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LIVE AT FIVE – 1.3.10

Posted on | January 3, 2011 | 2 Comments

Schwarzenegger Commutes Prison Term For Former Assembly Speaker’s Son

Gov. Schwatzenegger (L), former Speaker Fabian Nunez (R)

Esteban Nunez pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the fatal stabbing of Luis Dos Santos. Nunez’ father now works in a political consulting firm with Ahnuld’s former communications director.

Ohio Deputy Sheriff Mourned Following Her Death In Trailer Park Shootout
Deputy Suzanne Hopper, 40, leaves behind two children

Egypt Tries To Keep The Lid On After Copts Riot Following Latest Attack

“If this happened in a mosque, the government would be doing something. But this happens to us every year, and every day, and they do nothing.”

Cuomo Plans One-Year Freeze Of State Workers’ Pay

Andrew Cuomo takes the oath of office as his girlfriend and daughter look on

Ready to work with public employee unions a la Hugh Carey, but keeping a healthy war chest just in case

GOP Moves To Put Obamacare Repeal First
Navy To Investigate “Inappropriate” Videos Shown On USS Enterprise

NYC Investigators Looking Into Charges That Sanitation Bosses Hung Out & Drank Beer Instead of Doing Their Jobs

American Airlines, Delta Pull Flights From Online Travel Sites
PRC Manufacturing Slows Slightly In December
Asian Shares Kick Off 2011 With Healthy Gains
IPhone Alarm Glitch Leaves Some Users Asleep
Tablet Makers Looking Forward To “Honeycomb” Update For Android OS

Electronics Show Revives Vegas Glow

Falcons, Patriots Favored In Playoffs

Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan

Atlanta and New England both end the season with league-best records

Pack Beats Bears, Who Already Have Post-Season Slot

Ravens, Jets, Packers & Saints Nail Down Wild Card Berths

Are Vick, Eagles Ready For Packers?

The Dakar Rally: Fear And Loathing In South America

Valerie Bertinelli Gets Married

Valerie Bertinelli and new hubby Tom Vitale

Forget Cleveland, things got hot in Malibu Saturday night
Also, Shania Twain Ties The Knot
Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon In “Water For Elephants”
Val Kilmer Owes $500,000 In Taxes
Fox Nixes “24” Movie Script
MJ Concert Tour Stress A Contributing Factor To His Death?
Jay-Z, Kanye West Do New Year’s Eve In Vegas
Oprah On Her OWN Now

Queensland Starts Airlift, Recalls Cabinet To Deal With “Biblical” Floods
Desperate search underway to find Queenslander sober, literate enough to spell “flood”
UN Reports “Extrajudicial” Killings By Gbagbo Supporters
MQM Announces It’s Leaving Paki Government For Opposition, Fall Of Government, New Elections Almost Certain
7.1 Earthquake Rattles Chile; No Injuries Or Damage

Pope Condemns Attacks On Egyptian Copts

American Power: Rep, Darrell Issa Slams “Most Corrupt” Obama Administration, Promises Investigative Hearings Into Wasted Money (Video)
Jammie Wearing Fool: Obama Advisor Says Not Raising Debt Ceiling Is Insanity Or Something
Protein Wisdom: “I Don’t Think Even The Soviets Were That Crazy” (Video)
Nice Deb: It Begins…An Attempt To Normalize Communism (Video)

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