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Frantic Medical Jujitsu Reinforces Asshattery

Posted on | February 27, 2010 | 3 Comments

by Smitty

This week’s FMJRA salutes the healthcare summit. One could call BHO’s efforts Quixotic, except that Don Quixote was sort of a good guy, and doesn’t deserve the abuse. We still have some FMJRA echos from CPAC to cover, so, without further distraction…

VIDEO: Stacy McCain Interviews Doug Hoffman At CPAC

George Will: *sigh*

  • newrouter:

    “Mr. Will: nobody is qualified to roll-back 100 years of Socialist and condescending elitist idiocy.”

    so true

  • richard mcenroe:

    George Will wears bow ties. Never listen to nor note for anyone who wears a bow tie.

  • Steve in TN:

    Dunno about George Will, who I think at times wishes he could more on the left… But I quickly lost my ardor for a Palin campaign when she quit on the Alaska job. If she can’t stand the heat of a small, small state how will she withstand the fish bowl that is the White House?

    I like her as a person but I see things I don’t want in a leader. Perhaps if she captured the AK house of one of their Senate seats and served for a while…

  • Stinky:

    I am constantly amazed by the “thin resume” attacks. Thin compared to whom? Barack “served 150 days in the Senate” Obama? John “one term Senator” Edwards? Palin held public office from 1992 to 2009. That’s 17 years.

  • TR Sterling:

    Dear Smitty,
    My thoughts, precisely.
    Mr. Will has book learned knowledge of US history, but his perspective on today is sadly focused on maintaining ‘just a little arrogance’ that is enough to keep him as the keeper of knowledge. We know the emperor has no clothes but we also know that peer-to-peer, a little arrogance is just too much, unless there are some who are more equal than others?

  • Kentucky Colonel:

    Steve in TN, those of you who cite Palin’s resignation as a reason to diss her, are either ignorant or dishonest. Would you have stayed in the job if the result was your personal bankruptcy? She has spelled out exactly why she resigned numerous times. If you haven’t taken the time to learn why, maybe you should before you embarrass yourself any further.

    The Dems underestimated her. Had they allowed her to go back to her job as Governor and not had their ankle biters cover her up with unfounded ethics complaints, she’d still be there looking after the state’s business. Instead, they thought that they could drive her into oblivion, and I guess they’ve figured out that that didn’t work.

  • William Henley:

    Governor Sarah Palin did more for the State of Alaska than all of Alaska’s previous governors combined and did in 1/2 a term. She also did more than any lower 48 governor has ever done no matter how many terms they served. Then, being selected as VP for McCain made her the most hated person in America, but, only by the socialistic left and RINO’s. If Sarah decides to run for the President of America next year then She will be the next President of America. Sit back and watch, fight against her and lose, makes no difference.

  • Live Free Or Die:

    George(Smartest-Person-In-The-Room)Will has always been an Internationalist. As such, in his guise as Media Smart Guy, he always puts down Populist sentiment. Bow ties, without a tux, are prehistoric. George Will is a fossil.

  • Bob Belvedere:

    Mr. Will: For you as for Orrin Hatch, It’s Dog Track Time

  • Huey:

    Kentucky Colonel: Right on.

    These so-called “Palin fans but for her resignation” irk me no end.

    The very reasons they give for their earlier support (that she was a “real person” and not a political hack — willing to take on the establishment — able to get things done, etc.) are the very reasons she GAVE for stepping down.

    In her coming out speech at the convention, she told us that she viewed herself as a “public servant,” elected (hired) to do the peoples’ work.

    When she resigned, she told us that, due to the constant, frivolous ethics complaints, she could no longer effectively do the peoples’ work — but that her Lt. Governor COULD, and THEREFORE, she was stepping aside so that the peoples’ work could go forward.

    This is the HONORABLE thing to do. Compare Bill Clinton who spent a great part of his presidency defending himself from the “bimbo eruptions” culminating in his impeachment. Morris says he got almost nothing done, spending all his time dealing with these issues — and he had brought THOSE upon HIMSELF (as opposed to frivolous attacks by left wing activists or loons (or both).

    She also told us that Alaska, unlike the other 56 states, required that the governor spend her OWN MONEY to defend herself. No other governor would have to do this. No President would.

    And, she knew it wouldn’t stop. So, the people were better served by her stepping down, allowing the Lt. Governor to step into the job and pursue the same agenda — WITHOUT these time-consuming and expensive and MERITLESS ethics complaints.

    And, hey! Now, the work of the people is getting DONE in Alaska.

    She also told us that she wasn’t retreating from the FIGHT — just that she wouldn’t be fighting from the Governor’s chair. And…hey! That’s just what’s she’s doing…and quite effectively.

    She didn’t “quit due to pressure,” she resigned in favor of someone else who could carry on the peoples’ work. I’m completely cool with that. In fact, I’m hugely impressed with that.

    A politician (Bill Clinton) would have hunkered down, and damn everything except his political (or post-political) career.

  • Guest:

    Sweet, delicious and oh, so satisfying.

    Will’s Highly Educated Whites built the American Ghetto yet in the end….

  • Guest:

    “But I quickly lost my ardor for a Palin campaign when she quit on the Alaska job.”

    When you finally understand the vicious nature of the progressive Left’s ‘by any means necessary indite the political opponent to death then you will acknowledge such tactic was brilliant’.

    Sarah Palin disrupted the Left’s playbook-who else has the nerve to take on the Big Brother machine?

    Conservatives must stop relying on their flaccid impotence if they are serious about rolling back ‘100 years of Socialist and condescending elitist idiocy.’

    The Left + over-population of Marxists Lawyers = Death to America.

    Pull yourselves together boys, buck and grow your gonads because the Left is not going to give up their power.

  • Gordon:

    Perhaps the grudging bit of respect he’s now offering Palin is happening because he’s one of her “policy briefers.”

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All Of The Stress Of CPAC Just Paid Off

  • Mary Sue:

    Nice job Smitty!

VIDEO: Stacy McCain The Mighty LtCol Alan West CPAC Interview

  • Joe:

    That is very cool. Thanks.

  • Joe:

    What is with your video camera? Typically they can handle low light far better than regular cameras. Sound is also a problem in a location like that. Good interview, I just wish it were clearer. You might try getting him again later for a clip that can go viral on youtube.

  • geoff:

    why no interview of ed lynch running for the seat one district north on the republican ticket? he has ALREADY won the primary and the election is less than 60 days away!! we need to get behind all open seats!!

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VIDEO: McCain And I Ponder The Rigors Of CPAC Blogging

CPAC Day 3.0: Da Tech Guy Appears to Have Gone Gonzo

  • No Sheeples Here:

    God bless him. His devotion to the conservative cause and all those who hit his tip jar is a testament to his character.

    Way to go Pete!

  • Joe:

    Fuelled by cannolis ta boot.

    Did he score and interview with Scott Brown and Mitt Romney? Seems a Massachusetts guy should get a litty comity on that. Just don’t piss Mitt off or he will give you a vulcan condor grip.

  • Reaganite Republican:

    Linked at Reaganite Republican… keep ‘em coming!

  • Joe:

    a little comity… My bad.

  • Roxeanne de Luca:

    (Laughing) That must have been a sight to behold!

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CPAC Day 3.1* Andrew Breitbart Is Standing in Front of Me in the Blogger Lounge

  • Dave C:

    Before you know it, the NYT will be calling Mattera ‘sexist’ for his moniker that HOTmes and S.Logan has passed onto him. ‘Big Sexy’.

  • Cakeman:

    Some art critic in Bauhaus-ville said once,”The last act of a desperate artist is to display his genitals.”

    Well, the last act of a desperate liberal is to cry racism.

  • young4eyes:

    Well we all know Puerto Ricans could never be racist…????

    “Breitbart: Despicable but predictable. The political left is frightened because the right has been awakened.”

    But is it as predictable as the Right’s knee-jerk reaction to blame everything on the MSM?
    Or to claim collective “fear” because the Right has been awakened? hahahaha! Dear god, aside from the trite talking points that are used to divert attention to the issue at hand the idea that we are fearful is as funny as CPAC’s rousing call for Cheney to run.
    Granted, the Mattera “speech” was not, I think, racist. But you should be thankful that this is what the NYT took away from the speech lest the substance of what Mattera said be put under real scrutiny.
    As the Right’s token Puerto-Rican, Mr. Mattera enjoys the special privilege of being vehemently defended by none other than Breitbart. The sad thing is that Conservative cynicism and ignorance thinks that parading an opportunist like Mattera is the key to bringing the youth vote to the Right. Mr. Mattera is as likely to accomplish that as Liz Cheney is likely to bring the Lesbian vote to the Right.
    So while Mattera get to hock his silly book, which is sure to flop both in ideas and sales, the Right will get to parade yet another token minority. Not unlike the wildly successful Mr. Steele.
    Good luck with that…

  • Joe:

    So no interview?

  • Frank:

    young4eyes clearly makes no point. Is the nonsensical babble to impress drive-bys?

  • Joe:

    The more you can interview Brietbart on this issue the better.

  • Joe:

    Breitbart. Damn. My bad.

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Ann Coulter At CPAC

CPAC: VA-8 GOP Candidate Patrick Murray

Hannah Giles and Other CPAC Celebrities

  • ck:

    Mmmm girls, I like girls. And no, I’m not going to rehab for it.

  • T Christopher:

    Could Dana Loesch be any hotter? I think not. I met her at the Tea Party Convention and didn’t believe she was who she said she was bc she was such a headturner. After making a complete ass of myself, I also realized she was also one of the coolest women on the planet. Gotta love conservative women…

  • Bob Belvedere:

    Quoted from and Linked to at:
    The Yackety Yack On CPAC VII: They Could Have Danced All Night

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CPAC: Blogger Row Hotness Report

  • Joe:

    I am glad Breitbart is fighting back.

    You’re now pretty well prepared for what you’re about to see, although I recommend following the links above and reading Patterico’s reports on this, which were stellar as usual. Exit question: Breitbart’s having a good week at CPAC, isn’t he?

    Sorry, I would not put Patterico as one of the good guys on this issue (although granted he is on the right side with Breitbart and O’Keefe). If Charles Johnson is a pathetic “Dr. Evil” with throwing out the hyperbolic attacks and racist comments, Patterico has proven to be a “mini-me”.

  • Joe:

    King Barry

  • MrPaulRevere:

    Speaking of bloggers, Charles Johnson compared Glenn Beck to Hitler:

  • Guest:

    Between George Will’s Highly Educated WHITES and Ron Paul EVILUTION!!!! the only one I faithfully believe will save America from tyranny is GOD.

    At CPAC, was Reagan’s Conservatism in the room or is CPAC really just about Grover Norquist Politics of Protectionist Walletism?

    CPAC had the The Highly Educated WHITES-Builders of The American Ghetto- and EVILUTION!!!-Anarchist Smashers of the System-

    Who represented the Conservative movement-Protectors of the American Dream?

  • richard mcenroe:

    GUEST is either ASTROTURF,a DERANGED Austin software egineer, or has a STICKY caps KEY…

  • Bob Belvedere:

    1) Richard: how about all three?

    2) Sometimes the trackbacks work; sometimes they don’t…Linked to at:
    The Yackety Yack On CPAC V: Stacy And Smitty’s Big Adventure

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VIDEO: Interview With Katherine Jenerette, SC-1

  • Joe:

    Good lighting, and she seems like a good candidate, but a few questions would have helped. What was she looking at off screen. Was Stacy making faces?

