn’t declared war, but its undeclared engagements have been very mixed — a draw in Korea, a loss in Vietnam, victories in Grenada, Panama and Kuwait, losses in Somalia, Iraq and probably Afghanistan.

  • Huey:

    Thomas: If you think a comparison of homosexuals in the service 200 years ago when an openly gay person would be subject to severe sanction by his peers and superiors, spat upon by society at large, never given command if his sexual preferences were known — to openly gay soldiers TODAY, you are completely unserious about this discussion.

Other FMJRA Roundups:

At any rate, that’s your FMJRA. Thank you for reading, thanks still more for considering the tip jar.


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  1. Dave C
    February 13th, 2010 @ 2:35 pm

    Wow. Whatever it is that Stacy is paying, I’m telling him to double it, Smitty.

    Nice job.

  2. Dave C
    February 13th, 2010 @ 9:35 am

    Wow. Whatever it is that Stacy is paying, I’m telling him to double it, Smitty.

    Nice job.

  3. Patrick
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    Looooooong Post… wow. 😛 😉

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    Looooooong Post… wow. 😛 😉

  5. Robert Stacy McCain
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    Whatever it is that Stacy is paying, I’m telling him to double it, Smitty.

    Errr. Errr. Errr.

  6. Robert Stacy McCain
    February 13th, 2010 @ 3:00 pm

    Whatever it is that Stacy is paying, I’m telling him to double it, Smitty.

    Errr. Errr. Errr.

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    Dave C: How can you double nothing? Stacy is an evil capitalist who enslaves others to do his work for him. Why Andrew Sullivan told me at the bath house last night that McCain doesn’t even write the postings that are posted under his name – Quin Hillyer does.

  10. Bob Belvedere
    February 14th, 2010 @ 8:46 pm

    Dave C: How can you double nothing? Stacy is an evil capitalist who enslaves others to do his work for him. Why Andrew Sullivan told me at the bath house last night that McCain doesn’t even write the postings that are posted under his name – Quin Hillyer does.

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