The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

We Now Interrupt This Blog . . .

. . . for an urgent news announcement: MICHELLE MALKIN IS NOT WHITE She is, however, supreme: In an unrelated news development, Charlie Crist is brown. Like toast. MARCO RUBIO FOR U.S. SENATE

Bad Food As A Legislative Metaphor

by Smitty It always starts rather innocently, doesn’t it? Somewhere around “There oughta be a law” or “I have a cunning plan”. And then what happens? Some jacknut sees that mitigated disaster of an idea and says “What the world needs right now is an unmitigated disaster” Now, while it’s a good thing that the […]

PA12: Palin Picks a Winner

What do you do when you’re a Republican in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and you’ve just stomped Nancy Pelosi’s handpicked Democrat into smithereens in a public debate for the congressional seat formerly held by the late Jack Murtha? Tim Burns headed straight to Coney Island Lunch for the world-famous “Sundowner” burger: The Johnston Tribune-Democrat story about the debate is so […]

Democratic Wreckage Report: Blanche Lincoln

by Smitty Liberty Pundits bring the schadenfreude for the Senator from Arkansas. Out on the left coast, where redeeming the Congress will require perhaps greater effort, Valley of the Shadow is attending a Republican debate, and plans to report tomorrow on who is packin’ the gear in the effort to oust Waxman. Also your attention […]

Janet Napolitano Channels Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore

by Smitty Dell over at Uncoverage quotes Janet: “I know that border I think as well as anyone, and I will tell you it is as secure now as it has ever been,” Napolitano said. Equally demented:

Einstein Was A Physicist. Repeating Others’ Economic Failures, Hoping For Success, Is Sane.

by Smitty The Federal Reserve holds interest rates where they are for an ‘Extended Period‘, and the Dow holds itself above 11k. One person in three thinks the country is one the right track, which may or may not be related to Fed policy. Across the pond, Spain joined Portugal and Greece in the downgrade […]

Alabama AG Troy King Acts Tough On Crime. Corruption? Not So Much

Nice “America’s Most Wanted” imitation here by the suspiciously gambling-friendly attorney general Troy King: Unlike John Walsh, however, Troy King has been the target of a federal investigation, and this new TV ad raises a question: Where did those cop cars come from? If those are Alabama police cars . . . well, the state law is quite clear on such […]

Influence of Jerry Lee Lewis Has Belated and Unexpected Effect in Nigeria

Ever since the Killer married his 13-year-old cousin Myra, we’ve been warned about the decadence caused by rock-and-roll, which has finally corrupted even the most distant societies: Nigeria’s Senate has ordered an investigation into reports that one of its members has married a 13-year-old Egyptian girl. Ahmad Sani Yerima, 49, is alleged to have married her at the […]

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