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Can’t Score With The VFW? If You’re Jim Moran, There’s MOAA. Or Not.

Posted on | October 12, 2010 | 2 Comments

by Smitty

Do we need to call in Mr. Wolf, The Cleaner, from over at BlackFive? Hardly. We’re only talking about “Gentleman” Jim Moran here. As, according to Wikipedia, Moran was beavering away in school during Vietnam, we couldn’t expect him to shoot for a VFW endorsement. The Military Officers Association of America, MOAA, on the other hand? I’ve just seen an email to MOAA members objecting to this campaign literature (click image for full size .pdf), along with what could be called a rather curt memo. Oops:

The reason for the objection? MOAA has a strict no-endorsement policy, for tax reasons. Probably just an administrative oversight. Let’s envision the staff meeting, shall we?:

Moran: I’m looking at this pamphlet, Kleinewimper, and I don’t see any military endorsements. We need something to paper over my pasty beaurocratic flesh and make me appear patriotic. I’m beginning to get just a little worried about Patrick Murray.
Kleinewimper: Heh. Heh. Yes, boss. Should we go through PMA?
M: Too much scrutiny. We have to make sure that the usual people do the standard thing and rebury that zombie scandal. Who at the VFW owes us a solid?
K: Uh. . . uh. . .Boss, there is some blowback building over the VFW endorsing cretins over veterans. . .
M: Are you saying I’m a cretin? *whack*
K: Owwwww! No, please don’t hit me, boss! I meant that some of the other VFW edorsements went to cretins.
M: Well! See that you remain respectful. Who should we get? Find some reservist association, I don’t care. All I want is this pamphlet to have a bit of military flavor. What’s so hard about that?
K: My neighbor is in MOAA. I’ll talk to him.
M: Yeah, sure, NOAA. I don’t care. Just get my stupid pamphlet filled in. If NOAA squawks, I’ll have Gore tell them to lay by their dish.

Thanks for doing the right thing, MOAA. This blog is fairly sure which way the organization would break between a tool like Moran and a veteran like Murray, were it to offer endorsements. Moran and his ilk represent the worst of a century of Progressivism. VA-8 does not need someone committed to Murtha-ism (i.e. dying in office), who thinks that the country exists to serve a few like him and his cronies. Rather, someone with a proven track record of serving the country.



2 Responses to “Can’t Score With The VFW? If You’re Jim Moran, There’s MOAA. Or Not.”

  1. JL
    October 12th, 2010 @ 11:10 am

    The top of the page of the brochure actually reads RATINGS and endorsements so obviously it is either / or one or the other. According to the MOAA House Scorecard found on their website, Congressman Moran received favorable ratings on a number of key issues important to MOAA members, five out of six to be exact.