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The World’s Best Coffee?

Posted on | January 24, 2023 | Comments Off on The World’s Best Coffee?

On Saturday night’s episode of The Other Podcast, our Valdosta correspondent Dianna Deeley took time to thank John Hoge for a gift he gave her — Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. Dianna’s praise for the quality of this product piqued my curiosity, and with a quick search of Amazon, I discovered that these beans sell for around $60 a pound.

Because I am far more the gourmand than the gourmet when it comes to coffee — I drink six or eight cups a day — I am certainly not a “coffee snob,” and am generally content with Maxwell House or whatever I get. But hearing Dianna’s testimony to the exquisite taste, I researched Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee and learned, among other things, that “this coffee has developed a reputation that has made it one of the most expensive and sought-after coffees in the world. Over 80% of all Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is exported to Japan.” A-ha!

Foreign competition from those inscrutable Orientals has bid up the price of these precious beans, which can only be grown at certain altitudes in the mountains of this one Caribbean island, so that the supply is limited, while the demand — well, why haven’t you ordered your supply of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans yet?

You see, now that I have discovered these beans — and am publicizing them so that everybody in the world with an Internet connection becomes aware of the superiority of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee — the increased demand will certainly result in rising prices. By the time you see this blog post, perhaps hundreds of our regular readers have already ordered their beans from Amazon, and the price may have hit $70 or $80 a pound.

John Hoge’s already boosting Blue Mountain beans on his blog, and this could be the beginning of a market-changing phenomenon — like the 17th-century tulip craze or the South Sea bubble.


It could be only a matter of weeks before the surging demand drives up the cost to the point that only the wealthy elite will be able to afford Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee — and meanwhile, me and my blog readers will be sitting on our stockpile of those precious beans, purchased at pre-“bubble” prices. Capitalism is beautiful.




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