The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Drinkers Outliving Non-Drinkers

by Smitty I’m cheerfully sober, though I’ve had my share of embarrassments. Anorak has a gallery of shame that is work-place safe. My favorite: Bottom line: Stay below the legal limit for drunkenness. Don’t become inebriated in unfamiliar locations. If your ‘friends’ have a penchant for lunatic stunts, volunteer for duty driver. Also, find better […]

The Stage Is Set, Except For The Arrival Of Stacy McCain

by Smitty Dan Riehl links a Fox News article that seems to indicate an orderly process for absentee vote counts is planned in Alaska’s primary. Landing real soon now, however, and planning one of his entrances: Update: Via Ace, the count of the primary is mostly secure. Update II: (via Insty) Would the loss of […]

A Disservice To 9/11 Victims And Andrew Roman

by Smitty Andrew Roman, as he reports at Proof Positive, tried to do something noble to memorialize the heinous butchery of 9/11: . . .while I was fortunate enough not to experience any personal loss on that terrible Tuesday morning, as an American, I was deeply and profoundly affected by the attack on my country […]

Alaska LP to Murkowski: DROP DEAD!

REAGAN NATIONAL AIRPORT — Eric Dondero was sworn to secrecy about this and the Alaska LP had a deal to break it on Fox News, so it couldn’t be reported until after I’d already left the house: Alaska’s Libertarian Party has officially said no to any possibility of incumbent GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski joining its […]

One-Way Flight to Anchorage

That’s right — I booked my flight this morning, and Mrs. Other McCain has already packed my suitcase, so I’ll be in Alaska for Tuesday’s absentee-ballot count. Frankly, I was planning to go later, but got an e-mail Sunday from a source who suggested I didn’t want to miss the action Tuesday and so I did something crazy: […]

Great Post, Sanity Inspector, But What About Slavery?

by Smitty The Sanity Inspector captures an excellent thought regarding sectarian relations in the United States, emphasis mine: Something is coalescing, taking root, something which may have repercussions centuries on down the road. Americans are a kind, forbearing, humble, welcoming people, lefties’ incessant accusations otherwise notwithstanding. I have never had a negative personal experience with […]

News You Can Use: Pedal-Powered Submarines

by Smitty With the economy increasingly under water, you may need some alternate means of getting to work:TOM has submitted a fresh application for some of that wonderful O-Dough, which we eagerly, expectantly, desperately await, to develop further this new technology for you, our readers. It’s all about you, rumors to the contrary notwithstanding.

Did Murkowski’s Mystery Man ‘Mike’ Tamper With Alaska Senate Vote?

Dan Riehl scored a huge scoop late Sunday night with a letter that Joe Miller’s lawyers sent to Alasksa’s lieutenant governor and the chief of the Division of Elections, regarding the activities of a Murkowski campaign operative on Election Day: Murkowski observer Mike insisted that he had the right to access the Division of Elections […]

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