  • AmandaMoore:

    Great Candidate. I have been to her website and checked out her issues. Everyone can see for themselves that she is really strong. I love the fact that she has taken a position to Stand Her Ground!

  • AmandaMoore:

    BTW, I know for a fact, she could use your monetary support!!!

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CPAC: Glenn Beck

  • Red:

    Sweet! I’m off to church. Got some soul to save!

  • Adrienne:

    Think we’ll watch it with breakfast…

    Glad you guys all had a nice time. I sent Peter some $$$ for he and Stacy to grab a drink and totally forgot you were there too. I feel rotten and awful!!!

  • Adrienne:

    …and guilty!! Catholics love them some guilt, doncha know!

  • Ran / Si Vis Pacem:

    ‘Twas vintage Beck…
    …and he didn’t waste a minute. It was glorious. His re-reading of the inscription upon Lady Liberty was, perhaps, one of the finest moments in years of CPAC.

  • Guest:

    Looking good CPAC

    between Highly Educated Ivy-League White George Will, recovering Howard Beale alcoholic Glenn Beck and Grover Norquist Gang of RONPAUL thuggish youths all the Republican Party needs now are couple of pro-abortion Catholics to round out the Big Diversity Tent.

    Then the GOP will be in great shape to take on the Progressive Left.

  • Fritz Katz:

    Predictable… Far-left, sniveling-quisling, & libel-blogger, “Charles Johnson at LGF compares Glenn Beck giving the CPAC speech to Hitler”.

CPAC: After-Action Report I

  • Jamie Holts:

    Can you tell me who did your layout? I’ve been looking for one kind of like yours. Thank you.

  • proof:

    ‘Pinky & the Brain’
    Okay…so which one of you is Pinky?
    (And who channels Maurice Lamarche?)

  • Jeff Weimer:

    February 21st, 2010 @ 05 43

    If I know Smitty, and I’ve known Smitty for a while, long enough to remember our ignominious failure at the Seafair Milk Carton Derby. I believe he lost his glasses that day in the murk of Greenlake. That said, I know that he’s taken that embarrassment personally, and will let no one get the better of him again if he can help it, save Jean Staudt.

    With those caveats, he’s most certainly the Brain to Stacy’s Pinky.

  • Richard:

    Who’s the big girl with the drink? That’s not @dahlhalla is it?

  • Bob Belvedere:

    You might want to see what my husband Bob is saying about you to over at his site:

    The Yackety Yack On CPAC VI: Caught On Tape

    Mrs. Belvedere

  • Thrasymachus:

    It’s not so much that nothing *will* change, it’s that nothing *can* change. There is simply no will in the American political system for anything except minor adjustments at the margin.

  • Val Prieto:

    What’s a guy got to do to get a fedora?

  • Bob Belvedere:

    Linked to at:
    The Yackety Yack On CPAC VII: They Could Have Danced All Night

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CPAC: The Sundries Shack Breitbart Review

  • Americaneocon:

    Looks like you guys had a great time, Smitty. I thought I was heading out there this year, but it mainly boiled down to finances and planning. And I probably could have pulled off the financing part if I’d done better on the planning. Great job though for ya’ll, and I hope to make it next year!

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CPAC: A Couple Of Good Signs

  • datechguy:

    I think I kind of snubbed him when he sat next to me.
    I’ve already explained why I think he is way off but that was still impolite of me.

  • Rich Fader:

    I’m sticking with my theory: If Barack Obama really were out of compliance with the constitutional requirements for the job, and the evidence were there to be found, Hillary Clinton’s researchers would have found it, the would have had the come-to-Vito-and-Luca moment with him, and he would (maybe) be serving in her administration.

  • Kevin J Jones:

    If movement GOPers are throwing around a ridiculous propaganda word like “homophobia,” moral conservatives who signed up for the GOP sure have been duped.

    The Catholic Archdiocese of Washington, DC just got barred from continuing adoption services by gay activism. Apparently Republicans are more worried about what their cool gay friend thinks about them.

CPAC: Stacy McCain Interviews Les Phillip

  • datechguy:

    That is not correct, I never went to the naval academy, my father fought in WW2 and that is my connection to the navy.

    I wish I could claim that honor but I haven’t earned it. That is one of life’s regrets.

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The Protocols of the Elders of CTHULHU XXIV. The Trimphal Arrival (Conclusion)
The PotEoC came to a grim end. Now that it’s all out there, people can block quote it for good justice. Just remember to maintain the fiction that this was all fiction.

  • Steve Burri:


    Did you intend to write the last sentence the way you did or is something missing?

  • smitty:

    The writer is being devoured, and gave out at precisely that point.
    Because this blog just will not settle for a lesser evil.

  • Steve Burri:


    After reading the entire series of ‘Elders,’ I perceive that deep down you have a dark, tortured soul.

    I’m sure glad you are on our side!


    Nice work Smitty, but I’m pretty sure that we told you at the meeting that this stuff was supposed to be secret?

Pamela Geller Loves a U.S. Marine

  • rod stanton:

    All red blooded Americans love Jarheads!
    Ask my wife, kids and grandkids.

    Who guards Heaven’s shores?
    BTW Pam is a looker besides being smart and brave; I care not what the hippy at the beach says.

    An old esJarhead

  • Charles Johnson:

    That slut Geller would not let me touch her breasts but gives her affections to Rick Barber? I would have loved her, but now that love is turned to burning hate!

  • Thomas L. Knapp:

    “What are you giving me the hand signals for?”

    “I’m trying to wave you to shut off the crazy pump, Pam. He’s got a full tank without your help.”

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Big Journalism: Mattera Responds

  • KingShamus:

    RSM, I think you just coined the phrase of the year: Breitbartism.

    Nice job. We should all aspire to Breitbartism.

Let’s Party Like It’s 1994!

  • Joe:

    So is David Frum the nerdy kid who tries to get the cool CPACers to his party by offering free beer?

    The face of evil. He must be a progressive.

  • Dean:

    What’s up with all the SEIU gear? Who chose purple as a color for the event?

  • victoria_29:

    Still say y’all just had too much fun. Seriously it is wonderful that conservatives from all over the country can come together & work to take back our country.

  • Thrasymachus:

    It won’t make any difference. We are just 10 or 15 years behind Greece.

  • Thrasymachus:

    If you are within arm’s length of David Frum and don’t have your hands wrapped around his neck you are a sellout.

  • Live Free Or Die:

    Was political commentary being made by the buttons in the urinal? Or is that another innovative advertising campaign?

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TMI Twitter from Kim Kardashian

  • Stinky:

    “Deforestation of the Pubic Delta.” PLEASE WARN US WHEN YOU ARE GOING TO WRITE LINES LIKE THAT. I just sprayed Diet Coke all over my keyboard!

  • Scratcher:

    “monopolization of the vagina supply”

    Another keyboard endangering line. Loved it.

  • Red:

    “Whereas fellatio was, until a few decades ago, widely disdained by women as a whorish act”
    More like publicly disdained but privately practiced. Not every woman is a lady and not every lady divulges.

  • Thrasymachus:

    What surprises me is how this woman could become famous solely for being a slut.

  • Lisa Graas:

    Ahem. Really, Stacy?

  • Patrick:

    Not to sound like Floyd the Barber or anything…. But…

    Oh My…..

  • CC Bravo:

    No desire to practice pedophilia in any form.

  • Patrick:

    Not to sound like a, um, perv. But…

    I’d let her pet my Chihuahua anytime.

    Arf! Arf!

  • Americaneocon:

    American Power tracked-back with ‘The Kardashians: Turning Virtual Nobodies Into Reality Stars’.

  • Lyndsey Fifield:

    Really regret reading these comments. Tsk, men.

    Anyway – I actually have a lot to say on this topic, but I would really only discuss it with other female friends… a bit too raunchy for my tastes.

  • TBinSTL:

    Going back before the porn aspect of this grooming trend, I think it is more about pedophilic proclivities.
    Also, is it an accident that this is and has been the requisite and prefered grooming in the Middle East?

  • Missy:

    A) Shame on you for your contribution to any attention given to Kim Kardashian.

    B) Are you seriously suggesting that the world was a better place when men received fewer blow jobs. Really?

    If as you suggest, it’s the porn industry that has made women more comfortable with their own sexuality, and consider (and heaven forbid even enjoy) things that other people deem “whorish” then I say lets have more porn.

    I’d rather live in a world where I need to roll my eyes at the people who keep Kim Kardashian relevant, than live in a world where women who enjoy (or choose not to partake) “less traditional” acts of intimacy, tattoos, or deforestation are disdained.

    The more comfortable women are allowed to be with who they are and who they might want to be sexually, the more likely they are to find a partner who is compatible with who they are, and doesn’t resort to “begging for special treats” or seeking them outside the relationship.

    C)Do you think your mom’s grooming regimen was based on the “70’s porn bush” look?

  • Danby:

    In the Mideast, It’s a lot more about parasites and 130F+ temps than showing off. Crabs need cover.

  • Live Free Or Die:

    The pornification of the culture has led to the upswing in the number of Labiaplastys, and other vaginal cosmetic surgery being done. Instead of every vagina being unique, they now have to look like the Porn Star’s Vajayjay.
    The slumping towards Gomorrah continues unabated.

  • Rich Fader:

    One of the DJs on a major LA rock radio station traditionally signs off his shifts saying, with a audible leer in his voice, that he’s “off to pet the kitty”. I’ve got to admit, as a euphemism, “petting the puppy” also has its charms.

    On the subject of novel nether grooming, imagine this recipe: Jennifer Love Hewitt. Swarovski crystal bits. Non-toxic glue. A full Brazilian (I’m guessing). No idea of whether she’s circumcized any boyfriends that way, a la the cabin boy aboard the good ship Venus.

  • Roxeanne de Luca:

    I don’t have statistical data, but I do have plenty of experience to back up what you are saying.

    Once upon a time, it was apparently possible to tell most men that you were dating that if they wanted sex, they had to put a ring on your finger. If they want all of your body and all that you can give sexually, they have to give all of themselves to you. Basic reciprocity.

    Now, when you tell a man that you think that intimacy is special and, crazy romantic that you are, you don’t have any desire to sleep around before marriage, chances are, that’s the end of the relationship. The only type of sexual expression the modern ethic really advances is something that would please men with no morals nor regard for women.

    It astonishes me how fundamentally limited that “liberation” has become. It’s also amazing how many “feminists” have, um, swallowed the idea that acting like an unpaid prostitute is somehow good for women’s mental and physical health (when all evidence would suggest otherwise). Also incredibly sad because a relationship without the pressure of sex is just different – and so much healthier – than one in which the pressure is there and it’s a constant battle. Why on earth anyone thinks that it’s a good idea to deny that to women is beyond me.

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Mike Huckabee, Sore Loser

  • Red:

    “CPAC has becoming increasingly more libertarian and less Republican over the last years,…”
    He says that like it’s a bad thing.
    “…one of the reasons I didn’t go this year,” Huckabee said in an interview with Fox News,”
    And one of the reasons I won’t vote for him.

  • victoria_29:

    I have to wonder if he was asked to be a speaker or not. If he wasn’t that might very well be the reason …”I didn’t go this year”

  • Thrasymachus:

    A guy who helped get four cops killed should probably STFU.

