The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

‘ZOMG! Editors R All H8ers!’

“So, you guys, I wrote an essay at The Daily Beast – do you all know that I write there? I totally do – that was the bomb when my snuggly lion of the Senate, TEd Kennedy, died. I’m a Progressive Republican so I’m above all that icky partisan stuff. And I’m super cool and […]

On Not Being Lured Into Mis-Underestimating President Obama

by Smitty (h/t Rhiel World View) I just don’t see the value in belittling the President over a still shot. Or non-grasp of basic athletic skills. Granted, it’s been tradition at least since Chevy Chase used to go after Gerald Ford on SNL. I remember reading that Ford used to have a sense of humor […]

More Examples Of The Progressive Inverted Tongue

by Smitty Modern sophists don’t believe in any sort of absolute truth. This makes conversation challenging, as they will frequently attack the definitions of terms in lieu of dealing with reality. I call this Orwellian language use the Progressive Inverted Tongue, and I doubt not from which PIT it emerges. Two fine examples came through […]

Seniority as a Liability

“The harsh reality is that in the tech world, companies prefer to hire young, inexperienced, engineers. And engineering is an ‘up or out’ profession: you either move up the ladder or face unemployment.” This is true in many other professions, notoriously including sales. Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman was, after all, a story about a […]

Rule 5 Sunday

by Smitty Rule 5 has always celebrated beauty and honor, and honors the outgoing Miss Venezuela, Stefania Fernandez, who handily crushed a tyrant with a flag, lighting up the following blogs with a bolt of Pure Awesome: Power Line Fausta Gateway Pundit TrogloPundit Wintery Knight In this conceptual re-enactment, a white-haired Stefania Fernandez confronts and […]

BREAKING: Alaska Libertarian Party Calls Emergency Meeting About Murkowski

Sources in Anchorage inform me that the five-member executive board of the Alaska Libertarian Party will convene in an emergency meeting today to discuss efforts by Lisa Murkowski’s supporters to secure the LP nomination for the Republican senator should she fail to overturn Joe Miller’s 1,668-vote margin in the GOP primary. Meanwhile, about 5 a.m. ET today, Joe Miller […]

Gay Tea Party Activist Bruce Majors: ‘It’s a Full-Time Job Being a Celebrity Racist’

Last week, a D.C. guide for out-of-towners attending the Restoring Honor rally was seized upon by the Left as evidence of Tea Party bigotry because it advised visitors to stick to the touristy parts of town, et cetera. Rachel Maddow got all snarky about it: Here’s your first ironic denouement: The guy who wrote the […]

Oh, Boy! More BrandiTV!

Everybody loves America’s Xenophobic Sweetheart, Brandi Milloy. Among the many admirers of the recent Miss California contestant — fourth runner-up? were the judges blind? or merely gay? — is Professor Glenn Reynolds, who links a video that inevitably invites this compare-and-contrast: OK, there’s my friend Stephen Kruiser with Danika Quinn and Alexis Garcia, which is pretty doggone awesome. Yet a dramatic […]

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