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VA8: Col. Patrick Murray On Fox

Posted on | October 29, 2010 | 3 Comments

by Smitty (via Retire Jim Moran)

It is excellent to see Murray both on Fox and Friends. . .:

and also Fox Business. If you have time, go for this second clip, where the discussion moves past Moran’s condescending dismissal of military service members to discussion of needed policy reforms, for example, term limits. How refreshing it would be to have a representative not committed to Murtha-ism:

What would really be nice to see is Murray on Hardball with Matthews, trying to make up for the detached-from-reality performance of the incumbent, “Gentleman” Jim Moran. In that case, the thrill up Matthew’s leg would be the vibration of a 120mm main battery.
Moran supporters have responded with an attack ad so brutal and devastating that, should Ladd Ehlinger view it, he’ll no doubt give up directing film entirely:

The clip looks like a school project, and certainly is better than anything I have done, so let’s fall short of hammering kids. A bit more research in the future wouldn’t hurt, however. NCLB was a Bush idea. These youth probably don’t understand that they’re blaspheming Holy Progress by supporting BeelzeBush the Anti-Clinton.

Three more days and a wakeup, Virginia!

Jim Moran: when his career grinds to a halt, what will he do with himself?

Bonus: why not an Obamicon and an AutoMotivator?


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