    Seriously, Huckabee is a big part of what’s wrong with the Republicans. Other than the abortion thing he is liberal enough to be a Deomcratic congressman from Massachussetts.

  • Old Rebel:

    The Huckster is a Neocon in Southern clothing — pro-war, pro-amnesty, and quick to accuse opponents of open borders as “racist.”

    We’ve had enough of fake conservatives who only mislead us.

  • Arizona Joe:

    The Huckster’s days are over. He squadered his chance by finger pointing and name calling. Child in adult clothing. I am voting for real change in my local upcoming election. McCain is trying to get re-elcted and there are a whole host of local and state seats up for grabs. Go to the polls and vote out all the self-righteous amoung us. Give the boot to all the so-called representatives that never bothered to show up to vote. I for one am fed up and ready to try anything. The current lot are all corrupt. My district house representative missed nearly 2/3 of all the votes. Rich Crandall has no excuses. His self interest is a cancer to our state and community.

  • chuck cross:

    Huckabee is right. Let’s get back to the 2006 Republican base. That worked out swell. All those crazy kids running around waving the Constitution in my face, pfft.

  • Terry:

    Robert Stacy McCain, you seem to be an expert in douchebaggery.he he he
    Great post btw.

  • pH:

    OK, Huck is a washed-up, no-good, compassion-obsessed big-gov’t type. I don’t like him, and I wouldn’t vote for him (although I did vote for him as the least of 3 evils over McCain & Paul in the Texas primary in 2008). That being said, in the light of RON FRICKIN PAUL winning the straw poll at CPAC, the contention that CPAC has become “too libertarian” cuts rather profoundly…

    The LAST thing we need is for the more-decent political party to be taken over by Pauls and Medinas…conspiracy-minded amateur politicos with nothing to show for besides dissertations on the JEWISH NAU-CABAL make Huckabee seem like the second coming of Reagan indeed…

  • Third Coast:

    Ron “freakin” Paul, give me a break. With all due respect, Huckabee has a point.

  • Huey:

    So… Ron Paul’s mega-win is meaningless, but Huck’s 4% is meaningful?

    Need a scorecard….

  • Rusty:

    CPAC has becoming increasingly more libertarian and less Republican over the last years…

    And republicans have become increasingly irresponsible and less conservative over the last years.

  • Steve Poling:

    The Huckster has been suffering from hypoxia since the former governor of Alaska first hit the national stage. These two former governors demonstrate that one can be either: 1) an evangelical Christian and a fabian socialist, or 2) an evangelical Christian with strong libertarian leanings. Frankly, I prefer Mrs. Palin.

  • MacAoidh:

    Mike Huckabee has a demonstrable penchant for petty and unbecoming actions like the CPAC thing over the weekend. His refusal to work with the Club For Growth is an example; his appeal to religious bigotry in order to derail Romney and thus hand the 2008 nomination to McCain is another.

    I have no use for Huck. Huck sucks.

  • mariner:

    When you write a post about someone looking down your girlfriend’s blouse, Instapundit’s response will be the least of your worries.

  • Honey:

    I am wondering if Huck is miffed because Romney spoke at CPAC, as well as Glenn Beck. We know that Huck doesn’t like Romney and I get a feeling he doesn’t like Beck.

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Another Reason to Support Rick Barber

  • Shana:

    Stacy, while Martha did say she would have voted for the tax if she felt the money was going to be used correctly, she actually voted *against* it. That’s public record in Montgomery.

  • Paco Enterprises finds the Reagan angle.
  • The Ubervu thread.

VIDEO: CPAC Panel on ‘Saving Freedom from Fascism’

  • Moe Lane:

    Hey, nobody asked *me* to be on a panel, either. 🙂

  • Finrod:

    Augh, I hate videos that auto-play. I hate even more videos that wait for a while THEN auto-play. I finally tracked it down to this video in this post, I believe.

    Finrod’s First Law of Bandwidth (namely, a picture is worth a thousand words but takes the bandwidth of ten thousand) goes more than double for video.

  • iii:

    The twin fascisms that causes most massacres, wars, “conflicts” today:

    Arabism is racism (Arab racism)
    Millions upon Millions are/became victims of [pan-] Arabism which is the worst current form of racism in its gigantic proportions, like: Kurds Jews (not just in Israel) Berbers (the real natives of North Africa), Africans (not just in the genocide in the Sudan or in Egypt on native Nubians by Arab invaders – till today), Persians, etc.

    Islamism is bigotry (Islamofascism)!
    The Islamic supremacy that “works” towards its vision of “final Islamic domination on the entire planet”, from Middle east to Africa from Asia to Eurabia, from terrorism & massacres in multiple countries (like: Thailand, Phillipines, China, Indonesia, Tunisia, Morocco, Kenya, Tanzania, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon India, USA, France, Israel, Russia, UK, etc.) to propaganda, the war includes on Muslims who are not radical enough…,

    Let’s face it! that entire war on Israel & the Jews since the 1920’s by infamous facsist Mufti Haj Amin Al-Husseini who started the “genocide campaig” [and continues by the children, grand children of Arab immigrants into Israel – Palestine – now convenienently called “palestinians”] in a clear outlined declaration to ‘kill all Jews’, is nothing but out of pure Arab Muslim bigotry.

    Why does biased media blame Israel defenders from vicious Arab Muslims who use civilians when they attack Israeli civilians… so that their civilians (they prefer kids to) die then parade with the casualties as “innocent victims”???

    While the Islamo Arab dictatorship goes on…
    Israeli [ungrateful] Arabs won’t mention FAVORITISM by democratic pluralistic multi-racial Israel in: land, courts & universities, by the same token, the totalitarian & mullahcracy dictators of Iran with its Hezbollah thugs & militant “Palestine” anti-freedom forces cast their genocide plan under “freedom fighting.”

  • Finrod:

    It *is* this post.

    I want to take and find whoever wrote their flash plugin and force-feed them their own spine. VIDEOS SHOULD NOT AUTO-PLAY, MOST CERTAINLY NOT AFTER A DELAY. It makes people homicidal.

  • Finrod:

    Hah. I right-clicked on that damned flash annoyer, went to the middle option, local storage, and changed the amount of info that can store on my computer to 0K.

    Eat shit and die, pigfuckers. I’ll watch the video when I damn well want to watch it and I don’t want your crap on my computer until the second I decide to watch it.

  • Obi’s Sister picked us up.

Funny, My Wife Says the Same Thing

Mark Levin vs. Glenn Beck (And Some Other CPAC-Related Musings)

  • Matt:

    A Ponnuru-Derbyshire Junta is pretty unlikely. They don’t seem to like each other much, and I don’t think Derb would even be interested.

    But if they did it would sure as heck be a fascinating and probably great change for NRO.

  • KG:

    Humility is a virtue. I would counsel it for Malkin, Levin, et al.

  • Sissy Willis:

    See here, seer.

  • ClericalGal:

    The absence of Malkin at CPAC might have to do with the John Birch Society being one of the sponsors. It reportedly had something to do with Sarah Palin not attending either. Or, it was too far to go to since she lives in the Denver area now and not D.C. Besides, Malkin also had a good defense of Beck’s speech:

    As for Levin, I don’t listen to him anymore because of his attacks on Beck. They seem so petty and jealosy-driven.

  • Grimcargo:

    To those who want to take shots at Glenn Beck..before you do, tell me what you have done to expose the graft and corruption in D.C.? Before…and BEFORE Glenn came to Fox, what were you doing? STFU or Put up…and you haven’t. All you have done is pick and moan and bitch at someone you are apparently jealous of…Glenn Beck actually DOES something. And btw, stop whinning about John Birch because they will remain just as they are. Never be in power but they do have FREAKING VOTES and we need them to put Obama out to pasture.

  • William Teach:

    I’d have to lean with Beck over Levin in this one, as Beck was just saying things that we in the blogosphere have been saying for years, namely that Republicans have to stand up for the Conservative values of their voters. Chill on the spending, promote conservative ideals rather than be a Democrat Lite.

  • DavidL:

    It is important to disgingusish between journalists,pundits and movement leaders. Glenn Beck has done great work as a journalist exposing the uttere rot of the Obama administration.

    On the the hand, Beck is not a leader. Rather he is a self-described clown. Sane people do not follow clowns I applaud Beck’s working taking down the Obama admistration. However Beck should leave the movement leadership to the adults.

  • Guest:

    Not sure TV personality ‘crazy Howard Beale’ will inspire anything other than crazy cult-rage but this is what TV people do, inspire rage for big TV ratings.

    Mark Levin is right on the money again; other than Marco Rubio perhaps Liz Cheney the CAPC event came off as a miss-mash of muddled message.

    CPAC-not sure how Ron Paul’s 9/11 Truthers, George Will’s Highly Educated Ivy-League Whites or Grover Norquist’s Protectionist Wallets for Open Borders along with crazy Howard Beale’s Glenn Beck encapsulates Conservative appeal However CPAC you managed to create bigger thuggish youth group of punk kids who will beat up anyone against RON PAUL!!!!!

    CPAC you laid down with the snakes now you are poisoned with enraged venom.

  • Ran / Si Vis Pacem:

    I rather think Jonah was going too easy on Bennett. Bennett’s “points” were sloppy and incomplete.

    Bill has a history of taking cheap-shots at those whom he deigns to look down along his nose upon.

    Case in point is “former DJ” Jim Quinn, every bit Bill’s intellectual equal though not an insufferable snob.

    Jonah errs kindly by suggesting that Bennett is a true Reaganite… The problem is that Bennett never met a squish RINO he didn’t promote over a Reaganite when it came down to the crunch.

    Here’s a wild-assed guess… I’ll bet you a beer that Bennett is leaning Crist and hasn’t given Rubio an interview yet. Stopped listening to Bennett two years ago, so I’m totally vulnerable to lose face here. Given Bill’s gushing over McCain, I think I’ll win if you take me up on it.

  • Guest:

    “Bill has a history of taking cheap-shots at those whom he deigns to look down along his nose upon.”

    This comment would apply to most of George Will’s Highly Educated White ‘Conservative A’ Listers

    No Intellectual Ordinariness is welcomed in the Highly Educated White minds of Buckley, Rubinowitz, Will, Noonan, Parker, Lowry and Associates.

  • Frank:

    Careful Stacy; your libertarianism is coming out of the closet.

    BTW: Hm… grimcargo sure has a way with words, don’t ya think? First he insults conservatives and tells them to shut up, then says we should pander to John Birchers for votes.

    Thanks, but no thanks grim. Include me out. I’ll wait and see how far wild-eyed libertarianism can go without mainstream conservatives like Michelle, Mark and the other 30,000,000 or so.

  • Live Free Or Die:

    Amen to Guest#12
    Perhaps Michell Malkin stayed away from a CPAC That was Co-Sponsored by GOProud. ‘Cuz we all know how much the Rainbow Fisting Crowd Hearts Michelle Malkin.

  • V the K:

    I didn’t know you lived around Hagerstown? We should meet at Sheetz sometime and eat some pretzel melts.

  • Jack Okie:

    Guest @08:43:

    You left out T. Coddington Van Voorhees VII.

  • chuck cross:

    As an outsider, it’s fun to watch the clash of all these larger-than-life egos.

