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Worst Dating ‘Strategy’ Evah!

Posted on | December 16, 2010 | 13 Comments

This is sick and pathetic:

An Oklahoma City man seeking sexual stimulation acted severely autistic and wore diapers to con baby sitters into caring for him, police reported.
He told police he did it “for a sexual purpose,” court records show.
Mark Anthony Richardson Jr., 21, twice this year fooled baby sitters into watching him at their homes in Oklahoma City, police reported. The baby sitters told police he would get sexually aroused when they cleaned him while changing his diapers, police said.
Police said he grabbed the breast of one baby sitter’s 18-year-old daughter during an overnight stay in September. Her mother told her “to go back to sleep because he did not know what he was doing,” police reported.

Disgusting. Almost as disgusting as publishing national security secrets in an attempt to impress Swedish socialist women. But I think we’ve discussed that before, right?


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