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LIVE AT FIVE – 10.17.10

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As Democrats’ Message Lags, GOP Poised For Huge Wins

GOP Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell

Reminiscent of 1994? How about 1894? BE THE WAVE.

American Businessman Released By Iran After Two Years In Prison
Accused of giving financial aid to anti-government groups

Still Not Too Swift At Connecting Dots
FBI ignored tip from Mumbai terrorist’s wives 3 years before attack

Fed’s Evans: We’re In A Liquidity Trap
Recommends “strong measures” because he can’t bring himself to say “inflation”

Merkel Calls German Multiculturalism “A Failure”
Says Turks in Germany need to learn German


Palin Brings Folksiness, Ferocity To Anaheim Rally

Sarah Palin gives the keynote speech at RNC "Victory Rally" Saturday night

“There is nothing wrong with America that a good old fashioned election won’t fix”

GOP Senate Hopefuls Have $$$ Edge Over Democrats

Clinton Rallies California  Democrats In The Homestretch

President Urges Democrats Not To Get Discouraged


How Countrywide Papered Over The Cracks

Frozen Vegetables Recalled; May Contain Glass Fragments

Yahoo’s Last Hurrah?

Union On Strike At Hilton Hotels


This Time They’re For Real

Elvis Andrus steals home for the Rangers' first run

Rangers’ Bullpen Bounces Back, Holds Yankees At Bay in 7-2 Win

Unranked Texas Defeats #5 Nebraska 20-13

Badgers Upset #1 Buckeyes 31-18

Dodgers, Ted Lilly Agree To Three-Year Deal


Barbara Billingsley Dies At 94

Barbara Billingsley as June Cleaver

Best known for playing June Cleaver on “Leave It To Beaver”, old lady who speaks jive on “Airplane”

Audrey Hepburn Stamps Fetch $606,000 For Charity

Jessica Simpson: I’m In Love

Christina Aguilera Takes A Breakup Vacation


21 Dead, 16 Missing In PRC Mine Blast

Netanyahu Coalition Under Pressure From Left And Right

Philippines Braces For Typhoon Megi

Japan Times: Time To Let Neighbors Deal With the North Korea Problem


Politico: Longshot Pelosi Opponent Raises $1.1 Million In 3rd Quarter

Iowahawk: Beltway Adventure

iOwnTheWorld: That’s Just How Progs’ll Do Ya

Don Surber: Did Obama Toss Manchin Under The Bus?

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