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In Which Ace of Spades Notices the Big Tax ‘Compromise’ Is Greased With Pork

Posted on | December 14, 2010 | 10 Comments

“Obama needs this deal as much as the Republicans want it. We do not have to play the shakedown game and pay him off in billions to get him to do what he is already forced to do.”
Ace of Spades, “The Porky Tax Deal”

This is kinda like the moment at which a Swedish socialist woman realizes that Julian Assange isn’t wearing a condom. You start wondering if maybe you should have figured out this guy was a lying sleazeball before you removed your panties and gave him access to your naughty parts.

Or voted for cloture.

Whatever. These analogies are never perfect.

At any rate, now that Senate Republicans have signed off on the deal, suddenly House Democrats — those courageous heroic fighters for social justice! — decide there’s no point keeping up the pretense of opposing this gang-rape of the American taxpayer.

Blame it on the rohypnol of “bipartisanship,” you cheap sluts.

UPDATE: More morning-after regrets:

Republicans poring over a 1,924-page overarching spending bill proposed by Democrats to cover the rest of the fiscal year are threatening to grind the legislation to a halt, citing massive earmark spending, which, if passed, would be enacted into law without debate in the full Senate.
Two sources who spoke to Fox News are describing the legislation as “a total mess.”

We don’t need a Tea Party. We need a “Take Back the Night” rally!


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