    I hope someone puts a string of soundbytes together of them praising and lauding Scott Brown and his “conservative” credentials.

    What’d it take him, 13 DAYS to start voting with the Obama Administration.

    I’m listening to Mike Church on Sirius Patriot Radio 144 absolutely shred the guy, not to mention enjoy his well-deserved I-told-you-so’s.

  • Emma Morrow:

    Standing back and waiting for the old Republicans “their due” got us Bob Dole and John McCain.

    CPAC is demonstrating to the youth that Conservatives want NEW ideas, and that NO ONE has seniority.

  • USMC:

    Glenn Beck said himself that it must “be a bad year for CPAC if you have me speaking.”

    Levin is a partisan hack. I’ve lost all respect for him and his boy Dan Riehl. This is by far the dumbest thing I’ve seen from Levin and Rush.

    Riehl constantly whines about Beck being a “clown”. Yet Levin spends countless hours whining about “Weiner Nation”, “Chuckie Schumer”, “backbenchers”.

    Did you know Levin bitched that Beck was trying to take credit for the 9/12 rally in DC?
    Hey Levin who started the 9/12 movement?

    You missed another possibility…Hannity. Hannity is off the radar and I’ll wager Glenn is pouncing him in ratings or getting close.

    If Beck does something genuinely wrong, call him out! But if Levin bitches and whines like a girl because Beck never mentioned his book then is Levin really someone to follow and listen too?

    Levin is the reason I haven’t bought his book. I’m not giving that prick my money.

    Palin supported Beck’s speech will Rush and Levin disown Palin now?

    This petty, schoolgirl crap. Levin, Rush and Dan have hit the gutter. Levin is touted as some constitutional scholar yet I’ve learned more from Beck and Judge Napolitano then Levin.

    I question Levin, Rush and Dan’s real motives. Is it for Country or Party?

  • USMC:

    I forgot to add the cerebral, scholarly:

    “Get off the phone ya jerk!!”

    Yeah, Madison reincarnated!

  • theCL:

    I hate to say it (well I don’t, because I believe it’s healthy for the movement and country to an extent), but a fight is brewing, and the more people try to control the message (like Levin), the worse it’s going to get.

    I was introduced to politics in the sixth grade, Ronald Reagan’s first run. On my 18th birthday, I went straight to the Secretary of State to register as a Republican. I did a ton of voluntary work for the Bush Sr. campaign, so much so, I was invited as part of a small group of Republicans who rode a rock star-style bus to attend the debate in Lansing (sitting in primo seats to boot).

    Needless to say, Bush Sr.’s administration was beyond disappointing for a guy like me, and I’ve become continuously more disenchanted with the party as the years have gone by. I believe in freedom and liberty, the party (and often the movement) clearly doesn’t.

    More than anything, Ron Paul is a metaphor for genuine, constitutionally limited government. The vile attacks on him insult me, not because of the man, but because of the philosophy he represents – liberty. And Beck sometimes gets on my nerves, but he did an outstanding job with that speech! He spoke to people like me.

    I left a comment for Professor Douglas yesterday in which I basically said that the increasing attacks on the liberty-minded folks like me, is creating an increasing resentment within me, towards the conservative movement I’ve been a part of for the last 30 years.

    I’m just one person, but there are millions of people who feel the way I do. The attacks on Ron Paul don’t resonate as attacks on the man, but they resonate as attacks on the belief in a genuinely limited constitutional republic like the one we once enjoyed. The same could be said about the attacks on Beck’s speech.

    I’m loyal to myself and my beliefs long before I’m loyal to any movement, party or politician. If the mainstream types like Levin keep ripping on the liberty movement (especially as the economy continues to slide into oblivion), the irreconcilable split in the conservative movement that THEY are creating, will take us all to places none of us want to go.

    A fight is brewing, and the Levin-types are fanning the flames.

  • Joe:

    I strangely enough agree with both of them, in part. Beck is right that the GOP has some issues. A GOP recovery is worthless if it (as in the majority of party leadership) does not change its ways on what led it to lose in 2006 and 2008 (and no it is not all George Bush). Given the the RNC is wracking up big bucks on stupid perks like private jets–the message has not yet sunk through to some individuals.

    Levin is right that we need to win elections. We do not group good Republicans with bad ones. And if you want to get rid of bad republicans, fight them in the primaries.

    Ron Paul is a nut job. Seriously he is. But that does not mean he is not right on fiscal restraint.

  • Crabtree:

    Its possible that the sale proceedings of HotAir kept Malkin too busy to attend.

  • Bob:

    Radio Equalizer popnts to Beck’s Lefty friends, global warmist feints and his very recent “conversion” to small government ideas.
    It’s much easier for the Left to put a mole in place–a well paid mole–whose assig. is to get as big an audience as possible by mouthing just what the slightly disgrunted want to hear and then push for a split of some kind–a 3rd party, Ron Paul, Himself. He disclaims that’s what he is doing, but by the 2012 elections Hillary will need every bleed off vote he can get her.

  • chuck cross:

    @ theCL — very well said.

  • mariner:

    I didn’t know about Levin until last year. When I saw how much effort he expends bashing other conservatives, I decided he isn’t worth listening to.

    Beck isn’t perfect. None of us is. But in the last year he has done more than any conservative except Rush to show the American people the truth behind Obama and his minions.

    The idea that he shouldn’t have addressed CPAC because he hasn’t been around long enough is offensive, and the people pushing it are exactly the elitists that conservatives need to overthrow to make the Republican party represent the rest of us.

  • Rob Howard:

    Here we go again with the Levin is jealous meme. That’s stupid and false. The man has nothing to prove. I’m going to call this out when I see it from here on out because it makes perfectly no sense why a man such as Levin would be jealous of Glenn Beck.

    To me, Levin criticizes Beck because he says *stupid things*. Not all the time, but sometimes. Certainly, his pox on all your houses routine is harmful and untrue. His claims that he was the only one being critical of Republicans and Bush is also wrong.

    Levin’s point is that Beck shifts from conservatism, populism, and libertarianism constantly to the point where he is hard to follow.

    And by the way, to deny Levin’s extremely keen intellect because of his bombast, proves you do not give him enough attention nor listen to his show for more than a few minutes.

    I don’t like infighting either. But Beck sometimes behaves like a useful idiot and he needs to be called out for it.

  • Joe:

    I like Mark Levin. He is a cranky outspoken New Yorker and is annoying as hell. He missed his chance to be a career State Department diplomat. I still like him.

    Beck is Beck. I like Beck more than I like…say Bill O’Reilly. I disagree on some of Beck’s demogoguery, but he is not just a shameless populist. I definitely like Beck a lot more than Olbermann. But Beck is also no Rush and that is what Levin is saying. And Levin is right. Beck is not in that league.

  • K~Bob:

    I won’t weigh in on Beck. He has enough fans. Levin’s behavior toward him is amateurish as hell. It’s one thing to start a fight with someone to get some attention (it’s in your rules). It’s another thing entirely to accept the role of backstabbing weasel (earned or not).

    But enough of that.

    Derb and Ponnuru? You gotta be freaking kidding me. Derb gets squishy as hell, just when you get used to him standing firm on stuff. And Ramesh Ponnuru, who is at least at intellectually gifted as Charles Krauthammer, is nonetheless an eeyore of the first magnitude. While others in the NR masthead are focusing on the Bright Tomorrows of Reaganism, you’ll typically find the estimable Mr. Ponnuru gloomily pointing out the inconsistencies, the intellectual gaps, and the statistics errors of the home team. All, of course, in an effort to “not look like the other side.”

    When you only have two parties (of note), you cannot avoid massive problems associated with Niven’s Law #16. Ramesh should stop with the “own goals.” Or at least cut the practice down to a dull, eeyorish roar.

    I love the guy’s service to ideas, but dang!

  • Sydney Brillo Duodenum:

    Levin stated on his Facebook page:

    “I was invited to be the opening speaker at Saturday’s CPAC session. I had accepted but then, to my amazement, I learned that the John Birch Society would be one of many co-sponsors. This takes the big-tent idea many steps too far for me. So, I withdrew. Apparently, others were not so moved. That’s fine. But it wasn’t for me. Bill Buckley and Barry Goldwater, among others, chased the Birchers from the movement decades ago. And they’re not a part of the movement. So, to give them a booth at CPAC was boneheaded.”

  • The Monster:

    Well, my respect for Levin went down a notch. What is so horrible about the John Birch Society that he can’t speak at a conference co-sponsored by them?

    I think the JBS was one of the first practical demonstrations of Alinsky tactics to fix a target, isolate it, etc. The very name of the organization has become synonymous with “kook”, and why? What position has the JBS taken that is so far beyond the pale that respectable folks can’t associate with them?

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Voodoo Obamanomics: More Creepy Tales of the Undead Zombie Health Care Plan

  • Ran / Si Vis Pacem:

    : ]

  • Patterico’s Insufferable Ego:

    Allah does not link to you because of me. I am the golden child, like his dog but I can type, and I have told him not to link to red headed blogchildren like you.

  • Patterico’s Insufferable Ego:

    I am in with the cool kids.

  • Joe:

    Even David Brooks is starting to get it.

    And he is a slow learner, if you know what I mean.

  • keyboard jockey:

    Rep Thaddeus McCotter on Hardball “Only 21% Of The American People Think They Are Being Governed By Their Own Consent”

    My critique of the video, McCotter is ahead in class, and intellect. McCotter is calling for Free Market solutions to Health Care Coverage, Matthews and Connelly are having none of it.

    Rep Connelly of Prince William Co.,Va., tried to get one of his constituents arrested?

  • archer52:

    Funny you mention the zombie survival guide. My son is a HUGE zombie fan and read the book from cover to cover. He is also reading a series of books that actually tell the story of a viral attack that changed everything into zombies (including fish and birds). That said, it prompted me to write a post about how the lefties with their elitist inside NY mentality would be the first to be eaten.

    Here is part of the post-

    Bear with me here. My young son is a long time fan of zombies. Zombie movies, folklore, comic books and novels. He loves the living dead. He’s not a fan of fast moving zombies or zombies with a brain (Both I agree violate the first law of zombies- their strength is in their overwhelming persistence. Seriously, they’re dead. How can they reason or sprint. It kills the whole concept of being a zombie. What’s next zombie NASCAR and jet pilots?). We always get a kick out of watching how the characters react to being confronted by the living dead. Some panic and fold right away. Others refuse to admit to the problem. Still others wait for help to arrive and get eaten long before that happens. The last group just picks up whatever is handy and starts killing zombies.

    So, what does this have to do with liberals? Simple. I’m convinced the first people eaten in a zombie attack are those same dumbassed liberals we see and hear bitching about conservatives as being unenlightened. They poo-poo this and that. Screech about how they would do it differently if only that pesky Constitution thing would get out of the way. They preen and puff, huff and snicker, all the while the living dead is bearing down on them. This is not an academic exercise! This is a worldwide meltdown, caused by the same forces that now claim they can solve it, only if we follow them down the same zombie infested alley that got half of the world killed last time.

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What All the Cool Kids Are Wearing

  • Lyndsey:

    Shivering through a parliament on the Freedomworks balcony is hardly what I consider partying…

  • Mike:

    Where’s the fedora?
    Where’s the “I partied with Smitty” t-shirt?

  • dicentra:

    How about this: I didn’t go to CPAC, nor have we met in any circumstance. So you give me the t-shirt for free and it’s a complete and total lie.

