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Now We Must Govern

Posted on | November 4, 2010 | 8 Comments

by Smitty

This afternoon I sat in on a conference call hosted by Kibbe & Co. that answered the all-important question: What Then Follows (WTF)? Looming large in the discussion was their Benchmark Study, authored by Dr. Frank Luntz.

Substantial American majorities support an agenda that:

  • Balances the budget through meaningful spending reductions (70% support)
  • Eliminates earmarks and wasteful spending (69% support)
  • Prevents looming tax increases on all Americans (61% support)
  • Instills constitutionally accountable government (60% support)
  • Rolls back and replaces the government takeover of healthcare (54% support)

Guess what? These and additional broadly supported policies are the exact terms of the
“Contract FROM America,” drafted from the bottom up and voted on by Tea Partiers across the
country. It’s a Contract that grassroots activists have used to hold candidates accountable throughout
2010… and will continue to use to hold Washington accountable far beyond.
Point by point, issue by issue, Americans across the political spectrum support the Tea Party
movement. The overwhelming results of our benchmark study could not be clearer:
The Tea Party is NOT an “extremist segment of American politics.”
The Tea Party IS America.

It sounds as though, in contrast to 1992, when the Perot grass-roots energy sort of dissipated, that genuine thought is being given to transitioning political neophytes into seasoned political participants.
So, I’ll be poring over the report. No, I won’t. Towers of Midnight arrived on my doorstep this afternoon. Blogging will be light-ish for a couple of days, until the book is done with me. It’s not even like an earned privilege; this is rather a sad addiction that will only afflict me one more time after this, when the series is ended. Then, the only other fiction threat is George R. R. Martin, who, hopefully, will not succumb to Robert Jordan-ism. That is, dying with an unfinished fantasy epic. No one escapes this world alive, but leaving dangling readers is less than cool.
Get me past this tome, and then small things like the future of the country may regain significance.

Kibbe, you rock.


8 Responses to “Now We Must Govern”

  1. Ron
    November 5th, 2010 @ 7:24 am

    I think we all need a break….The Oxford Tea Party blog is coming down for a few days….I need to give my mind and fingers a break….Will still be reading e-mail…[email protected]