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AL2: Rick Barber Update

Posted on | February 15, 2010 | Comments Off on AL2: Rick Barber Update

Press release from the Barber congressional campaign:

MONTGOMERY – On Tuesday evening, February 16th at 6:30 PM in Pinckard, Alabama, 2nd Congressional District candidate Rick Barber will speak to his largest group of supporters to date. Hundreds are expected to gather at Brown Products headquarters in Pinckard.
Brown Products is a small business owned and operated by the Brown Brothers – Billy, Ron and Ricky – who have thrown their full support behind Marine Corps veteran Rick Barber’s candidacy.
“This nation can no longer afford politicians,” says Brown Products chief Billy Brown. “The only ones who can save us from the destructive force of big government are statesman. And Rick Barber is a statesman.”
The Brown’s have pledged to do whatever they can to get Rick Barber elected. Naturally, Rick Barber is thrilled and humbled by their support.
“I’ve been blown away by the early support of Billy Brown and his brothers,” says Rick Barber. “They believe in limited government principles, and they’ve already proven that they’re willing to fight for them.”
“Their efforts are further proof that small business owners everywhere are deeply concerned about Washington’s attack on the economy,” continues Barber. “Taxing and spending is not the way to promote entrepreneurship and free market competition.”
“The only way Washington can improve the economy is by getting out of the way of entrepreneurs like Billy Brown.”

I met Mr. Brown at the GOP state conference in Montgomery Feb. 7. He was a childhood friend of the Democratic incumbent, Rep. Bobby Bright, but lost patience with him over Bright’s support for the Obama-Pelosi agenda.


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