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FMJRA 2.0: Not Now John

Posted on | January 9, 2011 | 10 Comments

I’ve got to get on with this.

Arizona Shooter ‘Seems to Be Someone Desperately Needing Mental Health Care’

Best. Republican. Scandal. EVAH!
UPDATE: Is ‘Lurid’ Photo a Hoax?

ARIZONA OUTRAGE: Rep. Giffords Shot in Tucson; U.S. Judge Killed; Gunman Identified as Jared Loughner, 22

RINO No More: Dede Scozzafava Appointed to Job by Democrat Cuomo

Did President Obama Invent Muslim Victims of Egyptian Church Bombing?

Ex-Playmate: ‘Everything in the Playboy Mansion Felt Old and Stale’ Including Hef!

FMJRA 2.0: I’ll Take That Egg Nog To Go, And Make It A Double

Rule 5 Sunday – Actually On Sunday This Week!

Ruh-Roh: Former Bush Aide Murdered, Body Found in Delaware Landfill

Montana Democrat Sen. Max Baucus Will Marry Former Staffer Melodee Hanes

Sodomy Is Not Pro-Life

Iran TV Blames Jihadist Bombing of Egyptian Church on ‘Zionists’

LIVE AT FIVE – 1.4.10

Captain of USS Enterprise Relieved From Duty in Politically Correct Witch Hunt

The Fatherhood Deficit

Walpin’s Appeals Rejected

Livestreaming the Constitution


Pelosi: ‘We Have No Regrets … Deficit Reduction Has Been a High Priority’

How Much Spending Will GOP Cut?

Ann Marie Buerkle Sworn In
UPDATE: Alas, Poor Marco Rubio!
UPDATE: Catching Up With Griffith
UPDATE: Interview With Renee Ellmers

BREAKING: FBI Investigates Suspected Mail Bomb Near Maryland State House UPDATE: Governor O’Malley Targeted?

Calling the Democrats’ Bluff

If John Boehner’s Lost Nick Gillespie …

BREAKING: Bomb Scare in D.C.
UPDATE: Napolitano Was Target

‘When You Remove A Cancer, What Do You Replace It With?’

A Song for All My Feminist Fans


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