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Alabama Democrats to Barack Obama: ‘Hey, Thanks for Killing Our Party!’

Posted on | December 1, 2010 | 9 Comments

Alabama’s leading political columnist summarizes the near-total destruction:

Both our U.S. Senators are Republicans and after November we only have one Democrat in our seven member congressional delegation. . . .
With Dr. Robert Bentley’s election as our 53rd governor we have now voted for a Republican for governor in six of the last seven contests. That means that at the end of Bentley’s term in 2014, a Republican will have been governor 24 out of 28 years and a Democrat only four.
When Kay Ivey is sworn in as lieutenant governor it will be the first time since 1901 that a Republican governor has served with a Republican lieutenant governor. All seven of our constitutional offices of governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state, state treasurer, state auditor and agriculture commissioner are held by Republicans. Eight of our nine State Supreme Court justices are Republican, as well as 12 out of 12 members of the Courts of Civil and Criminal Appeals. That makes our state judiciary 20 out of 21 Republican.
The most shocking and telling story of the 2010 tsunami is the sweeping away of Democratic control of the State Legislature. This was the last bastion of Democratic control and the Republicans took both chambers. Both the House and Senate had been overwhelmingly majority Democratic for 136 years. However, the Senate went from having 20 Democrats, 14 Republicans and one independent, to having 22 Republicans, 12 Democrats and one independent. The House went from having 60 Democrats and 43 Republicans with two vacancies to having 62 Republicans and 43 Democrats. Then four more Democrats switched parties last week making the numbers in the House 66 Republicans and 39 Democrats. This gives the Republicans a filibuster proof majority in both the House and the Senate.

And, by the way, Roll, Tide!


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