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234 Years Later, Obama Hardly Resembling Washington

Posted on | October 29, 2010 | 7 Comments

by Smitty

Not quite 234 years ago, original Tea Partier and future first POTUS George Washington crossed the Delaware River to put the hurt on forces of the Ruling Class overlords encamped at Trenton.

A couple centuries later, and things are reversed. Now, via AmericanGlob the POuTUS has become the Ruling Class overlord, and must cross the border into Delaware to rout the upstart Tea Party candidate, Christine O’Donnell.
The little minions are squawking on Twitter:
standing by to eat crow on Tuesday, one presumes
But what did fivethirtyeight say back in January, when Scott Brown refuted the notion of a “Kennedy Seat”?

Yet another poll, by Suffolk University, showed Brown ahead by 4 points, while still another, commissioned by the liberal blog BlueMassGroup, showed Coakley ahead by 8 points.

Even before all those polls had been released, longtime poll watchers were struggling to make sense of the results.

“Are you seeing a consistent pattern here? I’m not,” Nate Silver wrote in a post about the race last Sunday on his popular polling blog, “All of the polls have positives and negatives. And any of them could be right.”

Blumenthal said the challenge for pollsters is to determine who will vote on Tuesday, particularly now that the race has intensified.

“Really small differences in pollster methods can make big differences in the final numbers, and it’s not at all clear what the perfect poll would look like,” Blumenthal said. “There’s a lot of art and there’s a lot of guesswork and there’s a moving target.”

The situation underscores a little parody tune. Was it merely 17 days ago? Update to use Band of O.R.G.A.S.M.:

Obama Went Down To Delaware

Obama went down to Delaware,
He was lookin’ for thunder to steal,
He was in a bind, his party was behind:
He was using campaign appeal.

He came across a reading Tea Partier,
Bitter cling-on, Constitution hot,
Then jumped up on a speechin’ stump and said:
`Christine, let me tell you what.

`I bet you didn’t know it,
but I’m a Constitutional scholar too;
if you care to dare a Senate chair
I’ll make a bet with you.

`Now you done fine campaigning, true
But give Obama his due.
I bet a chair of gold against your soul
Cos I’m Hopier and Changier than you.’

The girl said `My name’s Christine,
and it’s un-Constitutional, I know
but I’ll stomp your hassle like I did Mike Castle
–or are you all talk, and no show?’

Christine, sharpen up your speech
and campaign for your life,
Cos Obama’s loose in Delaware
(Could he be running from his wife?)

If you win you get
this shiny Senate seat of gold
But if you lose
Obama meets his goal

Obama set up teleprompters `Yeah, I’ll start this show.’
Fire flew from his fingertips as he welded that stupid Presidential seal in place so that it didn’t blow his game at this critical juncture–you know?
His head bobbed as the words rolled; crowd made an evil hiss.
Then the Band of Orgasm jumped in and it sounded something like this:

When Obama finished, O’Donnell said: ‘Well, you’re pretty good old son,
But shut your teleprompters down, let me show you how it’s done’

Fire in the First State, run boys, run.
Obama’s in the house of the rising sun.
Geithner in the Treasury pickin’ up dough.
Auntie, does immigration bite?
Sho-wa child, sho’.

Obama bowed his head because he knew that he’d been beat.
He set that golden seat on the ground at Christine’s feet.
Christine said, `Obama, just come on back if you ever want to try again,
I told you once, you son of a Kenyan: Conservatives to the end!’

And she played
Fire in the First State, run boys, run.
Obama’s in the house of the rising sun.
Geithner in the Treasury pickin’ up dough.
Auntie, does immigration bite?
Sho-wa child, sho’.

Props to Charlie Daniels



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