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Prediction: ‘The Black Swan’ Will Break Record for DVD Sales of Ballet Movies

Posted on | November 28, 2010 | 5 Comments

Here’s the trailer for Natalie Portman’s new R-rated movie:

Locking Lips With ‘Black Swan’ Trailer – Watch more horror
Whether or not Portman gets an Oscar here, her performance will be watched — over and over and over again — on DVD by guys who never before watched a ballet movie:

As Nina becomes paranoid about Lily stealing her role, she begins to have delusions ā€” sometimes she believes she’s looking at Lily, only to realize she’s visualizing a darker and more liberated version of herself. The fluidity of that relationship culminates in a heated sex scene between the young women, which is teased in the movie’s trailer and has for months been the subject of media fascination.
It was one of the few scenes the actresses shot together, and Portman ā€” whose character also masturbates in the film ā€” described it as “super awkward.”

Exit Question 1: Were the lesbian scene and the masturbation scene in the original screenplay, or did director Darren Aronofsky add those scenes to the script, just so he could film them?

Exit Question 2: How wrong is it that Aronofsky gets paid for that kind of “work”?


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