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An Email To My Congresstool, Jim Moran

Posted on | October 17, 2010 | 3 Comments

by Smitty
Less the HTML, he’ll have this in his inbox for tomorrow. Are you supporting a financially disadvantaged race? Feel free to adapt this idea:

Dear Congressman Moran,
It’s a matter of public record that you’re a spread the wealth kind of guy:

It’s also a matter of FEC record that you’re in great shape in terms of funding, with $417,500 from your PAC, for example. It just occurred to me, as a purely private blogger, just scratching out a post here in the basement, that you’ve got a real opportunity on your hands to put your actions where your principles are and support the Patrick Murray campaign. What would really highlight your re-distributionist principles in action would be a twofer:

  • A right jolly blowout of a GOTV party around Halloween, and
  • Bringing in Ladd Ehlinger for a Murray campaign clip, while we still have time to get it some airtime.

Such a generous undertaking would highlight your philanthropic chops and commitment to remaining unencumbered with all that bad, bad capitol. $50k is not too small an amount to consider for this important undertaking.
Hoping to see you unemployed in January,
C. Smith
Alexandria, VA


Update: Another fine blogger in the ‘hood. Greetings, Cosmopolitan Conservative. Have you met just a conservative girl, one wonders?


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