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DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen: 2010 ‘Could Have Been Worse’ for Democrats

Posted on | November 23, 2010 | 8 Comments

Talk about not getting it, this douchebag still wants to play class-warfare on taxes:

Van Hollen said that Democrats – who maintain control of the House through the end of the year, including during the lame-duck session where the expiring tax cuts will be considered – continue to back the president’s commitment to allow tax cuts for couples making more than $250,000 a year to come to an end.
“I think the position of the great majority in the House of Representatives is the position the president took going into the election,” he said.

Dude. You just got a historic ass-kicking. You lost 63 seats. Republicans just scored their biggest House majority since 1949. And you still think Obama’s got the winning formula? Are you even listening to yourself when you spout drivel like this?

Van Hollen, the outgoing chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, also conceded that his pre-election (and even Election Day) predictions that Democrats would hold on to the House turned out to be inaccurate.
“The pundits were clearly right about this, we were clearly wrong,” he said. “You know, I’ve drawn to the inside [straight] before when playing poker, and we hoped, obviously, that there would be some scenario where that would happen.” . . .
“We obviously hoped for the best. We did our whole cycle planning for the worst. I mean, we really did plan, and this is a case where even a lot of preparation was not enough to prevent a huge tidal wave from knocking out a lot of our members.”
“I should say that we take some consolation at the DCCC that our members and candidates have said that we did everything we possibly could do to help them, and in fact some independent analysts have said that it actually could have been worse. As bad as it was, it could, it could have been worse but for some of the steps that we took.”

Not a river in Egypt. IYKWIMAITYD.

Here’s the video, if anyone can stand to watch it:

(Hat-tip: Red Dog Report.) I’d like to see Chris Van Hollen — and Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama — in a room with the 63 House Democrats who got defeated this year. I’d like to see the bosses of the Democratic Party try to explain to the 1,800 soon-to-be-unemployed Democratic congressional staffers why it made sense to risk everything for ObamaCare, at a time when voters wanted Washington to focus on fixing the economy. Welcome to the ranks of the unemployed, Democrats.


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