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Lloyd Blankfein Wallows In Clintonism

Posted on | May 6, 2010 | Comments Off on Lloyd Blankfein Wallows In Clintonism

by Smitty (h/t RedState, assist Pundette)

I might have, but they would be at a general and very high level, not specific. Frankly along the lines–the same way I’m talking to you.

It’s like this, Lloyd. You can say what you want. Your definition of ‘is’ might differ substantially from the simple, common sense one under which I operate. But we live in a complex world, with all of these shades of grey. Let me express views in terms of probabilities:

Proposition Likelihood
Blankfein’s actual contact with Treasury officials is a superficial as he’s trying to sell Senator Coburn: 17%
Some jet-fuel genius who works for Blankfein drafted the regulatory input for Treasury/Congress, with Lloyd’s thorough and deep understanding of the contents: 99%

Keep fighting the good fight, Senator Coburn. The answer to ‘to big to fail’ is more, smaller banks, markets, and companies. Somehow it seems we’re moving the other direction.


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