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Day By Day And The Righteous Allusion

Posted on | April 1, 2010 | Comments Off on Day By Day And The Righteous Allusion

by Smitty

Day By Day makes a great historical allusion that merits mention. As a part of the Battle of the Bulge, the Siege of Bastogne had the fascists pinning down the 101st Airborne for a week. “When confronted with a written request from German General Luttwitz for surrender of Bastogne, [Brigadier General McAuliffe] replied ‘NUTS!'”

According to an article in the Daily Mail the reply was not “Nuts” but a four letter expletive that was changed for propaganda purposes for domestic consumption. But that was not the case, according to Vincent Vicari, McAuliffe’s personal aide who was there at the time. As quoted by Richard Pyle of the Associated Press December 12, 2004, Vicari said, “General Mac was the only general I ever knew who did not use profane language. ‘Nuts’ was part of his normal vocabulary.”

So, both the allusion to fascism and the


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