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Party of Sodomy and Abortion Suffers Demographic Decline — Unexpectedly!

Posted on | December 21, 2010 | 11 Comments

That’s not actually the New York Times headline:

Power in Congress Will Tilt South and West 

The latest Census report is not good news for the Party of Baby-Killing and Barebacking.

“This is about as bad as it could get for Democrats, and as good as it could get for Republicans,” Dave Weigel explains. “The Democratic caucus in the House is about to see internal warfare in the rust belt and northeast, as their members are forced into Thunderdome battle for the diminished number of seats.” Dave lays out the winners and losers of the upcoming House re-apportionment:

WINNERS: Texas +4, Florida +2, Arizona +1, Georgia +1, Nevada +1, South Carolina +1, Utah +1, Washington +1
LOSERS: New York -2, Ohio -2, Illinois -1, Iowa -1, Louisiana -1, Massachusetts -1, Michigan -1, Missouri -1, New Jersey -1, Pennsylvania -1

Read the rest of Dave’s article because he points out that it’s actually worse for Democrats than it looks from numbers alone. In part because of the mid-term wipeout, eight of those states (five winners, three losers) have Republican governors and Republicans in complete control of the legislature, whereas Democrats only exercise such total power in two states (Illinois and Massachusetts), both of which are losers.

This means that the odds of Democrats recapturing the House of Representatives before 2023 are roughly equal to the chances of Andrew Sullivan siring a baby with Ellen DeGeneres. And because lame-duck Democrats couldn’t pass the DREAM Act — under which four semesters at a community college would have made Khalid Sheikh Mohammed eligible for citizenship* — they won’t get any help from their plan to quickly transform illegal aliens into Democratic voters.
* A mild exaggeration.

Of course, because the Electoral College is affected by reapportionment, this is also not good news for Obama’s re-election campaign, which is why he’s handing Republicans a knife and inviting them to cut their own throats:

President Barack Obama told Congressional Hispanic Caucus members Tuesday that he’ll renew his push for comprehensive immigration reform in 2011 — even though such an effort would face even longer odds in a Congress where Republicans control the House.

It’s never safe to underestimate the stupidity of Republicans in Congress, but they would be breaking new frontiers of stupidity if they fall for this one.

(Via Memeorandum.)

UPDATE: The amazing Ed Driscoll notes that Democrats have had many warnings that the Liberal Lifestyle™ is a demographic dead-end. The future belongs to the fertile.

UPDATE II: Donald Douglas blogs about the four-seat gain in Texas, where Hispanics Latinos Democrats are trying to claim that the GOP risks a “backlash” from partisan redistricting. Because I’m fluent in Spanish liberalese, permit me to translate:

“Whatever you do, Republicans, don’t screw us over the way we’d screw you over if we had enough power to screw you over.”

Let’s hope when the GOP legislature in Texas re-draws the district lines, they remember that the Democrats sent Tom DeLay to prison for the crime of trying to help Republicans get elected.

UPDATE II: Shocking news from Instapundit:

STOP THE PRESSES: States With Lower Taxes,
Smaller Government, Fewer Unions
Seeing The Most Population Growth.


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