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LIVE AT FIVE – 12.01.10

Posted on | December 1, 2010 | 2 Comments


Wikileaks Head Makes Interpol’s Most Wanted List

WANTED: For Rape, Molestation and Sexual Coercion

Apparently can’t take “no” for an answer in bed either

White House, GOP Leaders Hopeful About Deal On Bush Tax Rates After Meeting
Something for everyone on budget, tax issues?

DoD Study Claims Few Drawbacks To Dropping DADT
Resistance to policy change is highest in Marines, other combat units

Russia Backs PRC Call For Renewed Six-Party Talks On Korea Crisis
Okay, anyone not see that one coming?


Food “Safety” Act Passed By Senate


Tester amendment exempting farmers making less that $500K and selling only to locals passes, but has no equivalent in House bill passed last year

Supremes Review Court Order Requiring Release Of Cali Prisoners To Relieve Overcrowding
State warns that “people are going to die on the streets” if order upheld

Illinois House Passes Civil Unions For Same-Sex Couples

Wisconsin Teen Dies Of Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound

Deficit Reduction Commission Takes Aim At Mortgage Deduction


Google In Talks To Buy Groupon Online Coupon Site

Bernanke Tells Executives He’s Concerned About The Jobless
Yeah, suuuure.

Irish Minister Slams EU On Bailout
“Bite/The hand that feeds you/Bite/Off more than you can chew/What can you do?/You can dare to be stupid!”

FCC Investigates Level 3/Comcast Spat Over Peering Charges

Air Force’s Secret X-37B Space Plane Returns To Earth Soon

No Access To Wikileaks Behind Great Firewall Of China


Celtics Apply Beatdown To Cavs For Fourth Straight Win

Shaq helps take down his old team

Cavs make Rondo shoot, Rondo makes Cavs pay with 23 points, 12 assists

Woods Returns To World Challenge

Heat’s Big Men Put Up Little Results

Padres Lose Tejada To Giants

Jamie McCourt Rejects Divorce Settlement Proposal; Dodgers Ownership Left Unsettled


Uma Thurman Stalker Jugged For Violating Protection Order

Stalking Uma Thurman. You fail at it.

Previously convicted for stalking & harassment, now doing 30 days under observation after phone calls to Thurman’s phone, office

Natalie Portman Says Her Masturbation Scene in “Black Swan” Is Disgusting (Video)
Hot grits scene apparently deleted, so how disgusting can it be?

Johnny Depp Talks To Patti Smith About Working With Angelina Jolie, Jack Sparrow, and Music

“Dancing With The Stars” Wants Lindsay Lohan

Tom Hanks Confirmed For “Triple Frontier”

Jim Carrey: “I’m Here To Do Extreme And Interesting Things”

Kara DioGuardi Writing Memoir About “American Idol”


Russian President Medvedev Warns Of New Arms Race If Cooperation Fails

Apparently he was drunk and missed how the last one ended.

State Department Condemns Palestinian Claim That Western Wall “Not Jewish”

In related news, Turkish Foreign Minister laughs off Wikileaks, blames difficulties with Israel on the Jews

Ruling Party Sweeps Egyptian Parliamentary Elections
Oh, wait, not news…

EU, African States Urge Peaceful Sudan Referendum
Also on record as being in favor of fuzzy kittens, pretty girls, strong drink


Protein Wisdom: Cantor Said WHAT?

Tim Cavanaugh: Disorganizing For America

Jawa Report: GOP Complaints Get Ant-Covered Jesus Pulled From National Portrait Gallery Exhibit

TigerHawk: Governor Christie, Free This Man!

GVDL: Oh, The Suffering This Poor Child President Has To Endure!

Althouse: Why Aren’t There Any Black Senators?

Megan McArdle: Health Care Union Drops Coverage For Kids

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