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LIVE AT FIVE – 11.29.10

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ROK President Lee Warns Norks Against Further Attacks

President Lee Myung-bak of South Korea

PRC calls for emergency talks to defuse rapidly deteriorating situation

Hackers Crash Wikileaks Servers
One wonders who the hackers might have been working for.

Friends Stunned By Portland Terrorism Arrest
Also, why Portland?

Ireland Agrees To EU, IMF Terms For Bailout
Cash reserves, pension funds to be tapped first; annual deficits must be slashed from 32% to 3%

Wikileaked Documents Links PRC to Google Attack
What did the State Department know, and when did they know it?


Bowles & Simpson Work To Get Consensus Plan From Deficit Panel

Erskine Bowles (L), Alan Simpson (R)

Votes from 14 of 18 commissioners needed to issue formal recommendation

Possible Rift Ahead For Kansas GOP?
The K.C. Star sure hopes so, or so it seems

Washington State Dems Still In Control
But GOP stronger, more unified; could peel off some Dems on budget


Oil Rises Past $84 As Irish Bailout Becomes Reality

Strong Yen Leads To Japanese Splurge On Imports, Foreign Deals

BP Sells $7.06 Billion In Argentine Holdings To Cover Spill Cleanup Costs

Homeland Security Seizes, Closes 70 Internet Domains

Can Facebook & Twitter Predict Election Results?

Can Google Stop The Vitaly Borkers Of The World?


Cutler Upstages Vick As Bears Bring Eagles To Ground

Jay Cutler scrambles to evade Eagles' defense

No doubting the Bears now; 8-3, and the only team to beat the Eagles led by Vick

Tigers Take First In BCS, Ducks Fall To #2
TCU #3, Boise State #11

Ravens Hang On For Win Over Bucs

Favre Not Ready Yet For Wheelchair
Runs for first down: “Was it just ten yards? It felt like fifty.”

Byfuglien Leads Thrashers To Fifth Straight Win

Nuggets Run Away From Suns, Manage To Win Without Carmelo


Leslie Nielsen Dies At 84

Leslie Nielsen, 1926-2010, RIP

Another of Canada’s gifts to drama and comedy leaves us

A New Year’s Wedding To Ease Lily’s Baby Grief?

Rihanna On The Cover Of British GQ

Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga Give Up Twitter For Charity

Pregnant Pink Talks about Cravings, Hormonal Rage

Miss New York Crashes Miss USA Float At Macy’s Parade

Pattinson & Stewart Turn Down “Dancing With The Stars”?

Willie Nelson Busted For Pot, Posts Bail


Election Fraud Alleged In Haiti

Ethnicity Colors Ivorian Elections

Violence And Voting “Irregularities” Mar Egyptian Elections

Brazilian Police, Reinforced By Army Troops, Beat Down Gangs

Swiss People’s Party Wins Vote To Deport Foreign Criminals

BLOGS & STUFF The Absolute Joke Known As Firedoglake

Pejman Yousefzadeh: Situational Alarm Concerning Terrorism

Althouse: “That’s A F****ed-Up Question”

Protein Wisdom: Pecksniffian Progressives And Other Drunks

Matt Welch: Thomas Friedman’s “Nation Building” Obsession

— compiled by Wombat-socho


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