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LIVE AT FIVE – 1.6.10

Posted on | January 6, 2011 | 2 Comments

Boehner Sets Humble Tone As He Becomes Speaker

Speakers old and new

New Speaker aims to remind fellow Congressmen that the key word is service

Gibbs Departure Begins Retooling Of Obama Staff
Pundits, comedians hardest hit

Ballmer Does CES: Keynote Speech On Microsoft
Kinect, Widows Phone 7, Windows 7 OS cited as high points in the Microsoft year

GOP Takes Charge In The House

John Boehner takes charge as Speaker of the House

Party-line fight promptly erupts over rules changes

Partisan “Scar Tissue” Can’t Be Ignored in 112th Congress (Video)

Daley Rumors Feed Accusations That “Chicago Machine” Is Taking Over DC

Ga. Lawmaker Targets Birthright Citizenship

Murdered Former Presidential Aide Confused, Disoriented On Videotape

Starbucks Cuts Name, “Coffee” From Logo; Reaction Generally Negative
Goldman Flooded With Facebook Orders
Motorola Launches Xoom Tablet With Android 3.0
AT&T Plans 20 New Phones, Heavy Android Push

Bert Blyleven Finally Elected To Hall of Fame; Roberto Alomar Voted In On First Ballot

RHP Bert Blyleven pitches in Game 5 of the 1987 World Series

Dutch-born pitcher once credited strong fingers of curveball hand to sticking fingers in dykes as a youth

Heisman-Winning QB Cam Newton Runs Away With It All

Celtics Survive Late Spurs Run To Win Battle Of NBA’s Best

Bulls Fall Short Against Nyets

Camille Grammer Not Returning To “Real Housewives”

Would you?

Nicole Kidman: The Harper’s Bazaar Interview

Cops: Lindsay Under The Influence At Betty Ford

Robert Pattinson To Star In Cronenberg’s “Cosmopolis”

Christina Aguilera: One Big Awkward Family

Carlos Santana Weds Drummer Cindy Blackman

Discovery Channel, Catholic Church Team Up For Exorcism Series

Pakistani Mainstream Religious Groups Cheer Governor’s Assassination
As Vote Looms. South Sudan And Renegade General Reconcile
Heavy Rains Hamper Rockhampton Recovery Efforts
ECOWAS Considering Military Options If Gbagbo Continues To Resist Stepping Down
Venezuela’s Legislative Opposition Vows To Bring Down Chavez in 2012

Protein Wisdom: Pragmatism Ascending
Cold Fury: Sweet, Sweet Liberal Tears
Cubachi: Palin Gets Results – Death Panels Removed From Medicare Regulations
Gates of Vienna: More Dumb Dem Analysis
Hit & Run: The Fraud Behind The Autism/Vaccination Scare
Jawa Report: Muslim KFC Worker Flips Out Over Bacon Request
Kevin Williamson: No, Ezra, Obamacare Will Not Reduce The Deficit

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