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Al Gore Answers Victor Davis Hanson

Posted on | October 1, 2010 | 9 Comments

by Smitty

Yes! The toil of making a transcript of Gore’s remarks last weekend in support of “Gentleman” Jim Moran pays off.

Victor Davis Hanson has one of his excellent ruminations (RTWT) over at Pajamas Media, and poses a question:

4. The Plutocratic Party?

I cannot fathom how the Democratic Party became run by those who live lives nothing remotely similar to what they profess. Yes, I know the Roosevelt-Kennedy tradition of limousine liberals, but today’s chasm between word and deed is stunning—and never remarked on. Are we to believe that prep-schooled and Ivy Leagued, millionaire Barack Obama is the blue-collar face of the Democratic Party, while one of twelve children John Boehner is some sort of J.P. Morgan insider rich man? No wonder that Obama must fake his cadences, bowl, and try to eat cabbage instead of arugula.

The Al Gore, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, George Soros phenomenon is baffling. The best I can make of it goes something like this. Once someone makes enough money truly to be exempt from worries over taxation (but even Kerry proved that $1 billion dollars does not quite end the impulse to dodge sales taxes), or is deeply burrowed within government so that almost everything is free or subsidized, then some sort of human desire to help the “other” kicks in as a sort of penance for the enjoyment of privilege.

What did Gore say last weekend? (emphasis mine):

[Jim Moran is] a very, very respected voice on issues from the environment and energy, to civil rights and equal justice for all Americans. And of course, that’s core to who we are as Americans. And each successive generation has its own new challenges to expand the tremendous dream and vision that led to the founding of this country in the first place. Jim has been true to the American spirit all the way along the line.

The Progressive belief system, per the advertising slogans, seems a modern attempt to unify the State with some fuzzy pseudo-Christian, Socialized belief system. The notion that the several States retain any rights, and the Constitution was a means of delegating limited powers to a Federal government is nothing but a speed bump along the road to creating a shiny future.

Liberty is an absolute. You can argue well that the 15th Amendment put the teeth in the Constitutional guarantee. Fine. But how, exactly, have the decadence of newly discovered ‘rights’ from the bench, and multi-ream colostomy bags of legislation extended the absolute of liberty in any way?

Past the advertising slogans like the one Al Gore spouted for his little pack of robots in Northern Virginia comes the question: does the man subscribe to that tripe? When not in front of the ‘bots, but rather chillin’ with the beautiful people in Davos, does he really sound like that?

I don’t think so either. So then, why all the recreational hypocrisy? My answer is that it’s a natural outgrowth of having allowed a Ruling Class to grow. Capitol Hill, like any compost heap, requires regular turning, and for the same reason. The random collection of intellectual mushrooms currently unafraid to announce they are our leaders are there Because We’ve Permitted It.

Thus, we’ve 33 days to convince people to load-shed these idiots.

Next Spring, after the new Congress is sworn in, we’ll get into the details of just how bare the pantry is. I assume an order of magnitude worse than currently discussed, just as a going-in position. Then we’ll begin to get a real idea of just what an execrable pack of (perhaps well-intentioned) swine all of these Progressives have proven.

Via Insty, here is a better historical overview. This article is valuable for its global scope and historical depth. A subsequent article, I think, should talk about how central banking has been the leaven of Socialism, until now, when it is so globally inflated as to be unaffordable, and how technology like Al Gore’s Internet has allowed the people to rise instead.


9 Responses to “Al Gore Answers Victor Davis Hanson”

  1. garden brinjal
    October 1st, 2010 @ 9:24 am

    When reflecting on Al Gore who attacks the use fossil fuels because of global warming but doesn’t mention his farting (dairy and cash) cows whose contribution is larger, the smell of pork barrel arises. Whatever is offered as “green tech” either rarely returns invested energy or is always 30 years ahead in the future (like nuclear fusion). The reason is simple: Global warming is used to scare people into the next financial scam / bubble. With cars it might be obvious that simple modifications to existing cars would have a greater net effect than replacing them with new cars requiring exotic (and expensive) materials (like special batteries). But then, the neo-capitalist way regards “living is to work for (more) consumption” which has replaced “working is only to live”.

  2. Al Gore
    October 1st, 2010 @ 9:44 am

    I love Gentleman Jim Moran as much as another man can love one, without going all gay.

    Not that there is anything wrong with being gay, my cousin Gore Vidal obviously swings that way. If I were gay it would be with Jim Moran. Because of our shared passion, I would make sweet, sweet AGW with him.

  3. Al Gore
    October 1st, 2010 @ 9:47 am

    And since Tipper kicked me out of the house and my stripper gate incident, I am out at sea. Any port will do in a storm. And Jim Moran can be my port. Lookout here I come!

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  5. Estragon
    October 1st, 2010 @ 2:32 pm

    Gore, Kerry, and Obama are quite alike. They all lived a privileged life without ever earning a dime on their own. All their wealth and privilege was effectively handed to them.

    Then they look at themselves and how well they are living and, instead of humbling thanking God and their earthly benefactors, assume they themselves must be something very special, ordained to show the filthy commoners the way.