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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

‘As I Am Big-Busted and Like to Have Fun, Guys Are Instantly Interested in Me’

Posted on | November 15, 2010 | 7 Comments

Arguably the most honest sentence in the history of the English language, although the the Englishwoman who spoke it is engaged in a deceptive practice: Enticing men into one-night stands in hopes of becoming pregnant:

All my friends have babies and I desperately want to be a mum. . . .
“I’ve had a couple of proper relationships in the past two years. But each time I have mentioned the idea of having a baby, the bloke has run a mile.
“Men my age aren’t that interested in settling down with a kid so quickly into a relationship. . . . I’ve looked into getting a sperm donation but it’s too expensive.”

Indeed. It seems that young men are now so eager to avoid paternal responsibilities that would-be young mothers like busty 25-year-old Lara Carter have been driven to desperate measures. But don’t you reckon this problem has its origins in the supply/demand situation expressed by the phrase “free milk and a cow”?

Baby, baby, baby, why you want to treat me this way?
You know I’m still your lover boy, I still feel the same way.
That’s when she told me a story
‘Bout free milk and a cow.
She said, “No huggin’, no kissin’
Until I get a wedding vow
. . .”

Hat-tip: Instapundit. I’m sure the heartbreaking tale of Miss Carter has prompted a debate between Professor Reynolds and Dr. Helen Smith as to whether the professor should seek fair-market value for his Ivy League gametes, or begin engaging in philanthropic charitable donations. From a capitalist perspective, the professor has a proprietary interest in maximizing his market share, although Dr. Smith might develop a sudden Marxist urge to seize control of the means of production.


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