    The desire to get in on such earthshattering irony should compel you to agree to my terms.

  • proof:

    Stacy: You should take up dicentra’s offer while it still only costs you twenty bucks!

  • Red:

    My guess is that Smitty would appreciate a Cthulu CPAC logo on a t-back with the question posed, “Why vote for the lessor evil?”

  • Roxeanne de Luca:

    Where’s the “Stacy was too cool to party with me at Scott Brown’s victory celebration” t-shirt?

  • Saw Bow Duh!:

    It’s nice to wear costumes like Panday Kids.

23Dec13 Marks 100 Years Of The Fed

  • jefferson101:

    As much as I hate to admit it, there are a lot of levels on this one where I think Ron Paul has it right. The Fed needs to go.

    The only question I have about all that is this: What do you replace it with? Is the .Gov going to take over the Currency, or do our FRN’s just become worthless paper?

    That in itself could be an issue, don’t you think? As much as I’d be down with eliminating the Federal Reserve, I would really like to know what we are going to replace it with.

    If Ammunition is the Currency of the 21st Century, I’m good to go, but if it’s going to be something else, I’d like to hear some discussion of what it’d be.

    While I have no love for the Federal Reserve system, I’ve yet to hear anyone come up with a coherent plan for what we replace it with that doesn’t leave us all as broke as the eventual collapse of it will do anyway. So what is the up side?

    I’m listening……


  • theCL:

    @jefferson101: Commodity-based currency. It wouldn’t be as big of an adjustment as people realize, much easier than if (when) the dollar blows. But the details are too much for the comments here. Check my blog, I’ll cover that topic soon. Should have a long time ago.

    arguments were likely tripe then, too

    Very. The truth is virtually the same story as the conspiracy tales.

    Btw Smitty, that bow-tie is giving you away as a Hayekian/Miseian/Austrian. Looks good!

  • Ran / Si Vis Pacem:

    You make a damned fine point about less centralization. Our confréres in the computation world know too well the dangers of central processing. The metaphor is apt: Distributed processing behaves much like any broad market. The less the centralization the more adaptable and rapid. The benefits outweigh the cost of redundancy – every time. Hell, they apply ‘ubiquitous computing’ as a maxim. Why should banking systems differ?

    Vast powers concentrated in few people has yet to prove to be a long-term viable, successful model anywhere in the human condition.

  • chuck cross:

    Smitty — it was great meeting you at CPAC. It was refreshing to have real conservations about conservatism with you.

    I agree, End The Fed. James Grant wrote a brilliant essay in the last issue of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer. I’m going to see if he’ll republish it for public consumption, because it should be a must-read for those of us who fight the tax effectives of inflation caused by the Fed.

  • Live Free Or Die:

    Wrong monster analogy, Smitty. This monster is The Creature From Jekyll Island. Not sure how to kill it, but I’m in favor of it’s demise.

  • TCL likes it.

Why Keith Olbermann Is Failing

  • Joseph:

    I cannot wait until Keith is fired, but he’ll probably accidentally kill himself while practicing autoerotic asphyxiation long before MSNBC gets rid of him.

  • Joe:

    MSNBC is like the midget little people clown car of cable television. Olbermann fits right in with the rest of the midgets little people. He does not need big ratings. It is what they do.

  • proof:

    Sometimes I think D’oh-lbermann gets a bigger audience from bloggers exposing his idiocy and hypocrisy than ever hear him live.

  • Basil:

    I bet Olbermann couldn’t get … or at least, keep … a job at ESPN.

  • toadold:

    If NBC or MSNBC were legitimate businesses the management would have been fired long ago given the ratings. I’d really like to see the break down on the money flow for them. It operates like a small town vanity newspaper that doesn’t need ad revenue because the owner operates it from other funds.
    I pity the stock holders.

  • Blake:

    The more noteworthy event is when Olberman is not flailing.

  • Pat Hickey:

    Keith Olbermann – America’s # 1. Juice Bag!

  • sam Moore:

    I keep getting the feeling the only thing Keith O hates worse than Conservatives is himself .
    He would made the perfect 50 year old female Bitch .
    I head his parents send him hate mail on his birthday along with his sister and brother .

  • Victor Erimita:

    I think the reason Olberman is failing is because his audience consists entirely of conservative pundits who tune in daily for their outrage fix, and there just aren’t enough of them to make a big audience.

    Seriously, Olberman’s audience is tiny, yet on any given day dozens, scores, maybe hundreds, of conservatives blog weigh in on what he said last night. Two words. Who. Cares? This guy has zero influence. Ignore him. Please.

  • Alan Davidson:

    Two things:

    1) MSNBC will not fire him since it would be a serious blow to their standing on the left and because they are so heavily invested in his schtick, that doing so would be an admission that the Country is center-right.

    2)We on the Right who know better do NOT want him fired or off-the-air. In fact, we hope and pray he not only sticks around, but brings it up a couple of notches. You see, he, in fact, is being held back if you can believe it. Please Olby….Please. Let your true freak out! Let it breath, man!

  • Jason O’Connell:

    Monica Crowley? Gorgeous.

  • BumaShare:

    Every time I think of buying a GE product I think of MSNBC and suddenly I find competitive products made by other manufacturers intrinsically superior.

    Has anyone else experienced the same phenomenon?

  • john kistenmacher:

    Keith who?

  • Mike Troup:

    The only way Olbermann and Maddow could double their ratings is if they each took turns watching the other’s show from the green room! Ignore this little pustule on the media buttock and he will eventually go away, weeping into his pocket square…

  • Pete King:

    “where there are many words, sin is not absent.”

  • Rhetorican-lanche!

Let’s Walk Back That Daffy Lame Duck Talk

  • Joe:

    Obama is weakened but hardly a lame duck. He is going to do something crazy just to get something passed.

    And don’t kid yourself, even weakened, Obama could win a second term. The GOP needs a very strong candidate to take him on.

  • Mark:

    Fuck George Will

  • Bill Spears:

    I like the bit about George Will. Nailed it. McCain was the last time I’m voting for some damn Republican progressive. Far as I’m concerned, progressives like Mitt need to find honest work.

    And right about the Internet. If someone could come up with a nice symbol of the power of the internet to counter the establishment, I’d wear it.

  • Thrasymachus:

    I remember the late 70’s, when there was no internet, and if I wanted any conservative ideology I had to sneak off to the library to read National Review or the Wall Street Journal. But the conservative moment was coming! And it’s been coming, and coming, any day now! since then. Hasn’t Palin endorsed McCain? The Republican Party is not a serious organization and the Tea Parties are inchoate expressions of the popular will, about which the people who run things couldn’t care less.

    No, I don’t have any answers. I don’t think as of now anybody else does either. Until someone figures out a way to actually interrupt the functioning of the system, it will go as if we don’t exist.

  • Adobe Walls:

    Smitty; there are some significant differences between what Ross Perot did and did not do in 92 and the “Tea Parties” of today. First at present the “Tea Parties” are a movement and do not, at least for now, appear to be trying to become a third party. Ross Perot did not start or lead a third party movement but rather a third candidate movement. While I can’t even recall which third party he commandeered, once Perot stopped running for president they returned to relative obscurity. The “Tea Party” people mostly seem to be folks who’ve never gotten more involved than voting and maybe contributing to candidates who appeal and then usually disappoint. It may be just wishful thinking but this time does seem different.

  • Live Free Or Die:

    Can we at least agree that O-bah-muhh is LAME?
    Ross Perot tapped into the outrage of those of us that knew NAFTA was a Shaft-a. Full steam ahead to the global economy. How’s that working out for us? Republican, or Democrat, didn’t matter. They rammed NAFTA through during Clinton-years, as was China most-favored trading status made permanent.Now we are in financial debt to China, and ask “How high?” when they say “Jump”. God help us.

  • TCotS has it.
  • Dustbury takes notice.

CPAC Coda: Some Cheap Riffs

  • Grimcargo:

    Oh if it wasn’t for those pesky little videos of recollection. What a losing liar.

  • Joe:

    Blumenthal loves to say “teabaggers” almost as much as he loves another man’s balls in his mouth.

    Sorry for being graphic but Blumethal started it.

  • The Blanque:

    You mean “Booger” Blumenthal? The guy Hannah Giles played like a cheap fiddle?

  • The Blanque:

    Just in case you don’t know what I mean:

  • Drakz linked it.

Would Everyone Please Stop Arguing About Gays and Ryan Sorba?

  • MrPaulRevere:

    Well stated as usual Mr. McCain. The values of individualism and traditionalism should not inherently be at war with one another.

  • Kevin J Jones:

    I’ve noticed a lot more outrage against Sorba than against the recent shutdown of Catholic Charities DC’s fostering and adoption program forced by the same-sex marriage law.

    It’s hard not to think GOP and CPAC activists care more about their reputation among gays than about moral conservatives’ freedoms.

  • Bryan Fischer:

    Your masthead quotes Arthur Koestler to the effect that one should “write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up.” Sorba, in this case, spoke ruthlessly what he believes to be the truth. It might be better for you to praise him for following your advice.

    If you watch the video, you’ll notice that Sorba was booed as soon as he was introduced, before he said a word. Not sure of the background there, but if you want to get into the juvenile who-started-it-thing, it wasn’t Sorba. My guess is that he got up intending to talk about one thing, got booed for his known stance on homosexuality, and responded to his rude critics in the crowd. He spoke ruthlessly what he believes to be the truth. He spoke truth to power. Good for him.

    By the way, I don’t get paid to “stir things up.” I get paid to write relentlessly what I believe to be the truth.

    CPAC had to know that allowing GOPROUD in as a sponsor would be controversial. Not really sporting of them to complain when their decision turns out to be, well, controversial.

    And why is it that defenders of natural marriage are always the ones who get told to shut up? If advocates for special rights for homosexuals would just shut up, this controversy would go away tomorrow.

    If they would take their behavior back to the bedroom instead of demanding approval for it in the streets and at conservative conferences, they’d be left alone and this conversation would be unnecessary.

  • Joe:

    I have no problem with conservatives reaching out (not reach around) to gays who are alienated from the libtards and Democrats. That is smart. Many more conservatives than are given credit for are far more live and let live about what other people do in their homes as consenting adults, although they may not appreciate having it shoved in their face on a regular basis.

    So the controversy is pretty lame. Ryan Sorba seems like an asshat, which is why he got booed.

  • molonlabe28:

    Addressing CPAC is not speaking (truth or anything else) to power.

    It doesn’t have power, at least not yet.

    Fischer says that Sorba “spoke ruthlessly about what he believes to be the truth.”

    But the same thing can be said about Imams preaching jihad.

    I agree with Fischer that everyone’s sexuality is best left in the bedroom and I share his disdain for the demand for public approval which some gay organizations promote.

    I do accept gay people, and I have had gay friends my entire life; but I don’t need to be pushed and prodded.

    Some people will accept gay people and others won’t – just like some people accept hunting and other think we hunters are miscreants.

    I believe that gay marriage (which I oppose), along with abortion and drug laws, should be left to the individual states.

    The Bible says that homosexuality is wrong, but it also says that masturbation is wrong.

    Why don’t Christian preachers and conservative pundits rail against masturbation?

    I disagree with the Sorba’s notion that sex is primarily to facilitate procreation. Can he really say that all of his years of practice have been to achieve parenthood?

