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Sweden, Japan Latest To Issue Terror Warnings For Travelers to EU
Alerts sow travel confusion

Emanuel kicks off campaign for mayor
Greeted by hostile pedestrians & protesters

As Brit Wins Nobel For IVF, Indian Scientists Ponder Lost Opportunity
A tale of science, bureaucracy, and suicide

Gallup Poll Shows GOP In Good Shape With Likely Voters

Gloves Come Off Right Away In CT Senate Debate
McMahon hits Blumenthal with everything but the folding chair

Justice Kagan Steps In And Then Bows Out
Former Solicitor General has recused herself from 25 cases she handled at Justice before being appointed to the Supreme Court

Tea Party Express To Spend “Six Figures” To Finish Off Murkowski

MSNBC Launches Ad Campaign Stressing Its Political Bias

Federal Judge Busted; Bought Drugs From & With Stripper

Former VP Mondale: Obama’s “Idiot Boards” Cutting Him Off From The People

MasterCard, VISA Settle; AmEx Sued By Feds

Dow Declines As Earnings Season Approaches, Unemployment Report Due

Oil Trades Near Eight-Week High

With Market Share Trailing Kia, VW  To Change Approach, Start Building Cars That Appeal To Americans
So crazy, it just might work!

Brewers & Pirates Join Mets In Giving Managers The Boot

Former Mets GM Omar Minaya

Minaya spent too much for a four-year stretch out of the playoffs; Macha, Manuel and Russell also contemplating new careers

Twins Head To Playoffs Without Justin Morneau – Again
Hasn’t played since July 7; Twins won anyway

Michael Vick Week-to-Week With Damaged Rib Cartilage

Kobe Bryant Says Knee “About 60%”

Titans’ Defensive Coordinator Shot Refs The Finger, Fined $40K


Ralphie May Busted By Drug Dogs In Guam

Zack Snyder Tapped For Next Superman Movie

Spears Conservatorship To End Within Three Months

Ricky Gervais No Longer Big Fat Deal
Drops 40 pounds with girlfriend

Lohan To Do Rehab Photo Shoot To Raise Cash?


CIA Drones Snuff Eight German Militants In Pakistan

Wilders, Freedom Party Join Dutch Government Coalition
Meanwhile, Wilders challenges biased judges in  appeals court trial

Bosnian Election Results Indicate Deep Ethnic Divisions

Buried Chilean Miners Could Be Home Next Week

In Communist Vietnam’s Facebookski , State Friends You!


Jim Treacher –  10:10? Nein! Nein!

Nick Gillespie – Whose Was Bigger?

PowerLine – Get The Feds Out Of My Shower!

Don Surber – Daily Scoreboard

Mitch Berg – Cravaack Within Three Of Oberstar In MN-8?!?!

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