The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

The World’s Best Coffee?

On Saturday night’s episode of The Other Podcast, our Valdosta correspondent Dianna Deeley took time to thank John Hoge for a gift he gave her — Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. Dianna’s praise for the quality of this product piqued my curiosity, and with a quick search of Amazon, I discovered that these beans sell for […]

Biden Celebrates MLK Day With Speech to Group Founded by Infamous Jew-Hater

Maybe you don’t know who Al Sharpton actually is. Perhaps you never bothered to Google “Yankel Rosenbaum.” Maybe you’re too young to remember the Freddie’s Fashion Mart massacre. Your ignorance may be excusable because, after all, major news organizations have gone to great lengths to ignore or minimize Sharpton’s despicable history of inciting violence toward […]

Joe Biden Lies About the Economy

Of course, the headline could have been simplified — “Joe Biden Lies” — because every word out of his mouth is false, no matter the topic, but his lies Friday at Delaware State University were about the economy specifically. The official topic, “Remarks by President Biden on Student Loan Forgiveness,” as the White House web […]

Magical Thinking as Economic Policy

“In psychiatry, magical thinking is a disorder of thought content; here it denotes the false belief that one’s thoughts, actions, or words will cause or prevent a specific consequence in some way that defies or circumvents commonly understood laws of causality.” Joe Biden evidently believes that recession can be avoided by pretending there is no […]

‘Orange Man Bad!’ Trump Still Living Rent-Free in the Left’s Collective Head

Linking to an article about internecine conflict in “progressive advocacy groups,” Glenn Reynolds notes the real source of their problem: Woke white people are annoying, stupid, and frequently vicious. Fortunately they’re also usually self-destructive and incompetent. But ultimately, this is just Trump exercising a magical power to destroy his enemies via their own ideology: Sooner […]

Deliberate Dishonesty: Biden Keeps Repeating Lies About the Economy

The constant refrain from Democrats is that Joe Biden is unpopular because the White House has a “messaging” problem. Nothing is actually going wrong in America, they seem believe, and certainly none of the problems we’re experiencing are the result of Biden’s policies. No, the real problem is that they’re not “getting their message out” […]

Joe Biden’s Supply Chain Disaster

Suppose that you were in the food service business, and suppose that you wanted to order those little packets of mayonnaise. Good luck getting them, at any price, these packets (which most of us take for granted) being just one of many items that have become scarce as a result of the Biden administration’s supply-chain […]

The Billionaire Landlord Cartel

Buck Throckmorton at AOSHQ has a long post about what’s going on in the real estate market that everybody needs to read. For a few weeks now, ever since the Wall Street Journal did a feature article about the phenomenon, people have been pondering what this means: From individuals with smartphones and a few thousand […]

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