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VIDEO: Dueling A**holes

Posted on | December 31, 2010 | 45 Comments

OK, everybody knows there’s no love lost between me and Barrett Brown. But even I must admit that the boy has just entered the realm of YouTube legend.

The setup: Brown’s bohemian lifestyle is getting on the nerves of his girlfriend’s roommate, a guy who has a real job as a Web designer and is angry about being kept awake all hours of the night after a visit from Brown. Roommate says “I don’t  want f***ing any old bro” visiting the apartment and is worried that Brown is “casing the f***ing joint.”
Best line: Brown’s reply when the angry roommate asks, “Wait — you’re going to call me a f***ing faggot?” (About 3:50.)

WARNING: Extremely NSFW language.

Is this video a shameful and arguably illegal violation of the roommate’s privacy? Yes. Is the roommate’s anger probably justified? Yes. Is this video likely to be taken off YouTube very soon due to terms-of-service complaints? Yes.

So enjoy the awesomeness while you still can. Barrett Brown could become the next Antoine Dodson.

UPDATE: Kind of a lively discussion in the comments. Keep this in mind next time someone tries to tell you that I’m crude and obnoxious. Compared to Barrett Brown, I’m Felix Unger.

UPDATE II: Donald Douglas posts the sequel video, in which Brown’s girlfriend’s roommate whines that she’s not respecting his boundaries — and therefore, he’s moving out at the first of the month.

These guys need to move to Hollywood and get a development deal for an MTV series, Douchebag Roommate.


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