    I have been married for many years and I have been assiduously trying to avoid that result (i.e. pregnancy) the entire time.

    And I will reserve judgment about Hot Air, which has been my go-to source for political anaysis for the last several years.

    Let’s give it a little time before we condemn it.

  • John Doe:

    I agree with everything Stacy says in the article and the last comment (he said, while denying he was brown nosing). BUT, who started the fight? CPAC did by inviting GOProud. Gays are what, 2% of the population?!! And so cons are the conservative base. Yeah, I’ll piss off the base just to pander to 2%. Makes wonderful sense to me. So, yeah, let’s criticize CPAC’s decision to invite them. Is this the right forum?

  • Dennis Foley:

    You know, letting the queers in is no way to gain support for the conservative cause. I’ll bet there are many many more Christians than gays and why does CPAC feel the need to be so
    inclusive. Let them take their morals and lifestyles and go be democrats. You would have to be stupid not to realize that they want to weaken us by introducing their satanically in
    spired lifestyles. Republicans believe in Almighty GOD, the CREATOR,the one who gives us our freedom and life itself.My God doesn’t accept homosexuality, He didn’t way back when and He still feels the same today. As He said ” I am God and there is no other the same yesterday today and forever” Don’t corrupt that which is good with that which is of the evil one. I guarantee you that the Tea Party movement will take off more and more as we see yokels like CPAC giving up on principles in search of votes. As of right now you don’t represent me ,….good day sir

  • Live Free Or Die:

    To paraphrase famous quote from wherever: Silence in the face of behavior that God calls detestable is tantamount to approval of what God calls detestable.
    To love an enemy, in the case of any sinner, is to point out the sin, so they may repent.
    Gay sex/marriage misses the mark set by God. Missing the mark is the definition of sin. For all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. Telling sinners where they can find forgiveness is the essence of the Gospel.But it is up to them to come to God for forgiveness. Ryan Sorba, as a watchman, has warned the ‘sinners’
    and they turned not from their sin, but he has saved his own soul.Or, as Paul said, “Your blood be upon your own heads, I am clean.”

  • Leo:

    Homophobia has no place in conservatism, Christianity, or America.

  • John Doe:

    “Homophobia has no place in conservatism, Christianity or America”? I guess we should celebrate avowed thieves, adulterers and hey, let’s get NAMBLA involved, too! They don’t actually practice pedophilia, they just advocate for the change of laws. Hey, we have to be all inclusive, doncha know? If you exclude pedophiles, you are being “homophobic!”

  • Finrod:

    Some people just don’t get it. Just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you support:

    – Socialized medicine
    – Abortion on demand
    – Leftists preaching in the classroom
    – The truthfulness of the global warmists and their insistence that trillions of dollars be spent on their cause
    – The emasculation of the US military and retreat from all conflicts abroad
    – Confiscatory taxation
    – Labor unions and all their corruption

    Need I go on? The Left insists that all gays conform to their ideology, but that’s just bunk. You can be gay and be against everything I just listed, and what good conservative wouldn’t want to have the support of someone that agrees with them on all those issues?

    Heck, a lot of gay people don’t even agree with the so-called ‘gay agenda’: a large fraction don’t even want gay marriage or ‘gay rights’, they’d just like the privilege of being able to visit their partner in the hospital like the rest of society takes for granted, and be able to grow up, have friends, be employed, and be a contributing member of society without worrying that someone is going get them fired, harassed, mugged or killed because of their private life.

    Is that really too much to ask for?

    And shouldn’t conservatives be glad of the support of people that support them on 90 percent of issues, or are at least persuadable in that direction, and either agree to disagree agreeably or hopefully come to some kind of reasonable compromise on the other items that nearly everyone can support?

    Is that so completely off base?

  • Live Free Or Die:

    The reason amoral’Conservatives’ might be in favor of courting Gays? Let’s see, Double- income-no-kids, majority of which are college-educated, high income status consumers, with a shorter life expectancy(disputed by gays as scare tactics of the Right). They are the PERFECT example of what the Global Governance Elite are looking for.
    Homophobia, a made-up word by the Gays to bludgeon critics into silence. Kind of like Raaaaacist!is used on anyone who disagrees with O-bah-muhh.

  • John Doe:

    OK, finrod, yer in CPAC next year. You don’t have to ask for an invite, just show up. Don’t hand out fliers announcing what you do in private. Just leave what you do behind closed doors behind. Don’t care if you are queer, just STHU. That’s all I ask. And I promise, I won’t wear a sign around my neck, “HEY WORLD! I’m A HETEROSEXUAL!!!!”

  • Timothy Kincaid:

    John Doe,

    According to a very large survey by the CDC, gay/bi folk make up about 4.1% of the population (90% are heterosexual and the rest either “something else” or didn’t answer the question).

    Gay folk generally have two parents (or more, if you count steps), a sibling or two, and neighbors, coworkers, friends and other folk who care about them. And unlike other minority populations, gay folk come from every demographic – including conservatives.

    So it shouldn’t be surprising that that there are a large group of Americans – even conservative Americans – who find it offensive when their kids, siblings, neighbors, and friends are attacked.

    Perhaps you are willing to piss all these folk off – at least while hiding behind a pseudonym – but others are not. There are many conservatives who may not agree with gay people on every issue, but unlike you and Ryan Sorba they are not motivated primarily by hatred and contempt.

    So if conservatives really want to be a majority, they must consider that a campaign of hatred (for example, arguing that homophobia DOES have a place in conservative America or equating gay people with pedophiles) is not going to resonate with anyone other that other haters.

    But maybe you’d prefer to be the purer-than-thou type of conservatives who can meet next year in a phone booth (remember phone booths? They are the “traditional” way to make a call.)

  • Ventura:

    Sorba had every right to speak out the way he did. In fact, a majority of Americans feel the same way when we are discussing SSM. When left to the true democratic process 31 out 31 states have voiced their strong support for traditional marriage and values.
    You can’t argue with those results.

  • John Doe:

    Ahhh, the Queer doth protest too much. All those people who support gathezz out there, thatz why gathezz marriage is overwhelminglyyy supported whenever it is put to a vote. No, wait, what? It isn’t? Oh. So, let’s go withz the lisperz anyway, just because Timothy (swish) says we should?

  • Joe:

    This is a brief rebuttal to Ryan Sorba:

  • Finrod:

    I don’t advertise my sexuality, John Doe. I’ve been using the same name on the Internet for 20 years now, and there’s only a handful of people that could even make a semi-informed conjecture as to what my proclivities are. I just don’t go advertising those things– I’m not the Facebook type of person.

    But I’m sure if you were half as open as a lot of people are, I could find some feature of YOUR life that a significant minority of the population wouldn’t like. And I’m sure you wouldn’t like it one bit if people started haranguing you about it– there are people out there that hate almost anything, be it sports, religion, your choice of work, your choice of recreation, etc.

    And I’ll damn well go to CPAC, or not go to CPAC, if I feel like it. If I’m there, I’ll volunteer for GOProud, or not volunteer for them, if I feel like it. I’ll offer my opinion when I want to, and if you don’t like it, you can shove it up your overly-tight ass.

    Plus, you’re a colossal jerk in the first place for starting an argument about gays in a post titled ‘Would Everyone Please Stop Arguing About Gays and Ryan Sorba?’. From what little I know of you so far, I don’t like one bit of it, in fact I’m convinced the conservative movement would be better off if you would shut your whiny trap.

  • john:

    I have to agree with Mr. McCain that this argument is not especially helpful for our country in the leadup to an extremely important election. Aside from that, it is also completely pointless. Nobody is ever going to convince anybody else to think anything different on this issue. Cats and dogs.

  • mike parnell:

    I love it when bible-thumpers get all upset. These postings make me smile. As a proud gay man, I love that we’re winning. But I have a question: after gay marriage is the law of the land, what will you find to get all upset about?

  • Joshua:

    Way to go… infest the Conservatives with the lost generation of homosexual men and anal sex. Great… kiss this country good bye if you keep pushing this stuff onto our nation.

    CPAC is no longer conservative if they’re allowing this type of trashtalking, hyperventilating, spoiled, narcissistic, and psychologically immature men to invade our cause.

    Anal sex is not a civil rights issue. It is a mental disorder.

    The reason I am so adamant in this position is the homosexuals do not care about our childrens rights. They believe that as a minority of people that sleep around with anyone in any park or Home Depot, they have the right to thrust this stuff on children in schools.

    Hey “other” McCain, you’er no different than McCain’s wife.

    These militant homosexuals are now going to drive the GOP??? Why don’t you try looking at CDC statistics? There is a glaring problem with STDs and AIDs directly tied to their behavior at a much higher rate than the heterosexual community.

    And they’ve lied to the media and our children. Homosexuals are not born homosexuals, nor is their any genetic proof, but they perpetuated that lie for a long time until studies proved them wrong.

    Their behavior is abnormal. Why should we be forced to teach children that it is normal?

    And why isn’t the homosexual community condemning Kevin Jennings for his support of a NAMBLA – man-boy love sick and twisted mind? Who also supports sick and twisted books of pedophilia?

    Why don’t you condemn these actions by Obama to hire such a cretin?

    How dare they boo someone who did nothing but get up to speak. This is the same far left liberal crap now invading the republicans and CPAC has lost any credibility by allowing such false and lying sponsors to our children.

  • Joshua:

    Let me know “Mr. other McCain” when you start promoting polygamy as well. Because according to most of these idiots, we should not care about the bedroom, or what is forced on our children, right?

    Talk about vicious hatred? That is the militant homosexual community that hates and demonizes anyone that dare question the rights of sex-crazed men and anal sex as civil rights issues.

    Europe is failing and falling down exactly due to ths liberal, false agenda and why Islamization is happening to their blind cultures over there.

    They thru G_d out of their lives and now America is trying to do the same. Once you do this, don’t be surprised when all hell breaks loose.

    Rome is just around the corner “boys”

  • Joy Tucker:

    I’m amazed that no one has addressed the precusor to Mr. Sorba’s remarks. If you would search out the entire story, you would find that crude and immature behavior from the audience toward the speaker that preceded him prompted him to change his address to the crowd at the last moment. If homosexual individuals expect courtesy, should they not practice it first?

  • Joshua:


    There is no such thing as homophobia. Thats a lie. There is such a thing as dysfunctional young boys that fail to mature, are lost, the majority of which come from broken homes, no fathers, abusive fathers, or have been abused in their lives.

    There is such a thing as Christaphobia. Its called the ACLU and Homosexuals. They believe they have a right to push their physical sex addictions and abnormal behavior on every single person in America. Damn anyone that points out they need serious psychological help. There is no such thing as a gay gene.

    But I’m sure you’re going to fight just as hard for Polygamy, right? We should force every child in America, in our schools to accept that polygamy is normal, why not?

    Try to argue pro-homosexual, anti-polygamy stances. You cannot logically do it. If you force one set of sexual behavior on all of us, you must let all the other sexual behaviors exist and force them on everyone else.

    The best thing to do is for Government to stay the hell out of schools, out of families homes and stop forcing abnormal sexual behavior on all of us.

  • mike parnell:

    Wow. Joshua has issues. I came from a great home with loving parents and wonderful siblings. I don’t know where Joshua gets his “facts” but they’re completely bogus. Fortunately, his ideas are losing ground daily.

