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LIVE AT FIVE – 10.22.10

Posted on | October 22, 2010 | 4 Comments


Boehner Suggests GOP May Strike Funding For NPR In Wake Of Juan Williams’ Firing

Former NPR Senior Correspondent Juan Williams

Williams canned for honest remarks on fear of Muslims during O’Reilly show

Obama Targets Female Voters In Seattle With Talk Of Jobs, Cupcakes
That’ll do a lot for the Mancession, I’m sure

Convicted Canadian Colonel’s Depravity Grabs World’s Attention
Sentenced to life for rape, murder of two women

Moon Has Water And Other Necessities For A Base
Let’s get cracking – we’re nine years late already! The Slab grows impatient!

Toyota Recalls 1.5 Million Cars
(Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t speak Japanese.)


Vilified By Democrats, Issa Suggests More Cooperation Than Persecution Likely

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-CA

“If all we do is stop everything, and the government comes to a halt, voters won’t be happy with us, either.”

The Nuge Says Obama Is Best For The Tea Party (Video)

Hispanic Voters May Be Crucial In Angle-Reid Race

Giannoulas Overreaches, Accuses Kirk Of  “Economic Treason”

Crist Running Low On Cash For Endgame, “Massively Outgunned” By Rubio


Fannie, Freddie May Need $363 Billion More Through 2013

Amazon 3Q Profits Beat Estimates, Sales And Spending Both Up

Google Saves Billions In Taxes Through Adroit Exploiting Of Tax Rules

Natural Gas Futures Sink To 13-Month Low


Steelers’ Harrison Issues Statement, Returns To Practice After Bitterly Criticizing New League Hits Policy

Steelers linebacker James Harrison

“I have come to the decision that I cannot and will not let the league office stop me from playing the game that I love.”

Kings, Coyotes Both Missing Key Players

Shaq Goes To Harvard, Acts Like Statue, Much To Delight Of Celtics Fans

NBA Wants To Cut Salaries, Perhaps Contract Some Teams

Mets Complete First Round Of GM Interviews With Sandy Alderson

MLB Considering 7-Day DL For Concussions


Glee’s Diana Agron Apologizes For GQ Photos

Diana Agron in one of the "questionable" photos

Related: PTC member Billy Ray Cyrus not amused by criticism of “Glee” photoshoot.

Elvira Spoofs O’Donnell’s Witch Ad (Video)

Ari Forster Of The Slits Dead At 48
Johnny Rotten’s stepdaughter. Good night, sweet princess

Bob Guccione, Penthouse Founder, Dies At 79

Christina Aguilera Taken To ER Days Before Marriage Breakup

Porn Queen Jenna Jameson In Talks For Broadway Role

J-Woww Turns Down Playboy


British Unions Decide Against French-Style Protests

Pakistan Seeks Role In Talks With Taliban

Dozens Dead From Diarrhea (Cholera?) In Haiti

Israel Warns Of Unilateral Action If PA Seeks UN Statehood


Dennis The Peasant: Valerie Jarrett Says You’re Stupid Too!

Gateway Pundit: Palin Calls For P in NPR To Become Private Instead Of Public

Jawa Report: Muslims Offended By Smell Of Bacon Being Cooked – By Another Muslim

National Review: Murkowski Claims GOP Leaders Are Hoping She’ll Win

Warner Todd Huston: AP Claims Dem Early Voters A Big Factor In Maryland – Except Maryland Early Voting Hasn’t Started

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4 Responses to “LIVE AT FIVE – 10.22.10

  1. Blake
    October 22nd, 2010 @ 8:08 am

    Rep Issa is out of touch. I tend to think most voters would be happy to see government shut down for a few days…or months.