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Biden Celebrates MLK Day With Speech to Group Founded by Infamous Jew-Hater

Posted on | January 17, 2023 | Comments Off on Biden Celebrates MLK Day With Speech to Group Founded by Infamous Jew-Hater

Maybe you don’t know who Al Sharpton actually is. Perhaps you never bothered to Google “Yankel Rosenbaum.” Maybe you’re too young to remember the Freddie’s Fashion Mart massacre. Your ignorance may be excusable because, after all, major news organizations have gone to great lengths to ignore or minimize Sharpton’s despicable history of inciting violence toward Jews. And we won’t even bring up Shapton’s anti-police rhetoric and his blatant dishonesty in the Tawana Brawley affair.

Sharpton has never been held accountable for any of this, because Democrats are so eager to pander to the “community” Sharpton claims to represent that they’ll send Joe Biden to give a speech on MLK Day at an event hosted by Sharpton’s National Action Network. It’s about the votes, you see, and if this means embracing a notorious Jew-hater, well, it ain’t the first time Democrats have made that bargain. Remember when FDR appointed JFK’s father Joe to be ambassador to Britain?

Kennedy rejected the belief of Winston Churchill that any compromise with Nazi Germany was impossible. Instead, he supported Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s policy of appeasement. Throughout 1938, while the Nazi persecution of the Jews in Germany intensified, Kennedy attempted to arrange a meeting with Adolf Hitler. Shortly before the Nazi bombing of British cities began in September 1940, Kennedy once again sought a personal meeting with Hitler without the approval of the U. S. Department of State, in order to “bring about a better understanding between the United States and Germany” . . .
According to Harvey Klemmer, who served as one of Kennedy’s embassy aides, Kennedy habitually referred to Jews as “kikes or sheenies”. Kennedy allegedly told Klemmer that “[some] individual Jews are all right, Harvey, but as a race they stink. They spoil everything they touch.” When Klemmer returned from a trip to Germany and reported the pattern of vandalism and assaults on Jews by Nazis, Kennedy responded, “Well, they brought it on themselves.”

FDR wanted to pander to the Irish vote in Boston and elsewhere, so Joe Kennedy was all right — until he wasn’t, at which point, Roosevelt fired him. Similar calculations are probably involved in Biden’s de facto embrace of Sharpton, although it may be overstating matters to speak of “calculations,” as Joe is probably too senile even to realize where he is half the time. At any rate, it so happened that the TV in my home office was tuned to Fox News when they broadcast Biden’s speech live, and I found myself cussing as I listened to this kind of balderdash:

With all of you here, together we’ve made some important progress. Two years ago, our economy was on its back — flat on its back. People were hurting, particularly in minority communities. Black Americans and other people of color were disproportionately hit.
And Kamala and I, and our administration, acted decisively with the help of people in this room to not only rescue the economy from the pandemic downturn, but to lay the foundation for a stronger and more resilient and more equitable economy for decades to come.
If you hold just a second, one of the things that I wanted to — it’s a slight digression. But one of the big issues was with the pandemic. I wanted to make sure that we spent the time, effort, and had the mechanism to make sure that minority communities were not left behind, that they were not left in the lurch.
And the highest percentage of workers in minority communities were treated as — I mean, it was a single effort we had. And I’m very proud of the folks who ran that show that we got it done. We got it done.
You know, I’m of the view and have been my whole career — which is only a couple of years, I know; I don’t look that, but — (laughter) — but I’m tired of trickle-down economics. You and I have never liked it, have we?
And I think the economy — the way it should grow in America is from the bottom up and the middle out. That way, poor folks have a shot, middle-class people do well, and the wealthy still do very well. They still do very well, but they start to pay their fair share.
And two years in, it’s clearer than ever that I think our economic plan is working. We’ve created nearly 11 million jobs — the strongest job growth on record for any President at this point in history. . . .

On and on and on he went, but just in these few sentences he told more lies that I have time or energy to refute, most importantly, his straw-man characterization of pro-growth policies as “trickle-down economics.”

Folks, this bit of Democrat rhetoric is more than a century old — its etymological history dating back to William Jennings Bryan! So far as I know, such a belief was never an actual economic theory with any important influence, but Democrats resurrected it in the 1980s to mischaracterize Reagan’s pro-growth policy, and now the elderly idiot in the White House is reviving this ancient error as a way of claiming that opponents of his own policies are adherents of “trickle-down” (i.e., deliberately favoring the rich), whereas he intends to make sure those wicked rich people “pay their fair share.”

Certainly I hope that my readers are sufficiently well-versed in basic economics that they don’t need to me to explain what’s wrong with Biden’s rhetoric (or the policies he advocates), but if you need a refresher course, you can click here to buy Thomas Sowell’s Basic Economics from Amazon, from which purchase I will receive a small commission, because I am and always have been a shameless capitalist. At what point does the normal American desire to make money become a bad thing, according to Democrats? Biden has certainly made a lot of money since he went into the politics racket, and Sharpton has managed to turn race-baiting and Jew-hating into a lucrative career. And, since Joe wants to talk about people who don’t “pay their fair share” of taxes, in 2014, it was reported that Sharpton owed $4.5 million in unpaid state and federal tax bills.

So, (a) Al Sharpton hates Jews, (b) Al Sharpton doesn’t pay his taxes, and (c) Joe Biden has no problem hanging out with Al Sharpton.

Nothing to see here, move along . . .



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