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Ninth Circuit: Military Gay Policy To Stand Pending Appeal

Protester at rally to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy

In other 9th circuit news, separate panel may approve part of Arizona’s immigration law, allow police to check status of criminal suspects

Sarkozy Among Targets of Greek Anarchists’ Parcel Bombs
Two men arrested by Greek police for involvement in plot

Giants Win First World Series Since 1954
Lincecum outduels Lee, Renteria wins it with three-run blast in the 7th. Prop 19 support surges among Little League parents in California

Obama Walks Back “Enemies” Remark To Latinos
We heard you just fine the first time, Mr. President.


Sarah Palin And Jon Stewart Agree On This: The Media Are A Bad Influence

Sarah Palin campaigns for John Raese in West Virginia

Would to God we could shoot the messenger. It might encourage the others to do better.

Lawyers Gear Up For Post-Election Fights

Tancredo Picks Up Palin Endorsement

Justice Dept. Warns WWE About Election Day Giveaways

Murcowski Spokescreature Says She’ll Caucus With GOP If Elected


Asian Stocks Down Before Central bank Meetings; Yen Falls From 15-Year High

Reserve Bank Of Australia Raises Interest Rates

ROK’s Lee, Obama Vow Settlement OF Free Trade Pact By G20 Meeting Next Week

Android Phones Outsell iPhone 2-1; Both Phones Eating RiM’s Market Share

Google Sues Interior Dept. Over Microsoft Contract Bid

7″ Not Enough For Steve Jobs; ViewSonic Doesn’t Care


Randy Moss Released By Vikings After 26 Days

Randy Moss catches a Brett Favre pass in last month's Vikings/Jets game

Release not mentioned during Monday press conference

Colts Rise Above Injuries, Shred Texans, Take AFC South Lead

Deng Scores Career Best 40  In Bulls Win

Rangers CEO Rips Yankees Fans, Team Apologizes

Chilean Miner To Run In New York Marathon


Demi Lovato Quits Tour, Enters Treatment

Demi Lovato on tour with the Jonas Brothers

Seeking help for emotional & physical issues

Charlie Sheen Divorcing Brooke Mueller
Lily Allen Loses Second Baby

Courtney Cox: “This Is Not Like We’re Getting Divorced”

Slash Halts Divorce Proceedings

Lohan Considers PETA Offer To Help With Rehab Bill

Conspiracy Theory Explains Why Bristol Palin’s Still on DWTS (Video)


Japan Says PM To Meet Russian President Despite Kuriles Row

Church Attack Seen As Strike At Iraq’s Core

Juggling Act Awaits Brazil’s First Woman President

PKK Denies Involvement In Suicide Bomb Attack; Unilaterally Extends Cease-Fire

Iraqi Shiite Coalition Rejects Saudi King’s Offer To Host Talks


Don Surber: Unemployed Woman Sells Obama Letter To Pay Bills

C4P: Sarah Palin Mocks “Puppy-Kicking” Politico’s Use Of Anonymous Sources

CNN: “Shut Up,” Michael Steele Suggests To GOP’s Palin Critics

Protein Wisdom: Left Already Making Excuses For Crushing Defeat

Jay Cost: Special “Hulk Angry! Hulk Smash! Edition

Michelle Malkin: Senator Bennet’s Disastrous Cut & Run Interview

POWIP: American Pudding Reserves At An All-Time Low (h/t Maetenloch @Ace)

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