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How Illinois Democrat Official Sue Walton Puts Down (Married Father of Four) Andrew Breitbart: ‘I Think He’s Gay’

Posted on | October 25, 2010 | 3 Comments

In general, I avoid the “liberals are hypocrites” line of argument that highlights episodes of Democrats engaging in sexism, racism and homophobia, because (a) plenty of other conservatives employ that argument, and (b) my feeling is that political correctness exaggerates the extent and/or danger of these postmodern “sins” against the Religion of Tolerance.

Sexism? American women are the most privileged women in all of human history. Homophobia? Every socioeconomic analysis I’ve ever seen shows gays in America well above average in education, career status and per-capita income. Racism? One of the reasons I’ve so often been smeared as a “white supremacist” is because I dispute the liberal narrative that depicts U.S. minorities as helpless victims of Caucasian oppression.

Given my skepticism toward these “sins” of political correctness, then, it ill behooves me to point the accusing finger at a liberal and scream: “RAAAAACISM!” (Remember: 5 A’s.) Being a crusader against bigotry just isn’t my thing. Prejudice is a permanent fact of human nature, and to run around denouncing other people as haters implies that one has a roadmap to Utopia where everyone holds hands and sings “Kumbaya.” Besides, in the Obama Age, becoming a raaaaacist is as easy as voting Republican.

These caveats aside, however, a thing of beauty is a joy forever:

Kudos to Andrew Marcus and his colleagues for identifying Illinois Democratic Party official Sue Walton as the OFA Astroturf organizer who thought the best way to argue with Andrew Breitbart was to say, “I think he’s gay!”

There are multiple layers of irony here, but time is short, there is much work to be done and so I won’t bother to peel this onion further. Feel free, however, to have at it in the comments.


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