  • John Howard:

    Conservatives should oppose equal procreation rights for same sex couples, Transhumanism, genetic engineering (“designer babies”), and postgenderism, because allowing people to start creating people using genetically modified gametes will mean huge government programs to research and fund it. All people should be created from the union of a man’s sperm and a woman’s egg, and all people should have equal rights to use their unmodified genes to procreate with their spouse. No one should be allowed to do it any other way, because it undermines the right to use our own genes. Ryan Sorba actually seems to understand, he wrote about the subject on his blog last year.

    We can still give gay couples all the protections and benefits and security of marriage in the form of Civil Unions that are defined as “marriage minus conception rights”, thereby preserving marriage’s protection of the couple’s right to procreate together.

    It all comes down to whether we want to preserve natural conception rights and prohibit same-sex procreation and genetic engineering, or whether we want to allow those things. If we allow them, then we should allow same-sex marriage. If we don’t, we shouldn’t.

  • KG:

    You’re not convincing anyone mike parnell, you just come off as snotty.

  • Finrod:

    Personally, I find it hilarious that people try to use the Bible to rant against polygamy, when according to the Bible, King Solomon was the wisest man that ever lived (excepting Jesus of course), and he had 700 wives and 300 concubines.

  • mike parnell:

    Snotty? Have you read these posts? I don’t have to convince anyone here because you mostly seem to be gay-haters, and there’s no changing that. No, I just enjoy playing with you folks. You’re like artifacts from a museum in your thinking. Quaint but dangerous, like Nazism. But while you’re still around (and you will eventually be replaced by clearer-thinking humans) I’m having a blast reading your dusty thoughts.

  • Gryph:

    I tend to think that it was a strategic mistake for CPAC to bring GOProud on as a sponsor, but I don’t begrudge them that as some kind of social-con fundamentalist.

    I’m far more concerned about the potential impact on the event, and by implication the conservative movement, of the John Birch Socieity and David Keene’s apparent indiscriminacy in bringing on whichever sponsors call themselves “conservative.”

    Tar the leaders, tar the movement. It’s a smear technique that James Carville et. al know quite well, and I think we should be cautious in not giving them opportunities.

  • Live Free Or Die:

    God overlooked King Solomon’s many sins as an O.T. example of God’s grace.

    In the past, God overlooked such ignorance, but now He commands all people everywhere to repent. Acts 17:30

Smitty and I Featured in . . . GQ?

  • USMC:

    Did you read some of the comments on the GQ “article”? Many came to your defense. There is hope after all.

  • Agnes B. Bullock:

    The Speedo photo should be submitted to GQ, so that the writer can see what a real man (ie- conservative) has to offer the distaff population!!

  • Joe:

    I was going to say, you and Smitty shirtless in GQ…

    My guess is Scott Browns you are not.

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CPAC 2010: Bloggerazzi Photopalooza!

  • Joe:

    Tabatha Hale is a real cutie. Jimmy…not so much, but I am sure his heart is in the right place.

    I love the trifecta shot of Spencer, Geller and you. You almost have a Sicilian look about you in that photo (not wearing your typical tweed sports jacket, but an actual suit). Have Da Tech Guy work on your Sicilian look.

  • Joe:

    Another example of a non CPAC loser:

    This is best in life?

    He also says the Tea Party will go away when the economy improves. I suspect his days are probably more numbered than the Tea Party movement.

  • datechguy:

    Cripes Stacy what would you have done if you didn’t have my hats?

  • Stix:

    What No pics of me??

    Just kidding. Great pics.

    Got to love the hat datechguy. Their famous not in GQ

  • Darcy:

    Huh? Jimmie is adorable!

    So nice to see all the faces behind the personalities on the ‘net.

  • Lonely Conservative:

    I spy….


    And I think Jamie Holts is a spammer.

    And Jimmie’s plenty cute.

  • Forrest:

    Gee, maybe someone should send this to Keith Olbermann, as he always seems to be concerned about “color coordination” as I suppose he should be, being part of the Monochrome MSNBC lineup. I like to personally remain color blind and rely on the evidently antiquated notion (if your a “progressive”) of being judged on the content of your character rather than the color of your skin. But I suppose that if your Kieth Olbermann (or any other so called “progressives”) none of the people in the above pictures actually count as “people of color” because they are all rabid neoconservative, race traitor, Uncle Tom, teabaggers. We can definitely safely say where the specter of racism resides these days.

  • Stephanie:

    I do wonder if they would have stopped to even ask for my papers, or shipped me off to La Migra instantly…..? hahaha. I know they wouldn’t. But its funny to contemplate.

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Good-Bye, Meg Stapleton

  • chuck cross:

    Tell us how you really feel, Stacy!

  • chuck cross:

    Oh good grief. The 2012 primary is going to be like a steel cage match filled with ‘roided up rhesus monkeys. First candidate to give Romney a noogey and mess up his hair on national TV gets a $2,400 check from me.

    There seems to be a lot of lamenting out on the internet tubes by party big shots. I, for one, had a terrific time. If it is once again another scrum of all flavors of conservatism in 2011, I will attend again.

    Great meeting you, sir!

  • Brian Paasch:

    “CPAC two conservative ”
    conservative? or “consecutive”?

  • Lena:

    Oh, how horrible that you never got direct access to Palin. As if you were the only one who wanted it. Get over yourself.

  • Lena:

    Meg’s awesome. Sarah loved her and I’m sure still does. I’ve read the emails where Sarah talked about Meg. If a reporter gave Meg flak, Sarah hated it.

  • Guest:


    Grover Norquist’s The Politics of Walletism.

    Open Borders and Trade w/Dictators because the personal profit-margin is greater.

    Not to mention CPAC’s 9/11 Truthers for the Insane.

    All wrapped up in Howard Beale appeal.

  • Guest:

    Further; for an organization which is suppose to advance Conservatism through political activism CPAC has don’t a lousy job of advancing the cause.

    Reagan would be is ashamed of the duplicitous distortions.

    The only thing CPAC advanced is the John Birch Society

  • Scott:

    Of course Meg is responsible for Palin missing CPAC. Meg singlehandedly convinced Keene to attack Palin as “rock star”, not ready, “harder to envision,” and so on. Go, Meg. And Meg talked Meg into trying to shake down Fedex for a couple of million. Oh yeah, that was Meg.

    Interesting: the Republicans who are criticizing Palin for missing CPAC are the same ones that were “concerned” about her participation in the Tea Party in Nashville. Coincidence? Oh yeah, I’m sure.

    The most interesting thing about CPAC was Glenn Beck, who has twisted Republican panties across the nation.

  • Scott:

    “And Meg talked Keene into trying to shake down….”

    Damn keyboard.

    “I voted for the Chick.”

  • Kentucky Colonel:

    RSM, you’re good. You somehow know exactly what advice Stapleton gave to Palin. Give us a break. You and the rest continue to place Palin in a box that she simply won’t fit. What you, Erickson, and Riehl try to do with Palin reminds me of when I try to get my Cairn Terrier into her travel carrier. She spreads her legs out and makes herself three times bigger than the opening. She refuses to be shoehorned into somewhere she doesn’t want.

    Palin didn’t attend the TPC over CPAC because she expected to reach more people, even though as it worked out, millions heard her. She went to the TPC because that’s where she wanted to go. And as far as I know, it never was an “either or” decision. She chose not to attend CPAC. Big Deal, and I doubt that the decision was based purely on the counsel of just Stapleton.

    The CPACers need to get over themselves, just as you and the rest of the whiners need to get over yourselves just because Palin doesn’t march to the beat of your drum.

  • Kentucky Colonel:

    Interesting post over at C4P just now. It’s as if it was written for you RSM.

  • Scott:

    “Why wasn’t she in Massachusetts campaigning for Scott Brown? Why didn’t she stand up to defend Marco Rubio when the NRSC backed Crist?

    These were all what are called “leadership opportunities” and — with the brilliant advice of Meg Stapleton — Palin missed all of them.”

    Maybe. Or perhaps Palin realizes that she is still a polarizing figure and asks candidates if they want her endorsement. It’s not a stretch to believe that Brown, or even Rubio, opted out of a Palin endorsement, considering the makeup of their states. If jumping into the fray without discussing with the candidate can cause problems, perhaps discretion is the better part of leadership.

    No one is talking, so obviously, I don’t know any more than anyone else. I would still bet a small sum with reasonable odds that such discussions take place. To not discuss with the candidates would be a massive mistake far beyond the mistakes of Meg Stapleton.

    Both Stapleton and Palin made mistakes and will continue to make mistakes. But to the extent that Meg Stapleton managed the Palin brand, it’s difficult to see that she caused much damage in spite of relentless attacks, both in the media and from Republican Party hacks.

    On conflation, David Keene was the face of CPAC BEFORE the event. Perhaps less now, but when his comments could be used to attack Palin, he was CPAC.

    On blunders: Consider which event got the most national attention AFTER the event? The media was still talking about the tea party convention and Sarah Palin for about a week or two after the event. The only people still talking about CPAC are Republicans that are mad at Glenn Beck. Measuring impact is a guess, but I think Palin’s impact on the nation extended far beyond the the audience in Nashville. To what extent does that apply to CPAC?

    I’m not anti-CPAC and I believe that CPAC has value overall, but I think the organizers, Keene or otherwise, made tactical blunders at least on the scale of Stapleton. Keene’s early attacks on Palin were not the smartest move. IMHO. And no, I wasn’t there. I’m just guessing based on the national discussion after the event.

    And how do you make that gray box in these comments? Is that a feature reserved to you guys, or can anyone do it?

  • daisy:

    Ron Paul won the straw poll at CPAC. I’m glad Sarah had nothing to do with the freak show.

  • section9:


    I had serious problems with Stapleton’s job, mostly having to do with what happened last summer to the Orange County Republican Women’s outfit. There was a huge cockup that never got settled and Meg never clearly stated that Sarah wasn’t attending until late in the game. However, Stapleton was a supremely loyal individual and would go to the mat for Palin. That should have been the extent of it. Palin should not have been relying on Stapleton for political advice.

    That said, Palin did not attend 9/12 for one primary reason that had nothing to do with Stapleton: she was deep into the drafting of her book that was on an accelerated time schedule. There’s no way she could have broken away from San Diego and flown to DC for that event.

    CPAC is less forgivable, but she got wider media play at the TPC. That you must admit.

    My take? Stapleton actually is tired of the national grind and Sarah is looking for national level talent. Meg was an Anchorage person prior to starting with Palin before 2006, and Sarah needs someone who can suffer the slings and arrows of Saul Alinsky, and dish it out, too.

    Mark Levin to the white courtesy phone…..

  • TW:

    You’re right, Ky Colonol. We’re still talking about Glenn Beck, but we might be talking about Palin had she bothered to show up to CPAC. Wasn’t it Palin who said that Tea Partiers must choose between the parties? If Palin has higher political aspirations, why not appeal to the base of the Party at CPAC. You know, those people who might eventually get her nominated. It’s strange that a convention filled with “Washington insiders”, chose isolationist Ron Paul as their preferred Presidential candidate. He’s been in Congress for decades but he’s not exactly typical politician. Palin needs to ignite the base, not ignore it. Avoiding CPAC is counterintuitive and a sure way to get Mitt Romney nominated.

  • Joe:

    “Why wasn’t she in Massachusetts campaigning for Scott Brown?”

