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Progressives Disparage Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg as ‘Billionaire Jew’?

Posted on | December 15, 2010 | 9 Comments

The Left wanted Julian Assange of WikiLeaks as Time‘s “Person of the Year,” but the editors chose Zuckerberg instead. Donald Douglas at American Power blogs about the collective fury of the Left over this choice.

Professor Douglas links a woman blogger’s headline: “Nice Jewish Billionaire Boy Chosen Over Assange.” But reading her “about” page, Elaine Meinel Supkis seems to embrace an atypical politics, which isn’t exactly the same thing as saying she’s a kook:

Financially, ethically, psychologically, and religiously, we are going into what I call the ‘Cave of Wealth and Death’ because we want to be rich and powerful, not happy and healthy and free. The chains of wealth pull us into the grave. I believe in Life, not Death. I believe that the only real thing we possess is our souls and this is by far, the most precious thing. Inside the Cave of Wealth and Death are various dire forces: Zero and Infinity, Libra and others which appear in my stories and cartoons. Above all of this flies the constellation Pegasus. This is my icon and I have been a believer in the eternal powers of creativity as expressed by the beliefs and ancient stories of this very old horse/god.

So there’s some sort of pagan pantheistic New Age spiritualism informing her views, and maybe she needs some tinfoil in her hat. If she’s some kind of Jew-hater — what’s this about, huh? and “international Jewish finances,” hello? — then I don’t think we can hang that on the Left, per se, except in the sense that August Bebel intended when he remarked, “Anti-Semitism is the socialism of fools.”

Ergo, while I have often noted the overlap between the anti-American Left and the anti-Israel Left — “The Sirhan Sirhan Wing of the Democratic Party” — I’m not sure that Supkis fits so neatly there.


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