    Because Palin support would not have helped Scott Brown in libtard Massachusetts. She is not liked by many liberals and would have hurt him. Brown had to win dissatisfied Democrats and Indies (who mostly lean Democrat/Liberal) to beat Coakley. That is no slam on Palin, that is just the way those idiots are wired in the Bay State. Brown had to walk a very fine line. Palin was helping Scott Brown by not overtly helping.

    I doubt Meghan Stapleton had much to do with it either way. And I suspect Palin is better off without her.

  • Kentucky Colonel:

    Well, TW. it seems to me that we’re still talking about Palin. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a speech at the TPC, no speech at CPAC, a visit to the Daytona 500, or a FB post, we’re still talking about Palin.

    She has stated numerous times that helping people for 2010 is her “job one”. She has not committed to her own political future. Until she does, to suggest that her decision to bypass CPAC is damaging, is an argument without merit. She made the decision not to go to CPAC and to borrow five words from her resignation speech, “if she dies, she dies”. If she can live with that, why can’t the rest of us?

  • TW:

    “Until she does, to suggest that her decision to bypass CPAC is damaging, is an argument without merit.”

    Why is that? Many speakers at CPAC had uncommitted political futures. Why is that she’s exceptionally different from other conservatives? She’s even a member of the media. If Glenn Beck or stuffy old George Will can speak at CPAC, why not Palin? I think she had spoken at CPAC she would’ve overshadowed some the “freak show” elements. I don’t we’d discussing Ron Paul or Glenn Beck.

  • pharmacy technician:

    nice post. thanks.

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J.D. Hayworth vs. John McCain

  • rod stanton:

    Hey do not blame me I am an American. I voted for Barr!

  • Scout:

    Thanks for this story. I used it as a reminder to unsubscribe from the “My Friends” candidate’s listserver. Back when I had no choice but him or Berry I chose the Maverick…mainly I chose Palin but I digress. I put in the email body “thanks but no thanks, I support J. D.!”

  • chuck cross:

    Great bullet-points. Thanks!!

  • Joe:

    Yeah Hayworth voted better on those issues. I agree he is a better conservative than John McCain. That does not necessarily mean he is a better candidate for Senate. Hayworth also lost his congressional seat in Arizona. That does not bode well for a state wide race. If McCain is a media hound, J.D. Hayworth is a media whore. Which is part of the reason why he has alienated a lot of members of his own party in Arizona. That and also being tied up with the Abramhof scandal and payments from his campaign to his wife.

    I get a lot of people are pissed at John McCain. So am I. But Arizona could not find a better candidate to run against him than J.D. Hayworth? When every Senate seat counts, we can afford to give one to the democrats. We should be finding top notch candidates to take on Democrats and weak Republicans in the primaries.

    You are right about Rubio. I am not enthusiastic at all about Hayworth.

  • Joe:

    And rod stanton, thanks for helping elect Barack Obama.

  • rod stanton:

    Glad to be of assistance.

  • Dani:

    I agree with you Joe, in that i don’t get why Arizona at least couldn’t find someone better than that wingnut. As far as i’m concerned, he’s just another ex-radio pundit. I hope McCain can really stay strong thru upcoming debates – Go home JD.

  • WestWright:

    Time for AZ to tell McCain, GTH off our lawn!
    A debate between a ‘Winger, Ex-radio Pundit’ Hayworth and ‘Conservative Hater’ McCain should be on Pay fo’ View and include a drink everytime McCain says MyFriend. The primary reason McCain has any endorsements is none of the endorsers want to wake up with a Horse Head or worse if MyFriend loses this primary!

  • Obi’s Sister linked us.

Re-Election ‘Slam Dunk’ for Mikulski?

  • Mike F:

    I wouldn’t waste my time, she is a shoe-in. We don’t call it “The Peoples Republic of Maryland” for nothing. BTW, I still have a copy of the photo of Babs holding a Street Sweeper and looking just like Ma Barker.

  • Mike:

    I nominate you for the race. Stacy McCain vs. Mikulski, that would be entertaining.

  • Corrindium:

    Well, there’s a few, but the only one who seems like he’s actually serious is Dr. Eric Wargotz (

  • Karla Daronco:

    I live in Kensington and I don’t understand why former Gov. Bob Ehrlich isn’t running against her. O’Malley stinks, but I don’t think the state wants a rematch between the two. I am sick to death of the brain dead liberals in Montgomery and PG counties that decide for the rest of us!

  • El Cerdo Ignatius:

    Stacy, Mike is right. Why don’t you run for the Republican nomination? Remember, even if it goes nowhere, there is no way it would be bad for site traffic.

  • richard mcenroe:

    Word is,Cornyn’s trying to recruit Joy Behar to run, to reach out to Maryland Independents…

    Hey, she’s a rich white woman with name recognition,all– the only — things the NRSC looks for in a candidate…

  • Adobe Walls:

    I remember reading speculation that she might not run due difficulties recovering from breaking her ankle in three places last summer. Is she up to running?

  • soylent green:

    Michael Steele.

    Replacing Mikluski with Steele and bringing in a real RNC head would be plus-plus-plus.

  • Dein:

    #1 BM lives in uneducated Baltimore City,a corrupt,failing,majority minority,sanctuary for illegals,high murder,high tax,welfare haven that has been deteriorating for 50 yrs.Guess which party has been running it?Did I mention mayor Dixon[dem]was just removed for stealing gift cards from the poor and other corruptions?This city and 2 other dem sub-divisions of the same thread have enough votes[legal and mostly illegal]PG and Montgy ctys to carry the state.Ever notice how libs,uneducated,and ill-informed always vote the same way…….?I could go on

  • missred:

    here are a couple of others that have filed to challenge the milkuski
    i found them and more here:

Despite GOP Opposition, Obama Health Care Summit Finds Cure for Insomnia

  • William:

    This is why I love you, Stacy. IYKWIMAITYD

  • Thrasymachus:

    It’s stupid and yet it’s been working very well for what, going on 80 years now? “Republicans are against Program X which means they are in favor of torturing cute kittens.” Even implied sympathy for kitten torturers is unbearable for most people so they go along.

  • The Health Dude:

    “Health is wealth” is known to all and everyone wants good health. So, Let us build a food habit discipline, keep pace with work, rest and or exercise to Achieve good health, The ultimate wealth.

  • TCotS gives the link.
  • Republican Redefined picks it up.

Yet Another Person I Forgot to Hate: So Many People to Oppress, So Little Time

  • The Monster:

    For the record, it’s “AIDS”: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. The S does not form the plural of AID.

    And get off my lawn!

  • Red:

    I’m just going to rush in right quick without reading. *LMAO* The post title has me reeling. I’m tucking that saying away for a later date. HA!

  • Finrod:


  • David:

    I keep praying for the day ALL of the aggrieved groups wake up to the sham they’ve been falling for (for literally decades) and tear the Dem Party to shreds.

  • Bob Belvedere:

    That rant, Stacy, was worthy of Dennis Miller.


  • Dandapani:


  • TCotS brings the linkage.
  • A Conservative Lesbian linked us. Hi, Cynthia!

Eeeewwww! President Obama Picked His Nose During Health Care Summit

  • Dr. Kenneth Noisewater:

    What is it with the Democrats and their boogers these days?

  • paul mitchell:

    This summit meant as much as the Beer Summit. Plus, we find out that we have a President that is obviously huffing something while he is in meetings. Guh-rate.

    Who elected this imbecile and how did they get out of the straitjacket long enough to pull the lever?

  • No Sheeples Here:

    The “Nose Nugget” You Tube legacy moment can be seen here:

  • Thrasymachus:

    What’s wrong with this is that if there was no abortion funding in the plan, it would have sailed right through. There is a clear majority for socialism in this country, bedeviled only by minor details.

  • jstjoan:

    At least there was beer at the beer summit. But I did have beer during the summit today.

  • Joe:

    $5 the Obama kid eats it.

  • Joe:

    And you thought President Obama was opposed to drilling!

  • Ui2:

    Prediction: Harry Reid will take to the Senate floor tomorrow and proclaim nose picking to be a vital part of good health care.

  • SDN:


    “Rhinotillexomania, strip mining your way,
    Rhinotillexomania, keeps congestion at bay,
    When other methods fail you, You can’t smell the rose,
    It’s Rhinotillexomania,
    Yeah, Rhinotillexomania,
    It’s Rhinotillexomania, where the digit meets the nose.”

  • young4eyes:

    yeah, nothing says “Republican Victory” in the summit by highlighting the nose dig.
    Figures, as once again Republicans got their asses handed to them, and some boogers to boot.
    But hey, all the proof we need to further acknowledge the abject loss Republicans suffered today is the cute( in a 3rd grade kind of way) “boogie-gate”. Hey! I’ve got a new talking point for you: The Health Care Bill has cooties!
    You’ve all been teabagging each other for so long you can’t see what utter douchebags you’ve become.
    Booger jokes…you morons just make it too easy sometimes for us…

  • Miss Sharon:

    Sracey~ You are so GROSS for screen capping this! BUT you did not pick your nose on national TV as the leader of the free world so Please! let us humiliate this narcissist by spreading this all over the net!!!

    And what he did to Boehner was so flipping condescending I can not hardly bear it. Condescension with a side of bold-face lies.

  • chrisa798:


    when you spout your cliches, do you do a reality check beforehand? don’t answer, it’s a rhetorical question. check the election results in Mass., NJ, and VA — if you can do that level of research. obamacare is wildly unpopular. at this point it doesn’t matter what obama says — people don’t trust him. we also have a bit of a financial problem, and, to head off your next tirade, yes, the GOP owns a share of the blame for that.

    the vile sexual slur of yours — classy.

    here’s a hint — when you entire post consists of slurs, insults, and unsupported generalizations, you’ve lost.

    you lost.

    to put it in your terms: you’re a douchenozzle.

  • Paul b:

    I wish they got the film of Obama throwing crap out of his cage….

  • Grimcargo:

    It’s all over. boogers and all…Obama proves again to be a chicago punk.

  • Americaneocon:

    American Power tracked-back with, ‘Blair House Reject: No Deal at Health Summit’.

  • Senator Fuller Bull – D:

    Booger jokes “you morons just make it too easy sometimes for us”


    This from the side of the aisle obsessed that Sarah Palin wrote on her hand.

    Speaking of obsessions, you really are fixated on “teabagging” aren’t you?

  • Senator Fuller Bull – D:


    when you spout your cliches, do you do a reality check beforehand? don’t answer, it’s a rhetorical question. check the election results in Mass., NJ, and VA: if you can do that level of research. obamacare is wildly unpopular. at this point it doesn’t matter what obama says: people don’t trust him. we also have a bit of a financial problem, and, to head off your next tirade, yes, the GOP owns a share of the blame for that.

    the vile sexual slur of yours: classy.

    here’s a hint: when you entire post consists of slurs, insults, and unsupported generalizations, you’ve lost.

    you lost.

    to put it in your terms: you’re a douchenozzle.


    LOL! I’ll take Sarah Palin’s ink rubbing off on my hands during a handshake than Obooger’s bama sticking to my hand.

    By the way, you do know we’re all racists for bringing this up, don’t you? 😉

  • Live Free Or Die:

    Never let it be said that the Democrats are unable to ‘pick a winner’.

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  • The Ubervu thread.

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